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Not a #RemainerNow but a quick thread on Government ministers calling #Proroguing Parliament an outrage just a few weeks ago.

Will they now do the honourable thing and resign?

Do feel free to send any we miss.

First it's Chancellor @sajidjavid, so how about it do you have any principles at all? #timetoresign


Second, how about Health Secretary @MattHancock, do you have any principles or is your job more important than credibility and your country?


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Protestors outside Downing Street chanting "Shame on you" #prorogue #Prorogation #StopTheCoup
Reflections on today's events
1. The issue of proroguing Parliament transcends the Brexit debate. I am not a Remainer - nor a Brexiter (Eurosceptic however) - but the fundamental operational principle of our democracy is parliamentary sovereignty which is about to be suspended.
2. The fact that @BorisJohnson is unelected and that the role of the monarchy aside, proroguing Parliament for political ends (essentially a strategic filibuster) sets a constitutional precedent which would allow future prime ministers the same exercise of power arbitrarily.
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(1) I wonder if American audiences fully grasp the enormity of what #BorisJohnson has done by asking the Queen to suspend #Parliament. This is way more extreme than if #Trump asked #MitchMcConnell to delay the Senate session to avoid an unpopular vote.…
(2) To put this #ConstitutionalCrisis in perspective, you have to remember that the #UK's parliamentary supremacy vests far more power in their legislature than we've ever given to ours. Under the American system, the Constitution is supreme. Under the UK system, Parliament is.
(3) Things have gotten trickier in recent years as #Parliament delegated some power to other institutions: regional assemblies in #Scotland and #NorthernIreland, a Supreme Court (Lords use to be the highest court), and made other structural changes. see:…
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0010AB New Engerland
Off to sell donations to the Breitbart Charity Fund
Signal my allegiance to the Moggbot in the sky
Home to hear Big Sister making little sisters cry

What did you do Daddy
When they kicked in the neighbour's door
#WhatDidYouDo in the #Brexit #CivilWar.... 🤠
1st they came for Little Mo
Then they came for Kurt
Veronique just disappeared
It was weird what they did to Good Ol' Bert
Don't get sick today Dad
We haven't got a sou
& you know the Hunt Health Clinics
Ain't for the likes of me & you...🆘
(#PeoplesParliament #prorogue)...
What did you do Daddy
When they passed the New Patriot Law
Why drink so much Moonshine
Were we always this crazy poor
Where the hell's my Mummy
Why don't we talk about our life before
The hypermega depression
After the #BrexitCivilWar...
(#ChurchHouseDeclaration #RemainAlliance)
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There it is, confirmation Johnson wants to shut down Parliament. What will those Tory ministers who said they would never stand for that, like Hancock, do now that they are in Johnson’s Cabinet?
Exhibit 1- Matt Hancock, currently Sec of State for the NHS.
Here's what he said about proroguing when he was in the Tory leadership campaign. Lying then or now?
Exhibit 2 - Nicky Morgan, currently Sec of State for Media and Culture
Here she says she would support legal action against the prorogation of Parliament. Lying then or now?
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