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1/ As #Iran continues to insist that the IRGC be removed from @StateDept FTO, the prospect of a #JCPOA revival is shimmering again.
So... Trita Parsi, the current #IranLobby Chief, has started to cry wolf about 𝘄𝗮𝗿 again to push @POTUS for more concessions.
2/ If you'd like to see how many times he's done the drill, check out this thread ⬇️
3/ Trita Parsi has always liked to use mainstream #media to warn about an #American war with #Iran that never came.
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1/ This op-ed in today's WSJ, by activist @HosseinRonaghi who lives in Iran, is probably the most important op-ed on that country in several years. It dispels so many #IranLobby lies.

Because it's behind a paywall, some annotated excerpts below:…
2/ This is the core of the piece: "..most people in the West -- even those who consider themselves informed on Iran -- don't know our reality because foreign media coverage consistently overlooks or denies our reality."
3/ Ronaghi's right that the media misleads & misinforms on Iran.
To understand, start by reading this letter to the NYT by activists & #PS752 families objecting to Farnaz Fassihi's poor journalism & outright lies. No response yet given.

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Was just in a Clubhouse room called “Does NIAC represent the Islamic Republic in America?” Not sure if it’s really worth debating at this point lol
But many people from #Iran were listening & I’m glad they were able to obtain important info from the speakers (I just listened)
As the Islamic Republic teeters, more and more #Iranians will want to know how this regime has stayed in power. We’ll find out a lot more once the regime is gone. For now we must all stay vigilant as this regime and its supporters still stand tall.
And let’s not forget that Zarif created a very effective network of supporters across the world: businessmen, journalists, “human rights activists”, you name it. A few years ago I would have never imagined that the #IranLobby would become so influential in DC
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1/ I've said before that a key role of the #IranLobby is to (i) bury news damaging to Iranian regime interests and (ii) amplify news damaging to its opponents.

Let's focus on part (i) here.
How did the Lobby do on the news of the plot to kidnap @AlinejadMasih?
2/ They did what they do Every Single Time. They buried it.
@NIACouncil put out a CYA statement (one that literally didn't mention Masih) so that they can't be accused of complete silence. And they they proceeded to talk about everything under the sun except that news.
3/ Trita Parsi, formerly of NIAC and now of @QuincyInst (a think tank that has literally chose a disgusting hit piece on Masih as their top article of 2020) found time to talk about research on electrodes in the brain....but not an attempt to kidnap a US citizen from US soil.
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Get to know Trita Parsi, #Iran's main lobbyist in the U.S.

-Launching Tehran's DC-based lobby arm NIAC
-Exchanging emails with Zarif
-Visiting Obama's White House more than 30 times as the 2015 nuclear deal took shape
#Iran lobbyist Hooshang Amirahmadi says NIAC, Tehran's DC-based lobby arm, was launched by Zarif [through Trita Parsi].

This would be a violation of the FARA Act & deserves an investigation by the Justice Department.

Listen to Trita Parsi parrot the talking points of #Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

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1/ Thread
Yesterday, @MLInstitute & @NUFDIran held an event about Iran's neafrious foreign influence ops (murder, kidnapping, cyberwar). My contribution, a 15 min presentation on the #IranLobby, is here. Hoping to develop it into a report.

2/ First, a point worth emphasizing: the #IranLobby is not necessarily comprised of paid agents. It would be mistaken, IMO, to think everyone associated with it is on the payroll. But I don't think dictatorships necessarily need paid agents when they have "useful idiots".
3/ The #IranLobby is, rather, a loose network of ppl who for ideological, family, or financial reasons promote the Iranian regime or attack its opponents in fairly coordinated fashion. They may even believe, in good faith, that they're fighting the good fight.
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Recently, @ArminRosen published a piece about the @QuincyInst & how its pro-dictators views are funded by deep pockets (Koch/Soros).
The same is happening in Canada. It's called the Institute for Peace & Diplomacy and it's modeled on Quincy.
Read on. + Image
First, read the Rosen piece. It's very good. It's about a think tank started by Trita Parsi, a key figure in the #IranLobby and someone who, to quote @Ibishblog, represents "a perspective of a certain wing of the Iranian government." +…
Quincy launders the interests of its founder & others in its orbit (i.e., defending Iran's regime, but also Syria, Russia, China) by linking them to a growing strain in contemporary Western FP thought: fatigue with global interventions & human rights promotion. +
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2/ A preliminary matter: The tweet you quoted from @borzou is just plainly a lie. The "all my critics are just MEK and Pahlavi trolls" trope is so old and tired. Give it a rest.

These are just some tweets from former prisoners/hostages and artists. They're MEK/Pahlavi trolls?
3/ Calling everyone that disagrees with complete capitulation to Iran's regime a supporter of the MEK or Pahlavi is a standard move of #IranLobby orgs like NIAC. And that may well be where your loyalties lie. But still, a modicum of honestly would be helpful in this discussion.
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Hold on tight! I've uncovered more in the bungled case of Iranian influence operations:

1. According to Afrasiabi, he was arrested at gunpoint the dawn of Jan. 18 by two FBI dozen agents who repeatedly shouted "foreign agent" as they stormed his house in Watertown, MA. [Thread]
2. Not being the brightest of Iranian agents, he immediately waived his 5th amendment rights and started defending himself to the FBI agents questioning him. He admitted he knew about FARA laws, but claimed they didn't apply to him. He has argued to the courts that ...
since the government hadn't arrested him in the 14 years he's received payments from Iran, it must have been fine.

(Side note: It is troubling that it took the FBI so many years to go after him, since they tell Afrasiabi they've been tracking Iran's payments to him for years).
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1/ Thread
Tomorrow, a Toronto "think tank" with mysterious funding (@Diplomacy_Peace) is hosting Hossein Mousavian, a man who served as Iran's ambassador to Germany in 1992 when the regime sent its hitmen to assassinate dissidents at the Myknos restaurant in Berlin.
2/ German authorities. who believed that the murderers were linked to the embassy, actually kicked Mousavian out of Germany. If you're interested in reading more, my main recommendation is @RoyaTheWriter's stellar book. It digs into the killings, the embassy's role, etc.
3. (Aside: the other invited guest, Barbara Slavin, is well-known to everyone who follows Iran, and its apologists in the West. I won't dwell on her here.)
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#Iranian Lobbyist’s Arrest Should Lead To Broader Efforts To Counter #Iran’s Covert Influence…
A good start would be to look into the activities of ppl like: Trita Parsi &Quicy Inst.,Negar Mortazavi,NIAC&all those affiliated with it, Hossein Mousavian,etc.
Many critics of #Iran regime argue for closer scrutiny of the mission & loyalty of groups like NIAC long before Afrasiabi’s arrest. Last year, @SenatorBraun,@SenTedCruz& @SenTomCotton wrote to US Attny Gen., urging a formal investigation into #Iranlobby.…
.@A_Jafarzadeh: "Figures like Kaveh Afrasiabi &Trita Parsi have been given far too much leeway in dealings W/Western policymakers & media outlets, & the resulting“impunity” has “emboldened” the #Iranian regime in running its assets on Western soil." i.e., terrorist activities
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1)For those concerned about #Iranlobby s& #Iran's "friendly journalists", here is a good read:
Political scientist charged with being unregistered agent of Iran
2)@dcexaminer:"#Afrasiabi is accused of secretly deriving a“significant portion”of his income from the #Iranian Gov.for his work in the #US from 2007 until...when he was arrested...The FBI highlighted that while in the U.S.,Afrasiabi never registered under the FAR-Act." #BanZarif Javad Zarif (Left), the Ira...
3)@dcexaminer: '“For over a decade, Kaveh Afrasiabi pitched himself to Congress, journalists,&the American public as a neutral &objective expert on #Iran,” said Assistant Attorney General John Demers in a statement after Afrasiabi’s arrest.'
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1/ A short thread on the #IranLobby's crocodile tears on Iran & Covid19.

3 days ago, Khamenei banned the import of US/British/French vaccines.

How much time did the #IranLobby spend talking about this incredibly important piece of news? 1.2% of their time Image
2/ It's important to remind you that the #IranLobby had spent MONTHS arguing that Iran's high COVID death numbers were due to US sanctions (ignoring completely the regime's incompetence in handling the crisis.)

3/ So, it is surely relevant for people seemingly concerned about COVID in Iran that Iran's leader was, himself, refusing to allow the import of the highly effective vaccines into Iran. Surely, they would be up in arms about this, right? RIGHT?
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1/ The #EuropeIranBusinessForum is kicking off just as Iran's regime announced its brazen killing of journalist #RouhollahZam. So it's a good time to consider
the widespread role of IRI money and IRI family members in Western think tanks, NGOs & media.
2/ Just one example:
Amir Handjani reportedly made a fortune in business in the MidEast as, among other things, president of PG International Commodity Trading, which, according to public records, conducts sanctions-exempt trade with Iran on behalf of @Cargill.
3/ He's wealthy enough to own, among other assets I'm sure, a $10.5m condo in Manhattan.…
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While #IranLobby(NIAC, T.Parsi,...) s press for lifting sanctions, claiming it's the obstacle in fighting #Coronavirus in #Iran, facts prove differently.⬇️
Iran’s Regime Pays Terrorist Quds Force Mercenaries 5Times More Than #Iranian Nurses…
The religious dictatorship ruling #Iran is using #Coronavirus outbreak to advance its costly Missile program while claiming it can't afford to support impoverished sectors of society &forces them back to work.
A typical approach by an inhumane regime. Image
I wonder what the advocates, mouthpieces, and lobbies of the criminal regime ruling #Iran will have to say now? i.e. @NegarMortazavi @tparsi @NIACouncil @niacaction, @QuincyInst,etc.
I'm sure #Zarif & his echo-chamber will think of something 2blame this to the foes.
#Coronavirus Image
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[Short thread]
1/ Yesterday's excellent piece by Graeme Wood (@gcaw) in @TheAtlantic has really angered the #IranLobby.
Good! It means they're losing.
2/ A series of events in the past few months have really laid bare the #IranLobby's analytic incompetence.
Take for example, their histrionics about the Soleimani's killing and the war it would unleash. It actually did no such thing. The IRI was proven to be a paper tiger.
3/ They tried again with the shooting down of #PS752 (I documented it in the thread below), attempting to pin it on the US or blame sanctions. But the world saw that Iran had recklessly killed 176 ppl & tried to hide it. They looked ridiculous again.

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1/ A short thread about the way the #IranLobby shapes American media narratives on Iran.
This one is about @NBCNews contributor Hooman Majd (@hmajd), but it could just as easily be about any of the major outlets.
Read on.
2/ Hooman Majd appears regularly on NBC & MSNBC as an analyst. He’s often introduced simply as an author and commentator. He’s similarly introduced in other media. Here are some recent examples from @washingtonpost , @thedailybeast , @NPR and the @theintercept.
4) The NYT’s journalists (@ntabrizy) cite him as no less than an “oracle” on Iran.
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1) A thread on how the #IranLobby and their useful idiot friends on the regressive left have tried to frame the #PS572 story from day one to minimize damage to the Iranian regime.

Step 1: start early & cast doubt on any initial report that portrays Iran's regime in a bad light.
Step 1 is so extensive that the sample screenshots don't fit in one tweet.
3/ but wait... there's more
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"Ayatollah #BBC"a given name2 @bbcpersian for its biased &shameless programs in favor of #Iran Mullahs has now extended to @BBCNews,in rushing2the aid of the ruling dictatorship that is in the quagmire of a deadly crisis(#IranProtests)while losing its control in #Iraq& #Lebanon Image
In an unethical program, aimed at bashing #Iran's only viable opposition,@BBCNews shamelessly articled lies &propaganda emanated by Iran's Intelligence Ministry (#MOIS).
#FakeNews #StopYellowJournalism…
While #Iran regime is fearful of #MEK& its popular support at home,&after failing to annihilate the movement, by killing over 100K of its members&supporters,it has now put its focus on terrorizing MEK's leadership,while demonizing them through emanating #FakeNews& propaganda. Image
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What D.Benjamin has done is complicity in murdering #MEK supporters in #Iran. It's a crime 2demonize the legitimate&democratic opposition of a nation& It's not possible to whitewash such crime by attacking &calling outraged Iranians a troll. #NBC #FakeNews
Plus, since D.Benjamin has blocked me! Someone plz tell him that #WeSupportMEK, because we love our country& want a #FreeIran.The #Iranian dictatorship could not silence supporters of MEK,by murdering 120K,now he thinks,he can do that by threatening to write other hit-pieces!#NBC
Daniel Benjamin,when in StateDept, for whatever interest! had done whatever he could 2prevent delisting of #MEK,but the US District Court forced the delisting.He is now putting himself above law,carrying the same favor 4the Ayatollahs,by bashing the main opposition.#NBC #FakeNews Image
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Frustrating how @TwitterSupport suspends #Iranian dissidents like #HeshmatAlavi while #IranLobby is enjoying the #FreedomOfSpeech, press & safety in #USA using full name, picture & verified @Twitter accounts.
Obviously their families in #Iran are also safe thanks 2 their lobbying
When @jack Dorsey, @ev-an Williams & @biz Stone founded @Twitter in 2006 it began as a toy for online flirtation but during the #IranElection in 2009 it suddenly turned to a serious platform for #Politics representing #FreedomofExpression & #FreedomOfSpeech in #Iran
People in #Iran used anonymous @twitter accounts to tell the world about what is happening in the streets of #Tehran in real time. This is exactly what #HeshmatAlavi was doing especially during #IranProtests in Dec 2017 until his account was suspended.
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