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Report from the #Azovmash factory in #Mariupol, which was one of the UKR strongholds in the city
#RussiaUkraine #Denazification #AzovRegiment
Senior Lieutenant Vitaly Gritsaenko, the deputy commander of "Azov" in Mariupol with call sign "Gogol" was killed Image
Near #Nikolaev as a result of shelling a factory and warehouses caught fire
The name of the company is not disclosed by the Ukrainian media.. The area effected by fire is 900 sq.m ImageImageImageImage
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🧵 My speech to @UN_HRC #HRC49 debate on 'Children in Armed Conflict', calling on @UNICEF & int'l community to stop abhorrent use of #ChildSoldiers by #Palestinian terror groups in Gaza.

With thanks to colleagues at @NGOmonitor, for allotting @The_ILF their time slot to present.
@UN_HRC @UNICEF @NGOmonitor @The_ILF The late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, one of the great thought leaders of our time, once said “Tomorrow’s world is born in what we teach our children today.”

Indeed, he was so right, especially as we look at the lives of children being ravaged in Ukraine now, as well as the Middle East, a region wrought with conflict & war for decades.

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@antonioguterres As a 🇧🇪🇪🇺 citizen and supporter of democracy I want answers on following questions about the UN 's conduct and role in the 🇪🇹 crisis :

WHY is the UN ignoring TPLF started the war by killing ENDF soldiers in their sleep and by committing #MaiKadraMassacre
? ...
WHY is the UN not condemning TPLF for starting this war and committing #MaiKadraMassacre ?

WHY is the UN not condemning the TPLF for using #ChildSoldiers ?

WHY is the UN not condemning the TPLF for committing massacres in Amhara and Afar ?

WHY is the UN not condemning the TPLF for burning down entire villages ?

WHY is the UN not condemning TPLF for using forced recruitments ?

WHY is the UN not condemning TPLF for shelling and killing civilians ?

WHY is the UN ingnoring the unilateral seacefire of 🇪🇹 gvnt ?

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1/ CNN on Ethiopia
Season 1 - The CNN TPLF Marriage
CNN published around 60 articles on the Tigray Conflict from Nov 3 to date. We all know about their biased reporting and clear support for #TPLFTerroristGroup but check these facts out
2/ CNN actively developed 9 editorials between Nov 5 & Nov 13 and 0 for the rest of the month with the exception of 2 on Mai Kadra they couldn’t ignore on the 22nd and the 26th. Coincidentally, @reda_getachew went offline since Nov 15th
3/ He stayed offline for 3½ months till end of Feb except two tweets on 4th and 22nd of Dec. During 3½ months CNN made ONLY 4 articles related to the war. Coincidentally, both the resumption of CNN’s active reporting & @reda_getachew|s twitter comeback happened March 1.
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Black Bodies and White Newspapers
[#TPLF #ChildSoldiers #MSM]

1/ In July @nytimes described #TPLF #ChildSoldiers as "motivated young fighters" and now @guardian guardian has followed suit with their most recent coverage of the conflict in Ethiopia.
Many #Ethiopians and independent observers are enraged by the portrayal of #ChildSoldiers in the MSM. The refusal of the 'International Community' to unequivocally condemn this exploitation of Tigrayan children has been baffling for for many.
2/ The western world has been objectifiying black bodies for the past 500 years. Look at this pictures of black Africans naked and chained like wild animals or with hands chopped by the soldiers of their Belgian masters, taken by white photographers.
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#InformationLaundering thread focusing on Cara Anna of @AP.
1/If there is a prize for #InformationLaundering, it would definitely go to Cara Anna of @AP. Miss Anna seems determined that the Tigray conflict is her ticket to a Pulitzer.
2/ Since the beginning of the conflict on November 4, @AP has produced 86 articles on #Ethiopia. Of these 86 articles, Cara Ana is responsible for a whopping 60% (51 articles). I randomly selected and analyzed 26 of her articles.
3/ All of her articles (100%!!!), portray the GoE negatively and 13 were sympathetic towards #TPLF. The remaining 10 articles conveniently leave out #TPLF out of the picture giving an appearance of the #Ethiopian government waging a war against the Tigrayan people.
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1/The Western media complex is engaging in Information Laundering in #Ethiopia. Information Laundering is the process of legitimizing information garnered from unreliable/biased/shady sources, such as TMH, Crisis Group, SAHAN, WPF(Alex de Waal), @martinplaut and #TPLF sources.
2/There are at least nine major media outlets & ten journalists that are leading this campaign of Information Laundering: @bbc @cnn @ap @reuters
@bloomberg @nytimes @wapo
@guardian @telegraph. For today I will focus on BBC and Vivienne Nunis.
3/Since June 2021, @bbc have produced 15 news articles and opinion pieces re #Ethiopia. Of these, 6 were written by @vivnunis and 2 were written by Alex de Waal.
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#Tigrayan refugees massacred by @AbiyAhmedAli's agents!


#Tigrayan refugees, who returned on their own via boats or repatriated by Saudi Arabia sponsored flights to Ethiopia, are being abducted & #massacred by @AbiyAhmedAli's forces in the Afar regional state.
Ethiopian government's media broadcasted as if the government of Tigray recruited #ChildSoldiers and sent them to battlefields. ETV claimed that 👇bodies are of the #Tigrayan #ChildSoldiers in Afar region. But they're abducted & #massacred by the Ethiopian troops.
The Ethiopian Press Agency posted on its @Facebook the photos of some of the #Tigrayan youths whom @AbiyAhmedAli's regime claims them to be #ChildSoldiers. But, these youths returned from Saudi Arabia a week or two ago & the Ethiopian troops abducted & #massacred them in Afar.
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Tomorrow, the closing arguments will be held in the #Ongwen case, a case fraught with moral complexity – an abducted victim is being tried for crimes committed as an adult.

The seriousness of charges - and the evidence – often get little attention in this debate. A short THREAD:
#SGBC – 7 women allege the most horrific acts of rape, forced marriage, torture and cruel treatment imaginable, some as young as ten years old.
#Pajule – Hundreds abducted, homes pillaged, men, women and children beaten, enslaved and some killed. Ongwen was part of the attack.
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1/3 UNICEF's silence represents complacency at a time when action is necessary and reveals underlying hypocrisy within an organization mandated to protect children worldwide.>>
Please watch with sound & RT if you agree.
2/3The UN continuously ignores the war crimes committed by Hamas, the Islamic Jihad & other terror organizations in Gaza against Israeli citizens. For years, Israeli children have lived in fear of missile attacks and incendiary balloons&UNICEF has done nothing to protect them.>
3/3 If only this was where their bias ends. Over 20,000 Palestinian children are recruited as #ChildSoldiers annually, while thousands of others are used as human shields, putting their lives in imminent danger.
We must demand action.
Now is the time to say #UNICEFDoYourJob
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(1/6) @UNICEF, your BIAS must end NOW.
@ShuratHaDin and I recently launched a campaign to end UNICEF's bias and demand that they report war crimes committed by Hamas against Palestinian children.>>>>>
(2/6) 6 months ago, @ShuratHaDin provided @UNICEFpalestine with a detailed report regarding the THOUSANDS of children who are recruited, injured & killed as soldiers fighting for Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza.>>>>
(3/6) Our report presented @UNICEF with a comprehensive collection of evidence proving Hamas’s violation of international law through the enlistment of children as participants in a series of VIOLENT protests disguised as "The Great March of Return".
So, what happened next?>>>
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A palpable revival of #UniversalJurisdiction is underway in Europe.
Here are 7 examples of recent important activities (trials, arrests, investigations) that have taken place only in the last few weeks.
There are certainly more that I am unaware of.
And certainly more to come.
1. #Sweden
>> Arrest of an Iranian national allegedly involved in the #1988Massacre of thousands of detainees. First ever #UniversalJurisdiction case on #Iran to go ahead.…
2. #Belgium
>> The trial of a #Rwandan man accused of having participated in the 1994 #genocide of the Tutsi minority is currently underway.…
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