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1. #ACIP is meeting today to decide on whether to recommend use of the the bivalent Covid vaccines. It was first posted as a 2-day meeting but they now expect it to be a 1-day meeting.
I will be live tweeting.
The meeting is being streamed here:…
2. #ACIP chair Grace Lee noted that the committee didn't meet in August. She didn't say, but I think that might have been the first month since the fall of 2020 that ACIP hasn't met at least once in a month. These folks have worked so hard throughout the pandemic.
3. Lee is calling the roll call using her random approach (rather than going by alphabetic order). Hate this approach. Makes it hard to figure out if everyone is there.
Sounds like at least 1 member isn't currently on the call, Dr. Pablo Sanchez.
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1. #ACIP, @CDCgov's vaccine advisory panel, meets today to study the data on Novavax's Covid vaccine and will vote on whether to recommend its use.
I'll be live tweeting the meeting.
If you want to watch the meeting yourself, it's viewable here:…
2. Several members of #ACIP appear not to be attending today's meeting. Perhaps they'll join later but I think there are at least 4 of the 15 voting members not present.
3. Make that 3 missing members. I think.
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1. #ACIP is talking #monkeypox right now. Gonna try to live tweet.
This is the prior history in the US with #MPXV.
2. "Everything changed in May of 2022," @CDCgov's Agam Rao tells #ACIP.
3. The US #monkeypox case total is up to 176, @CDCgov says. There is some local transmission occurring, Rao said.
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1/In recent days, the @US_FDA has authorized and the @CDCgov (via @CDCDirector) has recommended the @pfizer and @moderna_tx #COVID19 vaccines for
children 6m+.

Though the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines are quite impressive, I've seen a more fundamental question.
2/That is, "Why should I vaccinate my child against #COVID at all? After all, it isn't that severe in kids, and my kid already had it. Is #COVID19 in children really a big deal?"

I'd like to make the public health case for pediatric #COVID19 vaccines with @CDCgov data.
3/Let's start with the baseline number of cases among children. Many children have been affected by COVID throughout the pandemic.

All of these slides are from a recent @CDCgov #ACIP meeting and are publicly available here…
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1. #VRBPAC is meeting today to review Novavax's submission for an EUA for its Covid vaccine. Often @matthewherper & I live blog VRBPAC meetings but not today. I'll try to live tweet.
Gonna be an interesting day.
If you want to watch the meeting:…
2. #VRBPAC is going through roll call now. There's a big committee today — 23 (22 voting members, 1 non-voting). There's fully a dozen temporary members sitting on this panel. Tons of expertise here. A number of former VRBPAC members.
3. #VRBPAC is being asked whether Novavax's #Covid vaccine should be given an EUA. This is for their primary series (2 doses, given 3 weeks apart); they aren't asking for an EUA for use of their vaccine as a booster. It's based on the Wuhan (aka original) strain.
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1. #ACIP, @CDCgov's vaccine advisory group, is meeting today to discuss Covid boosters. I'll be live tweeting.
I don't believe there are going to be any votes today, so no changes in current policy. This meeting will shed light, though, on how the committee sees 4th doses.
2. If there are no votes at today's #ACIP meeting, that will mean the current US position on 4th doses — people 50 and older & people who are immunocompromised "may" get a 4th dose if they wish — will remain in place. It will not transition to a "should" recommendation.
3. @CDCgov's Ruth Link Gelles is racing through a presentation on vaccine effectiveness. I'm not going to be able to tweet all of this. Too fast. Her slides are here.…
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1. I'm listening to some presentations to #ACIP on myocarditis associated with receipt of Moderna's Covid vaccine or mRNA vaccines in general.
CDC's Tom Shimabukuro was asked about deaths. He said there were 13 deaths reported, but so far none are thought to be vax-related.
2. @CDCgov is doing a study following up on people who reported myocarditis after mRNA vaccination. CDC's Ian Kracalik is presenting on that study now.
3. No surprise by now, most of the people reporting myocarditis after mRNA vaccination were young males.
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42. #ACIP member Pablo Sanchez, who has been one of the most vocal about his concerns about vaccine-associated myocarditis, is supportive of a *should* recommendation. To borrow a phrase from elsewhere: I've seen enough.
43. #ACIP member Keipp Talbot says "this booster will not be a hammer" becoz too many 12-15 yos aren't vaccinated at all.
"Boosters are incredibly important but they won't solve this problem of the crowded hospitals." Talbot thinks efforts should focus on getting kids dose 1 &2.
44. When #ACIP votes (probably in the next few minutes) it will be on a *should* recommendation.
Which means the vote will be about recommending kids 12-17 should get a booster. 16 & 17 yos are included because currently the recommendation for them is a *may* recommendation.
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1. #ACIP is meeting this afternoon to discuss the recently @US_FDA authorization of Covid boosters for youths aged 12 to 15. I'll be live tweeting. The agenda is here… and the meeting can be monitored here:…
2. Slide presentations for today's #ACIP meeting can be found here, though most of them aren't yet up:…
3. At present there are 13 of the 15 #ACIP voting members in attendance. Chair Grace Lee says others may join later. This meeting was set up at short notice and members have had to scramble — as they have multiple times through the pandemic — to clear time for this meeting.
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Here’s a frustrating secret

Today - in midst of Omicron - millions of Americans are begging for access to rapid tests, thousands dying daily.

Get this:

many manufacturers with very high quality rapid tests are begging To ship 100’s of millions of tests to US

But can’t.

These are some of the largest companies in the world that make diagnostic tests.

Their rapid tests have been used the world around in this pandemic with research paper after research paper showing their benefit and quality.

But FDA has them in a holding pattern for months


Bc despite tremendous amount of data from real world use in millions of ppl - FDA demands the companies check off onerous but remarkably useless check boxes designed for evaluating medical devices.

FDA formally does not recognize that public health testing exists

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1. Today's special #ACIP meeting, to deal with safety concerns related to the J&J #Covid vaccine, is beginning now. There will also be an update on the rollout of vaccines in 5-11 year olds.
I will try to live tweet.
2. New chair Grace Lee calls roll call and vote calls in a random order that changes each time she does it. It's confusing and makes it really hard to keep tabs of who is there, who voted. Just saying.
3. Doran Fink from @US_FDA says FDA updated its guidance on use of the J&J vaccine to reflect better understanding of the risk associated the J&J or any other adenovirus vectored vaccines (ie AstraZeneca). The risk relates to a serious clotting event TTS.
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1. #ACIP will begin meeting at noon ET on the expansion of the emergency use authorizations for Pfizer & Moderna #Covid19 boosters.
The agenda is here:…
The meeting can be listened to here:…
I will be live blogging in this thread.
2. #ACIP is beginning. Roll call was conducted in an unusual fashion so I'm not sure I've got this right, but I think 2 voting members of the committee are not present (meeting was called at the last minute). So 13 members will be voting.
3. #ACIP is getting a bit of data on #Covid vax uptake in kids aged 5-11. So far nearly 2M kids have been vaccinated.
Matt Daley, chair of ACIP's Covid vax work group, says he's been talking to kids about vaccination. They're excited "not about the poke, but about the promise."
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🎉 CDC's expert panel just voted unanimously in favor of *recommending* #COVID19 vaccination for *all* kids 5 to 11 years old

Key takeaways from the #ACIP meeting are available in the thread QT'ed (below) 👀⤵️

#MedTwitter #Tweetatrician
Several members of the CDC’s expert panel just offered that they’re planning on vaccinating their own 5 to 11 year-olds
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PSA: the CDC’s #ACIP will be voting on COVID-19 vaccination for 5-11 year olds today per the finalized agenda.
As with the FDA’s meeting, I’ll highlight things that I find interesting/notable, here. For a comprehensive play-by-play, please see Helen Branswell’s thread (QT’ed) 2/n
🔥 *NO* MYOCARDITIS was observed among 5-11 year olds who received Pfizer’s #COVID19 vaccine. I repeat *NO* myocarditis. Image
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1. Good day. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, #ACIP, is meeting today to review and vote on whether to recommend Pfizer's #Covid vaccine for children 5-11 yo.
The meeting is starting. It's expected to wrap about 5 pm ET today.
I'll be live tweeting.
2. The meeting opens with remarks from @CDCDirector, who called today a momentous day.
She acknowledges #Covid's risk to children is lower than adults, but it is not nil. 745 children under 18 have died; 94 were in the 5-11 age group.
School & childhood has been vastly changed.
3. @CDCDirector tells #ACIP that pediatric vaccination can help put kids' lives back on a normal track.
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1. The #ACIP meeting on #Covid boosters is about to begin. Day long meeting. It will be interesting to see if they try to put some guard rails up around a pick-your-own-adventure booster process that @US_FDA seems to have green lit.
I will try to live tweet, but no promises.
2. If you want to listen to the meeting, here's the link:…
3. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, who overruled #ACIP the last time the committee met on #Covid vaccines, is addressing the committee now. No mention of having overruled ACIP.
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1. Good day. #ACIP is meeting today to vote on recommendations about who should receive a booster shot of the Pfizer #Covid vaccine. The meeting starts at noon ET. I will be live tweeting.
@US_FDA's EUA for the Pfizer booster is veeeeeery broad.…
2. The meeting is underway. Doran Fink of @US_FDA is now explaining FDA's EUA for the Pfizer booster, which was issued last night.
My observation: The group of people eligible for a booster under this EAU is very broad. 16-17 yos are excluded but many over 18 will be eligible.
3. @CDCDirector is addressing #ACIP. She acknowledges that the committee has to make decisions, sometimes with a huge amount of data, sometimes with "a paucity."
She mentions pregnant people.
My observation: Oddly, there was no mention of them in the FDA EUA.
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1. Good morning. #ACIP is meeting today and tomorrow. Today, at least, I will be live tweeting.
@US_FDA has not yet indicated what it is going to do with Pfizer's application for a booster license. So it's really completely up in the air at this point how this turns out.
2. You'll recall FDA's advisory committee, #VRBPAC, voted that there wasn't enough data to approve the Pfizer application to give a booster to everyone 16 & older. VRBPAC did agree there was enough data to authorize boosters for people 65 & older & people at high risk.
3. But as I mentioned, FDA hasn't indicated what it's going to do. It is not bound to follow #VRBPAC's advice, but it will cause a real stir if it does not. If it doesn't follow VRBPAC's advice, it may set up a situation where a second advisory committee #ACIP disagrees with FDA.
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Dnes probíhá další meeting americké imunizační komise ACIP, tentokrát s primárním tématem update o bezpečnosti
You know the drill:
Výpisky dále👇
Tématu zasedání ACIP se opět věnují i povolanější autoři zde na medTwitter:
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1. #ACIP meets today. I'll be tweeting on the meeting in this thread.
When it was first announced, this was going to be a 2-day meeting; now only 1.
If you want to listen to the meeting, you can do so from here:…
2. Contrary to popular opinion, this #ACIP meeting isn't primarily about whether Americans who got mRNA vaccines need a 3rd dose starting in Sept., as per the policy announced by the Biden administration. Only 45 minutes of the 6.5 hour meeting has been set aside for boosters.
3. Why so little discussion about boosters? Not a lot of data at this point.
Pfizer only recently applied to @US_FDA for a 3rd shot; Moderna hasn't yet applied. #ACIP will review the data Pfizer submitted to FDA when it becomes available to ACIP, chair Grace Lee told me.
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1. #ACIP is meeting now to vote on a recommendation that some severely immunocompromised people be given a 3rd dose of mRNA vaccine in their primary series, because they do not get enough protection from 2 doses. FDA cleared the way for this LATE last night.
I will be tweeting.
2. Here's the story we published last night about this change to the EUAs for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The 3rd dose should be given at least 28 days after the 2nd dose in the series.
No change was made to the 1 dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.…
3. #ACIP has a new chair today. Grace Lee from Stanford takes over from José Romero, Arkansas' health secretary.
The committee is down 3 members today. The term of 3 previous members expired but 3 replacements haven't yet been "onboarded" -- which I think is a paperwork thing.
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22. 6. proběhl další meeting imunizační komise #ACIP a tak jsem si řekl, že opět přinesu výstřižky. Jednotlivé prezentace se dají najít zde:…
💉K 21. 7. podáno 339M dávek, >161M osob plně očkováno 💉Na programu: Debata k Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)
#ACIP: Guillain-Barré Syndrome po vakcíně Janssen
💉Předběžně 100 hlášení, 95 závažných, 1 úmrtí
💉Nástup průměrně 13,8 dnů po očkování
🧐Zdá se, že do hlášení jsou uvedeny poměrně závažné případy a naopak mírné se buď nevyskytují nebo nejsou hlášeny?
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1. @CDCgov's vaccine advisors, #ACIP, are meeting today. I'll try to tweet, but also writing so tweets may be spotty.
Issues are: The suspected link between the J&J #Covid vaccine & Guillain Barre syndrome & whether immunocompromised people should get an additional dose of vax.
2. On the issue of whether immunocompromised people should get +1 dose of #Covid vax, don't expect a decision today. The emergency use authorizations that allow use of the vaccines specify how many doses can be given. Until @US_FDA changes that, #ACIP can't recommend more doses.
3. J&J presented #ACIP some new immunogenicity data for their 1 dose vaccine just now, with data by variant type. The T-cell responses are similar across all variants, the company shows. Persistent humoral and cellular immune responses, over 8 months.
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Reminder that today's #ACIP meeting will be covering Guillain-Barré syndrome + J&J Vaccine and also additional discussions on additional dosages for immunocompromised pts. My thread will be below this tweet, so please feel free to mute if you don't want me to flood your timeline!
Current update --> With Delta variant, we're seeing rise in cases with 57% of pop >= 12 fully vaxxed. Followed up with a recap of rare adverse events (AEs) along with a quick recap of what Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). ImageImageImage
Warning has been added to the FDA's fact sheets for J&J due to higher reporting of GBS. No note of GBS on mRNA vaccines. Important to note that this is not the first vaccines to note increased risk of GBS. Of the 30 other prespecified outcomes, none have triggered safety signal ImageImageImage
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