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1/🧵🔍 Making sense of Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Eigenvectors & Eigenvalues: A simple guide to understanding PCA and its implementation in R! Follow this thread to learn more! #RStats #DataScience #PCA Source: https://towardsdata...
2/đź“šPCA is a dimensionality reduction technique that helps us to find patterns in high-dimensional data by projecting it onto a lower-dimensional space. It's often used for data visualization, noise filtering, & finding variables that explain the most variance. #DataScience
3/🎯 The goal of PCA is to identify linear combinations of original variables (principal components) that capture the maximum variance in the data, with each principal component being orthogonal to the others. #RStats #DataScience
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It is this time of the year again: TOP 10 GU Oncology clinical papers/trials in 2022:

Some negative, some positive, but we learned from all!

Feel free to add more & retweet & tag anyone involved

This is not an exhaustive list!

@OncoAlert @DanaFarber

#OnwardFor2023 Image
1/ #ARASENS phase 3 trial shows ⬆️OS with darolutamide in combination with docetaxel and ADT in #mHSPC (vs docetaxel + ADT alone) with similar AE profile, leading to @US_FDA approval.
#MatthewSmith @BertrandTOMBAL @MGHMedicine @NEJM… ImageImageImage
2/ In #PCa patients with detectable PSA after prostatectomy, lymph node RT + ADT+ PBRT⬆️freedom from progression compared to ADT+ PBRT and PBRT alone according to #SPPORT trial.
@_APollack @DrHowardSandler @TheLancet… ImageImage
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#PCA please hear us. Women serving in the church isn't just about women feeling appreciated and the church body benefitting from our gifts (though it isn't less than that). This week, there is one very important aspect I want you to think about: (cont)
The lack of visible female leadership in the church impacts how all members think about women. If women are weak, easily deceived, bad at theology and logic, and always trying to usurp authority it's no wonder they aren't believed when they report abuse to men in charge. (cont)
It's no wonder that abusive men can convince entire congregations that their victim(s) are crazy, irrational, unbalanced, unreliable, even dangerous. Because that isn't a far cry from how women are spoken about *from the pulpit* in some churches.
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1/Anyone know where all of the SBC resolutions on gambling have gone? There were tons of others dealing with alcohol, pornography.All targeting laws. They are all gone. Even Wayback machine and Google cache don't show the gambling variety. #TGC #SBC #johnmacarthur #9Marks
2/These span centuries and provide a clear view of duplicity in the many who say, "just preach the gospel" when the support and advocacy of righteous law has been central to many of these resolutions.…
3/This index from a 2020 capture shows that there were 12 resolutions on the matter of gambling at that point. @DavidAFrench @nathanafinn @EWErickson @KevinMKruse @ThabitiAnyabwil @VoddieBaucham @johnmacarthur @albertmohler @JohnPiper @9Marks @LigonDuncan…
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It is this time of the year again: TOP 20 GU Oncology clinical trials published in 2021:

Some negative, some positive, some led to @FDAOncology approval; we learned from all!

Feel free to add & retweet & tag anyone involved

This is not an exhaustive list

1/ (177Lu)–PSMA-617 showing improved PFS and OS in pre-treated mCRPC patients vs. SOC, in addition to a favorable safety profile @sartor_oliver @morr316 @NEJM…
2/ MRI with targeted & standard biopsy in men with MRI suggestive of prostate cancer (PC) was noninferior to standard biopsy for detecting clinically significant PC &resulted in less detection of clinically insignificant cancer @NEJM @TobiasNordstrom…
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Going to break-down how easy it is to use #autoML and more specifically JADBio AutoML. If you need an account to try it out, head over to and grab a free Basic plan. Ready? #data #ML (1/16)
STEP 1: You start by creating a Project on JADBio and generating all your study #data. That could either be data that has been processed and normalized by a #Bioinformatician, or public data available in the known data repositories (2/16)
If you’re using software for #molecular diagnosis like our Partner’s @QIAGEN OmicSoft Lands platform, your data is ready to be uploaded on JADBio. #ML 3/16
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THREAD: Amendments and Final Updates to the DNC 2020 Platform ⬇️
#DNC #Election2020 #Democrats #DemocraticParty #2020Election
@TomPerez begins by roasting the @GOPconvention for “copy and pasting” their 2016 platform for this year…
All members of the Platform Committee pay respects to the late, great John Lewis.
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1482 #UrbanCooperativeBanks&58 multi State Co-op Banks,to come under #RBI control nowđź’Ş

#PMCBank crisis was partly due to multi-tier regulation,as seen below

Direct Supervision by RBI is a bold move-@narendramodi govt buries yet another jaded,#NehruvianRelic that fed corruption
Cooperative banks came partially under RBI in 1966 but faced problem of multiple regulation

Registrar of Cooperative Societies(RCS)is in control of management elections& administrative issues

Today's #CabinetApproval to bring #CooperativeBanks under #RBI is,therefore historicđź’Ş
Despite changes in 1966,in spirit,most #CooperativeBanks, operated as per Cooperative SocietiesAct,1955

#BankNationalisation in 1969,by #IndiraGandhi,compounded the banking-bureaucracy-politico,nexus

It took a @narendramodi,to finally rid #CooperativeBanks,from greedy #Babudom
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Listening in on Overtures Committee
They are now discussing overtures on sexuality.

Discussing Constitutional inquiry: what affirming the Nashville Statement would even mean for the PCA?

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From the very inception of this account, the intention has always been to add a certain amount of levity to the tiny corner of Twitter that is the Presbyterian and Reformed world. (1/7)
This has especially been true of all of the activity surrounding the #PCAGA. But before this year's festivities start, there are a few things that need to be said. (2/7)
It seems pretty clear that this year's General Assembly may well be a watershed moment for the #PCA. It seems clear that a number of others feel this way as well. So a request is in order—please take time today to pray for all of the TEs and REs in Dallas. (3/7)
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#prod365 #fr Les Plans de Continuité d'Activité (#PCA) ont pour but de retablir le SI après un "désastre". Un tel événement est aussi appelé "Disaster Recovery" (#DR) et inclus de nombreux événements graves, notamment la perte de #datacenter ou de données.
Citons quelques exemples: corruption silencieuse, destruction du medium de stockage (par erreur ou par nuisance: piratage ou rogue employee), isolation réseau (coup de pelleteuse dans la fibre), script d'administration mal fait / boucle foireuse, clause WHERE oubliée...
Pour de multiples raisons, certaines applications ne peuvent pas ĂŞtre disponibles en Actif/Actif, seulement Actif/Passif.
Cela implique de pouvoir répliquer les données live et de les réutiliser sur une autre machine.
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