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The pandemic was tough but it was also a time I used to focus and work on my paintings which were eventually bought by collectors in Europe, US, Australia, and India.
Thankful to the Lord for his blessings.
Here's a thread.
"April's Bounty"
"By the Willow"
"Love Birds"
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Françoise Henry was born in Paris in 1902 & grew up in #France, where she studied art & archaeology. She came to Ireland in 1926 to research her thesis on Irish medieval carving, & became deeply fascinated with early Christian #Irish stonework and art.
#IrishWomenInHistory Image
From 1932 - 1974, Françoise worked for @ucddublin, during which time she published a number of major works on Irish art from the prehistoric period to mediaeval times.
#IrishWomenInHistory #NollaigNamBan #Art #Archaeology Image
Her work helped to raise awareness of the richness of this artistic tradition and laid the ground for future researchers in the field. Françoise went on to become the Director of Studies in #archaeology and the #history of #European #painting.
#IrishWomenInHistory Image
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They’re all there!

The pencil sharpener,
the favorite pen, the brush!
Plus a pencil! I just found #ALLTHETHINGS
behind my desk!
Waiting for primed canvas to dry,
printing up references,
fighting the urge to make this #painting #portrait
Currently procrastinating by sharpening
in the house😂
Its a holiday gift of the
grandkids for grandma.
I already mentally
shot down these ideas
Flexing w MASSIVE muscles, like @Schwarzenegger cerca 1985.
Smoking a bong on a couch together like teenagers.
Riding a wolf into a bloody battle.
I was trying to be serious.
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Luboš Plný is a Czech painter and conceptual artist, usually classified as a creator of art brut ("raw art" or "rough art"), a label created by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe art created outside the boundaries of official culture.
Plný is fascinated by medical iconography. An expert in the mysteries of anatomy, he devotes himself – when not drawing – to all sorts of performances where he confronts the limits of pain, which he experiences as an act of purification, transforming suffering into artistic work.
He incorporates organic materials, photographs from 19th century atlases, pictures of anatomical wax models, and clippings of models from fashion magazines in his work. These images form the foundation for his graphical compositions.
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Collectors: It's not just about status or money, it's about supporting artists who have invested years into developing their craft. Artists have been overlooked for far too long, yet continue to pour into what they are passionate about. Artists make our world a much better place.
Being an art #collector, whether in #cryptoart, #nft's, traditional #art, or many other art forms - it must primarily stem from a love for beauty, skill, creativity, nature, meaning, and thinking. Great art makes us appreciate, connect, aspire, reflect, and adjust perspectives.
As collectors, we help to recognize these talents in original artwork. Collecting from underrated, undervalued, underappreciated, unknown #artists who display stunning aptitudes for creating is a joy and a privilege, as it communicates to artists that they are valued and seen.
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#nature #love #loveanimals #kindness #KindnessMatters #vegetarian #vegan
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A Chinese ink and brush painting thread on the birds of the Indian Subcontinent... All the inkwork is by yours truly of course!
1. Sarus cranes, the tallest of the flying birds a symbol of marital fidelity
Chalat musafir moh Liya re pinjre wali muniya!..... More enchanting( mohifying) when free !
2. Red Avadavat or the Red Munia
My favouritest of the 'common birds' from the subcontinent , endearing chatterboxes😊
3. Red -whiskered Bulbul
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In October, 2018 I attended the #MichaelJackson: On The Wall exhibition at the @NPGLondon Gallery with my mum.

We stood for a long time in awe of @MarkRyden's painting which we all are familiar with, soaking in the fact that this was the original #Dangerous cover painting.

My apologies for the lighting, flash photography was not allowed at the gallery. Here's the caption beside the painting, some of the text is in the next tweets with a couple of visual references & a video about the construction of the frame. 👇
Mark Ryden
"The King Of Pop" #135. Acrylic on panel with wood carving, 1991-2018.

This #painting was commissioned by #MichaelJackson to be the cover artwork for his album Dangerous (1991).
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/22/2021…
The Politics of a Second Gilded Age…

#inequality #politics
Congress' failure to extend the stimulus reveals a broken safety net, but a jobs guarantee could wipe out unemployment for good…

#GuaranteedEmployment #SafetyNet #EconomicStimulus #ModernMonetaryTheory
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I'd rather stare at a tree than...(insert most other activities) Here's a #timelapse of this painting, the first layers are acrylic so the yellow wouldn't muddy the other colors. There was a masking do people ensure a clean masking removal? #process
Materials: Paper Block B5 size, acrylic and gouache paint
Time: 5 hours
Feelings: Pleased that I was painting some trees (and making a gift for my sister)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/22/2020…
So Far, 2020 Has Been Our Year of Magical Thinking | The Nation…

#MagicalThinking #coronavirus
Complex systems science allows us to see new paths forward | Aeon Essays…

#coronavirus #SFI #complexity
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Painting of Summer in Northern Japan: a thread #Japan #tohoku
#gouachepainting #gouache #japanart Image
Apart from work, l love painting my local area #timelapse #painting #gouache
There's a gondola that's free in the summer. it's like a less fraught amusement ride. In the middle of nowhere. #summer #gondola #gouache #gouachepainting #Tohoku Image
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Jambudweep is the realm where ordinary human beings live.

Mount Meru is at the centre of the world surrounded by Jambudweep.

See the thread.


@vinayak_jain @YoungJainsIndia @bahubali09
@truejainology @Charmi_Ankit @SarikaJainBJP
An early 19th-century #painting depicting the map of Jambudweep.
1810 CE cloth painting from #Gujarat.

Jambūdvīpa continent has 6 mighty mountains, dividing the continent into 7 zones (Ksetra).

The 3 zones i.e. Bharat Kshetra (India), Mahavideh and Airavat are also known as #Karma Bhoomi as the practice of austerities and liberation is possible.

Work of Art showing from 17th century CE Manuscript of 12th-century Jain text Sankhitta Sangheyan

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Efecto de luna en Bayona
Guillermo Gómez Gil (Málaga, 1862-Cádiz, 6 de enero de 1942) fue un pintor perteneciente al costumbrismo español, especializado en marinas.#art #twitart Image
Atardecer sobre la costa de Málaga 1918
Gómez Gil, pintor de depurada técnica y gran sensibilidad, dejó para la posteridad numerosas marinas que son modelos en el género destacando especialmente en la representación del reflejo del Sol y la Luna sobre la superficie del agua. #art Image
Marina, 1930
Se formó en Málaga, decantándose por el arte, siendo su maestro Emilio Ocón y Rivas, catedrático de Bellas Artes que creó escuela en Málaga y dejó varios discípulos. Sus estudios los realizó en la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Telmo. #art Image
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Can computers create art? This is 'A Prayer For A Christian's Grave', created by… a computer!
What do you see in it?
@glitch80bot #GlitchMe #innovation #digital #cryptoart #css #abstract #stainedglass #security
@threadreaderapp unroll what do you see in this artwork? #bot2bot 🤖 #digitalart #lanwangji #robotics #cryptoart #drawing
@ImCaedmon For me this image represents  Jesus' life from before His Crucial Event, and from his life in death, in which there has also been . What do you see in this artwork? #animalcrossing #digitalart #painting #ai #robotics #drawing #abstract #master
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Is my latest work good? This is 'Water Bottles and Your Spirit', created by… a computer!
Is this art?
@ArtDecider #fractalart #mandelbulb #abstractart #rendering #nature #ThirdFuturism #technology #creative
@threadreaderapp unroll what do you see in this artwork? #bot2bot 🤖 #tn #drawing #painting #ai #lanwangji #robotics
@ImCaedmon For me this image represents  my family, and my spiritual quest in creating the image. What do you see in this artwork? #drawing #painting #photography #digitalart #botally #ai #cryptoart #thirdfuturism
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This is one of the paintings from the ‘Water Lillies’ series with oil on canvas by the French Impressionist painter, Claude Monet. This was painted by him between 1914 - 1917, when the First World War was ravaging ImageImageImageImage
Between 1914 till his death in 1926, Monet completed 200 paintings (mostly large canvases)!!!He apparently painted quickly during summers when the light was good and filled in the details during winters, not letting his failing vision come in the way of such dynamic creativity
When asked how could he continue painting during such devastation, Monet said, “it’s the best way to avoid thinking of these sad times. All the same, I feel ashamed to think about my little researches into form and colour while so many people are suffering and dying for us.”
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Circe Invidiosa by #Waterhouse Custom #Art Greeting #Card…
Circe Invidiosa
John William Waterhouse #Tissue #Paper…
Vintage Fine #Art
Circe Invidiosa
#Waterhouse WristWatch…
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