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In 3 days, #BoycottMulan. Disney's #Mulan actress supports #HongKong #PoliceBrutality and fought against freedom as a US citizen.

WATCH this new alternative trailer on Hong Kong's #FightForFreedom. Check out this thread for the stories behind the source videos #StandWithHongKong
First, context for why we are calling for #BoycottMulan.

Chinese actress #LiuYifei, a naturalised US citizen who enjoys freedom and democracy, supports #HongKong #PoliceBrutality in a social post.

#FightForFreedom #StandWithHongKong…
One of the first videos is the "Thin Yellow Line" by @SCMPNews. It's a citizen-led initiative to form human barriers during 2019 #HongKongProtests to protect young protesters. It won the prestigious 2020 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize:…
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#HongKong activist Agnes Chow @chowtingagnes has been released, 26 hours or so after being arrested on suspicion of violating #NationalSecurityLaw. She says passport’s been confiscated, & #HongKongPolice accused her of collusion with foreign forces on social media... 1)
But Chow said police, during the process of taking her statement didn’t specify when the alleged collusion took place, or through what social media. She said she’s been released on $HK200,000 bail, an amount she called “very harsh”. 2)
Unlike Tony Chung, who was earlier arrested over #NationalSecurityLaw allegations & had a saliva sample taken, Chow said she didn’t need to do so, only giving her fingerprints.

She said this is the 4th time she’s been arrested, “& frankly, this time was the scariest” 3)
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Treasury Sanctions Individuals for Undermining #HongKong ’s Autonomy
"Today, Treasury is sanctioning Carrie Lam, Chris Tang, Stephen Lo, John Lee Ka-chiu, Teresa Cheng, Erick Tsang, Xia Baolong, Zhang Xiaoming, Luo Huining, Zheng Yanxiong & Eric Chan."…
Today, the #US is designating 11 individuals responsible for the erosion of #HongKong ’s autonomy.
As a result of today’s action, all property & interests in property of the individuals named above, & of any entities that are owned, directly or indirectly, 50% / more by them, individually, / with other blocked persons, that are in the #USA / in the possession or control of
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Teargas fired along Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay, half an hour into an unapproved march.
Earlier, the small squad of riot police were overwhelmed by the huge crowd that have showed up. Scattered objects thrown while they were retreating. Reinforcements have arrived since.
More teargas fired as riot police made a made dash along Hennessy Road. #HongKong people take to the street in this scale for the first time since #coronavirus hit, to protest against its government and the impending national security laws.
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【5.10 荃灣廣場】


今日有人呼籲市民到港九多個商場聚集,參與「全港和你Sing 抗爭前奏曲」。

攝 / Jimmy Lam @ USP United Social Press 社媒

#香港 #HongKong #HappyMothersDay



#HongKong #HappyMothersDay #motherday2020

15:28 海港城內


#HappyMothersDay #HongKong #motherday2020
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This motorcycle cop deliberately accelerates into a crowd of people in Hong Kong, hitting and dragging one innocent bystander under the motorcycle.

The condition of the man who was hit is unknown.

I tracked down a video of the same incident taken from street level.

This video shows the cop attempting to drive over innocent protesters with his motorcycle multiple times.

#HKPoliceTerrorists #HKPoliceBrutality
#HongKong #HongKongProtests #StandWithHongKong #HongKongPolice
Here is yet another view of the incident.

This one 👇 may disturb some viewers. It looks like the hit by the motorcycle could have caused serious injury, or worse.
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THREAD: To #HKers, I make this appeal:

I love you, I love your city, it was once my home & I will always fight for you & for #HongKong

You are at your best when you hold the moral high ground, when you protest in peace, for that is when you will win the hearts of the world 1/3
I understand the anger,desperation,frustration that might lead a few of you to contemplate violence

You face a #HongKongPolice that perpetrates violence with impunity,indiscriminately,totally disproportionately & with extremity,every day

You have a human urge to fight back 2/3
But nevertheless, bricks & molotov cocktails have already lost the hearts of some.

Bombs would only make your situation worse

So I plead with #HongKong friends who are bravely protesting for freedom & whose struggle is my struggle:

Fight for hearts & minds, NOT bodies & blood
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Amid #Coronavirus menace, pro-#CCP lawmakers today hold extra meetings to discuss #HKpolice pay rises, despite majority of #HKers’ opposing the rise. According to the poll, popularity rating of police hit a record low: 40% of population giving zero marks on police performance.
However, just on the same day of the meeting, #hongkongpolice carries new rounds of political persecution by arresting key pro-democracy figures including Lee Cheuk Yan, Yeung Sum and pro-democracy media tycoon Jimmy Lai.
Over the past two months, #hkgov has demonstrated its governance failure. When the civil society is busy ensuring our mask supplies overseas and helping #Hongkongers to stay away from the virus, #HKpolice opts to suppress all opposition to the police pay rise.
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Less than 2 weeks, our petition against France's sale of tactical suits to #HKPolice has broken 100000 signatories. It shows the world has sided with #HKers' strong appeal to suspend any support to #policebrutality. Our urge is strong & irresistible!
Over the past 8 months, #HKPolice has completely ignored guidelines & excessively used forces on citizens. Our elderly was teargassed, first-aiders were shot blind, young generations were trampled by police on their heads, foreign companies' employees were unlawfully arrested. Image
Any gears supplied to #hongkongpolice will merely turn them into weapons against democracy fighters in HK. Just as G7 leaders supported HK's autonomy last year, some values are more important than dollar signs, and that is Liberty that #hongkongers want to fight for. Image
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Meanwhile, #HongKongPolice busy ARRESTING protesters; #PLA busy folding bedsheet to a PERFECT square!
#coronavirus #中国肺炎
— in the name of “law enforcement”, #abusing their POWER provided by The People again tonight.

#HKPoliceTerrorism #HongKong
#PLA (People's Liberation Army in #HongKong), with their square-shape #bedsheet.

#解放軍 #摺被 #China #coronavirus ImageImageImage
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ATL🇺🇸 in #HongKong: THREAD 1/n

Today SO MUCH in one short video:

* Melee of press, #police, protesters & tourists
* #HongKongProtester being arrested
* UK tourist watching atop the silver sculpture
* Sound of pepper spray being sprayed (fountain-style)
* Tear gas being shot
#HongKong THREAD 2/n

I'm not here to be at the front lines (this guy👇👇👇 is), but to visit with some #HongKongers & their supporters involved.

Think of it as American Thought Leaders🇺🇸, #HongKong Edition, & why not ATL🇺🇸—it's been said that this resembles, in some ways, 1776.
#HongKongProtests THREAD 3/n

Meet conflict reporter @Michael_Yon (with gas mask & orange vest) & #HongKong videographer Eric Fok @RazvenHK (donning mask).

Ok, before you meet them, meet the rather assertive #HongKongPolice. Big blue sign means "this protest is unauthorized."
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At 3:50 a.m. local time, 4 individuals dressed in black and wielding batons entered the print shop and warehouse of the #HongKong edition of @EpochTimes and set a fire.

This is our response. (Thread 👇)…
The telescopic batons carried by the thugs in the video are similar to those used by the #HongKongPolice. Two of the thugs who carried out the attack were dressed in black with masks, like the #HongKongProtesters.

This was apparently done in an effort to confuse…
…the situation, as this tactic fits a pattern we have seen in #HongKong. Police and thugs have pretended to be protesters, journalists, and citizens, and committed violence, including beatings and arson, then blamed the protesters in an attempt to discredit them.
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4 masked intruders dressed in black set a fire at the printing press of the #HongKong edition of @EpochTimes in the early hours of Nov. 19, marking the 4th attack to the facility since its opening more than a decade ago. (Thread 👇)…
The incident took place around 3:40AM, as the staff there were about to send off newly printed newspapers to the stands.

Moments after staff opened the factory door, 4 masked men walked into the facility and pointed batons towards the workers, shouting: “all of you don’t move!”
Surveillance footage shows 2 of the men dressed in all black carrying batons, while one of them holds newspapers, and another carries two containers containing a flammable liquid, which he poured onto the factory machines and newspapers.
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Audrey Eu SC, on behalf of #CUHK student union chief Jacky So seeking injunction to ban police entry, argues there’s no rioting WITHIN Uni precinct; there’s only evidence that #HongKongPolice entered the campus & students responded to “an invasion of their home & try to defend”
Eu: we’re not asking the court to condone violence & the legal conducts of rioters, nor trying to tie the police’s hands. We’re asking #HongKongPolice have to enforce the law in accordance to the law, no more no less #CUHK #HongKongProtests
Eu: there should only be 3 conditions for police to enter #CUHK, a private premise. 1) with a search warrant, 2) at the invitation of the owner, 3) section 50(4) of the #HongKongPolice Force Ordinance, which reads as below:

Link to the law:
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Still barricades up at CUHK and riot police on bridge no2. These are students barricading themselves on their own campus
Gonna update what’s been happening at CUHK in the last hour
Frontline of protesters moved forward and there was a hail of bricks, molotovs and tear gas
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#PressFreedom is being challenged AGAIN!

Riot Police shoved off @rthk_news journalist, out-of-control #HongKongPolice even shouted “You think you’re #CIA?! Try to subvert #HongKong?!!”

#HKPoliceState #HongKongProtests #FreeSpeech @pressfreedom
【槍頭對 #鏡頭】— 感謝記者堅守真相
Gun Vs. #Camera, thanks #journalists exposing the truth of #HKpoliceterrorism.

Special Thanks: #cityu #城大編委

#香港デモ #hongkong #FreedomOfThePress #hkpolicebrutality #PressFreedom ImageImage
It’s getting crazier out there — a freelance #reporter for @HongKongFP, May James, has been ARRESTED whilst at work in #Mongkok tonight.

#PressFreedom #journalists #HongKongProtests #HongKong
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#HKPolice just fired #teargas into a local pharmacy in #Mongkok.

Looks absolutely #DYSTOPIA.

Photos: @StandNewsHK
#HKPoliceTerrorism #HKPoliceState #hongkong #HongKongProtests ImageImageImage
Another shop totally DESTROYED by #HongKongPolice tonight
— Tear Gas *BURNS the paper carton boxes* outside the restaurant, setting the fire.

This is #HongKongPoliceTerrorism & they don’t have to be accountable to ANY crimes they committed!!
#HongKongProtests #hongkong ImageImage
#HKPoliceState — if NO ONE is allowed to stay on streets, why not #HKGov just call a #CURFEW😡

Several buses were hit by #HongKongPolice’s arbitrary firing of #TearGas in Mongkok.

#宵禁啦笨 #hongkong #antichinazi #HongKongProtests #香港デモ ImageImageImage
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#HongKongProtests — if you ask who is DESTROYING #HongKong’s tourism & economy, just see this.

#HongKongPolice firing #teargas in a peaceful protest in TST, a major tourist spot.

#HKPoliceState #HKPoliceTerrorism
#HKPoliceState — Dozens of Riot Police setting up cordon line in Nathan Road, stopping EVERYONE entering TST area.

防暴警察於彌敦道海防道築起封鎖線,禁前任何人士往 #尖沙咀

#DaytimeCurfew #HongKongProtests #HongKong #香港デモ #antichinazi ImageImage
Dear #Tourists,

With #HKPoliceTerrorism, pls DON’T think you’d be SAFE staying in 5* hotels like @PeninsulaHotels or #Sheraton.. Poisonous tear gas & random rubber bullets could still hit you. Sorry & #StaySafe 🙏🏻

#HKPoliceState #hongkong
#香港旅行 #HongKongProstests ImageImageImage
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#HongKongPolice are stationed on every block along Nathan Road, starting from St.Andrew’s Church. And some look incredibly bored. Someone on my bus commented “what a nice job, stand here, do nothing and you earn OT.”
Riot police advancing from Cultural Centre now clearing protesters from Salisbury Road. “Blame the protesters,” an officer told civilians, who asked why they had to leave.
Unsure where riot police want protesters to go, pushing them from the sidewalk on Salisbury Road has only forced them onto the road. Now police officers are blocking the traffic themselves. Also note that most protesters here are not wearing any gear.
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Where is this #ArtMuseum
#HongKongers’ creativity & artistry will NEVER stop amaze us!!

This’s the #ProtestArt @ Kwai Fong #LennonTunnel 🇭🇰

Photo by Studio Incendo
#HongKongProtests #HKProtestArt #streetart #HongKong #香港の写真を何の説明もなく上げてみる #discoverHongKong ImageImage
Our #ArtMuseum is soon to be destroyed..

Quite a number of #HongKongPolice was saw patrolling the #lennonwall 🤬 Go hurry if you want to see it!

#HKPoliceState #HongKongProtests #HongKong #art #streetart ImageImage
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Clashes in #HongKong on 20th Straight Weekend of #Protests (Thread 👇)

Full video & story:…

#China #Eye4HK #加油 #antiELAB #反送中 #HkPoliceBrutality #HongKongProtests #FreeHK #StandWithHongKong #HongKongProtest
#HumanRights #Chinazi #HongKongPolice
"So everytime we do have a peaceful parade or march, it's just that every time there’s police coming out to provoke us. If they don’t come out, they don’t suddenly raise their flag, everytime it will be fine, it will be peaceful."

#StandWithHongKong #hkpolicebrutality #HongKong
"There are mysterious suicides everyday and there have been at least 114 mysterious suicides since the beginning of the time revolution in June, and we can see police brutality on the frontline on a daily basis."

#StandWithHongKong #hkpolicebrutality #HongKong #China #Eye4HK #HK
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Despite wearing a press vest, a NowTV driver was shot in his rear head by riot police with a beanbag round. He was then brought to the stairwell inside a police station and forcefully beaten around his head by dozens of officers with batons there. Image
Multiple noticeable injuries were found on his forehead, arms and legs. His jaw was fractured. He was taken to the hospital after two hours of vicious beatings by #HongKongPolice #PoliceBrutality #PoliceState ImageImageImageImage
Despite condensation made by NowTV, #HongKongPolice still lied openly to the public and claimed that the driver was taken to the stairwell for his SAFETY. What is the point of keeping one’s safety by beating the person up? Such brutality must be condemned and sanctioned. ImageImage
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Creative #Music confronting #HKpopo 📣

打傳媒 打傳媒 打!
打議員 打議員 打!
打女仔 打女仔 打!
#死黑警 打爛依個家園!

#肥媽有話兒 #Sia #Pop #MusicisKing
#HongKongProstests #屯門牛牛 #預防禽流感勿摸活家禽
#HKPolice today specifically targets at *FIRST AIDERS* in #TuenMun protest, at least 5 were arrested and many were #humiliated by being called “COCKROACHES” & made forced to face a wall. #HumanitarianCrisis

@UN @MSF @hrw
#HongKongProstests #hongkong
#HKPoliceState #HKGestapo ImageImageImageImage
Let’s take a walk down the *#Bullets Aisle* of today’s legitimate #TuenMun protest 🆘

“Letter of No Objection” was pre-approved by #HongKongPolice. Yet, bullets & #CSgas were still fired soon after the rally started.

#HKPoliceState #chinazi #LiberateHK
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Aug 31 #HongKongProtests in a nutshell

- Police pretended as protesters
- Indiscriminate attack by HKPF in train
- Water Cannons deployed
- Real gun shot at Victoria Park
- Medics blocked away from the injured

#HongKongProtests #HongKongPolice #PoliceBrutality #SOSHK
Police acting indifferent despite the begging of first-aiders

#PoliceBrutality #HongKongProtests

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