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“The guy is basically an ideologue, and he is pushing a very focused agenda, but the agenda has to do with representing a perspective of a certain wing of the Iranian government,”…
“Why anyone would make him the executive vice president of a supposedly American foreign policy association doesn’t make any sense.”
“Daioleslam was granted discovery in his defense of the lawsuit, unearthing a wealth of information about NIAC’s founding and Parsi’s contacts with officials in both the Iranian and U.S. governments, including extensive email between Parsi and Javad Zarif…” #IranLobby
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This thread focuses on #Iran’s PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) utilised by the regime dictator to control #IranRevoIution.

Bear with me. This may be long.
First, let us look at the PSYOPS used by #Iran's regime to control and slow down #IranRevolution2022 comprises different methods and strategies used in different scenarios in different periods.
#MahsaAmini Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) used by #Iran's regime to
Let us give an example according to "Priority Number 6." (Sacrificing own agent), which indicates that promoting the sacrificed agent was a famous and vital person from the regime's body.
#Iran Let us give an example according to "Priority Number 6.
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#Iran's people have been protesting for 57 days & chanting "Death to Khamenei!" day in and day out.

The pro-appeasement Biden admin, especially the @StateDeptSpox who has close ties to #IranLobby arm NIAC, should remain silent than talk about "reforms".

Pathetic & disgusting!
All Americans should know that @StateDeptSpox Ned Price has good relations with #IranLobby arm NIAC.

May 1, 2019
Price discussing de-listing the IRGC with the Iran's DC-based lobby arm NIAC.

The IRGC is now busy killing Iranians in the streets.
.@StateDeptSpox Ned Price is among the Biden administration officials carrying water for #Iran's regime.

Of course, one shouldn't be surprised at all considering Price's past ties with #IranLobby arm NIAC. ImageImageImageImage
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An Iranian history and/or #IranRevolution 101:
The murder of #MahsaAmini reignited a revolution that has actually been building since 2017. Here is the background
In the 1960's there was a massive expansion of women's rights in Iran under the Shah. One cleric became famous for his opposition to this, building up a base of radical islamists before being exiled. His name was Ruhollah Khomeini (First Supreme Leader)
European socialists hated the Shah and love revolutions, so when they found an Iranian exile with a large following raving about making sing and dancing illegal and the proper way to have sex with a camel (really), they taught him how to speak to (trick) Western media
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Listen to four #Iran apologists/lobbyists push Tehran's talking points of rooting the ongoing #IranRevoltuion on Trump nixing the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA) and imposing economic sanctions.

No mention of the regime's 43 years of brutalities.
Azadeh Moaveni a member of the International Crisis Group, alongside another #Iran apologist/lobbyist Ali Vaez, a protege of former regime president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Moaveni is also very close to #IranLobby arm NIAC.
Hoda Katebi is another #Iran apologist/lobbyist & a regular at NIAC events.

She called for burning the U.S. flag after the killing of Qassem Soleimani.

Her remarks about the U.S. are telling.

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Iranians never wanted an Islamic Republic. I need ppl to know this. It was a left wing revolution that allied w Islamists. Once they won, the Islamists killed the socialist/communist leaders, hijacked the revolution, and called it Islamic. Iranians have been fighting since day 1.
I keep hearing things like-they wanted this. They‘ve been quiet for 43 yrs. No and no. They were not quiet, you just weren’t listening. What you’re seeing today is the last straw-after seeing their friends, families and heroes tortured and killed for so long. #IranRevolution2022
From the first day that mandatory hijab was announced, women have been fighting. They protested in the streets as they are today. Women were imprisoned, as they are today. Women were killed, as they are today. None of this is new. It’s just new to you.
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1/ A few days ago, I criticized @DokhiFassihian for her long-ago involvement with NIAC. But she's very open with her criticism now 👇 & a trusted friends in the human rights community tells me that she has aince been a solid voice for human rights protections in Iran, including..
2/... with respect to the establishment of the UN special rapporteur on Iran.

It's not my place, and I have no authority, to absolve anyone of anything. But my personal drive in talking about these issues has always been accountability, not vindictiveness. Image
3/ The goal should be to get people of good faith to genuinely recognize why their involvement with the #IranLobby was harmful and to take steps to rectify harms they may have caused.

Based on what I've been told and what I see, Ms. Fassihian meets that test.
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It's official !
NIAC and its members who have been trying to spread their hoax about a " bomb threat at UChicago" and cry wolf to paint an innocent picture of themselves lied.
Here is the email from The Safety and Security Department at UChicago.
Shame on whoever advocates for them.
They have 0 credibility.
@NIACouncil your time has come to an end.
طبق ایمیلی که از دپارتمان سکیوریتی گرفته شده، رسما تایید شد که ادعای نگار مرتضوی مبنی بر تهدید به بمب دروغی بیش نبوده.
هرچند این برای ما واضح بود، اما نیاز بود به جهانیان هم ثابت بشه که اعضای نایاک چیزی جز دروغ نمیگن.
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@UChicago has invited Negar Mortazavi, a known & disgraced #Iran apologist/lobbyist, to discuss the ongoing #IranRevolution.

She is no voice of the Iranian people. In fact, she is close to Iran's regime & #IranLobby arm NIAC.…

@UChiPolitics ImageImageImageImage
Listen to Negar Mortazavi run her #Iran talking points.
Negar Mortazavi has portrayed Soleimani as a "heroic underdog" killed in "cowardly fashion" and claimed Iranians were "outraged" and would mourn him in a "rare show of national unity".
#IranLobby ImageImageImage
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1/ 🧵As Iran's regime collapses, NIAC and the rest of the #IranLobby are desperate to pretend they have not defended it for years. They're putting out messaging that says they've "always" supported "regime change led by the Iranian people".
Is that true?
#مهسا_امینی ImageImage
2/ I could probably write a 500-tweet thread about how NIAC has talked about regime change over the years. But I'm just gonna do a few tweets to see if they've always been in favour of people-led regime change. (Aside: does NIAC not know that Twitter has a search function?)
3/ Former NIAC president, Trita Parsi
* Regime Change is a false promise
* it's dangerous to romanticize regime change
* it's not what Iranians want; it's a DC cottage industry
* Trump shouldn't have encouraged Iranians to do regime change. ImageImageImageImage
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Blinken held a meeting on Friday with a few "civil society activists" to discuss the latest situation in #Iran.

He & the Biden admin need to explain why they invited Sherry Hakimi who is very close to Tehran's regime & #IranLobby group NIAC.
As Hakimi says, she is very fond of #Iran's former foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, aka Iran's chief apologist. Not everyone is invited to a dinner with Zarif. Only the ultimate regime loyalists are.

#IranLobby group NIAC has a specific page for her on their website. ImageImageImageImage
Hakimi published a list of sources that she believes represent the voice of #Iran's people.

The names are quite telling. Nearly all are among the list of Iran's network of apologists/lobbyists.

#IranLobby ImageImage
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1/ 🧵Mr. Batmanghelidj (@yarbatman), you assert that the US shouldn’t disempower Iran’s regime.
But here’s a key question: in promoting a view favourable to dictatorial regimes, do you think it is important to disclose your own conflicts of interest?
2/ Do you think the fact that you’re obviously close to regime officials – here you are with Iran’s UK ambassador; me & my friends wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near him—might have something to do with your views on pressure on Iran's regime? Image
3/ Related question: aside from running @BourseBazaar, your economy-focused site, you’re also the registered agent of the Iran Tobacco Research Group. According to your site, your business “unlocks market opportunities for…cigarette manufacturers”. ImageImageImage
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1/ The #IranLobby is under immense pressure. I love it. Keep it up!

2 developments:
2/ Touraj Darayee, prof at UC Irvine, occasionally linked to NIAC (I can't say how deeply linked; I honestly don't know) and thesis advisor to Assal Rad, NIAC's research director, feels pressured enough to put out video (see next tweet) distancing himself from the org.
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1/ Hi @rezaaslan -- I know you're peddling a book about Howard Baskerville these days, so it's good business to be a "revolutionary" all of a sudden.
But is this you, lauding Iran's elections and talking about how Iranians want Chinese-style govt "in a heartbeat"? #IranLobby
2/ Is this you writing with Trita Parsi, the IRI's single greatest apologist in West, criticizing exiles (you know, those that barely escaped with their lives) for saying that Iran's elections are a sham? ImageImage
3/ Is this you, just 2 years ago when the winds were blowing in a different direction, arguing that Iran is not *actually* a theocracy, but one with "a remarkably modern and surprisingly enlightened constitutional framework" that guarantees a lot of rights? ImageImage
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Die Islamische Republik lebte 43 Jahre vom Nimbus der Unantastbarkeit. Das ist Geschichte. Während sie dieses Bild im Inneren mit äußerster Brutalität durchsetzte, waren es im Ausland gut dotierte Expert*innen, die dem Regime die Ewigkeit vorhersagten. #IranRevolution #MahsaAmini
Expert*innen im deutschen und englischen Raum. Ein großes proregime Netzwerk in den USA ist das National Iranian American Council (NIAC) mit Barbara Slavin, Negar Mortazavi oder Zwangshijab-Influencerin Hoda Katebi. Aber auch bei uns gibt es zweifelhafte Experten. #IranLobby
Mit fast 1 Million Euro wird ein „Orient-Forschungszentrum“ (sic) namens CARPO von @AuswaertigesAmt gefördert. Geschäftsführer ist Adnan Tabatabai. Seinen Werdegang möge jede*r selbst recherchieren, hier Zitate, die er bei @DLF und @WDR äußern durfte. #IranRevolution #MahsaAmini
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Was @nytimes Journalistin @farnazfassihi über die Ermordung des iranischen Generals Qasem Soleimani schreibt vs. Realität:

#IranRevoIution #MahsaAmini #IranLobby
📍 Kerman
📍 Karaj
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The #IranRevolution has made clear that Iranians despise their regime.

I'm looking at some Iran commentators to assess what they conveyed to Western audiences over the years.

Today: What the #IranLobby said about Qassem Soleimani
2/ To start, Soleimani's background: in short, he was a mass murderer.
> he & other IRGC commanders demanded that Prez Khatami crush the Iran's student protesters in 1999
> His Quds Force carried out attacks in Thailand, New Delhi, Lagos, and Nairobi
> he was behind many of the IED attacks in Iraq.
> killed tens of thousands, including women and children, in Syria.

As soon as the #IranRevolution began, one of the first acts of revolutionaries, in his hometown, was to rip down his picture.
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1/ Here is Mohammad Ali Shabani, editor of Amwaj Media (@amwajmedia). He's from Sweden, but now seems to be in London.
According to the regime's own media (Mehr News), he began work at NIAC & then travelled down a natural pipeline to work for the regime's Press TV. #IranLobby
2/ According to Mehr News, Shabani served as go-between for Zarif, setting up meetings for the FM with Gary Sick (Columbia), @alivaez (Crisis Group & close Rob Malley [Biden's Iran envoy] associate, @rparsi (brother of NIAC's Trita). He also aided the IRI's nuke negotiation team.
3/ According to Mehr News, the reason Zarif kept Shabani around was that he had ready accesss to large int'l media. @CNN , @nytimes , etc. (In NYT w/ former ambo to Germany -- on whose watch ppl were murdered in Berlin -- Mousavian)
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1/ Today is the 1000th day after the murderous shooting of flight #PS752 by the IRGC.

A 🧵to remember the #IranLobby's reaction. I hope you'll distribute to media that continues to book these people/or ppl from orgs at which these people work.
2/ Let's start with Negar Mortazavi, who is regularly on television and newspapers commenting on Iran. This was her immediate take. (h/t @hafezeh_tarikhi)

The IRI's has issued an unprecedented" & "very responsible" statement that shows "good governance" and "transparency".
3/ Here is Dr. Narges Bajoghli, prof at Johns Hopkins & always in the press (quoted in the NYT today!)
Suggests Trump admin was responsible.
Something fishy was indeed happening. But in the early hours after the attack, she didn't entertain the possibility of IRI invovlement.
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The #IranRevolution has made clear that Iranians despise their regime.

Over the next few days, I'll look at some Iran commentators to assess what they conveyed to Western audiences over the years.

Today: Azadeh Moaveni
2/ Ms. Moaveni is an author & regular commentator on Iran. She teaches journalism at @nyu_journalism and works at @CrisisGroup (I believe until recently under Rob Malley, President Biden's Iran Envoy.)
She has written for prestige publications such as @NewYorker @ @nytimes.
3/ And what does she write for those publications?
In 2016, she used the coveted real estate in the @nytimes op-ed page to attack chess champion @NaziPaiki's boycott of a tournament in Iran in protest against mandatory hijab.
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Protesters chanting "We don't want an Islamic Republic" #Iran #IranProtests

Lots of women out in the streets too. #Iran #IranProtests
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1/ As #Iran continues to insist that the IRGC be removed from @StateDept FTO, the prospect of a #JCPOA revival is shimmering again.
So... Trita Parsi, the current #IranLobby Chief, has started to cry wolf about 𝘄𝗮𝗿 again to push @POTUS for more concessions.
2/ If you'd like to see how many times he's done the drill, check out this thread ⬇️
3/ Trita Parsi has always liked to use mainstream #media to warn about an #American war with #Iran that never came.
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Was just in a Clubhouse room called “Does NIAC represent the Islamic Republic in America?” Not sure if it’s really worth debating at this point lol
But many people from #Iran were listening & I’m glad they were able to obtain important info from the speakers (I just listened)
As the Islamic Republic teeters, more and more #Iranians will want to know how this regime has stayed in power. We’ll find out a lot more once the regime is gone. For now we must all stay vigilant as this regime and its supporters still stand tall.
And let’s not forget that Zarif created a very effective network of supporters across the world: businessmen, journalists, “human rights activists”, you name it. A few years ago I would have never imagined that the #IranLobby would become so influential in DC
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