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- A few days ago #ElonMusk shared a #SpaceX Crew video

- This video was a #message from the #Elite -

The #Crew mentions "45" days
(And has a hidden 5 & 1 in background)

- it appears to be a #hidden message about (5/1) & (5/4) 🤔

- 45 days from this video is = #June9th/10th 👀
I dont have it totally figured out yet...

I expect 5/1 to be the #start or #End of something & 5/4 to be the #end/ start

If we crash after the first... then possible signal to buy the #dip on the #4th

If we #pump hard after the #1st..... then maybe take some money on the #4th
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During Ireland’s ferocious winter storms of 2015 a 215-year-old beech tree was uprooted by the powerful winds that ripped through the town of Collooney, County Sligo. Had it not we would have never known of the tragedy upon which the tree had grown.
Enmeshed in the tangled roots of a tree was a medieval skeleton. The upper part of the body was entangled in the roots, severed from the legs which remained in the ground.
Radiocarbon analysis determined the bones to be those of a young man between the ages of 17 and 20, who died sometime between A.D. 1030 and 1200. It was a violent death; several deep gouges were observed on his ribs and defensive wounds on his hands.
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¿Sabes lo que es una #egagrópila? Abrimos hilo 📢🦉➡️ Image
Las #rapaces nocturnas son carnívoras y al alimentarse devoran por completo a su presa, pero todo lo que no es carne no lo pueden digerir, por lo que vomitan unas masas que acumulan los restos no digeridos (pelos, #huesos, etc.), que se denominan egagrópilas. Image
#Owls are carnivorous, and when they eat, they completely devour their prey, but everything that is not meat cannot be digested, so they vomit masses that accumulate the undigested remains (hairs, #Bones, etc.), which are called pellets.
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Welcome back to another episode of the #WildAboutFacts series. Today, we are taking over your feed with pictures and #trivia of one of the most alluring creatures from the #wild, the #RedPanda.

Join us, share your #photographs of the #Firefox of the #Himalayas.

📷Sourav Mondal

Its distinctive fur has earned this species monikers such as #Firefox, Firecat, or Fire-coloured Cat. Arguably, the #RedPanda is the only true #Panda, as the #GiantPanda, which is believed to be closely related, belongs to the #bear family.

📷Senthil Murugan

Around half of the #RedPanda’s natural habitat lies in the Eastern #Himalayas#Nepal, #Sikkim, northern #WestBengal, #Bhutan, and #ArunachalPradesh.

Its remaining home is in northern #Myanmar and a few provinces of central #China.

📷Ramshesha N
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Fully Healthy Pregnant Cow was brought to Government Cow Shelter/Hospital for Care

Next Day Baby Calf was taken out by INJECTING MOTHER COW for Early Delivery

The Baby Calf was submerged in DRAINAGE (Naali) as you can see in Picture
PFA- People For Animals NGO Scam Exposed ImageImage
The Baby & Mother were FED TO DOG'S by Incharge & Supervisor at their Physical Presence ( PHOTO EVIDENCES & VIDEO AVAILABLE )

At last, the BABY & MOTHER COW were DISMEMBERED inside that Government Cow Shelter/Hospital for "Leather BONES Fat Vaccines & other Body Parts" to be
smuggled to Leather Factory & Tannery in INDIA.

#Sacred_Cow of #India
PFA- People For Animals NGO Exposed

Like all, after her #NEWBORN was #SKINNED for #Leather #BONES #FAT NEXT was MOTHER COW🔪🐮🐄🗡

Private COW SMUGGLERS of INCHARGE-Archana Tripathi from last 6-7 years
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It’s #Croctober, so that means I’ll be featuring croc-relatives using the hashtag #AtoZcrocs. Follow along this month for a deep dive into how weird croc #evolution really got.
A is for Anatosuchus, a notosuchian from the Cretaceous of Niger. It’s name means “duck-crocodile,” for it’s oddly flared snout. #Croctober #AtoZcrocs #fossils

📸 Sereno and Larsson, 2009:… skeleton of Anatosuchus, flared snout to the left, body out to the right, missing most of its tailArtist's reconstruction of Anatosuchus in an upright posture, duck-like snout gaping to show off flared shape
Anatosuchus’ upright limb posture and funky snout might have helped it wade in the shallows and root around for small prey. #Croctober #AtoZcrocs #fossils

📸 Sereno and Larsson, 2009:… Photographs of Anatosuchus' skull in dorsal, ventral, and lateral views, snout flares out like a duck bill, but is filled with relatively small teethLine drawing interpretation of the skull shown in similar views as the photographs, snout flares out like a duck bill, but is filled with relatively small teeth
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"A team of scientists on Wednesday reported that the #fossil belonged to a 160,000-year-old #Denisovan, a member of a lineage of mysterious, #Neanderthal-like humans that disappeared about 50,000 years ago."… #Sapiens #Tibet
1. "The new fossil demonstrates that #Denisovans were remarkably hardy, able to endure harsh conditions on the Tibetan plateau, at an elevation of 10,700 feet, with only simple stone tools."
2. "The find also suggests that these #Denisovans may have evolved genetic adaptations to high altitudes, and that living #Tibetans may have inherited those genes thanks to interbreeding between Denisovans and modern humans in prehistoric times."
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BREAKING: In a ruling that could have widespread repercussions throughout the TV industry, Fox has been hit with a $178.7 million judgment in its profit participation dispute with the team behind #Bones…
At the heart of the #Bones dispute was whether Fox engaged in so-called “self-dealing” — hiding profits from the show to avoid compensating key talent and producers
The #Bones dispute pitted stars like @EmilyDeschanel & producers against Fox. The award ($179M) is among the largest of its kind. The biggest was $319M — a 2011 case with Disney & “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”

@Gettyimages: Deschanel at Sunday's #Oscars
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