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I’ve been told to make a new poll to include everyone and I can happily oblige🙂 I love making polls!

💥👉🏼Do you work in healthcare and have you taken a covid vaccine? 👈🏽💥

Everyone must VOTE AND RETWEET!
Don’t forget to retweet! 🇺🇸🙂
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I’ve had to hunt for numbers on risk/benefit for #COVID19Vaccine in children 12+. Here’s what I find from CDC MMWR report, w some extrapolation. A 🧵TLDR: Vaccine safe, effective, SE of myocarditis (males) <<< effects of getting COVID-19.
MMWR paper estimates that for every million COVID-19 vaccine doses in males 12-17 years of age, you would prevent:
5700 cases of COVID-19
215 hospitalizations
71 ICU admissions
2 deaths

Potential harm is 56-69 cases of myocarditis. To date, almost all of these have been mild and resolved completely with symptomatic treatment.

In all other age groups (male) and in all female age groups, the protection is even greater and risk of myocarditis lower. 3/5
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Do you still have questions, or feel unsure about getting the vaccine? Let's talk about the #COVID19vaccine development process and why I am confident that getting the vaccine is the right decision & a safe one. (1/13)
Many people have asked me how we know that the vaccines are safe and fully tested when they were developed so quickly. (2/13)
Normally, years can be spent advocating for a new intervention, compiling foundational research, seeking funding, recruiting people for clinical trials, getting the approvals in place, and dealing with all of the administration that goes along with the work. (3/13)
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#HAITI Investigation Underway Into Assassination of Haiti's President | 13 HOURS AGO
- Gunmen assassinated Haitian President Jovenel #Moïse and wounded his wife in their home early Wednesday, inflicting more chaos on the unstable Caribbean country.…
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Yesterday I had a high risk patient in my office tell me she was waiting for her 2nd dose of #CovidVaccine, BC she didn't want #Moderna. I brought her to our #vaccine fridge to show her.
"Here are the MMR vaccines for boosters. There are 2 brands. Do u know them?"
Pt: "No" Image
"here are the various types of Tetanus, all the same manufacturer, but different combinations with other vaccines. Do you trust when I tell you which booster is most appropriate for you?"

Patient: starts laughing and says "yes Doc"
Me: "what ABT when u pick up your meds. Do you know if it's Apo/Teva/Novo? Do you check each time? BC those are different brands that you're given for the very similar medication"

Pt: "ok Doc I get it. I'll try to go get #Moderna later today"
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Today a patient told me she heard the @WHO put a hold on #COVIDVaccination for ages 12-17

I was caught off guard, running late, and for some reason and instead of refuting it, said "oh, I hadn't heard that"

Calling now to clarify...
Here is latest from @WHO on @pfizer vaccine…
"WHO recommends that countries should consider using BNT162b2 in children aged 12 to 15 only when high vaccine coverage with 2 doses has been achieved in the high priority groups"
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Manitoba residents who must travel outside Manitoba to areas close to the Manitoba border to attend their property/cottage for essential purposes are exempt from the current self-isolation order when meeting the following criteria: (1/4) Caption: Travelling for essential reasons?
✅ Not displaying any symptoms of #COVID19,
✅ Restrict travel to the minimum required purposes of the visit,
✅ Limit use of local services, and,
✅ Comply with all applicable public health restrictions in the area of travel. (2/4)
In addition, anyone who is fully immunized for #COVID19 and 2 weeks have passed since their 2nd dose of #COVID19Vaccine, or children who are not yet eligible for a vaccine that have travelled with fully immunized individuals, are also exempt from the self-isolation order. (3/4)
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Manitoba has very recently been advised that Pfizer shipments will slow down into early July. Very few Pfizer appointments are expected to be available in the weeks ahead. (1/5)
The good news is that there are thousands of first and second-dose Moderna appointments available next week and in the future. (2/5)
If you're 18+, don't wait for Pfizer for your 2nd shot when you're eligible - book a Moderna appointment. Pfizer and Moderna are both safe, effective and interchangeable. (3/5)
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#SonuSood, who allegedly helped several during the pandemic, has angered the Bombay High Court. The court has asked the Maharashtra government to "seriously examine" and put a detailed inquiry in place against Sood and MLA Zeeshan Siddique.… Image
The court took a note of several social media posts that suggested that the duo was distributing COVID-19 drugs, which were "available in scarce quantities." #COVID19Vaccine Image
This comes after Maharashtra government submitted that a criminal case has been filed against one BDR Foundation, for supplying #remdesivir to Siddique, who in turn, gave it to those asking for it. They had no licence to supply the same. Image
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A chemical engineer from Andhra Pradesh became viral on social media by talking against vaccines. He now appeared in mainstream media channels and quoted that every family will have one death in the third corona wave.
#Vaccine #misinformation
Thread 👇 (1/n)
He has made multiple misleading claims on Vaccines which may raise #vaccinehesistancy among the public. let's see the facts (2/n)
#AndhraPradesh #coronavirus #CovidVaccine
He claims that Vaccine #efficacy was reduced to 60 % against delta variant (which is first found in India). He also says that out of 100, only 60 people are safe, and the remaining 40 people are will surely get coronavirus which he termed as vaccine are not safe. (3/n)
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Data thread on #COVID19Vaccine distribution across Indian states

*Age group:
HCWs & FLWs are among all age groups

Most of the limited supply should ideally go to the 60+ followed by 45-60 until supply is sufficient. Yet, a large chunk is going to 18-45 in some states

There is a considerable gender gap in the distribution of vaccinations in some states

88% of all doses so far were Covishield at the national level, followed by Covaxin. Sputink already distributed in some states such AP, TS, MH, KA, KL, & WB.
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Hey dude, the fact that countries generously donated to help #India fight #COVID19 #SecondWave, is not the credit of the Indian government. Its to their credit and it’s a failure of the government to be so unprepared for the second wave!
It’s not entirely true that Indian government failed to vaccinate people in the 70s and 80s. In cooperation with @WHO, #India managed to eradicate #SmallPox by 1988. That was a huge achievement and this speech just belittles that!
yes #India did come up with #COVID19 #Vaccine in a record time, but to claim that this is #IndianExceptionalism is untrue. Making a #COVID19Vaccine in record time wouldn’t have been possible without global collaboration. If anything Covid showed exceptionalism isn’t the way.
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Inspired by @PeterHotez #grandrounds, we started a pilot elective to teach #scicomm & debunking #misinformation to @uchipritzker medstudents

Each student selected a myth to debunk & created an infographic with science/#visualart guidance
#medtwitter #scienceupfirst 🧵
Inspired by @tropical_toxic cover art @TIME assignments, @sara_serritella and I are sharing their work here w/permission.
Students could choose any misinformation to debunk. While some chose COVID19, not all did! They also specified their audience.
For those skeptical of government creating vaccines by Zachary Newman MS1:

We have risen to the challenge before and accomplished amazing things through working together. The mRNA vaccines show us at our very best. #Getvaccinated #amazingthings #COVID19vaccine #thisisourshot 3/x
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#COVID19vaccine math update, June 2: Pace continues to slow, as we surpass the milestone of 70% of Quebecers 12+ with a 1st dose.

BTW, there is some weirdness in the data today, with discrepancies between different #Quebec sources.…
With outstanding appointments, we're on track to vaccinate 67% of the #Quebec pop'n.

Notably, only 65% of 18-39s have a 1st dose booked, quite far from the gov't 75% target to reopen more broadly.
As the pace of 1st doses slows, 2nd doses continue to increase.

Tomorrow, an announcement should be coming on how the gen pop in #Quebec can move up their 2nd doses. Frustratingly, it sounds like it will be manual, not automatic.
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#COVID19vaccine math update for #Quebec, June 1:
- 69.7k doses yesterday
- 84.8k 7-day rolling average
- 60.6% with 1st dose; 5.4% fully vaccinated
- Time to #herdimmunity (75%): August 23, demand permitting.
- On track to vaccinate 66.7% of pop'n.… ImageImage
1st doses have slowed considerably, with only 47.5k administered yesterday.
2nd dose pace starting to pick up for #AstraZeneca recipients, but @francoislegault is still waiting until later this week to announce the plan to move up 2nd doses for the rest of the #Quebec pop'n. Image
Over 843k, or 35.6%, of adults 18-39 still haven't booked their 1st dose appointment.

I know I sound like a broken record, but this is very bad news for the wave of reopenings across #Quebec, since this is the age group most likely to be gathering. Image
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#COVID19vaccine math update for #Quebec, May 31st:
-We've surpassed the benchmarks of 60% of the population with 1st doses and 5% fully vaccinated.
-7-day rolling average up to 82k.
-With bookings, we're on track to vaccinate 66.4% of the population.… ImageImageImage
Higher Ed minister Danielle McCann suggested that distancing may not be needed on campus in cegeps and universities if 75% of 16-29s in #Quebec are fully vaccinated by fall.

For reference, only 60% of 18-29s have a 1st dose or appointment booked so far.…
To reach this threshold, another 185k young adults 18-29 would need to agree to get vaccinated. But new bookings in this group have ground to a standstill.

Teens 12-17 are still booking, but with many set to get vaccinated in high schools, it's unclear what % will get it.
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*वैक्सीन का इतिहास 👇

*पिछले 100 वर्षों में विश्व में 5 महामारी आई जिनकी वैक्सीन बना कर उन महामारिओं पर काबू पाया गया।*

*1) टिटनेस की वैक्सीन बनी थी 1924 में और भारत आई 1978 में अर्थात 54 वर्षों बाद।*
*2) जापानी एन्सेफेलाइटिस वैक्सीन बनी 1930 में और भारत आई 2013 में अर्थात 83 वर्ष बाद।*

*3) पोलियो की वैक्सीन बनी 1955 में और भारत आई 1978 में अर्थात 23 वर्ष बाद।*

*4) हेपेटाइटिस बी की वैक्सीन बनी 1982 में और भारत आई 2002 में अर्थात 20 वर्ष बाद।*
*5) रोटा वायरस की वैक्सीन बनी 1998 में और भारत आई 2015 में अर्थात 17 वर्ष बाद।*

*उक्त में से कोई भी वैक्सीन भारत में नहीं बनी। क्योंकि तत्कालीन सरकार ने भारत को सपेरों का देश बना रखा था।*
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A commonly asked question “Can I take #Covid19 vaccine if I regularly consume alcohol?” The answer is “YES”
If you eat non veg - you can take #COVID19Vaccine ; Also you can eat your favourite foods including biryani after taking vaccine ! 😊
If you had jaundice in the past, you can take #CovidVaccine ; if you had skin allergy in the past, you can take #CovidVaccine; If you had high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease - you must take #CovidVaccine
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This is the steepest rate of decline I have seen in Canada from the beginning. The country has dropped by almost half in the past two weeks and has dropped -31.9% over the past week. Vaccinations are digging in.
#Covid19 #COVID19Vaccine Image
Alberta is driving this drop right now but the other major provinces are engaged (except Manitoba).. Image
The number of purple 100+ regions continues to decline. Image
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In 🇮🇳 we have had the benefit of research conducted in the west. Masking, Dexamethasone, Lockdowns, Toci, etc have helped us manage the #COVID19 pandemic. But we like to do jugaad so we added to the mix Steam inhalation’s, multiple antibiotics, zinc, Vit C 1/n
Then there are kadhas, 💧 neeti, IVM, HCQ and so on and so forth. We have a high diabetic population which means we have a even higher prediabetic one which when sick with COVID19 can fiddle with our glucose homeostasis. This has probably resulted in a heady mix. 2/n
The west has given us #COVID19Vaccine to protect against #COVID19 We don’t yet have phase 3 data for the really 🇮🇳 one. Whether we like it or not our medical care depends on research done in the west - at least most of it. Now we have the #BlackFungus problem that no one has 3/n
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1⃣8⃣ Citizens Actions to Stop the #COVID19 Scam

ACTION N°1: Don't be afraid

➡️ For more information, watch this video until minute 3:44 (from a computer 🖥️ or a laptop 💻, to activate the subtitles in your language): Image
1⃣8⃣ Citizens Actions to Stop the #COVID19 Scam

ACTION N°2: Switch off TV

➡️ For more information, watch this video between minute 3:44 and minute 8:43 (from a computer 🖥️ or a laptop 💻, to activate the subtitles in your language): Image
1⃣8⃣ Citizens Actions to Stop the #COVID19 Scam

ACTION N°3: Take right precautions

➡️ For more information, watch this video between minute 8:43 and minute 9:15 (from a computer 🖥️ or a laptop 💻, to activate the subtitles in your language): Image
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After time interval between 1st and 2nd dose of #COVISHIELD was increased to 12-16 weeks, currently no one is due for the second dose of COVISHIELD- said #Telangana DPH @drgsrao @Shiva_THNews
@drgsrao @Shiva_THNews Nearly 3 lakh people waiting for #Covaxin but only 50000 doses available. Central govt gave indications that some more doses will be issued in coming 15 days. After receiving it, people due for second dose of Covaxin will be given-#Telangana DPH @drgsrao @Shiva_THNews
@drgsrao @Shiva_THNews @drgsrao said that #COVID19Vaccination, allocation of doses, is according to guidelines issued by central govt. He said that allocation of doses for people above 45 years, or for 18-44 years is decided by central govt. @Shiva_THNews
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Health Minister Zweli Mkhize: 5-million senior citizens will be vaccinated by the end of June if vaccines flow as expected. Tomorrow vaccination starts with 83 sites in the public sector & four in the private sector for 60+ & remaining healthcare workers #COVID19sa #COVID19
Mkhize: More than 1.2 million senior citizens have registered on the EVD citizens. Tomorrow, vaccine sites will not take senior citizen walk-ins #COVID19 #COVID19sa
If you or a loved one is a senior has received a voucher for a vaccine, please make sure to bring with:
1) ID / Passport / Drivers' liscense
2) Medical aid number

Don't forget to register if you are 60+ #COVID19sa #COVID19
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