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An in-depth review of ACL injury.

If you're interested in sports medicine, you won't want to miss this one!


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The ACL is the primary restraint to anterior tibial translation and also plays a role in rotary stability

It is composed of two bundles, named based on their tibial insertions:
โœฏ Anteromedial
โœฏ Posterolateral

What structure separates the femoral insertions of the two bundles?
AM bundle:
โœฏ Tightest in Flexion
โœฏ Resists anterior tibial translation
โœฏ Tested by Lachman's/Anterior Drawer

PL bundle:
โœฏ Tightest in Extension
โœฏ Rotatory Restraint
โœฏ Tested by Pivot Shift

The bifurcate ridge separates the femoral insertions of the AM and PL bundles.
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An in-depth review of Proximal Humerus Fractures.

If you're interested in orthopedics you won't want to miss this one!


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Proximal humerus fractures are common, accounting for around 5% of all fractures with increasing frequency with age.

They are most common in elderly females and are considered a fragility fracture.

Which nerve is most commonly injured in proximal humerus fractures?
The axillary nerve passes medial to the surgical neck and is most commonly injured in proximal humerus fractures.

Sensation testing over the lateral shoulder may be performed as deltoid testing may be difficult.

Which artery provides the main blood supply to the humeral head?
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An in-depth review of Clavicle Fractures.

If you're interested in orthopedics you won't want to miss this one!

Clavicle fractures are typically the result of a fall onto the shoulder and are one of the most common fractures in children.

They may also occur from direct trauma, seizures, or a fall onto an outstretched hand (FOOSH).
The clavicle serves as the connection between the UE and axial skeleton.

It is the first bone to ossify and the last to fuse. It is S-shaped and widest medially.

Most fractures occur in the middle 1/3rd, roughly 80%, which is the thinnest segment.
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An in-depth review of intertrochanteric and subtrochanteric hip fractures.

If you're interested in orthopedics you won't want to miss this one!

Basicervical femoral neck, intertrochanteric (IT), and subtrochanteric (ST) hip fractures are different from femoral neck fractures in that they are extracapsular.

Extracapsular fractures, unlike intracapsular femoral neck fx, have a low likelihood of blood supply disruption/AVN
The calcar femorale is an extension of cortical bone from the proximal shaft to the posteromedial femoral neck. It aids in weight distribution from the hip to the proximal femoral shaft.

The subtrochanteric region extends 5 cm below the lesser trochanter.
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An in-depth review of Ankle Fractures.

If you're interested in orthopedics you'll definitely want to check this review out!

The ankle is a complex hinge joint comprised of the tibial plafond, talar dome, and distal fibula.

Ankle fractures most commonly occur in elderly females, with roughly 70% being isolated malleolar, 20% being bimalleolar, and 5-10% being trimalleolar. (1)
When first examining a patient with an ankle injury, you can utilize the Ottawa Ankle Rules to determine if you should x-ray the patient.

Our review of The Ottawa Ankle Rules can be found here:
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An in-depth review of Terrible Triad Injuries.

If you're interested in orthopedics you won't want to miss this one!

Terrible triad injuries are complex posterior elbow dislocations associated with coronoid and radial head fractures as well as capsular and ligamentous injuries.
These injuries commonly result from a fall on an outstretched arm and the structures of the elbow fail from lateral to medial.

LCL --> anterior capsule --> MCL
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An in-depth review of pediatric femoral shaft fractures.

If you're interested in orthopedics or pediatrics you'll definitely want to check this review out!

Pediatric femoral shaft (PFS) fractures constitute a small portion of pediatric fractures roughly 1-2% with a bimodal age distribution

Most common causes:
โœฏ Toddlers: falls
โœฏ Teenage/adolescent: MVA
In children younger than walking age child abuse must be suspected. As high as 80% of PFS fractures in this age group are due to child abuse.

In the toddler age group as high as 25% of PFS fractures are due to child abuse, so it must be ruled out.
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An in-depth review of metacarpal fractures.

If you're interested in orthopedics you'll definitely want to check this review out!

What is an eponym for this fracture? Image
This patient is presenting with an intraarticular fx of the 5th metacarpal base.

This fracture is similar to a Bennett's fx (an intraarticular fx of the 1st metacarpal base).

This fracture goes by a few eponyms: a reverse bennett, baby bennett, or mirrored bennett. Image
A Ronaldo fracture is a comminuted fracture of the 1st metacarpal base. (shown above)

Displacement of a Reverse Bennett fracture is due to which of the following muscles?
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An in-depth review of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE).

If you're interested in orthopedics or pediatrics you'll definitely want to check this review out!

1/ Image
SCFEโ€™s are an adolescent hip pathology with an average age of onset of 11-12.

The diagnosis may be initially missed because the patient may present with thigh or knee pain.
Risk factors include:
โœฏ Obesity
โœฏ Male gender
โœฏ Prior radiation
โœฏ Endocrine abnormalities
โœฏ Certain ethnicities (e.g. African American)

Obesity is one of the most important and modifiable risk factors.
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Heads up to followers on twitter, will be virtually attending the #ESASRBANZBMS conference this week (21-24th Nov) so expect a bunch of tweets with a particularly heavy science bend. Disclaimer: this is by no means an extensive coverage & usually includes personal reflections. /1
So before continuing, I will try to...
- keep everything here in this thread
- share what I snippets I can
- add a number to keep tweets in some order
- respond where possible (but am also engaging in the conference spaces)
- link to papers when I can /2
Now a bunch of # in case relevant to these folks: #MedTwitter #Science #anzbms #biology #pharmatwitter #ortho #rheum #immunology
#arthritis #pathology #physicaltherapy
#pt #MSKRad #OccupationalTherapy

Anyone is most welcome to add relevant tags :D /3
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A review of patellar maltracking and lateral retinacular releases in primary TKA.

1/ Image
Patellar maltracking is the most common complication of primary TKA.

The dynamic forces affecting patellar tracking are represented by the Q-angle, formed by a line from the ASIS to the patella and from the tibial tubercle to the patella. A normal Q-angle is between 12-20ยฐ.

2/ Image
The static transverse stabilizers of the patella include the medial/lateral retinaculum and medial/lateral patellofemoral ligaments.

The dynamic transverse stabilizers include the IT band and vastus medialis/lateralis.

3/ Image
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Kitten physical exam: (A thread)
Lymph node exam
#IDtwitter #Peds
Kitten physical exam:
Dysmetria testing
Kitten physical exam:
"Road test"
#Ortho #Geri
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OK! Here goes nothing. My first ever #tweetorial on the Coordinated Interview Release process for #Match2021.

This will be broken up into five parts:
1) What
2) Why
3) Who
4) How
5) Alternatives

#MedEd #MedStudentTwitter
Formatting inspired by the great @DrStevenTChen.
Starting with WHAT. What is a coordinated interview release?

A coordinated interview release ๐Ÿ“จ is when numerous residency programs (ideally all programs*) agree to send out their interview invites on the same pre-determined day (or time frame) to applicants.
*It's important to note that programs are constrained by factors out of their control โ€“ especially this year with #COVID19 & the coordinated release process being new for most specialties. Those who could not participate this year should in no way be viewed negatively.๐Ÿ†—!!
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Meniscus injury: a complete review.

@MedTweetorials @RosenelliEM
#MedEd #OrthoTwitter #Tweetorials
The meniscus function is two-fold. It increases stability by deepening the tibial surface and it aids in force transmission by increasing the contact area to spread force over a larger surface area. The meniscus is responsible for 50% of load transmission across the knee. (1)

The lateral meniscus has a more circular shape than the C-shaped medial meniscus. The lateral meniscus covers a larger portion of the articular surface and is also more mobile than the medial meniscus. The medial meniscus is relatively immobile and is attached to the MCL.

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Septic arthritis: a review

Septic arthritis is generally monoarticular and involves either the knee or hip. The hip is more commonly affected in children whereas the knee is in adults. Early intervention is imperative for preserving the affected joint.

Risk factors include age > 80, DM, RA/OA/Gout, HIV, unprotected sex, IV drug abuse, and joint replacement. Presenting symptoms may include fever (60%), pain, swelling, warmth, and erythema of the joint.

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Where art thou osteoclasts?
A review of osteopetrosis.

1/12 Image
Osteopetrosis is a disease that results from defective osteoclast function. Failed bone resorption leads to dense bone that may cause fracture, bone marrow encroachment, or skull foramen narrowing.

3/12 Osteoclasts derive from which of the following precursor cells?
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#Benghazi neurosurgery today: young man referred from al Marj after being in a motor vehicle accident and injured his neck and spine. Removal of vertebral bone (laminectomy) for pressure relief on the spinal cord. Of course motor vehicle accident ๐Ÿ‘‡

#libya #ุจู†ุบุงุฒูŠ #ู„ูŠุจูŠุง ImageImageImage
Traffic deaths and injuries are a major public health problem in #Libya. Bad cars & roads, recklessness, long dark roads and high ratio of cars have put Libya ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡พ on top of the world when it comes to traffic injuries and deaths.


2/7 ImageImage
Motor vehicle accidents are #1 killer in Libya.

In 2018 in average 17 people died in Misurata each month due to traffic (175 deaths/10months, pop300k)


#ู„ูŠุจูŠุง Image
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Interesting #Ortho tidbit. SHOULDER PAIN
You're over 40, you go to the doc because your #shoulder hurts. You did NOT have an injury. Many will be sent for an MRI.... 1/?
Bear in mind ... You have a very significant chance that a rotator cuff "abnormality" will be found. Those abnormalities will sound scary .... Partial rotator cuff tears, full rotator cuff tears, and labral tears. 2/?
These can be very alarming to many people... the word "tear" implies you're damaged and therefore something must be wrong -- and perhaps you're thinking it must be fixed. 3/?
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