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बँकिंग रेगुलेशन ॲक्ट !!

केंद्र सरकारने बँकिंग रेगुलेशन् ॲक्ट लागू करा म्हणून आदेश दिले आहेत.राज्यात जिल्हा बँकेच्या निवडणूका सुरू आहेत.यात महाविकास आघाडीच्या नेत्यांची पार गोची होऊन बसली आहे.साहेब या साठीच मध्यंतरी दिल्ली वाऱ्या करून आलेत पण काही उपयोग झाला नाही.पण नवीन कायद्या
बाबत अजून पण संभ्रमावस्था आहे.त्या कायद्याचे नियम व निकष अजून प्राप्त झालेले नाहीत.तरी सध्या तरी जुन्याच कायद्याने ही निवडणूक होणार आहे.पण ही त्या राजकारणी लोकांची शेवटची निवडणूक असणार हे मात्र नक्की आहे.हे विधेयक पारित केल्यानंतर त्याचे आता कायद्यात रूपांतर झाले आहे.हा कायदा
१ एप्रिल २०२१ पासून देशात लागू झाला आहे.या कायद्या अंतर्गत सर्व सहकारी बँका येणार आहेत.तुम्हाला माहितीच आहे ३.५ जिल्ह्याच्या बँका कोणाच्या अधिपत्या खाली येतात.त्यामुळे इकडे सगळी भांभेरी उडाली आहे.राज्यसरकारचे या बँका वरील सर्व नियंत्रण जाणार आहेत.ते सर्व अधिकार आता आरबीआय च्या
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One 'hawk' does not initiate normalisation. The markets were keenly awaiting the #MPC #minutes. And one can comfortably say that the details of what was discussed was hardly as hawkish as the markets had assumed soon after the policy. Prof.Jayanth Varma was the single...(1/12)
...dissenter in the August monetary policy. He voted against the status-quo accommodative policy on the following key counts. Firstly, he believed that the reverse repo rate must not remain at current levels (3.35%) and that a phased normalisation was warranted. He...(2/12)
...remained concerned of the #RBI continuing its accommodative policy given his expectation that COVID-19 would last for another 3-5 years. He sees inflationary pressures turning persistent and also views the adverse effects of the pandemic to only be limited to select...(3/12)
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Is the #RBI's #VRRR move policy normalisation? Fridays' note argued that the upward calibration of the variable rate reverse repo (VRRR) was not a sign of normalisation of policy, especially when the Governor said it himself explicitly. The note argued that the VRRR...(1/12)
...calibration was just shifting of monies from one pocket to another, especially when the #callmoney rate is still 22bps below the reverse repo rate. The focus therefore is to bring the call rate closer to the policy rate, when system liquidity is on the rise. One can...(2/12)
...justify the market narrative on three counts. Firstly, the markets saw a surprise dissent against the policy decision (5:1) and noted that it was not unanimous. Secondly, the 60bps upward revision to inflation created a flutter especially when the RBI maintained a...(3/12)
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👉#RBI keeps interest rates unchanged at 4 pc; to continue with accommodative stance as long as necessary

👉Aggregate supply is still below pre-covid levels. There is a broad-based recovery in aggregate demand

#ShaktikantaDas #RBIPolicy
👉Consumer confidence for the year ahead has returned to 'optimistic' from historic lows

👉Projection for real GDP growth retained at 9.5% for FY22

#ShaktikantaDas #RBIPolicy
👉Interest rates unchanged, monetary policy stance remains 'accommodative' as five out of six MPC members vote in favour of it

👉Action aimed at prioritising growth and addressing distress in economy

#ShaktikantaDas #RBIPolicy
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#MonetaryPolicy विषयी @RBI चे गव्हर्नर @DasShaktikanta यांचे संबोधन

📅 - आज, 6 ऑगस्ट
⏰- सकाळी 10 वाजल्यापासून थेट

आर्थिक पतधोरण आढावा संबोधन🎥:

पतधोरणानंतर आज दुपारी 12 वाजता पत्रकार परिषद होईल

पत्रकार परिषद लिंक 👉
📡थेट पहा📡

#MonetaryPolicy विषयी @RBI चे गव्हर्नर @DasShaktikanta यांचे संबोधन

.@RBI ने रेपो दरात कोणताही बदल न करता रेपो दर 4% कायम राखला.

रिव्हर्स रेपो दरही कोणत्याही बदलाविना 3.35% वर कायम.

पतधोरण आढावा समितीची 4, 5 आणि 6 ऑगस्टला बैठक झाली.

- @DasShaktikanta , गव्हर्नर, आरबीआय

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Watch @RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta's address on #MonetaryPolicy, today at 10 AM

📅 - 06 August
Live from ⏰- 10 AM

Monetary Policy Address🎥:

Post policy Media conference today at 12:00 Noon
PC Link:
📡LIVE Now📡

#MonetaryPolicy Statement by @RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta

MPC voted unanimously to leave Policy Repo Rate unchanged at 4%

Also decided on a 5 to 1 majority to continue with the accommodative stands as long as necessary to revive growth on a durable basis and continue to mitigate the impact of #COVID19

- @RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta
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Does the #US10Y yield puzzle affect India? An earlier tweet covered the various angles to the US10Y yield puzzle. The perceived softness around #USgrowth appears to stand-out as a prominent reason. During the same time last week, we saw a sharp rise in the Indian 10Y...(1/12)
...yield to 6.18%. This appears to have been on the back of the #RBI's surprising (disappointing for traders/underwriters) choice of picking relatively illiquid papers for its new tranche of G-SAP 2.0. The announcement of a new 10Y benchmark paper auctioned on...(2/12)
...Friday, with a higher traded yield was another reason. Are the US and Indian bond markets related in anyway? The answer is an obvious yes. Given that the US is a key global driver, the #Fed's policy rates naturally push monetary policy of emerging markets and...(3/12)
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#StockMarket | Stocks of Indian hotel companies surge after #RBI announces liquidity boost…

By @jainrounak Image
@jainrounak #RBI announced a fresh round of liquidity boost for the hotel industry, as well as tourism and travel operators, which has been amongst the most-severely hit industries due to the #COVID19Pandemic. In response, stocks of hotel companies zoomed by up to 20%.

@jainrounak In his announcement, #RBI governor #ShaktikantaDas revealed that the liquidity window of an additional ₹15,000 crore will remain open till March 31, 2022.

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#RBI leaves rates unchanged as it lowers #GDP growth projection to 9.5%, targets 5.1% inflation

#RBIPolicy #ShaktikantaDas…

By @pabsgill Image
@pabsgill Unlike the first wave where the economy came to standstill under a national wide lockdown, the impact on economic activity is expected to be relatively contained in the #SecondWave with restrictions on mobility being regionalised and nuanced: Shaktikanta Das.

#RBI #RBIPolicy
@pabsgill “The favourable base effects that brought about the moderation in headline inflation by 1.2% in April may persist through the first half of the year conditioned by progress in #Monsoon and effective supply side interventions by the government.” said RBI governor, Shaktikanta Das.
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.@RBI गव्हर्नर @DasShaktikanta आज भारतीय रिझर्व्ह बँकेचा द्वैमासिक पतधोरण आढावा जाहीर करणार आहेत

थेट बघा, सकाळी दहा वाजतापासून :


@nsitharaman @nsitharaman @FinMinIndia @Anurag_Office
📡थेट बघा 📡

गव्हर्नर, @RBI यांच्या पत्रपरिषदेतील प्रमुख मुद्दे:

पतधोरण आढावा विषयक निर्णय
वृद्धी तसेच चलनवाढीचे तार्किक मूल्यांकन
तरलता आणि वित्तीय बाजाराविषयी मार्गदर्शन
अतिरिक्त उपाययोजना
भविष्यासाठीचा आरबीआयचा व्यापक दृष्टिकोन.

थेट प्रसारण :
रेपो दरात काहीही बदल नसून तो 4% इतका कायम राहणार आहे

पतधोरणाची समावेशक भूमिका,
वृद्धी दर पुन्हा आणणे आणि विकासात सातत्य राखले जाईपर्यंत तसेच अर्थव्यवस्थेवरील #COVID19 चा परिणाम कमी होईपर्यंत आणि चलनवाढ निश्चित उद्दिष्टाच्या आत कायम राहिपर्यंत सुरुच राहणार आहे

- @DasShaktikanta
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Bankers see monetary Policy Committee maintaining status quo in today’s #RBIPolicy announcement

#RBIPolicy Poll | Majority of the bankers expect @RBI to cut its FY22 GDP forecast to sub-10% & also lower the Q1FY22 GDP estimate from the earlier forecast of 26.2%
#RBIPolicy Poll | @RBI is expected to retain Q1FY22 CPI inflation forecast of 5.2% & Q2FY22 forecast of 5.2%
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.@RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta will announce the bi-monthly monetary policy statement today

Watch LIVE, from 10 AM:

📡Live Now📡

@RBI Governor's address to cover:

Monetary policy decision and rationale
Assessment of growth and inflation
Guidance on liquidity and financial markets
Additional measures
Broad approach of RBI going forward

Live Now :
Policy Repo Rate to remain unchanged at 4%

Accommodative stance of monetary policy to continue as long as necessary to revive & sustain growth, to mitigate impact of #COVID19 on economy, ensure inflation remains within target

- @RBI Gov. @DasShaktikanta

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The RBI on May 31 asked banks not to cite its 2018 order as a reason to deny #banking services to customers who dealt in cryptocurrencies.

What is the future of #cryptocurrency in India and why does it continue to hang in the balance?

Read more in the thread below:

What is the history of #cryptocurrency in India?

Why did the #SupremeCourt overturn the #RBI’s 2018 order to banks?

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#RBI और अमिताभ बच्चन के बीच में हुए विज्ञापन के करार की जानकारी नहीं देने का निर्णय कानूनी तौर पर गलत है। धारा 8(1) D का गलत आधार बनाया गया है। अमिताभ जी को विज्ञापन के लिए जो भी पैसा @RBI ने दिया है वह जनता की गाढ़ी कमाई - टैक्सपेयर का पैसा है। वही PIO ने इसे तीसरा पक्ष...
..माना है पर क्या धारा 11 के तहत RBI ने अमिताभ जी से इसमें आपत्ति ली गई? आप इस ऑर्डर के विरूद्ध प्रथम अपील आवेदन करें। 8(1)D में भी स्पष्ट है कि व्यापक जनहित होने पर जानकारी साझा की जाएगी। RBI को समझना होगा देश का संविधान उसे जनता के प्रति उत्तरदाई बनाता है नाकि बच्चन जी के प्रति
अब तो सभी सरकारों और संस्थानों को भी समझना होगा कि विज्ञापनों में दमकते चमकते हीरो हीरोइन के चेहरों पर ज्यादा खर्च करें या फिर बजट का सदुपयोग अस्पतालों की बेहतरी के लिए करें। मुझे तो यह समझ में नहीं आ रहा है कि RBI को अमिताभ बच्चन के व्यवसायिक हितों की इतनी चिंता क्यों पड़ी है...
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LIVE Now: Address by #RBI Governor

Aggregate supply conditions are underpinned by resilience of the agricultural sector, the record footprint productions and buffer stocks in 2021 provide food security and support to the other sector of the economy: RBI Governor, @DasShaktikanta
With restrictions & containment measures being localised and targeted, businesses & households are learning to adapt. Everybody has learnt how to survive & do business in an environment of containment.

- #RBI Governor, @DasShaktikanta
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RBI issues instructions on governance for banks, incl Pvt Banks, SFBs, Wholly Owned Subsidiaries of Foreign Banks

Circular not be applicable to foreign banks operating as branches in India

Post of MD & CEO or WTD (Whole Time Director) can't be held by same incumbent for >15 yrs
*THREAD* (RBI on Bank CEOs)

#RBI: #Bank MD & CEO/WTD can be re-appointed after a gap of 3 years if considered necessary/desirable by the board (once 15 years completed)

WTD, MD & CEO cannot be associated with a bank in any capacity during 3-year cooling-off period
RBI: Upper age limit for #MD & CEO and WTDs in pvt #banks would continue to be 70 years

MD&CEO or WTD who is also a promoter/ major shareholder, cannot hold these posts for > 12 years

RBI may allow promoter WTD/MD & #CEO to continue up tp 15 years in extraordinary circumstances
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#RBI releases the minutes of the last Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting.

Follow this thread for more. #MPC
*thread* ImageImageImageImage
MPC Minutes | #RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das says rapidly rising cases of #COVID19 single biggest challenge to ongoing economic recovery.

Learnings of last one year should help us in managing the crisis as it unfolds.

*Follow this thread for more. ImageImageImage
MPC Minutes | #RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das: Improving global outlook would support India's exports and investment demand.

#MPC Image
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India #RBI formally launches #QE:

▪️ Named 'Government Securities Acquisition Programme', G-SAP 1.0
▪️ Commits to specific amt of G-Sec purchases (INR 1.0 trn in Q1 FY2021-22)
▪️ At annualized INR 4 trn, that is ~7% of RBI Balance Sheet BS (Fed's $1.44 trn QE => ~19% BS)

▪️ While RBI prefers 10yr yield to be ard 6.0%, formal Yield Curve Control YCC targets specific yld for specific tenor (BOJ Japan & RBA Australia) => unknown amt of bond purchase to meet yld target
▪️ RBI's G-SAP more QE (pre-announced amt) than YCC

G-SAP v/s OMO?
▪️ Practically not much diff but RBI generally does not commit to purchase amt under OMO
▪️ OMO more for liquidity mgmt => inject as well as absorb liquidity
▪️ QE purchase necessarily injects liquidity; targets backend ylds => BS expansion => Reserve Money ⬆️

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#SupremeCourt to shortly pronounce its verdict in the RBI #LoanMoratorium case

Pleas pertained to charging of interest on interest by banks on EMIs which have not been paid by borrowers after availing the loan moratorium scheme of RBI during March 1 to August 31 @RBI
Justice MR Shah: Petitioners wanted complete waiver and sector specific reliefs.
Justice MR Shah: scope of judicial review on economic policy decisions and policy decisions with affect on economy has to be considered. Judgments have held how limited the scope is in such situations.
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#Finance | India hopes that more money will bridge the #infrastructure gap⁠ but many believe that may not be enough…

By @pabsgill
@pabsgill The Indian government is on the cusp of setting up a new bank that will raise money from big pension funds, insurance funds, sovereign funds and foreign funds to invest in long-term #infrastructure projects.
@pabsgill Indeed, India’s #infrastructure deficit is mammoth and it needs money. However, there is a lot else that impedes such projects in India.
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#Banks are not liable to cough up payments if you have been a victim of fraud or scams…

By @pabsgill
@pabsgill If you have been a victim of a bank fraud or somebody has scammed money out of your bank account, the bank is not liable to compensate you for your loss, according to a consumer court in Gujarat.

@pabsgill The Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission in Amreli denied compensation of a victim of fraud who got duped of ₹41,500. The court believes that the fraud occurred due to the individual’s own negligence, alleviating any responsibility on the art of the bank.

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What’s all this fuss about #NUE? New Umbrella Entity!
One of India’s feather in the cap is its Digital payments system initiative - NPCI and its various products. It has put #India on a global map!

A thread...! (1/n)
Many developed economies such as the US & UK are trying to emulate India in this field that stands as a testimony for its success.

So, we are the best in Digital payments, right? So why bother?

As the famous quote says, 'Well begun is half done!
The current NPCI which is an umbrella entity is the sole/monopoly that takes care of the entire range of digital payments.

So, what if it’s a monopoly? Bollywood ka Badshah bhi toh ek hi hai? @iamsrk ;)

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#BREAKING | #MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) voted unanimously to leave policy repo rates unchanged at 4%. #RBI maintains accommodative stance, reverse repo rate unchanged at 3.35%: @DasShaktikanta
#RBIPolicy LIVE Updates:
@DasShaktikanta #MSF (Marginal Standing Facility) rate remains unchanged at 4.25%: #RBI Governor @DasShaktikanta
#RBIPolicy LIVE Updates:
@DasShaktikanta #MPC decided to continue with an accommodative stance of monetary policy as long as necessary, at least through the current FY and into next year to revive growth on a durable basis and mitigate impact of COVID-19: @DasShaktikanta
#RBIPolicy LIVE Updates:
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#Google says it has removed several loan apps in India after #RBI takes steps to curb fraud in digital lending…

By @SanchDash
@SanchDash #Google has reviewed hundreds of loan apps in India and has also removed many of them, which have violated user safety guidelines.

@SanchDash #Google’s crackdown on lending apps in India comes after the Reserve Bank of India announced that it was forming a working group to regulate digital lending.

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