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Los nuevos casos de viruela del simio han disminuido en un 85 % desde el pico de agosto.

Hasta ayer, se han reportado 27,022 casos del virus de la viruela del mono en los EE. UU.…
Los expertos atribuyen la caída a una variedad de factores. La vacuna contra la viruela del simio, con una tasa de eficacia del 85%, ayudó a frenar el virus.
Los hombres que tienen sexo con hombres redujeron sus parejas luego del aumento de casos a raíz de las grandes reuniones alrededor del mes del Orgullo en junio. Y el virus, que se propaga por contacto directo de piel a piel, fue autolimitado, ...sigo👇
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Sí, están apareciendo más enfermedades infecciosas en estos días; los expertos dicen que hay 7 razones claras por las que 🧵🪡

⭕La poliomielitis
⭕la viruela del simio
⭕el virus de marburg y otras enfermedades infecciosas están aumentando en todo el mundo.
⭕Una tormenta perfecta de múltiples capas se ha estado gestando durante algún tiempo.

Los factores principales incluyen el ritmo de los viajes internacionales, así como un mayor contacto entre humanos y vida silvestre.
2022 ha sido un año excepcional para la propagación mundial de enfermedades infecciosas, y no se trata solo d COVID

⭕insuficiencia hepática misteriosa y potencialmente mortal
⭕viruela del simio surgieron en
⭕La meningitis
⭕virus de Marburg
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🔴🔴🔴 Primer caso de coinfección por virus de la viruela del simio, SARS-CoV-2 y VIH

Las infecciones por el virus de la viruela del mono y el SARS-CoV-2 pueden ocurrir simultáneamente.

Hechemos un vistazo más profundo🧵 🪡

🔶️Las infecciones por el virus de la viruela del mono y el SARS-CoV-2 pueden ocurrir simultáneamente.

🔶️Los síntomas similares a los de la gripe y la positividad del SARS-CoV-2 no deben excluir la viruela del simio en individuos de alto riesgo.
🔶️La viruela del mono a menudo se diagnostica en sujetos con una infección de transmisión sexual previa o concomitante.

🔶️El frotis orofaríngeo para el virus de la viruela símica aún puede ser positivo durante varios días después de la remisión clínica.
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Get to work plebs, fuck your health, you must keep working regardless
NHS Federation states: #HumanitarianCrisis #HumanCatastrophe to describe the coming winter through the #ToryCostOfLivingCrisis #NationalHealthCrisis #EnoughIsEnough #EnoughIsEnough

this is a damning indictment if ever there was one!
the NHS Federation has written to govt to highlight an "impending humanitarian crisis" over winter in health of UK citizens #EnoughlsEnough #SocialistSunday
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1/10 🧵Are you wondering where the heck are we with #m̶o̶n̶k̶e̶y̶POX & how did we get here?!

@sacco9 shared this fantastic 🤩convo between @kai_wright & @reluctantlyjoe that is the clearest picture of this public health wreck decades in the making…
2/ Repeatedly the most underserved or marginalized are not receiving adequate care when clearly these populations need the greatest investment!

🙏Thank you @ncdhhs @KodyKinsley for publishing this data🙏

3/ Being proactive and leading by example, as a primary investor in @BavarianNordic #Jynneos MPX vax, the US could've been there after 2017 Nigeria outbreak immunizing, but we & the global community continued to ignore black/brown plight...@Dimostic…
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New world record — More than 1,000 daily #monkeypox cases (7 days average). Those who said #MPXV would fizzle out soon are plain wrong. This fall school year will need radically new / more safety mitigations.

Figure by @Antonio_Caramia Image
2) the #monkeypox virus is very persistent in the environment. And contagiousness before overt rash symptoms makes control much harder than people thought.
3) With the environmental stability of the #monkeypox virus, that adds many more potential ways of infecting others. Look 👀 at how many tricky ways it can spread 👇
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⚠️WORRISOME TRANSMISSION—We need to get sober on how & why #monkeypox is tricky to contain: thread🧵below. Many reasons outlined by DHS report:

📌MPXV is “very stable in environment”—for “days/weeks”

📌Human asymptomatic contagiousness documented *before visible rash*

2) 📌Furthermore, to protect against #monkeypox—doctors and nurses are recommended to wear N95 masks plus gown and gloves.

📌Decontamination protocols requires using bleach or using (harsh) quaternary ammonium reagents — which are chemicals found in pretty aggressive cleaners.
3) Routes of infection of #MPXV: (excerpted from below)
📌Inhalation / aerosol in primates (cough, @CDCgov, cough)
📌Cutaneous (skin)
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Monkeypox products we ordered and why: a brief and capitalist (ugh) thread 🧵/
Before I list all this stuff, our source is list Q from the EPA. #MPXV is Tier one so all of these products are from that list.

Problem #1: Laundry

So, as it turns out, regular washing (even with bleach) doesn’t kill #MPXV so, what do?

>Oxiclean Laundry & Home
Contact time required: 10 min
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1. Short #MPXV thread, based on data from @WHO_Europe & @ECDC:
The Euro #monkeypox outbreak continues to grow. Of +5200 cases reported here, 29 were women — which seems to be an increase. 15 health workers among cases; not clear if exposure was on the job.
2. This may not be new-new, but I haven't noticed this previously: @WHO has pushed back the date on its case definition for suspected #monkeypox cases. They'd previously said March 15; now saying since Jan. 1. Suggests they believe the outbreak started earlier.
3. These regular #monkeypox updates from @WHO_Europe & @ECDC_EU contain really useful information, like this breakdown of symptomology among cases.
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A couple weeks back we made a quick guide to the #mpxv #monkeypox course of illness but perhaps that would be helpful here in our twitter community of mass infection resisters. 🧵…1/11 Image
Incubation period of #mpxv #MonkeypoxVirus 🧵 2/11 Image
Prodrome of #mpxv #MonkeypoxVirus 🧵 3/11 Image
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New study about the persistence of #MPXV on surfaces: a visual thread:
We already know #MPXV #MonkeypoxVirus can live for 35 weeks at around 40F (4C) thanks to this 2007 study:…
Researchers studied two #MPXV patients in Germany last month (…) and found virus everywhere in their rooms
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We talked to our health department yesterday about #MPXV #monkeypox and y’all, the future is not good. Essentially, because the public refused to do 10 day quarantines they dropped to 5 hoping they would at least do 5. This is the same with mpxv.
They said “for now vax is for close contacts”

Us: ok but don’t fomites live on surfaces at least 24 hours?

Then: yeah

Us: ok so what about when someone with #mpxv goes in Kroger and touches carts and products with open sores?
Them: we would use cameras to try to identify close contacts

Us: ok that is unserious. But let’s reframe, what about school starting in 6 weeks and the playground? Bathrooms? Cafeteria? Shared markers and pencils?

Them: well we try to sanitize between…

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1. A #MPXV 🧵
The director of @WHO_Europe issued a stark warning today about the state of the #monkeypox outbreak. Case counts have tripled in Europe in the past 2 weeks, @hans_kluge said.…
2. @hans_kluge also noted while the majority of cases are still men who have sex with men, infections are being reported outside of that demographic. There is no reason #monkeypox will restrict itself to spread within a single group. Given the opportunity to transmit, it will.
3. @hans_kluge appeared to predict the #monkeypox outbreak will be declared a public health emergency of international concern sometime soon. An expert committee met last week & advised against declaring a #PHEIC for now.
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Los días del futuro pasado sin viruela.🚨☹️

Súper-resumen de la viruela de roedor 🐿️🐁🐒(a.k.a #viruelademono #monkeypox) circulando en múltiples países y que nos aleja de la utopía sin viruela.
Capítulo 1: El pasado sin viruela Image
En 1980 la #OMS declaraba a la viruela erradicada del planeta y la vacunación se suspendía. Sin embargo, científicos ya habían descubierto un pariente cercano a la viruela infectando monos en cautiverio. En ese momento se le llamó a la enfermedad: viruela de mono. Image
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1. #ACIP is talking #monkeypox right now. Gonna try to live tweet.
This is the prior history in the US with #MPXV.
2. "Everything changed in May of 2022," @CDCgov's Agam Rao tells #ACIP.
3. The US #monkeypox case total is up to 176, @CDCgov says. There is some local transmission occurring, Rao said.
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🐒🦠 👶👦👧

6/20/22 Suspected cases

4 children under 19 yrs old:

1 @ 0mo-5yr 🇺🇬
0 @ 5yr-9yr
2 @ 10yr-14yr 🇺🇬🇵🇰
1 @ 15yr-19yr 🇧🇷

Sort by Age Global Health Spreadsheet 🔗…

Did not see London🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿child: 🔗… Image

6/21/22 Suspected/Confirmed cases:

6 children < 19 yrs old:

1 @ 0mo-5yr 🇺🇬
0 @ 5yr-9yr
2 @ 10yr-14yr 🇺🇬🇵🇰
1 @ 15yr-19yr 🇧🇷
2 @ TBD 0-19 🇨🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Global Health…
🇨🇦 ImageImage

6/15/22 Per🌐WHO Confirmed cases:

2,103 Confirmed
1 Probable
1 Death 🙏

42 countries

🔗… Image
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1. #MPXV 🧵
@WHO has issued an update on the #monkeypox situation. In it they announce they're no longer going to report cases from the outbreak outside of Africa; rather, they're going to report all reported cases of/deaths from MPX together.
2. The rationale is clear: why should #MPXV cases in some countries be treated differently — treated as if they are more important — than #monkeypox cases in other countries? Makes sense & is just.
3. On the other hand, will this make it harder to track the outbreak? Isn't it possible there may be differences in cases that are caused by continuous human-2-human spread rather than animal-2-human events where spread stops after 1 or a few cases? Even if this is a DNA virus?
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Sur les cas de #variole #simesque (#MPXV) détectés de par le monde, quelques réflexions d'épidémiologie, de modélisation et d'évolution de l'équipe.

Car, pour le moment, ce sont surtout les #génomes viraux qui apportent des indications !…

Sans entrer dans les détails, ces infections sont causées par un (gros) #virus à #ADN.

Pour des détails cliniques et thérapeutiques, @MarcGozlan a un post très détaillé en #acceslibre 👇…

Les épidémies de #MPXV sont beaucoup étudiées par les modélisateurs car elles ont, habituellement, un #R0<1. Autrement dit, on s'attend à ce qu'elles régressent vite.

Notre collègue @jlloydsmith les a beaucoup analysées :…
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Was muss ich über #Affenpocken wissen?

1. Was sind Affenpocken❓

Affenpocken sind eine seltene, vermutlich vor allem von Nagetieren auf den Menschen übertragene Viruserkrankung. Übertragungen von Mensch-zu-Mensch sind selten, aber möglich, vor allem bei engem Kontakt.
#Affenpocken werden ausgelöst durch das Affenpockenvirus Orthopoxvirus simiae (auch #Monkeypox virus, #MPXV) aus der Gattung Orthopoxvirus. Das Virus ist verwandt mit den klassischen humanen Pockenviren (Variola, #Smallpox)
#Affenpocken beim Menschen wurden erstmals 1970 in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo bei einem 9 Monate alten Jungen identifiziert.
Im Frühjahr 2003 kam es zum ersten Nachweis von Affenpocken außerhalb des afrikanischen Kontinents.
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Ein paar Gedanken & Informationen zum aktuellen Ausbruch des #Affenpocken #monkeypox Virus (MPXV).
Bislang sind weltweit 66 Fälle außerhalb von Afrika bekannt. 🧵
MPXV ist dem Pockenvirus (Variola) ähnlich, zirkuliert primär in Tieren (v.a. Nager) & führt in Afrika zu kleineren Ausbrüchen & zu sporadisch exportierten Infektionen. Der aktuelle Ausbruch deutet auf eine veränderte Mensch-zu-Mensch-Übertragbarkeit hin.…
Die Pocken wurden vor >40J durch eine weltweite Impfkampagne ausgerottet. Die Pockenimpfung schützt auch (ca. 85%) gegen #Affenpocken.
Die nachlassende Bevölkerungsimmunität seit Ende der Pockenimpfungen trägt vermutlich zum aktuellen MPXV Ausbruch bei.
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