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👧22 meses, finca familiar con muchas moscas: secreción conjuntival y ojo derecho rojo de 2-3 semanas con algo que se mueve. No refieren viajes al extranjero
En canto externo de ojo D, nematodos en movimiento (vídeo)
#pediatria #ophthalmology
Thelazia callipaeda es un nematodo y la causa más frecuente de telaziosis en humanos, perros y gatos.
Produce sensación de cuerpo extraño, epífora, conjuntivitis y úlceras corneales.
Tratamiento: extracción manual de los parásitos

#pediatric #parasitology
Los cánidos salvajes y domésticos son los principales hospedadores definitivos.
La mosca de la fruta Phortica variegata: vector y hospedador intermedio.

🖋️Martín Valbuena J
#MedEd #IDtwitter #MedTwitter
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A 51-YO🧔‍♂️, in Turkey: dyspnea, cough & production of yellowish, foul-smelling, & salty sputum

XR & CT (A-D): cavitary lesion containing irregular, serpiginous intracavitary material

#IDTwitter #radiology
2nd day of hospitalization: fever, myalgia, & sore throat

CT: subpleural ground glass opacities (fig.)

PCR for #SARSCoV2:➕
IFA IgG against Echinococcus granulosus:➕at 1/5,120


#microbiology #MedEd
Gross examination showed removed cyst (fig.).

Surgery combined with medical therapy remains the standard form of treatment of large cysts with multiple daughter cysts, complicated cysts, etc.

#parasitology #surgery
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𝟭𝟵𝟴𝟬:Wojciech “Al” Krotoski et al publish a report in the British Medical Journal describing a dormant liver stage of #Plasmodium cynomolgi in Rhesus macaques. These dormant liver stages, called "hypnozoites" are postulated to be the cause of relapses of this #malaria species Image
- Image references:…;…
- References:;;…
𝟭𝟵𝟴𝟭: In 1981, Dr William C. Campbell of the Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research in the US, published "An Introduction to the Avermectins" which described a new series of compounds with potent antiparasitic properties against nematode & arthropod #parasites. Image
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𝟭𝟵𝟳𝟯:In 1973, Thomas A. Miller of the University of Glasgow Vet School, had his canine hookworm (Ancylostoma caninum) vaccine approved for commerical use in the US. Though discontinued in 1975, Miller's work has informed hookworm vaccine research to this day! @BAVet_Parasitol Image
𝟭𝟵𝟳𝟰: In Oct '73, Dr Dan Jones of the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami introduced Acanthamoeba spp. as a human ocular pathogen to a meeting of the Ocular Microbiology & Immunology Group in the USA. Months later, in 1974, Nagington et al. would publish the 1st case studies Image
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It is now 60 days until (& including) the 1st of April, 2022! April '22 marks 𝟲𝟬 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 since the British Socety for Parasitology was formed from the Parasitological Section of the Institute for Biology!
To mark this, we will be releasing a #parasite breakthough/fact (1/1)
.. every day for the next 60 days: from 1962 to 2022! We will provide information on both well-studied & unusual parasites such as Angiostrongylus cantonensis, Echinococcus vogeli, Plasmodium falciparum, Mansonella spp., Hirudo medicinalis (leeches) bed bugs, & more! (2/2).
Today, we begin with 1962! Not only was the @BSPparasitology founded in 1962, but for the first time, the full life cycle of the "eye worm" Thelazia callipaeda was described by D.P. Kozlov in the Proceedings of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Human thelaziasis is an NTD. #parasite Image
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Our 5th and final day of #ParasitesOnline21 will begin shortly with a plenary talk from Prof Santiago Mas-Coma from University of Valencia on: Fascioliasis control in human endemic areas: one health action to complement preventative chemotherapy
Prof Maria-Gloria Basanez introduces Prof Santiago Mas-Coma who was awarded Honorary membership of @BSPparasitology in 2020
Prof Mas-Coma cites his recent paper, which describes this One Health approach to tackle fascioloiasis spread by donkeys, which are important for transport in the Altiplano:… Sheep & cattle also act as reservoirs:… #ParasitesOnline21
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Day 4 of our #ParasitesOnline21 meeting will begin with a presentation by Dr Emma Briggs who was awarded the BSP President's Medal in 2020 🏅 @emmabriggs6
Prof Maria-Gloria Basanez introduces Dr Emma Briggs and congratulates her on the award
So to begin our "BES: Ecology and Evolution I" Session of Day 4 of #ParasitesOnline21 is Prof Neil Hall of the @EarlhamInst with "Sequencing #Protists directly from the environment for the Darwin Tree of Life Project."
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So we begin #ParasitesOnline21 today with C.A. Wright Medal 2020 winner, Prof Sarah Reece (@ReeceLab), who is telling us about "The private life of #malaria parasites: Strategies for survival & reproduction." #Parasitology Image
Prof Reece describes how the #malaria parasite regulates gametocyte sex ratio; highest number of offspring depends in female gametocyte number; the highest proportion of matings depends on male gametocyte number:… #ParasitesOnline21
For optimal #malaria gametocyte ratio, there needs to be plasticity in the gametocyte conversion rate. The @ReeceLab has investigated environmental factors that may influence this rate, such as in… #ParasitesOnline21
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And now at #ParasitesOnline21 Day 2, we have our 2nd session on Gender and Racial Equality in Science, with @rejoicePhD telling us about "Centering Diverse Voices and Grappling with Racial Inequities in #Parasitology." Image
Not only has #COVID19 disproportionately effected minority communities in the US, but #parasites have too. Here is just one article describing the problem of #hookworm in the US South:… #ParasitesOnline21
I think everyone needs to hear @rejoicePhD's talk on creating a scientific community where racial equity exists. So many amazing quotes and ideas. We can learn from the microbes we culture- a culture will not grow and thrive without the correct environment in which to do so. Image
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And that's @BSPparasitology's #ParasitesOnline conference just started with an address from @BSPparasitology President, Prof Maria-Gloria Basáñez of @imperialcollege! Delegates come from 53 countries worldwide! What a great week to come! #Parasitology ImageImage
The first #ParasitesOnline Plenary Lecture is from Prof Philippe Guérin of @IDDOnews who is telling us about "Exploring the re-use of existing data for poverty-related diseases: a scientific or an ethical imperative or both?". #Parasitology @BSPparasitology Image
Prof Philippe Guerin describes how we need to better use existing data from scattered clinical trials, and have common standards for reporting and quality; continuing to develop an equitable data platform model (for #NTDs & other diseases). Here's a talk:
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Apparently, I was a much keener observer when I was a student ... or at least took more meticulous notes. From those notes comes a #parasitology story told by a professor during my medical school days. His inflection is lost, but the story remains LEGENDARY! #MedStudentTwitter 1/
As a PhD student, I was on a very small stipend and my supervisor said to me, 'I'll give you $400 if you could be a definitive host for some saginata for me.'

I thought, 'Yeah, no problem.'

I mean the actual tapeworm itself causes no pathology whatsoever. There might be a little bit of abdominal discomfort. Minor diarrhea. But essentially they're fine.

So I thought, 'Yeah, I'll do this.'

*laughs uncomfortably*

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Hello! I'm Tapoka (@TapokaM) from
@BlackInMicro SM team. Today is #BlackInMycology and #BlackInParasitology day! #Parasitology is one of my faves. I have a soft spot for nematodes, as I study #Whipworm & I’m incredibly excited to learn about #Mycology over the day! 🍄🪱
#ParasitologyInRealLife for me often looks a lot like this, I spend a lot of time with our microscopes. I want to understand how whipworm eggs and the host gut bacteria interact. So I dissect a lot of guts and I look at many eggs 🪱🥚 Tapoka is a Black woman scientist in a blue lab coat and blu
Here’s a very small wave hello 👋🏾 from the mouse whipworm Trichuris muris 🐛 #ParasitologyInRealLife
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