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𝗥𝗲𝗱𝗽𝗶𝗹𝗹/𝗠𝗴𝘁𝗼𝘄: meus dois centavos sobre a matéria do Fantástico!

Matéria essa com forte base de viés de confirmação, falácia do nirvana e também com a falácia do espantalho. ⬇️
@MasculinidadeRZ @38bitcoinheiro @DonSandro10 @alan_schramm @R0nih Principalmente quando a jornalista afirma que a "#Redpill é homens que se acham superiores as mulheres."

Para entender a palavra “Matrix“, inicialmente temos que saber sobre as tecnologias utilizadas em redes de computação, matemática e citar dois termos gramaticais. ⬇️
@MasculinidadeRZ @38bitcoinheiro @DonSandro10 @alan_schramm @R0nih O primeiro termo é “Mãe” [Madre; Mother], e o segundo termo é “Geratriz” [Generatrix; Geratrix; Aquela que gera, geradora; Gerador Central]. Portando, tudo está contido dentro da matriz do gerador central.

[Matrix = Motherboard Generatrix] ⬇️
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1/11 This @CTW_ATC discussion outlines my book on how the Western intelligentsia of the global theory industry has helped consolidate the "compatible" Left (i.e. compatible w capitalism & imperialism). 🧵
#FrenchTheory #Postmodernism #FrankfurtSchool
2/ I explain the work of #Derrida w "anti-totalitarian" dissidents funded by the NED (a CIA cutout), while rehabilitating an unrepentant Nazi (Heidegger), collaborating w a Nazi collaborator (De Man) & foreclosing any analysis of "context."
#PostStructuralism #Postmodernism Image
3/ I've provided detailed scholarly accounts of #Derrida's idealist misreadings of philosophic history in these two books, which demonstrate that even his 'internal analyses' leave much to be desired:……
@EditionsHermann @EdinburghUP ImageImage
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1/32 This is a thread about the #Hyperborea-Mythos in the #Hellboy-Comics.
I'm posting this thread because I love the comics but am worried about the use of history and myths in them. Especialy the Hyperborea-Mythos was connectet with the place I'm living: Lower Saxony, Germany ImageImage
2/32 This thread contains more than 30 main-points plus sub-points (recognizable by the dots). The sub-points contain further information and explanations, plus source references. Hyperboreans are abbreviated with H.
3/32 In the context of remembering Nazi crimes, experts view comics like Hellboy with trepidation, fearing a dangerous misinterpretation of history for commercial motives. ImageImageImage
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1/8 We’re big believers in the utility of #Blockchain – use cases such as real estate, B2B contracts, supply chains etc.

Though, with the philosophy pertaining to society and the human psyche, can decentralization reach the potential many believe?
2/8 In much of their work, philosophers such as #Nietzsche & novelists like #Dostoevsky (who is studied a lot by philosophers), theorized that utopia was unattainable due to our fundamental desires for greed, power, selfishness, gratification, jealousy, etc.
3/8 As a consequence, there will always be the haves and have-nots across various parts of society.
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Some people do bad things, but, they don't look bad.
They are others who do good, but, they don't look good.
It's how we are intrinsically made, that shapes our personality, defines our intentions and describes our actions.
Our #DNA is the repository that informs our evolution.
Ask the maker why he made it?
Not from the doer.
We human beings are at the receiving end, always!!
We are what we are!
We all are made according to a certain specification list.
If we try to mutate ourselves forcefully too much, we won't remain what we are.
Be #Adaptative without violating the complex laws of nature.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/05/2021…
A complete human genome sequence is close: how scientists filled in the gaps…

#HumanGenome #GenomeSequencing
A Japanese Novelist’s Tale of Bullying and Nietzsch…

#BookReview #nietzsche #power #morality #novelist
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¿Por qué la figura del #Superman de #ZackSnyder genera tanta POLÉMICA?

Aquí va un #HILO, analizando la IDEOLOGÍA y la FILOSOFÍA de #Snyder a través de su trilogía que acabará desembocando en la #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague ⬇️⬇️ Image
Aunque #Superman ha sido reinventado en varias ocasiones en películas y cómics, siempre ha mantenido DOS RASGOS fundamentales:

• Superman NO MATA.

• Superman representa el ALTRUISMO y el SACRIFICIO más puro. Image
Si a esa MORAL judeocristanea intachable le sumamos que es prácticamente OMNIPOTENTE...

DIFICULTA sus adaptaciones al cine (o incluso sus revisiones comiqueras posteriores), teniendo que recurrir en demasiadas ocasiones a la #Kryptonita; entre otros factores. Image
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#EnFinirAvecNietzsche [THREAD]
1️⃣ Voici venu le temps de #DémonterNietzsche à coups de 🔨 (philosophique).
Que ce #phallusophe protofasciste enseigné avec des trémolos dans les moustaches apparaisse pour ce qu’il est : un gourou d’extrême-droite !...👇
2️⃣ #Nietzsche, comme plus tard #Heidegger, fantasme son succès futur par et pour un public imaginé plus perméable à ses délires. Comme le nazi de Fribourg, il mise sur sa mégalomanie et sa mystagogie pour polluer l’esprit de ses futurs disciples, son œuvre est taillée pour ça. 👇 Image
3️⃣ Comme encore #Heidegger après lui, et les leaders nazis, #Nietzsche a la « culture » en haine, celle de l’humanisme et de la solidarité – trop « chrétienne », trop peu virile. « Nos femmelettes minées par la culture et l’hystérie... » : ainsi parlait le #phallusophe !... 👇 ImageImage
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#Nietzsche est une farce qui a gourouïsé des générations d’intellectuels. Je me souviens de Patrick Wotling, à l’ENS et Paris 4, qui faisait tout pour lui ressembler physiquement et transformait obsessionnellement la « pensée » de son Idole en système. Non mais quels clowns ! 🤡 Image
— Quelle idée reçue aimeriez-vous voir disparaître définitivement quant à #Nietzsche ?
Patrick Wotling — « Aucune. Il est dans la nature du type de réflexions que construit Nietzsche qu’il suscite des préjugés et des idées reçues. »
Bonjour la #philosophie ! 🤡
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This is the first line in my song.

A man cannot become a woman
Anymore than a man can become a bat.

Here are some notes on Nietzsche’s idea of “becoming” and how it was co-opted by transgender activists.

On #Nietzsche, Transgenderism, Detransition
“How One Becomes What One Is.”

This was the subtitle of a book written by Friedrich Nietzsche called – “Ecce Homo” – which means: – “Behold the Man.”
It was the Roman governor Pontius Pilate who said – “Behold the Man!” – as Jesus, appearing positively ungodlike, capped with a crown of thorns, beaten, battered and abused, was dragged out before a crowd and berated with howls of execration as he carried the cross to Golgotha.
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The Egyptian philosopher ʿAbd al-Rahman al-Badawi (1917-2002) is perhaps one of the most underrated thinkers of #ContemporaryArabThought - a major #Heideggerian_existentialist #Sufism and #IslamicPhilosophy specialist who studied at Fuad I (later #Cairo) University 1/
Many of us who study #IslamicThought know him for his editions of #ArabicAristotle #ArabicPlato #ArabicPlotinus as well as editions of the work of #Avicenna #IbnSabin #SiwanalHikma and others - without his efforts we would not have editions of the #PlotinianaArabica 2/
In the 1930s he studied in Cairo and obtained his PhD in 1944 supervised by #AlexandreKoyré (1892-1964) on the notion of 'existential time' that engages with #Heidegger - this like his other early works was published by #DaralNahdaalMisriya 3/
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The only way you can look into the future - since there's no data, is to have a good theory.
- Clayton Christian @claychristensen
#philosophy #Technology #innovation
I don't go where puck is, I go where puck is going to be.
- Wayne Gretsky
What is history? An echo of past in the future, a reflex from the future on past.
- Victor Hugo
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