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Tesla Earning Call Day!
How late does $TSLA Q4 2021 Earnings Call get started?
Don't expect fireworks from a DOJ NEUTERED Musk. There's a reason Musk didn't post a video of him driving the latest Cybertruck prototype--that reason is NIKOLA/Trevor Milton federal indictment.
I mean, Musk'll still be indicted, he's just not adding to the list.
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🔥Jesse Benton charged for ILLEGALLY funneling #Russian🇷🇺cash to Trump & the @GOP.

Benton—pardoned by Trump for his felony of BRIBING an Iowa lawmaker for Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential primary—is an in-law/fmr adviser to Rand Paul & was Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager.
Not only is Benton a pardoned felon now charged for funneling #Russian🇷🇺cash to Trump and the @GOP.

Benton—Ron Paul’s bagman & McConnell’s fmr campaign manager—was caught ON VIDEO scheming to launder $2 million of ILLEGAL Chinese🇨🇳money into Trump’s SuperPAC

The #indictment alleges that Benton—Ron Paul’s bagman/McConnell’s fmr campaign manager—was perpetrating the #Russian🇷🇺donation scheme to Trump/@GOP *just before & after he was sentenced* for his Iowa-related campaign BRIBERY #felony on behalf of Ron Paul.…
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‼️Erik Prince recruited a former British spy to train conservatives in espionage who were sent to gather dirt & sabotage the reputations of people/organizations considered threats to Trump’s far-right agenda.

Bankrolled by @GORETEXna heiress Susan Gore.🤬…
The shady operatives concocted fake cover stories and made large campaign donations to gain entrée to Democratic events, such as the Las Vegas presidential debate and a DC fund-raiser attended by Democratic lawmakers.

I’ve been in politics a long time—this is over the top stuff.
One operative got a job working for a consortium of wealthy liberal donors in the Wyoming Investor Network (WIN) that had decided to back some moderate @GOP, giving her access to inside info.

“It’s the entire strategy. Where the money is going. What we’re doing long term.”🤬
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‼️Trump’s lies that the vote was “rigged” sparked a campaign to terrorize election officials—especially @GOP in #Georgia who refuted Trump’s lies—with threats of hanging, firing squads, torture and bomb blasts.


Tricia Raffensperger—wife of @GaSecofState Brad Raffensperger—received multiple threatening texts:

“You and your family will be killed very slowly.”
“We plan for the death of you and your family every day.”
“Somebody in your family is going to have a very unfortunate incident.”
In November, the Raffenspergers went into hiding for nearly a week after intruders broke into the home of their widowed daughter-in-law. That night, Oath Keepers—a RW terrorist group that supports Trump’s bid to overturn the election—were found outside the Raffenspergers’ home.🤬
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🚨BREAKING: Fulton County #Georgia DA Fani Willis is probing @LindseyGrahamSC’s phone call with @GaSecofState Raffensperger as part of a CRIMINAL investigation into Trump’s alleged CRIMINAL attempt to flip the election results.…
🔥During their conversation, Graham asked @GaSecofState whether he had the power to toss out all #MailInBallots in certain counties, Raffensperger told @washingtonpost. He said Graham asked him to improperly find a way to set aside legally cast ballots.

That’s a #felony.🤬
‼️Graham is sitting in judgment on Trump on a charge that cites Trump’s call to Raffensperger, while Graham HIMSELF is a person of interest in a CRIMINAL investigation of his own call to Raffensperger.

Graham must RECUSE.🤬

#TrumpIsGuilty #GOPSedition
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‼️Florida @AGAshleyMoody served on the board of directors of the Rule of Law Defense Fund.

On the eve of the deadly #TrumpInsurrection, the conservative group sent out robocalls urging Trump supporters to join efforts to overturn the election by force.🤬…
The Rule of Law Defense Fund is a non-profit arm of the @RepublicanAGs Association and became a key contributor to the #TrumpInsurrection. Alabama AG Steve Marshall, chairman of the group, *blamed the staff* and vowed an investigation.

The rot starts at the TOP.🤬

Per @AP, one robocall said: "At 1 pm we will march to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop the steal. We’re hoping 'patriots' like you will join us to continue to fight to protect the integrity of our elections.”

Incitement to an #insurrection, a federal #felony.🤬
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🚨BREAKING: Trump begged Republican @GaSecofState Brad Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to overturn his defeat in an extraordinary 1-hour phone call Saturday that experts say raises “legal questions.”

Lordy, there are tapes!😎

💣@washingtonpost *got a recording* of the conversation—Trump alternately berated Raffensperger, tried to flatter him, begged him and THREATENED him with vague criminal consequences if Raffensperger refused to pursue his false claims, warning that he was taking “a big risk.”
Trump repeatedly claimed: “There’s no way I lost Georgia. There’s no way. We won by hundreds of thousands of votes.”🙄

“So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state.”

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I kinda think it's hillarious that @_SecondThought was intimidated by @DHSgov and shadowbanned by @YouTube re: criticism of the @CIA.

For all the wrong reasons...
[a thread]
For once, it's a chilling effect for anyone, espechally de-facto members of the #press [since @_SecondThought does #journalism, be is part of it] to intimidate them by a govt. agency like @DHSgov.

Not to mention that their accusation, "anti-americanism", is not a crime.
In any reasonable justice system, #NullaPeneSineLege applies, which means the government cannot do anything about something that isn't explicitly outlawed.

And last time I checked voicing criticism of politicans was not, @DHSgov!
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🔥COVER UP: @realDonaldTrump has discussed granting “pre-emptive” #pardons to his children, Kush, and Rudy Giuliani—and spoke with Rudy about pardoning him as recently as last week.

These crooks are trying to cover their tracks.🤬…
Don Jr was under investigation by Bob Mueller for contacts with Russians trying to smear Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, but he was never charged.

Kush LIED to the Feds about his contacts with foreigners for his security clearance, but was given one anyway by Trump.🤬
Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie Ivanka is under investigation by the Manhattan DA for allegedly taking ILLEGAL tax write-offs on millions of dollars in consulting fees.🧐
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‼️Trump's #TaxReturns reveal how he engineered a sudden financial windfall: >$21 million in "highly unusual" one-off payments from the Las Vegas hotel he owns with his casino-mogul friend, Phil Ruffin.

Smells like TAX FRAUD.🧐

#TaxFraudTrump #TaxFraud…
Most of the $$ went thru a company called Trump Las Vegas Sales and Marketing: little previous income, no clear business purpose and ZERO employees.

The Trump-Ruffin venture wrote it off as a business expense.

This does NOT look like a legit "business expense."🧐

Why did Trump's company with ZERO employees have >$20 million in fees for the first time. And all of this money is going to a man who just happens to be running for president, might not have a lot of cash on hand, and NEEDED cash to float his campaign?🧐

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After telling @HouseIntel under oath that he did NOT meet with members of @realDonaldTrump’s campaign, Erik Prince now admits to meeting Team🇷🇺Trump in Aug16, along with representatives from the Middle East, to discuss “#Iran policy.”🙄

And, of course, Don Jr lied under oath about the SAME meeting.🙄


Erik Prince arranged Don Jr’s Aug’16 meeting with George Nader (representing #SaudiArabia & #UAE) and an Israeli specialist in "social media manipulation," who offered to help **THROW THE ELECTION** to Trump.🤬

This is ILLEGAL. No wonder they LIED.🙄

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@tedlieu and @RepDonBeyer ask DOJ to open a **CRIMINAL** probe of Jared Kushner for LYING on his SF-86 security clearance form.😎

Kush omitted >100 foreign contacts, including #Russian🇷🇺ambassador Kislyak on his **FOUR** submissions of his SF-86.🤬

🔥“Falsifying or concealing a material fact” on an SF-86 is a #felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

“Federal agencies generally FIRE, do NOT grant, or disqualify” people who LIE on their SF86.🧐

Kush should be FIRED and PROSECUTED‼️

Kush’s NUMEROUS “omissions” on his *four* SF-86 submissions (#felony) isn’t the only reason that Kush was DENIED clearance.🧐

Kush was trying to COVER UP his secret meetings with numerous foreign persons, as part of his effort to raise cash for his failing 666 Fifth Ave.🤬
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After Jared Kushner submitted his SF86 national security clearance form FOUR times and was DENIED clearance, Trump ordered his then-chief of staff to grant Kush top-secret security clearance.🤬

It is a #felony to LIE or omit details on an SF86‼️…
Kushner’s first SF86 disclosed *zero* contacts with foreigners, which Kush claimed was a “clerical error.”🤥

Even after updating his SF86 *3 additional times*, Kush still couldn’t get clearance. Then again, we don’t give security clearance to #traitors.😉
Perhaps Kush’s and Misha🇷🇺Flynn’s attempts to arrange a secret backchannel with #Russia🇷🇺was one of the MANY reasons Kush was DENIED clearance.😉

Plus the fact that he committed FELONIES in his repeated attempts to cover up his shady business deals.🙄

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Guess where I am.😎

I’m SO ready for this!!

Friends, I will be IN THE ROOM for the duration of the #CohenHearing. Follow me for LIVE updates throughout.🤗
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SDNY's **public #corruption section** plan to #subpoena Trump’s inauguration committee.🤗

SDNY reportedly is probing ILLEGAL "straw donor" contributions from #Russia🇷🇺, Saudi Arabia, UAE & Qatar, and shady expenditures to Trump cronies.🤨…
Sam Patten already pleaded GUILTY to serving as a "straw donor" by accepting $50,000 to buy tickets on behalf of a Ukrainian businessman who wanted to attend inaugural events. Foreign contributions are ILLEGAL, and any donation more than $25,000 is a #felony‼️
Michael Cohen has been "extensively interviewed" by SDNY, and @Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg has agreed to cooperate under an #immunity deal.

Tom Barrack, who ran Trump's inauguration committee, was interviewed by Mueller in late 2017. He's a fool, if he's not cooperating.😉
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As I’ve said all along: the $50,000 @Trump Org reimbursed Cohen for *campaign-related work* is a clear-cut #felony.

Unlike paying off a porn star, there’s NO WAY that @realDonaldTrump can use the “John Edwards defense” (that this $50k was for “personal” reasons).😉
A few questions:

👉🏼Did Cohen tape his conversation with Trump about these ILLEGAL acts?
👉🏼Who are the Trump Org executives who knowingly authorized reimbursement for Cohen (other than CFO Weisselberg)? Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie?
👉🏼Why pay via CASH STUFFED IN A BAG?
Lordy, I hope there are tapes that the FBI got when they raided Cohen’s digs.😎

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Mueller & SDNY are probing a Jan'17 event involving @DevinNunes, Misha Flynn, and "dozens" of foreign officials, as part of an investigation into whether Trump's inaugural committee misspent funds & if donors tried to BUY INFLUENCE.

Team🇺🇸Mueller is also probing the event as part of its investigation into whether foreigners contributed money to the Trump inaugural fund and PAC by using American intermediaries ("straw donors")👉🏼#felony.

Flynn, who is FULLY cooperating, has been questioned about the event.😎
🔥Country officials invited to the breakfast included some familiar places:

Saudi Arabia (bankroll Trump/Kush)
UAE (involved in #Seychelles meet)
Israel (PsyOp)
#Qatar (#Rosneft spinout, bailed out Kush's 666)

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Roger Stone is in the barrel‼️

Mueller asked House Intel on Friday for an official transcript of Roger Stone’s testimony, likely b/c Mueller can PROVE that Stone LIED to Congress & will charge him with a #felony.😎


“That suggests prosecutors are getting ready to bring a charge. Prosecutors can’t bring a charge without an original certified copy of the transcript that shows the witness lied.” ~former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner.

Although not confirmed, Mueller is believed to be probing Stone's LIES to Congress about what prompted him to predict the #WikiLeaks dump **in advance**. Remember Stone's now-infamous tweet about "Podesta's time in the barrel"?🧐
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THREAD: the filings by Mueller and SDNY on Cohen are BIGLY bad news for @realDonaldTrump and his spawn, Don Jr, Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie, and Eric and *clearly* indicate that Trump is an UNINDICTED co-conspirator.

And then, there's the Manafort memo... 1/

First, SDNY makes it clear that Cohen does *not* have a formal cooperation agreement **with them** (but stay tuned on this front later...). As such, SDNY asks the Court to a "substantial term of imprisonment."🤔 2/
SDNY *nails* Cohen for 4 federal felonies to which he pleaded GUILTY: tax evasion, making false statements to a bank, illegal campaign contributions, and making false statements to Congress. 3/
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Trump's deputy campaign chair Rick Gates solicited proposals (#felony) from Israeli firm Psy Group to create fake online personas, use social media manipulation & gather intel to help defeat @GOP primary opponents (@tedcruz) & @HillaryClinton🤨1/…
Gates wasn't interested in Psy Group b/c other Trump aides oversaw social media. George Nader & Joel Zamel (Psy Group owner) met w/Don Jr & offered to help *THROW THE ELECTION* at an Aug'16 meeting arranged by Erik Prince‼️

Nader is COOPERATING.😎 2/

George Birnbaum (Arthur Finkelstein protégé/@GOP consultant who worked for Netanyahu & other Israeli officials) initially pitched Gates on using social media influence/manipulation to sway @GOP delegates toward Trump.🤨 3/
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Hey @SenatorCollins,

It’s not too late to change your vote! #Kavanaugh LIED to the Senate (#felony) about his finances.🤨

Who paid off his debt? If his family paid, did he report this income to the IRS⁉️

If the House flips, @tedlieu WILL investigate‼️…
Hey @lisamurkowski,

You were right and courageous to OPPOSE #Kavanaugh‼️

You might want to reconsider “pairing” your vote with @SteveDaines, because justice will come for #Kavanaugh, sooner than later.😉

Hey @Sen_JoeManchin,

We Democrats realize that you are in a tough re-election battle, but backing #Kavanaugh only brings you more scorn from the @GOP and erodes your much-needed support from @TheDemocrats base.

It’s not too late: vote NO on #Kavanaugh‼️

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If you don’t look for a crime, you’re not going to find it.🙄

To be clear, the fault for this SHAM of a background “investigation” lies with @realDonaldTrump, @ChuckGrassley and the rest of the @GOP, who **handcuffed** the #FBI by restricting those whom they could interview.🤬

cc @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski

Total dereliction of duty if the Senate @GOP confirms #Kavanaugh w/o fully investigating his SHADY FINANCES, multiple sexual assault allegations + LIES (#felony). Senators are obligated to serve as a check on the Executive Branch’s *lifetime* pick to the Judiciary Branch‼️🤬
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@realDonaldTrump got >$413 million of his father’s fortune via “dubious tax schemes” and outright FRAUD.

The #TrumpCrimeFamily used a sham corporation, made improper tax deductions & undervalued his parents’ real estate to EVADE TAXES‼️…
Tax evasion is a SERIOUS #felony that landed Al Capone in the slammer, and *clearly* qualifies as a “high crime or misdemeanor.”🤬

I just love that the nerds are taking down these traitors.🤓

cc @LincolnsBible @ericgarland @ninaandtito


🔥Allen Weisselberg — CFO of Trump Org for *decades* who also watched over Trump’s personal finances & tax returns— received #immunity from federal prosecutors.😎

👋🏼Bye-bye, Trump and spawn (Don Jr, Eric, and Kremlin🇷🇺Barbie).

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#Kavanaugh HIMSELF + his team contacted his @Yale friends BEFORE the @NewYorker article on Deborah Ramirez👉🏼asked friends to go on the record to defend him.🙄

Kavanaugh LIED when he testified he learned of the allegations from the article‼️…
Kavanaugh told @SenJudiciary UNDER OATH that the 1st time he heard of Ramirez’s allegation was in the Sept. 23 article in The New Yorker.🤨

But texts show that Kavanaugh & his team knew as early as *July*‼️

#StopKavanaugh #KavaNOPE
*Multiple* people have contacted the @FBI with credible evidence that #Kavanaugh **LIED repeatedly** to the Senate, which is a #felony‼️

There is NO WAY that #Kavanaugh should sit on SCOTUS.🤬

@SenFeinstein @SenBlumenthal @amyklobuchar @CoryBooker

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