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1. I've been pondering the disclosure that several members of Congress requested #pardons for their participation in the attempted coup. Specifically I've wondered where the Committee got the evidence. There were reports that #45 was not operating through the DOJ Pardon Attorney.
2. I presumed at the time of those reports it was because the #45 White House was engaged in #PardonsForSale and I expect that they would try to control the evidence being generated by their criminal conspiracy. But somehow the Committee has obtained evidence of Congressional
3. pardon requests. Perhaps the team, apparently led by #JaredKushner, who were selling pardons wanted to distance themselves from coup plotters. So rather than handling the requests in-house they simply referred them to Office of the Pardon Attorney at DOJ. That office has a
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... @PatThurston is talking about the EDD fraud that totals over $11 billion dollars. California needs to shore up fraud investigators and that will cost us $55 million dollars.

Anyone familiar with @Schwarzenegger, @JerryBrownGov, @GavinNewsom scandals should not be surprised.

And @JerryBrownGov sold access to #pardons in California.

The evidence is in the public view.
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Kurson pardoned? The man who once wrote, "I come from a grudge-holding desert people" to me in an email was PARDONED? What a civics lesson. I spent hours cooperating with the @FBI during his White House background check. If an "accident" should befall me, assume foul play.
Suffice it to say, what he was actually arrested for was part of an ongoing pattern of abuse, revenge, & sociopathy. All jokes aside, I am worried about my own safety. @FBI - How do you protect those who helped you but who are now totally exposed because of a presidential pardon?
Anyway, whatever. He sexually harassed me and ruined my life once, why shouldn't I have to look over my shoulder in fear for the rest of my life? Thanks, Trump! And f%ck you and Kurson and the rest of your swamp dwellers. I'll just leave this tweet pinned forever.
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1. On #Pardons: I still haven't seen the text of any of these pardons. I've checked Papadopoulos' docket in DC and so far nothing filed. I figured he's active on social media and in time may be wondering where his pardon is. I want to read its purported scope.
2. And on the "not-yet-charged" pardon like Nixon, this has never been tested to my knowledge. Plus I don't think you can pardon an on-going conspiracy. It would be immunity.

Under-reported was a little dance in Manafort's EDVA trial where he had challenged Mueller's authority.
3. In April 2018, the government had to produce the August 2, 2017 Rosenstein memo addressing scope of Mueller remit. This redacted document formed part of Flynn's alleged pardon. What was the crime we couldn't be told about in Manafort's trial that Trump thinks he's pardoned?
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Apropos of nothing, #pardon accountability is a critical rule of law reform law that needs to be a priority. Here is the proposal crafted by our bipartisan task force co-chaired by @PreetBharara and @GovCTW. #pardons #pardonpalooza…
Important to acknowledge that pardon abuse isn’t a new problem, but as usual this president has taken it to a new level. That’s been true for a while.…
Fortunately, there is excellent legislation already pending before Congress, the Protecting our Democracy Act, which addresses pardons among a number of critical issues. It deserves swift passage.
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With news: 8 former US troops/Blackwater guards convicted of war crimes petition for #pardons...

Read this timely analysis.👇

Brian Finucane writes on LONG-held U.S. legal position that a Commander's failure to punish war crimes can itself be a #WarCrime…
2. News via @Militarydotcom: "At least eight former service members and Blackwater security guards convicted of war crimes have filed petitions seeking pardons...including a former Army staff sergeant [Robert Bales] who pleaded guilty to killing 16 Afghan men, women and children"
3. Link to the news report (h/t @HopeSeck)…
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🔥COVER UP: @realDonaldTrump has discussed granting “pre-emptive” #pardons to his children, Kush, and Rudy Giuliani—and spoke with Rudy about pardoning him as recently as last week.

These crooks are trying to cover their tracks.🤬…
Don Jr was under investigation by Bob Mueller for contacts with Russians trying to smear Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, but he was never charged.

Kush LIED to the Feds about his contacts with foreigners for his security clearance, but was given one anyway by Trump.🤬
Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie Ivanka is under investigation by the Manhattan DA for allegedly taking ILLEGAL tax write-offs on millions of dollars in consulting fees.🧐
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Who should we kill?

A meditation on #MargaretSanger's mal mot, "The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it."

[From M. Sanger, Women and the New Race (1920).]
Oddly, I grew up thinking that mercy granted life, extended life, ameliorated pain or difficulty, removed unjustly imposed restrictions on liberty.

You know what I mean. You've granted mercies to others.

They arrived late after you labored to prepare a meal.
They failed to take care and caused damage to property, knocking over a lamp or running into your rear bumper.

Thousands of small acts of thoughtlessness or lack of self-awareness intrude on our peace, our contentment.
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Joe Arpaio said he may run for his old position as Maricopa County sheriff, raising concerns that he’ll once again violate the Constitution. The Constitution places limits on the pardon power precisely to prevent this kind of situation:… @TheHillOpinion
Arpaio was held in contempt of court for violating a court order to stop racial profiling that violated the constitutional rights of Americans. President Trump’s pardon included language purporting to pardon future criminal conduct by Arpaio.
PD Legal Director @justingflorence & @GeorgeMasonU Prof. James Pfiffner testified before the House Judiciary Cmte to explain why pardons that send the message that law enforcement officials can ignore court orders or violate constitutional rights w/impunity are unconstitutional.
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🚨BREAKING:Judge sentences Paul Manafort to 73 months (6 years + 1 month) in prison—30 months concurrent with his current EDVA sentence + and additional 43 months (3 yrs, 7 mo) *after* his EDVA sentence ends.

Total of SEVEN AND A HALF YEARS (90 months) in the slammer‼️
Time to bring on the NY (and other) STATE changes. No #pardons for state crimes.😎

Gotta 💖 the timing of these STATE charges against Paulie Walnuts.😎

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After Jared Kushner submitted his SF86 national security clearance form FOUR times and was DENIED clearance, Trump ordered his then-chief of staff to grant Kush top-secret security clearance.🤬

It is a #felony to LIE or omit details on an SF86‼️…
Kushner’s first SF86 disclosed *zero* contacts with foreigners, which Kush claimed was a “clerical error.”🤥

Even after updating his SF86 *3 additional times*, Kush still couldn’t get clearance. Then again, we don’t give security clearance to #traitors.😉
Perhaps Kush’s and Misha🇷🇺Flynn’s attempts to arrange a secret backchannel with #Russia🇷🇺was one of the MANY reasons Kush was DENIED clearance.😉

Plus the fact that he committed FELONIES in his repeated attempts to cover up his shady business deals.🙄

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What would an Agent of Influence POTUS look like?

Top 21 behaviors: (No. 21 sold me!)

Since inauguration:

1. Hamburg State dinner 2017- ignored Allies/sat in corner w/Putin & translator for over hour. Allies/Aides were uncomfortable/unnerved. #AgentPOTUS
2. Directs treasury to reduce Russian oligarch sanctions, AND THEN Mnuchin refused to answer Congress questions re:”Why?” #AgentPOTUS
3. New norm: WH-Putin phone calls, no read-outs/ no notification. RU state media publishes that the calls occurred days later. Our press unaware until Russia publishes calls happened. Russia reports discussion’s subjects.(We freaked at first occurrence, remember?) #AgentPOTUS
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Putin Trump summit? I don’t think so!

Feinstein releases prelim report.

MSM: Trump may be under sealed indictment(s); 🙄 1st rpt’d by LM & CT 5/14/17.

Stone’s side Jason Sullivan grilled by GJ

Kush’s pal Gerson under Mueller scrutiny.

Brennan trolls 45 eloquently.

Days BEFORE the 2016 E, hackers ID’d by NSA working for RU attempted to breach US voting systems.

Blumenthal, et al. v. Trump re Emoluments Clause.

Trump Org to turn over items re Trump hotel’s internal ops.

Rear Adm. Fears tapped new homeland security adviser.

Trump picks winners & losers in business & not free market. #Pay2Play

Southern Co., CVS, Dow Chem Funding Trump Dark Money Group Tied to Racist, Anti-Semitic Views

DHS find surveillance devices for intercepting cellphone calls & texts operating near WH (SS7 exploit)
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