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Today is #WorldTourismDay and we want to celebrate the wonderful things you can visit in Oxford!

Here you can find out more about visiting our historic colleges and beautiful grounds.

Remember to check availability/restrictions before you travel!
The @AshmoleanMuseum is the place to experience world famous collections of art and archaeology.

Its current exhibition Tokyo: Art & Photography celebrates the city's vibrant culture

Be sure to book your tickets in advance.

#WorldTourismDay Image
At @morethanadodo you can see an internationally-significant collection of natural history specimens and archives.

You can also find four species of dinosaurs discovered in Oxfordshire!

Find out more and book in advance.

#WorldTourismDay Image
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How the UK government, media and scientists were complicit in misleading the British public after Europe raised concerns about the #Oxford #AstraZeneca #Vaccine

A semi-satirical 🧵in the form of a PR crisis management guide, created using real quotes from March and April 2021 Image
The situation:

Norway has made nightmarishly specific statements about blood clots they found in AstraZeneca recipients

The clots are really unusual and serious and will put people off the 🇬🇧 vaccine which would be a disaster for the UK roll out - and a knock to national pride Image
Step 1: Change the conversation to blood clots in general Watch from 1:48 as the UK’s absolutely, definitely, certainly not state-controlled broadcaster transforms the unusual clots into ordinary blood clots!

Cheers Ros and the BBC "News" team!
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Everyday since news of #ukricuts #gcrfcuts broke another set of previously unimaginable consequences occur:-
1) end of peer review for grants - it was already on a shoogly peg but who is now going to donate labour to laborious review of proposals - including risk assessments? 😐
2) Applications for funding - it takes two years constant work to go from idea to successful application with success rates low. To do this needs trust that if successful your work will be funded throughout (stage-gated). Right now I can’t imagine why I would EVER apply again.
3/ Partnerships. It takes years to build towards equitable partnerships in contexts of conflict & impoverishment. Some of mine are over 14 years in making. Steady, constant care. This is why they worked. Why they were funded. 1 secretive stroke of a 🇬🇧 pen and ‘poof’ - #ukricuts
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The #Oxford/#AstraZeneca vaccine has gone through a very tough scrutinizing process.

There are 8 scientific papers (5 on safety) published in peer reviewed journals.

It has now been approved by the UK, European Medicines Agency @EMA_News, @WHO & 22+ other countries.

Let's look at some safety data

-Analysis involving 3 trials, 4 countries & 23,848 participants were done
-Followed up for 3.5 months, No deaths
-There was one severe adverse effect, where the patient recovered.

Millions have already been vaccinated.…
What side effects were noticed in the trials?

Injection site tenderness (>60%)
Headache, Fatigue (>50%)
Muscle aches (>40%)
Fever,Chills (30%)
Joint pains, Nausea (>20%)

By 7 days, most side effects had resolved.
These side effects are in line with real life vaccinations.
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I was involved in getting the #oxfordvaccine @JennerInstitute manufacturing process and consortium up and running. Here is a thread of why there is an issue with doses, with some science and #sciencepolicy. The EU looks in the wrong to me.
To make the vaccine, you need to grow up a huge volume of cells, they make the vaccine, then the vaccine is purified. The manufacturing process is new. It relies on elements used before, but each new process has its own parameters.
That means each manufacturing site has to on board the exact process and get it running. Usually this takes many months, but is being done urgently for COVID.
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1/The #oxfordvaccine just approved in the UK is a version of an adenovirus (common cold virus) that instructs our cells to make the Spike protein of coronavirus. This trains our immune system so when we encounter #SARSCoV2, we can mount a defense. Here's how the vaccine works🧵
2/#SARSCoV2 is covered w/Spike proteins that help the virus grab human cells. To make the vaccine, researchers first isolated the gene that is responsible for making the Spike protein. They 'snipped' it from the rest of the genetic material of the coronavirus.
3/They then needed a delivery vehicle to get the Spike gene into our cells. So they took an adenovirus that normally infects chimpanzees, and genetically altered it so it can no longer replicate or cause disease. They then added the Spike gene to the adenovirus vector.
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1/ Connected more with loved ones: We connected and reconnected with friends and family as we became accustomed to Zoom and FaceTime. I want to see loved ones soon but the intentionality I gave to virtual get togethers will continue post-Covid. #2020perspectives
2/ Learnt online skills: We've learnt how to hold team meetings online, and create music that has gone viral, causing joy for many.

Here’s Walking in the Air (Howard Blake) by the online choir CHOIRANTINE
3/ Came together locally: We formed #mutualaid groups, set up street WhatsApp groups, spoke to those in our street more than normal, helped neighbours out with shopping, and supported those most affected by Covid-19. #2020perspectives
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@pabsgill The #OxfordAstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine has received the green stamp from #UK authorities for emergency use. It is expected to start rolling out the vaccine from January 4.

@pabsgill This could spell good news for India, who has been keeping its eye on the #UK, while its own approval of the vaccine is pending.

#OxfordAstraZeneca #CovidVaccine
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#Oxford and #AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is 70% effective — India may authorise emergency use after UK nod


By @pabsgill
@pabsgill The #Covid19Vaccine being developed by #Oxford and #AstraZeneca has successfully battled the infection in 70.4% of its candidates, according to the study’s latest results.

@pabsgill However, the results of the Oxford #Covid19Vaccine leave the door open for it to become more effective. According to the study, perfecting the dose could increase protection up to 90%.

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Today marks an important milestone in the fight against #COVID19. Interim data show the #OxfordVaccine is 70.4% effective, & tests on two dose regimens show that it could be 90%, moving us one step closer to supplying it at low cost around the world>>…
In partnership with @AstraZeneca, we’re hoping to supply 3 billion doses of the vaccine and make it available to people around the world by the end of next year. The #OxfordVaccine can be stored at fridge temp & deployed quickly using existing infrastructure.
With over 23,000 trial volunteers we’ll present a large safety database for independent review. We plan to submit for publication as soon as possible, to make sure #OxfordVaccine data is peer reviewed and available for scrutiny.
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#COVID19Vaccine Could Be Rolled Out in UK Within Next 3 Months…

(📸: University of Queensland/Handout via Xinhua/IANS)
The #COVID19Vaccine developed by scientists at the #OxfordUniversity, which is currently in advanced stages of the trial, could be rolled out in as little as three months in the UK, a report said.
According to the Times, a mass roll-out of a #coronavirusvaccine could be completed in as little as three months, raising the prospect of every adult in the country receiving a jab as early as Easter.
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India Begins Production of Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine #Covidshied; SII to Create 30 Crore Doses by Year End…

Representational image
(Yawar Nazir/Getty Images)
The production of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine named Covidshield—one of the frontrunner #COVID19 vaccine candidates in the world—has begun in India.

Initial estimates suggest at least one billion doses of the vaccine will be produced in India, which would make the country the largest producer of the COVID-19 vaccine on the planet.

#Covidshied #coronavirus #covid19
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#COVID19: #oxfordvaccine '#Covishield' developed by Oxford University & Astra Zeneca to be tried in #India by end of August on up to 5,000 Indian volunteers.

Chairman of Cyrus Poonawalla said SII is committed to producing 1 billion doses…
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#oxfordvaccine key points -

- The study showed 90% of people developed neutralising antibodies after one dose. Only ten people were given two doses and all of them produced neutralising antibodies

- There were no dangerous side-effects from taking the vaccine [1/3]
however, 70% of people on the trial developed either fever or headache, which could be managed with paracetamol

- The trial has also been expanded to other countries because levels of coronavirus are low in the UK, making it hard to know if the vaccine is effective.

- It is possible a coronavirus vaccine will be proven effective before the end of the year, however, it will not be widely available.

- The vaccine resembles the coronavirus and the immune system can learn how to attack it.

Full Article -…
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