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Again, #earlymodern Europe was a paper age. Let's have a closer look into this allegorical painting of 1629, and discuss what can be seen. A thread for #paperhistory #bookhistory #communicationhistory
A manuscript paper book used for accounting or writing purposes. These details are not new to (book) historians and are often highlighted. Yes, only a few could write, but many came into contact with paper. Here, they inform the writer what to write - on paper.

Broadsheets were often glued or pinned to walls. Here, this paper broadsheet is positioned under a small bookshelf. Bonus for experts of early modern #bookhistory: #backwardsbooks

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What has Protesting Accomplished?
--- by Christopher Reilley

👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained #protests:
#Minneapolis bans use of #chokeholds.

👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

👉🏾#Dallas adopts a "#DutyToIntervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

👉🏾#NewJersey’s attorney general said the state will update its #UseOfForce guidelines for the first time in two decades.

👉🏾In #Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a #PoliceReform work group.

👉🏾#LosAngeles City Council introduces motion to reduce #LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.
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Timeline: How the Dutch came up with their Coronavirus Strategy of Years of Yo-Yo Lockdowns,

It is a sort of a hybrid between 'Allowing the virus to run its course unchecked' [Sweden] and 'Maximum containment of the virus' [New Zealand]…
There exists a later document also:

"Why the Dutch Covid-19 strategy is ineffective and inhumane:"

"The Netherlands is currently retreating from its “intelligent lockdown” as one of the hardest-hit countries in the world."

"Although the strategy of allowing the virus to spread while building herd immunity was never abandoned, the Dutch have somehow escaped much international scrutiny – until now."…

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Back in January, Samaneh Pary, Mohammad & Kiyumarth Mozaffari filmed propaganda events of #Iran's Islamic Regime in #France & #Netherlands for the opposition TVs which I am cooperating with.Regime has identified them & is now threatening them through fired members of #Farashgard!
Here is example of the videos recorded by them showing supporters of the regime attacking opposition activists in #Paris & #Amsterdam back in January & February. Iran International TV, BBC & Manoto TV, three opposition news channels broadcasted them:
A cyber or troll army led by a Twitter user named #Reza_RezaeiKhosravi (@ Korikodill) is blackmailing & sexually harassing opposition activists. #RezaeiKhosravi is stepson of Masoud Zaribafan (former vice president during the #Ahmadinejad).
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1/12 Thread on our new report: 'Becoming more open: the view from four European cities'🏙️… #opencities #smartcities

@bsnaith_ from the 'open #cities' team is going to take you through some of the key points from the report...
2/12 All four of these cities – #Amsterdam, #Gdańsk, #Hamburg and #Helsinki – have made significant progress in the move towards becoming open cities. The report shares how they're developing data infrastructure, training staff, engaging with citizens and fostering innovation.
3/12 The report talks about some of the challenges of using #data and #technology, but also how being open and being trustworthy with data can produce better services for citizens, businesses and communities.
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"Iceland - A Literary Guide for Travellers" is out! Getting there now is not easy, so I humbly suggest it for armchair travellers. Those need excellent book purveyors, so here's a list of ace bookshops that will safely order & deliver it. An icy THREAD: #indiebookshops #Iceland
Let's start with the Icelanders: IÐA Zimsen is a lovely bookshop cafe in downtown Reykjavik, and I'm planning to launch of the book there soon - we planned to have it in April, but, you know... Ring ahead to check if they are open. #indiebookshops
Just up the road on Laugavegur 18 is Mál og Menning, an Icelandic institution and one of my favourite shops in Reykjavik. Please also ring ahead, I could not find any details about opening hours online. #indiebookshops
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1/15 #Corona #coronadeutschland #COVIDー19

Johnny & James: "Wir müssen nicht #hamstern" 🐹 (1940)
[via @OCCII_Amsterdam]

Die jüdischen Musiker J&J (=Arnold "Nol" Siméon van Wesel & Max Salomon Meyer Kannewasser) aus #Amsterdam wurden Opfer des Holocaust

Nach der Besetzung der Niederlande durch die Deutschen durften J&J ab 1940 erst nur noch vor jüdischem Publikum spielen, dann gar nicht mehr.
1943 wurden J&J in das Durchgangslager @kampwesterbork deportiert, wo sie mind. 1x auftraten. J&J bei der Zwangsarbeit in Amsterdam, wo sie Flugzeugteile demontieren mussten
1944 konnten J&J trotz der Internierung während ihrer Zwangsarbeit in #Amsterdam 6 Stücke aufnehmen, darunter die #Westerbork Serenade.

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Hundreds of Iranians and supporters of the National Council of Resistance of #Iran organized the rallies in different cities of the EU and the United States o support anti-Iranian protests & #BoycottIranShamElections.
21 Feb- Rally in #Austria & #Denmark, by the Supporters of Resistance of #Iran (#NCRI/#MEK). they called for boycotting the #IranShamElections & paid tribute to over 1500 martyrs of the Iran protests.
Rally of Iranian in #Sweden for #BoycottIranShamElections – Feb 2020
Although they are far from home, their hearts are with their protesting compatriots in #Iran. They shout in solidarity with the Iranian people:
@lysdeschamps @LToddWood
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You can utilize chart patterns in two different ways.

1) Trade price between well-defined boundaries (need to find a clear chart pattern at early stages)

2) Trade breakouts through chart pattern boundaries

I favor 2.
Following examples will highlight why I favor:

1⃣Breakout strategies
2⃣Horiozontal chart pattern breakouts
3⃣Rectangle setups with several tests of chart pattern boundary
BAE SYSTEMS. Breakout after several tests of well-defined horizontal boundary. No pullback and challenge to chart pattern boundary. Bullish continuation completing above 200-day. #RECENT #BREAKOUT #ALERT #UK #FTSE
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They say “We can’t do that. We’re not Amsterdam.” You respond “Amsterdam wasn’t always like that either,” showing before & after transformations illustrating that cities we admire made CHOICES. They make more tired excuses. (1e van der Helststraat, 1978 & 2005 HT @fietsprofessor)
WATCH: Amsterdam is removing 10,000+ parking spaces for cars in their centre city, to make more room for more people-places, walking, & biking. This great @Streetfilms video explains why & how.

Just more evidence that #Amsterdam wasn’t “always this way.”
“A lot of Dutch cities made mistakes. In #Utrecht, they paved over canals. So their status as a cycling nation wasn’t always a given. It took a lot of hard work, a certain degree of stubbornness, and forward-thinking politicians to get where they are.”…
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Laat de @AmsterdamNL geld uitsparen, er is volop onderzoek gedaan naar de slavernij.
De rol van Amsterdam in de zwarte #slavernij wordt uitgebreid besproken in de volgende video's en boeken 🤗
De #slavernij van zwarte mensen en de rol vd joodse elite daarin staat in de boekwerken "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume 1 & 2"
Allemaal uitsluitend gebaseerd op joodse bronnen en archieven
📚The Dr Tony Martin Document Collection
Documents recovered from the professor of history's archive website… detailing the troubled relationship between blacks and jews regarding #slavery and other related-issues.…
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The #StandardOil of #NewYork is furnishing millions of dollars to help #Hitler.
(Report from the Commercial Attache, U.S. Embassy in Berlin, Germany, January 1933, to State Department in Washington, D.C,)…
#IBM’s [J.P. #morgan - #Rothschild - #Rockefeller et al.] collaboration with the #Nazis never came to light in the Nuremburg trials: IBM oversaw every single document and translation for the #Nuremburg trials (Edwin Black discusses IBM & Holocaust )
Facts and #Fascism by George Seldes (NY USA 1943)
Analysis of political and economic forces behind Fascism in Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan and America.…
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Speaking at @Abantu_ in South Africa was last leg in 2019 of #FeministGiant World Tour. It was a privilege & thrill to start it in #Sarajevo with #Bosnia’s first Pride and end it in #Soweto with #AbantuBookFest. Revolution in Sarajevo to revolution in Soweto. It’s been an honour!
Along the way,speaking at Pitchwise in #Sarajevo, @strandbookstore in #NYC, @RMWAdam in #Amsterdam, @McrLitFest in #Manchester, @akefestival in #Lagos, @wcfbook in #Chicago, also in #Brooklyn, #Ottawa, #Sydney, #Melbourne & turning #Australia upside down via TV. It’s been a ride!
So many incredible audiences & new friends along the way. Many thanks to all who came to hear me speak. Many thanks for the love and the gifts. So many powerful experiences. I’ve returned home full. Time now to reflect and then write about these three months. #FeministGiant
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Next Saturday: #Amsterdam

I will be speaking at Read My World @RMWAdam on two panels:

Queer it up: From Screen to Pen with Mavi Veloso and Abdellah Taïa…
“The battles over women’s bodies can be won only by a revolution of the mind” - @monaeltahawy.

And on this @RMWAdam panel on sexuality, bodies and activism with @hasnaelmaroudi and @mariammaslouhi and @ClariceGargard…
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1/ #EUsupergirl at Stansted Airport ready to start the next leg of my #EUsupergirlTour
"GRIFTER HOLIDAY" trolls: Keep hating on yourselves 😘🖤👹
For those who value my work & positive, pro-European message - you can support my @ECF_tweets project:…
2/ Over the next 10 days I will be visiting:
Flying back to the UK in time for @LeedsEurope conference on 7th Sept ✈🇬🇧❤🇪🇺
Follow this thread for the #EUsupergirlTour action! #TheFutureisEurope 🦸🏼‍♀️❤🇪🇺✊🏻 @ECF_tweets
3/ #EUsupergirl made it to #Copenhagen ✈🇩🇰🚂 And what a delightfully Welcoming city it is too! 😍🇪🇺 Amused by how their welcome signs are translated & nearly everyone speaks English... makes travelling easy for us Brits, I guess! 🤦🏼‍♀️ #TheFutureisEurope #EUsupergirlTour
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| #draadje | Pampus sluit zich aan bij @wemakethecity ​festival en neemt je zondag 23 juni op sleeptouw voor o.a. een duurzame rondleiding over het eiland. Echt een unieke kans om hierbij te zijn en – ons kent ons – het kost maar een prikkie!

📷 Tiny Pampus World by @wdejager
Dit keer geen verhalen over het beroemde gezegde of over de militairen die klaar waren voor de vijand die nimmer kwam... Wel krijg je in kannen en kruiken te horen over hoe we bewust bezig zijn met een schone en mooie toekomst.

📷 Pampus Island by @mrperezident
We tonen je hoe het koesteren van erfgoed hand in hand kan gaan met hypermoderne plannen om tot een geheel duurzame zelfvoorziening te komen op het gebied van water en energie.

#wemakethecity #wemakeourisland #wemakeourfuture #joinus #getonboard
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This Wednesday, I was scheduled to speak at @DeBalie in #Amsterdam. After consulting with Dutch friends whose opinions I trust, I believe that De Balie is not a venue I want to bring my views to. My apologies to all those who bought tickets to see me speak.
It was one particular event that took place at De Balie (that was brought to my attention on Saturday) which began a closer look for me at the centre and made me question whether I wanted to speak there. I explain my position 👇🏽. I hope to return to #Amsterdam soon.
Bekende feministe zegt De Balie af vanwege omstreden islamdebat | NOS
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London On Track To Become #Global #Fintech #Hub
by @thefintechtimes

🦄#Unicorn=a #firm with >$1 billion #market #capitalisation
🦄29 fintech unicorns worldwide
🦄9 in #SanFrancisco AND 7 in #London
2018 #income #growth increase:
💪£77.1m -> £177.6m #revenue
☝️2018 #job creation : 61% increase
☝️#Salary inflations for #IT pros: 6-8%

#ai #artificialintelligence #crypto
☝️#EU #venturecapital:
1. #London 39%
2. #Berlin 21%
3. #Paris 18%
4. #Stockholm 5%
5. #Barcelona 4%
6. #Amsterdam 4%
7. #Zurich 3%
8. #Copenhagen 2%
9. #Dublin 2%
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Today my article ‘Al de swarten die hier ter stede comen’ - about an Afro-Atlantic community in seventeenth century Amsterdam - was published #openaccess in @_tseg. The article is in Dutch, so I’ll do a short introduction in #thread here.… #twitterhistorian
From the moment the Dutch became active in the Atlantic world, people of African descent came to Amsterdam. Their presence is evident from baptismal and marriage registers and from seventeenth-century notarial deeds.
The earliest marriage of an African in Amsterdam that I have encountered was already at the end of the sixteenth century. On January 2, 1593 the 29-year-old Bastiaan Pietersz of ‘Maniconge in Afryken’ and Trijntje Pieters from Amsterdam registered their marriage.
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I’m an avid history geek 🤓 and I got this idea from @GippersChutzpah!
My follower count is currently stuck in the mid ages. I’ll tweet some Jewish history milestones from along the years, according to my follower count. So come on, I’m 4 followers short of the first story...
On 13/12/1204, Moshe Ben Maimon AKA #Maimonides (Greek) and Ha’Rambam (Hebrew), died at 69 in Egypt.
A Philosopher, Physician, Astronomer and one of most important #Jewish Scholars of all times.
Buried in Tiberias @Israel, upon final request to be buried in the ancient homeland
WOW! 3 followers away from yet another milestone of #JewishHistory!
So far we learned about some pogroms 😠(1171 France, 1190 England) and Maïmōnídēs dying 😢(1204 Egypt).
JewishHistory is filled with sorrow and darkness but it gets better in the 2nd half of the 20th century 😉
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Looking at my #Gucci, it's about that time. It's #Cancer time. (Older heads will know, I likely don't literally have a Gucci. But a stroll down hip-hop memory lane is apt for this sign, no?)
And this is special for me since there might be folks of a particular sign, either by Sun, moon or rising, who are your Ride-or-die folks. Well, #Cancers are mine. I don't have to go looking for them or that. It just happens. Consistently. So, they're dear people for me.
Once consciousness has explored dimensions of risk & curiosity in #Gemini, it seeks out safety, responsibility, containment & renewal in #Cancer
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Prof. René van der Duim @wur is onze eerste gast van vanavond onderzocht of en op welke manier toerisme in Afrika kan bijdragen aan natuur en milieu. #tegenlicht #tegenlicht030
"Klimaatverandering is een groot probleem (...) Nu wordt @Stichting_AM aangesproken, maar moet je wel bij hen zijn, en niet bij @airbnb of bij @easyJet? (...) Vlieland is een goed voorbeeld. Daar is decennia geleden een maximaal aantal bedden afgesproken." @wur #tegenlicht
"Als een weekend Barcelona 500 euro kost, ga ik niet, maar voor twee tientjes ga ik er wel heen (...) Kerosine wordt niet belast, en is 5x zo goedkoop als benzine (...) Treinen zijn nog steeds per land geregeld. Daar hebben @transavia en @easyJet geen last van." #tegenlicht
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Any place can be transformed from a place for cars to a place for people. It takes vision & will. #Amsterdam 1976 vs 2017 via @amsterdamized
Amsterdam chose to give their streets to cars. Then they chose to take them back. There's nothing magical about #Amsterdam. They just chose.
Think your city doesn't have much in common with #Amsterdam? As city archive photos show, it used to.
HT @rwoudstra
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