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🕯️Exploring lighting styles in #MidJourney

pt. 2 of an ongoing series, today we're building off of yesterday's exploration into film types (link at end of thread)

Retweet if you're liking the series so far. It really helps and your support means the world to me

🧵 A thread street style photo of a woman, studio lighting, shot on Kodastreet style photo of a woman, natural lighting, shot on Kodstreet style photo of a woman, low-key lighting, shot on Kodstreet style photo of a woman, Soft Light, shot on Kodak Gol
Same base prompt as yesterday, this time with [lighting]

💬 [Shot Type] photo of [Subject], [Lighting Style], shot on [Film Type]

For easy comparison, images in this thread are:

💬 [Street Style] photo of [a woman], [Lighting], shot on [Kodak Gold 200]
Some key lighting examples

💡Studio Lighting

👀 Controlled lighting set up using multiple artificial lights to achieve the desired effect. Commonly used in #portrait #fashion, product, and commercial #photography street style photo of a woman, studio lighting, shot on Koda
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Fashion 2.0

First try training Stable Diffusion v2.0 (512-base).

Some individual photos + tech details in the🧵

#stablediffusion #ai #portrait #fashion
Fashion 2.0
Fashion 2.0 - 2
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Film Camera

Trained a new model for 'realistic photos' - whatever that ever means. It works pretty well.
Imagine where the quality will be in a year.
#stablediffusion #portrait
Film Camera - few individual portraits ImageImageImageImage
Film Camera 2 ImageImageImageImage
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What is a novel? Georg Lukács and Mikhail Bakhtin say that it is a epic of a lost totality, an unfinished genre, through which marginal forms of the carnival laughter of the common people have been able to penetrate the official language of church, state and science. Alex Matson,
the first Finnish translator of James #Joyce’s #Portrait, published his influential Romaanitaide (Art of the Novel) in 1947,and asked precisely this question. The study had a major effect on later Finnish prose,not the least on Väinö Linna, who studied it while writing Tuntematon
Sotilas (The Unknown Soldier).Which Novels does Matson use as examples and what does he say about them?I’ll reread the book and make English notes here:First of all,he shows that novels are not defined as or by story. As the origin of the art of the novel Matson sites #DonQuixote
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Black portraits

Dreambooth training SD 1.5 model for photographic style.

#dreambooth #stablediffusion #portrait
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Finetuned the new SD1.5 model with some realistic portrait photos, ran a quick test of quality.

No GFPGAN/CodeFormer used, no inpainting - there's details I could Photoshop here and there, but ... Not bad. Quickly looking, one might be fooled.

#stablediffusion #portrait ImageImageImageImage
Few more from the same test. ImageImageImageImage
Same prompt (minus token word change to use the custom model), same seed, same settings. SD 1.4, SD 1.5, finetuned SD 1.5 model. No Topaz.

There's a nice leap up from 1.4 to 1.5. ImageImageImage
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We are supporting @ArmySportASCB @armyboxingteam at the IS Development Champs. Test image from @windandsurfphot of a couple of early arrivees from @navyfit @RNRMBoxing and you just know there has to be a story behind the happy 'threesome'!

Sure to be a great night of boxing.
Looks like the action is about to get underway @ArmySportASCB @armyboxingteam Inter Services Development Championship from Aldershot.

📸🥊 @windandsurfphot
!st bout and @armyboxingteam looking to take the fight to the Royal Air Force.

📸🥊 @windandsurfphot

@ArmySportASCB #boxing #sport #army
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As an aspiring #Artist , I love to Paint/Sketch my own perspective & observations of things that inspires me. I've been doing this for a decade & would love to share it on this platform.

Hence, I am starting this thread where I'll add my couple of #artwork everyday. Let's go...
"Under the same moon, Let's watch it together, tonight."

This is made with Soft Pastel on Black sheet.
Follow on #Instagram for more:

#StarryNight #moon #night #NightSky #Sketching #sketch #art #artwork #artistsontwitter #Artists #Artist #artistsupport Image
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They’re all there!

The pencil sharpener,
the favorite pen, the brush!
Plus a pencil! I just found #ALLTHETHINGS
behind my desk!
Waiting for primed canvas to dry,
printing up references,
fighting the urge to make this #painting #portrait
Currently procrastinating by sharpening
in the house😂
Its a holiday gift of the
grandkids for grandma.
I already mentally
shot down these ideas
Flexing w MASSIVE muscles, like @Schwarzenegger cerca 1985.
Smoking a bong on a couch together like teenagers.
Riding a wolf into a bloody battle.
I was trying to be serious.
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[#PORTRAIT] ⚓ Yvonnick est soudeur sur le site de Naval Group de Toulon. ⚙ Repéré pour ses talents de soudeur, il rejoint en 2010 l’atelier coque où il se spécialise dans la tuyauterie, principalement sur sous-marins nucléaires d’attaque (SNA). 👇👇 #navgeek
Passionné par la plongée sous-marine, Yvonnick cherche un métier où il peut faire de sa passion un atout pour l’industrie et devient plongeur-soudeur.
🗨« J’ai eu la chance de croiser un soudeur passionné qui avait travaillé sur le Charles-de-Gaulle. J’ai complètement accroché. »
Pour Yvonnick l’esprit d’équipe est important et il n’hésite pas à faire appel aux savoir-faire de ses collègues.
🗨 « L’objectif est d’aller aider n’importe quel autre soudeur sur le site de Toulon, qu’il appartienne à l’équipe bâtiments de surface ou sous-marins. »
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In 1626 the Cape Verdean woman Clara Dirks married Anthony Manuel van Malacken (Malacca). #blackhistorymonth #day21 #mixedmarriages
In January 1910, Marcus Johnson, with his wife and three children, James Liwes, John Johson and Abi Williams were photographed in #Amsterdam, they came from Sierra Leone. #blackhistorymonth #day22 #identification
In 1700 Frans Martijn, a sailor from Angola, boarded in 1700 as cook on the East Indiaman 'De Generale Vreede'. #blackhistorymonth #day23
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Would you recognize a Neanderthal if you met one on the street?

Have a look at my painting of a Neanderthal woman and compare her features to yours. 1/14

#SciArt #neanderthal #illustration #Archaeology #portrait Digital painting of a Neanderthal woman in profile, looking
I had the chance to study Neanderthal appearance while creating this portrait for the Stelida Naxos Archaeology Project (SNAP) @stelidanaxos. 2/14
SNAP, run by Dr. Tristan Carter @AnthroMac, has found evidence for Middle Pleistocene activity at the chert extraction site of Stelida, Naxos. Mousterian stone tools, dating to the Middle Palaeolithic, suggests Neanderthal use of the site. 3/14…
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#PORTRAIT Abdou Aziz Camara, ingénieur IT, Graphc Designer : « Tout ce que j’ai eu c’est grâce au Coran ».
👇 Image
Abdou Aziz Camara, est un jeune ingénieur IT, Graphic designer. Ce natif de Diamaguene,Sicap Mbao, en banlieue dakaroise a démarré ses humanités au Daara ( école coranique) 👇
de Serigne Habib Kébé à Fass Diaksao, C’est dans ce village mythique fondé par El hadji Malick Sy qu’il a mémorisé le Coran et appris l’essentiel des livres de base de l’Islam.
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