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#BBNaija | 5,000,000+
#MUFC | 1,500,000+

#NigeriaDecides2019 | 1,200,000+

#Nigeria | 1,100,000+

#NP | 760,000+

#NowPlaying | 740,000+

#NewProfilePic | 550,000+

#GameofThrones | 440,000+

#MondayMotivation | 440,000+

#UCL | 410,000+
The Top 10 Mentions in 2019

@mbuhari | 3,800,000+

@ | 1,600,000+

@atiku | 1,400,000+

@segalink | 1,200,000+

@alex_houseof308 | 1,200,000+

@PoliceNG | 1,000,000+

@iam_Davido | 1,000,000+

@SubDeliveryZone | 820,000+

@wizkidayo | 820,000+

@thepamilerin | 800,000+
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Busy weekend in Akure...
So @ishakaa was the target of FAKE NEWS composers like @ChidiOdinkalu this weekend?
I will Chronicle Odinkalu's falsehood and title it:


You know he also lied that he's a Professor & lazy @channelstv call him Prof🤣🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️
@ishakaa @ChidiOdinkalu @channelstv No need to do special thread, once you see FAKE + NEWS then your answer should be @ChidiOdinkalu

The 1st falsehood about him is that he's not even a Professor, not even by affidavit yet when @channelstv & the likes call him so, he graciously accepts it..
@twitter Chidi is FAKE.
@ishakaa @ChidiOdinkalu @channelstv January 28, @ChidiOdinkalu LIED that "Over 30 months after Steve died, he was yesterday (26 Jan 2019) "sworn in" to adjudicate on petitions in #NigeriaDecides2019!"
@Twitter should block this toxic being...FAKE + NEWS = CHDI ODINKALU

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Let be warn you, that is IF your ears are working.
What is being packaged to you as #RevolutionNow is actually the #CodeName for coup d'état.

Remember I told you that REVOLUTION ALREADY HAPPENED!👇👇
Don't say I didn't warn you, what the likes of @YeleSowore is packaging for you with the backing of International donors & their tools like @AmnestyNigeria on ground is actually a coup d'état after the real #RevolutionNow had taken place.
It's a #CodeName
"The phrase coup d'état comes from French, literally meaning a "stroke of state" or "blow against the state". In French, the word État (French: [eta]), denoting a sovereign political entity, is capitalized"...
seizure of power,overthrow, takeover, ousting,regime change!
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It is not a protest:
A statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something..

It was called REVOLUTION: "a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system"
I listened to @YeleSowore where he said "a Nigeria where 5 people is richer than 200 million people, ko le work".....and this is the need for #RevolutionNow.
Ok, So how is this statement linked to the present leadership of Buhari as the head of Govt? HOW?
I also saw on @YeleSowore TL a statement that was poitining to the reason why #RevolutionNow is needed by one Comrade Nosa saying...“On August 5th we are going to ask our terrible leaders to “take a bow and get out”.

So the purpose is getting clearer!

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This Government of Buhari keeps acting as though they have no security reports of this conspiracy that goes on daily.
They use @AmnestyNigeria, & Osai @livingtruely is their face HERE
@AmnestyNigeria @livingtruely This conspiracy is multi dimensional and it became very obvious before #NigeriaDecides2019 when "Election Observers" in alliance with international conspirators were doing everything to topple this Govt. by usurping the authority of @inecnigeria .
@ClementNwankwo of PDP led this!
@AmnestyNigeria @livingtruely Apart from the influential figures that are obviously doing everything behind the scene to topple this Govt. because Atiku was not INSTALLED, 8% of the print & electronic media both online & offline are very active on this conspiracy. The leading platform is @channelstv.
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#HappeningNow: Roundtable: The role of #WhatsApp in Nigerian elections, #NigeriaDecides2019.

Research: The use and abuse of @WhatsApp in an African #election: #Nigeria2019.

WhatsApp both strengthens and undermines Nigerian democracy, says UK-Nigeria research team.

@WhatsApp @jchitchen @africanews @allafrica @thecableng @PremiumTimesng @MobilePunch @THISDAYLIVE @KogiFacts @factcheckdotorg @FactCheck @facebook @SituationRoomNg @Afrikareport @SaharaReporters @HEDAgenda @ReutersAfrica @julietkego @DrJoeAbah @JibrinIbrahim17 @EiENigeria Drawing on citizen surveys & interviews with political campaigns, the report underlines the ways in which WhatsApp has promoted the spread of “#fakenews” around elections, but has also strengthened accountability and promoted inclusion in other areas.
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One of #Nigeria's leading road transporters, @PMTNigeria has about 65 terminals in 26 states, employing thousands directly or indirectly & facilitating integration across the country. It's supposed to be 1 of those SMMEs that govt all over the country shd support
Early in 2018, as the rat-race towards #NigeriaDecides2019 got underway, the then governor of Imo State, @realRochas, approached the Chairman of @PMTNigeria, Chief for support to his partisan political plans. The company told the governor it did not do partisan politics
The week after the company rebuffed @realRochas, the Governor, in an act of reprisal, ordered the sealing up of the company's loading bay in Owerri, capital of Imo State. The company's workers & contractors in the State were put out of work. It was to be sealed for over 1 year.
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Ehen! Work don end for today so I have time now to put down some logical thoughts on the raging issues and all the plenty branding of names that has been going on for some time now. But I will first like to start with a bit of background issues predating the #NigeriaDecides2019
Perhaps at the end of this you will be left to think things through and then you’d understand why I have constantly advised that if you don’t know your enemy then don’t get into a fight with him or her. The truth is ; #AtikuIsNotComing and I will show you why 1/
Background: Let’s go back to the #PDPNationalConvention2018

On the surface we papered over the cracks of that convention that produced @atiku as its flagbearer. Remember the threats of “Move this convention from Port Harcourt and you will see what will happen” ? 2/
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Let me help you people small again ;

1: @atiku team produced a unique Mac server XYZ and said that it belonged to @inecnigeria

2: @inecnigeria responded that they do not own server with unique MAC address XYZ

3: @atiku team rushes to the media and says “@inecnigeria denies owning a server”

Team lead sets the sensational ball rolling and everybody is up in arms against @inecnigeria

@inecnigeria releases a statement and clarifies itself again on “unique Mac server XYZ”
One set starts showing training videos of possible deployment of technology to help curb rigging.

Another set is planted and given charge to attack anyone who says differently. Team lead starts emotionally blackmailing members of his team 🤣
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In this thread is my legal analysis on e-collation & e-transmission done in the last polls. INEC cannot deny @atiku the mandate freely given him by Nigerians. THREAD!
@SpokesManAtiku @benmurraybruce @renoomokri
#nigeriadecide2019: The Legality of e-Collation and e-Transmission of Results.

By: @kadetumi

In exercise of the powers conferred by the Constitution of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) in Paragraph 15(a) and (j), Part 1 of the Third Schedule..
and Section 73 of the Electoral Act 2010 (as
amended), to organise, undertake, supervise elections into specified positions, #INEC prepared and submitted to the president budget estimates for the conduct of the #nigeriadecide2019 ...
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I know how tough it is for you guys to come to reality that the same Buhari you abused & called all kinds of name still won the election. Some of you even said he won in 2015 because of you, hence you are saying #AtikuIsComing
We told you before the election that #AtikuIsScamming & no matter the scamming alliance across the globe, HE WILL NEVER WIN #NigeriaDecides2019
But since a SCAM enjoys being SCAMMED, the only way to teach you guys sense was to wait till election outside twitter
Election had come & gone but you guys are still mixing your Egbere soprano cry of 2015 with this recent shock that Atiku LOST despite the noise of OBJ, PDP, online DEFLUENZAS..
Why are you still crying #AtikuIsComing when you know #AtikuIsScamming you..Wait, Lawyers dey scam am!
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I was pissed off at @udoilo, @Nwankpa_A and @MTechLaw that they didn't send me a ticket to watch the movie #4thRepublic, but the money I just spent was worth it.

I'll desist from gifting you a full synopsis, but you can watch a short preview here -
Both @HenshawKate and @LindaEjiofor put in star shifts, and the movie did something that a lot of Nigerian art ought to do.

First, it covered the gender related issue women face when running for a political office. Remember @naijavote's excellent book?

Those issues are real.
Just imagine this: Mabel King’s opponent extended an offer for her to be his 3rd wife after he won; her party members undermined her; her lawyers disrespected her authority.

Of course, this is #Nigeria where every woman is either a prostitute, or just a pussy to be fucked... 🙄
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Analysis of @OfficialAPCNg Response To @atiku Petition At Presidential Tribunal Panel.

Not Only Atiku, You All Are Nigerians.

By: @kadetumi

Dear Nigerians from the former Northern Cameroon, we acknowledged the psychological torture you must have suffered as a result of current dehumanising and treasonable response of @OfficialAPCNg to the petition of one of you, Alhaji @atiku Abubakar, at the Presidential Tribunal
Please know this is not the position of we, the people of Federal Republic of #Nigeria, but that of the @OfficialAPCNg and its presidential candidate in the #NigeriaDecides2019
Mohammadu @MBuhari.
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Despite manifest incongruities in the official story-line concerning @MBuhari's decision to remove the Chief Justice of Nigeria in Jan 2019, I was willing to suspend my disbelief & wait for govt to present evidence to support its claims of asset malfeasance in the #OonoghenTrial
When it launched its fevered campaign against the Chief Justice before the #OnnoghenTrial in the month before #NigeriaDecides2019, the govt claimed thro its hired hands that he had money running into Billions in multiple bank accounts & over 55 houses…
Hired amplifiers were procured to skewer a man who could not defend himself. In the media, he was a thief, a rogue & much worse. Digital lynch mobs, many of them amplifier bots with transparent ends to serve created a mood music with a life of its own
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1. #NigeriaDecides2019 Election Petition: The @OfficialPDPNig informs Nigerians that the leadership of @inecnigeria led by Prof. Yakubu, has refused to obey the March 6, 2019 ruling of the Appeal Court, directing it to allow our party and the people’s candidate, @Atiku, ...@UN
2....access to inspect the documents and materials used in the rigged February 23, 2019 Presidential election. @UN @UKinNigeria @USEmbassyAbuja @EmmanuelMacron @theresa_may @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @10DowningStreet @amnestyusa @UKHouseofLords
3. This is a deliberate & wicked ploy by @inecnigeria, acting in cahoots with the @OfficialAPCNg to frustrate the people-backed resolve by @Atiku & the @OfficialPDPNig to timeously file & mention our petition at the Presidential election Tribunal, & by so doing, ambush the case.
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#IMO: One man shot dead by thugs during gubernatorial/state legislative #elections at Eziama Obire in Nkwere LGA. Victim said to be an agent of Peoples Democratic Party, #PDP. #NigeriaDecides2019
#ENUGU: One man #killed in Igbo-Eze North LGA. Police say Osondu Odoh, 30, was a supporter of #APC governorship candidate, Ayogu Eze. Eze’s media aide says victim was accidentally shot by #policeman. #NigeriaDecides2019 👇
#AKWAIBOM: One ballot snatcher #killed by soldier in Ikot Udo Ossiom village, Ukanafun LGA. Report says soldiers thwarted man’s first attempt to snatch boxes at polling unit, shot him when he returned for second attempt. #NigeriaDecides2019 #ElectionViolence 👇
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The stage is set to annouce #EnuguDecides2019 results. Are you ready #Enugu?


Enugu South.
No of Registered Voters-160,073.
No of Accredited Voters-18970.
APC- 533.
Rejected Votes- 257
Valid Votes- 18713.
Total Votes from Enugu South- 18970
#EnuguDecides2019 #CDDAnalysisCentre
Gubernatorial Election at Aninri
No of Registered Voters-72,775
No of Accredited Voters-22,618
APC- 496
PDP- 21,450
Rejected Votes- 362
Valid Votes- 22,256
Total Votes from Aninri- 22,618
#CDDAnalysisCentre #EnuguDecides2019
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About 75 polling units and voting points were affected and some 36,392 registered voters may have been disenfranchised as a result. #CDDAnalysisCentre #NigeriaDecides2019 @HassanIdayat @DrJoeAbah @thecableng @PremiumTimesng
This is extremely disturbing and we call on all the relevant security agencies to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to prevent further incidents of violence likely to disrupt voting and consequently negatively impact the outcome of the elections. #CDDAnalysisCentre
In #Ebonyi state, thugs burned down three RACs in Okposi in Ohaozara local government, destroying election materials. #CDDAnalysisCentre #NigeriaDecides2019 @HassanIdayat @DrJoeAbah @thecableng @PremiumTimesng
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Keeping Track in 2019: Votes, #FakeNews, and Security in West Africa

#Senegal #Mali @Usmaan_Aali @ea_akin @HassanIdayat @PR_Senegal @SenegalVote @KamissaCamara
Nigeria’s 2019 Election:
What Are We Missing?
Vote buying. Thuggery. Rigged primaries. Logistical
failures. Official misconduct. Ballot box snatching.
Budget delays. Voter apathy. Intimidation. Turnout
suppression. Inconclusive results. Bribed officials
These and many other challenges routinely undermine the credibility and smooth conduct of elections in Nigeria.
@Usmaan_Aali @ea_akin @HassanIdayat @PR_Senegal @SenegalVote
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The moral burden of the Incumbent Governors will bite so hard on the candidate of each political parties across Nigeria as they elect their Next Givernor. It's a short thread👇👇👇
As at today, I am aware of a State where the ruling party may likely lose, not because of the new candidate, not even because the outgoing didn't perform, but because the outgoing chose to use his mouth to insult #ThePeople on several occasion.
#YesterdayKeepsCalling 🤔🤔🤔🤔
You know why @jidesanwoolu will evetually win Lagos with wide margin of ratio 5:1 ds coming Saturday?
Although he has the backing of APC & Tinubu, the man puts his destiny in his own hands, approaching #ThePeople DIRECTLY while showing them his past works.
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#NigeriaDecides2019 The fabrication being peddled by the @MBuhari Presidency and the @OfficialAPCNg that the people’s candidate, @Atiku, is making some demands of President Muhammadu Buhari, is an absolute falsehood and outright lies.
The @OfficialPDPNig states categorically, without mincing words, that Atiku Abubakar had not, and will never, make or accept any condition from President @MBuhari regarding the rigged February 23, 2019 Presidential election, which he (@Atiku) clearly won.
The @MBuhari Presidency and the @OfficialAPCNg know that their electoral robbery cannot stand before any noble justices and are now attempting to use all sorts of blackmail and shenanigans to derail the quest by Nigerians to reclaim the stolen mandate at the tribunal.
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The outcome of #NigeriaDecides2019 left many questions behind. On the asymmetrical voter turnout, we’ve put the data in infographics to help you understand the trends better.

We’ve heard Nigerians ask: How did NW get 43.89% while SE got 24.53%?

Let’s start first with data.
With 42.51%, the Northeast had the second highest voter turnout in #NigeriaDecides2019.

The highest turnout within the NE region was from Adamawa state.

See the infographic for complete state-by-state details.
The Northcentral won the third position with 36.81% of voter turnout in #NigeriaDecides2019.

From the region, Plateau had the highest turnout.

See the infographic for complete state-by-state details.
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The Dilemma of the Nigerian Electorates: The Victim Blaming Tradition.

Since 2015, the Nigerian electorates have assumed a dangerous tradition that might keep them in perpetual oppression, if urgent and drastic action is not taken.

#NigeriaDecides2019 #NigeriaDecides2019results
Action to change this. But we must know that every election, though the politicians are the major actors, on the long run determines the direction of life for every citizen, till the next election. Hence, reactions to any elections by the electorates, should be as it affects them
But this has not been the case. Since 2015, Nigerians have reacted to the outcome of every election, by focusing on how it affects the politicians and the political parties, more than how it affects their lives thereafter. This expresses serious dilemma.
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First, let me thank @DejiOgunnubi for the fantastic job he did analyzing the election result as they came in. The final data when compared to 2015 tells a lot of stories. First it was a story of loses and gains in different GPZ by the "three" main parties. #NigeriaDecides2019

Overall, as compared to 2015, the @OfficialAPCNg lost 2% of it's votes. While it lost 16% in strong holds like the NW and the SW, it more than made up for it with strong gains in the SE and the SS while holding on to it's position in the NC and the NE. #NigeriaDecides2019

The story is quite different for the @OfficialPDPNig. Overall, it lost 12% in 2019 compared to 2015. While it gained in the NW, NE & NC, it lost ground in its traditional base of the SS & SE. Interestingly, it lost the highest number of votes in the SW. #NigeriaDecides2019
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