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Battle at the PolyU now happening along Cheong Wan Road above the cross harbour tunnel, while on the other end of the road near the intersection of Chatham Road S where the water cannon was at, things remain in a standstill.
Entered the school for a tour, where all sorts of materials and utilities are being put to use, such as the gymnasium mat.
People have donated all sorts of supplies as wel. Here’s a first-aider finding water boots of the right size. Raincoats, gas masks and other protective gear were being handed out. One makes announcement remaining press not to livestream on campus.
No photos allowed in canteen, but the area, run entirely by protesters is well stocked and well organised. “Whether you’re peaceful or radical, DO THE DISHES” writes one sign. There’s a “closet” with clothes for change, a stadium with yoga mats+blankets for those who need to rest
There’s also a room that’s entirely off limits to press with a sign outside that says SORRY NO PRESS.
A separate battle occurs across from Cheong Wan Road, in a bridge connecting to Hung Hom MTR station. Molotov cocktails were used to keep police from advancing, the latter have now moved up to the carpark above the bridge for a better vantage point.
PolyU is well-known for its design programme and it shows. Lennon Wall is a must, but here’s a makeshift map with removable signs that note where first aid stations, resources and police are located.
Who knew, the campus where #HongKong students have celebrated their graduation weeks ago is now a battlefield.
A huge fire burning on the bridge that connects #PolyU to Hung Hom MTR station. The smoke is being blown by the wind into campus and protesters are retreating, carrying along their supplies.
Protesters climbed above chairs precariously stacked above a bridge to transport a catapult to the frontline on Cheong Wan Road. A bowl of ammunition, which looks like golf balls, is also passed on.
There are posters within each bathroom cubicle, reminding people to help mop the floor, keep the floor dry and put on your mask before you leave. Female bathroom is stocked with all sorts of supplies: bioderma make up remover, siusai cleanser (a really good one), sun lotion etc
Protesters set a police armoured vehicle on fire, forcing it to back off. Police countered by raining tear gas down on them. Between the two is a fire barrier made with Molotov cocktails.
A group of protesters, including scouts, stand guard at this entrance. The huge fire on the bridge earlier has been put off, police have returned to the opposite carpark. This battle will drag on for quite a while.
Reaction to police’s call to leave #PolyU by 10pm:
- many fear this is a trap, rumours circulate that those who left through Building Y the designated exit have been arrested.
- some, undeterred, laugh it off
- a few are still hard at work making more bombs
Protesters fortified exit at Building Y. Police fired several rounds of teargas and weapons that caused extremely loud bangs, which according to a journalist, are sonic weapons that caused ringing in his ears.
Earplugs are being distributed to protesters, first aiders and journalists in #PolyU
A shouting match between police and protesters on this end of the campus. This man was tainted blue by water cannon, with a laser beam glaring in his face, lighting up his silhouette, but he remains unfazed. Protesters now playing old Cantopop songs to avoid arguing with police.
Tension high again in #PolyU, as protesters sprayed in blue and carried into the campus. A number of them have stripped to their underwear and are being washed by firstaiders. Sounds of coughing and choking fill the area.
In the campus of #PolyU: “Why has the university turned into a battlefield?”
Teargas and water cannon used against protesters gathered outside #PolyU. This is the major frontline right now.
A girl cries out in pain as first aiders wash away the pepper spray/teargas liquid that has stained her eyes.
Water cannon deployed again on Chatham Road.
From telegram, a photo taken outside the #HongKong Coliseum shows first aiders and doctors on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs, presumably arrested by riot police.
Over 10-hour of battle has worn down many protesters, who are taking turns for a rest while others remain in the frontline. Bottles of shower gel were used to wash off chemical from water cannon. Some lights are out, leaving part of the campus eerily dark.
Water cannon followed by more teargas. It doesn’t show in the picture, but police fired high into the sky and the falling canisters could have caused huge damage if it lands on someone.
Dangerous trajectories of teargas captured in this photo, where water cannon is deployed at the same time. Instead of asking students, who have no way out, to leave, #PolyU faculty needs to intervene now before it results in a humanitarian crisis that’s greater than the one now.
And there’s a sign here that says “beware of oncoming vehicles”. It’s damn right.
Another face-off with the armoured #police vehicle. Protesters are trying to light it on fire, as they did to another one Cheong Wan Road earlier.
Those injured are being carried away by first aiders. It’s almost 2:30am. I’ve no idea how protesters have been able to hold their ground for so long. Supplies help. But it takes a lot to not turn and run in front of this vehicle, firing jet of chemical every 15 min.
The same question is on a lot of people’s mind. When will this end - and more importantly, how?
Am signing off. Just successfully left the #PolyU area by tagging behind firefighters, who were so surprised they turned around and ask how I’d managed to leave. “By following you”, I told them.
Meanwhile, my car is stuck on Canton Road, which along with Austin Road, is clogged with cars. Some came in respond to calls to rescue #PolyU, others in hopes of blocking the streets to prevent #police reinforcement.
Some have no intention of leaving.
Not all heroes wear capes. Some hold keys to bathroom door. Joined a group of a dozen people on a desperate search for the loo. Public toilet is locked. Some floated the idea of going in the bushes, when a man called to us in the park and led us to a market nearby. With a toilet
Three rounds of live ammunition fired on Canton Road according to people at the scene. Two riot police officers were following an injured woman that’s being carried by paramedics to the ambulance. People gathered to heckle them. The weapons were then used.
More riot #police have arrived to reinforce, they are met by loud car honks, how people are expressing their anger.
Two first-aiders at the scene confirmed that no one was shot by the live ammunition. It was extremely unwise for the two riot police officers to walk into an angry crowd alone, even/esp. if they are following an injured person carried on a stretcher to an ambulance.
Riot police officers leaving Canton Road, they initially shone their flashlight on drivers who dared to honk their cars in protest. But quickly left when they realised the number of cars/people they were up against. Also got a few “rubbish journalists” directed my way.
Footage of the three rounds of live ammunition fired. The riot police officers have followed an injured female to the ambulance in order to arrest her.
Riot police working to clear the traffic jam on Canton Road, by bringing in tow trucks. One quickly turned on his/her flashlight as soon as he/she saw me filming.
According to RTHK livestream, most protesters have retreated into the campus while the front entrance of #PolyU is on fire, likely to keep riot police from entering and making mass arrests.
A similar situation at the bridge that connects #PolyU to Hung Hom MTR station, another frontline in today's battle. A fire barrier is used to keep riot police from entering, despite the fire posing great risks to protesters themselves as well.
Things seem quiet as the fire continues to burn, the silence punctured only by occasional explosions. A number of protesters were arrested earlier when the police successfully charged into the campus.
Also spotted this on a wall near the canteen in #PolyU.
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