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Let’s teach @theintercept a lesson.
This outlet & #Iran regime apologists/lobbyists are accusing Voice of America Persian of becoming a pro-Trump outlet.
It is interesting that they never complained when pro-Tehran voices, such as Negar Mortazavi, were at VOA Persian.
The first individual cited in this piece is Negar Mortazavi, who is known for her close relations with @JZarif, Iran’s top diplomat, and @NIACouncil, Tehran’s DC-based lobby group.

Mortazavi is completely biased.
Former VOA executive editor Mohammad Manzarpour is another individual cited in The Intercept piece.
Here’s proof from a Washington Times article that Manzarpour himself is completely biased.
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U.S. Treasury sanctions #Iran Foreign Minister Zarif @JZarif - via @AmichaiStein1
@JZarif @AmichaiStein1 #UPDATE
U.S. Treasury Dept. adds @JZarif to the list of "Specially Designated Nationals."
Zarif is also subject to secondary sanctions.…
@JZarif @AmichaiStein1 Zarif has close relations with terrorists such as Qassem Suleimani, the IRGC, Hezbollah & Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.
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@JZarif, the foreign minister of #Iran’s regime, is in the U.S. confined to a limited area in New York.
The shadow of sanctions remain over his head.
Zarif has close relations with terrorists such as Qassem Suleimani, the IRGC, Hezbollah & Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.
The Iranian Foreign Ministry, headed by Zarif, transfers over $100 million a year to the Hezbollah terrorist organization.
Zarif is also a member of Iran’s “Supreme National Security Council,” the body that decides on all of the regime’s foreign terrorist plots.
This makes Zarif an accomplice in all of the regime’s terrorism.
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#Iran’s regime & lobbyists terrified of a Twitter account

On June 9, The Intercept published a piece by Murtaza Hussain claiming that I, being an Iranian dissident/activist, am a “persona” & my Twitter account is managed by the MEK, the main Iranian opposition group.
Following the publication, Iran apologists/lobbyists abroad and Tehran’s trolls launched an orchestrated attack against me.
Although Iranians in exile and foreign dignitaries strongly supported me, Twitter temporarily suspended my account and reopened it after gaining reassurance.

As a result, Iran’s regime failed on an international stage in silencing my voice of exposing the mullahs’ crimes.
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@jrezaian, the known #Iran apologist/lobbyist, just wrote a piece in The Washington Post against @HeshmatAlavi.

The reason is obvious. Heshmat debunked his articles & Jason never had an answer for his arguments.



There is no doubt that @jrezaian of the @WashingtonPost is an #Iran regime apologist/lobbyist.

Despite being jailed by this regime, Rezaian calls for the U.S. to actually trade with the mullahs!


It’s quite obvious where @jrezaian gets his talking points from:

None other than @JZarif, the foreign minister of #Iran’s regime.
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(1) Dear @ClaraJeffery, I recently read the «The Suspicious Twitter Network Trolling for Regime Change in Iran» article posted on your website, written by journalist @alibreland. I must admit that I was pretty boggled by the flawed and biased content of it. I will try to explain.
(2) Firstly, the journalist refers to MEK as «militant» and an «armed group», which is factually inaccurate. He also brings up the fact that they were on the State Department’s list of FTO’s, but leaves out an essential part, which is WHY they were designated..
(3) In 1997, after Mohammad Khatami was elected president of Iran, the Clinton admin sought to better the U.S. - Iran relationship, by offering a series of «goodwill gestures». The Mullahs were still unimpressed and declared in september 1997 that..
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In an interview with @CNN today, @jrezaian claimed he is a “journalist.”

To the Iranian Diaspora, Rezaian is nothing but a known & disgraced #Iran regime apologist/lobbyist writing pro-Tehran articles despite being jailed in Tehran.
If there was any doubt that @jrezaian of the @WashingtonPost is an #Iran regime apologist/lobbyist, this should be the final nail in the coffin.

Despite being jailed by this regime, Rezaian calls for the U.S. to actually trade with the mullahs.…
Here @jrezaian reveals where he gets his talking points from: @JZarif
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Court documents from Sep 28, 2006:
@tparsi sent confidential info to @JZarif, informing him that based on what he heard in Congress, Bolton would not get the Senate vote to become U.S. Ambassador to UN.


Court documents: @NIACouncil defrauded the IRS, did not report its lobbying until @EliLake Lake was going to publish court docs in Wash. Times revealing its lobbying. NIAC rushed to amend past tax returns ……

Credit: @IranianForum

An #Iran regime insider sheds light on how @JZarif launched @NIACouncil.

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Parts of an email I wrote in 2013 to @tparsi, copying those in DC who have since realized we’ve been right all along:


“How shameful that you purport to represent the will of the Iranian-American people... have] a morally perverse, dishonest propaganda campaign aiming to achieve the one and only mission your so called ‘association’ has ever had: the removal of sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran and a soft, appeasing American foreign policy...
...Rather than educate the Iranian-American community, you intentionally misinform them, preying on their good hearted concern for their loved ones. Criticizing elected officials is a cherished right in the US, but your tactics resemble those of Kayhan's Hossein Shariatmadari...
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