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A very unhealthy democracy…

Rinse & repeat. The Republican Party has no plan or platform to win in #Roevember. They do, however, have a plan to suppress votes, and have election deniers in key positions to steal the election.

Democrats are doing absolutely nothing about this. @POTUS is doing nothing about this. What is needed is for the @TheJusticeDept or the @NationalGuard or some other large organization to step up and say, "We are gonna oversee every state this November, period.

They're gonna steal it, and the Federalist Supreme Court lunatics are gonna let them get away with it, and democracy will die on my 58th birthday.


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کسی نے سچ کہا ہے کہ "سیاست کے سینے میں دل نہیں ہوتا"

ایم کیوایم کا پیپلزپارٹی کیساتھ معاہدہ پر اپوزیشن کی حمایت کا فیصلہ۔ تحریکِ عدم اعتماد کے ضمن میں اپوزیشن کا پلڑا بھاری ہوگیا۔
#MQMP #GameOverIK #UsmanBuzdar #PMLQ #عدم_اعتماد_بیرونی_سازش #AUSvPAK…
اور اگر متحدہ قومی موومنٹ اس کا اعلان کر دیتی ہے تو میرے خیال میں عمران خان صاحب کو باعزت طریقے سے استعفیٰ دے دینا چاہیے۔
کیونکہ جمہوریت میں سادہ اکثریت کھو دینے کے بعد قائد ایوان کے پاس سیاسی اور آئینی طور پر کچھ نہیں رہ جاتا۔
#MQM #MQMP #PDMMafiaExposed #عدم_اعتماد_بیرونی_سازش
آنے والی حکومت عارضی ہو گی جو جلد انتخابات کا اعلان کرے گی۔ جس میں پاکستان تحریک انصاف سمیت تمام سیاسی جماعتیں دوبارہ میدان عمل میں ہوں گی۔

@PTIofficial @pmln_org @PPP_Org @MQMPKOfficial @JIPOfficial @ANPMarkaz @BAwamiParty @juipakofficial @BNP_Official_ @Rehbar_Taraqi #PMLQ
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Read this. One of the first to recognize the Frankenstein monster in Trump, Kagan chillingly & soberly lays out where we are, and who to pressure to save the country from falling into the fascist abyss.

Our constitutional crisis is already here… ht @maddow
@maddow Kagan: The US is heading into its greatest political & constitutional crisis since the Civil War.…mass violence…breakdown of fed authority

The warning signs…obscured by the distraction of politics, the pandemic, the economy & global crises, and by wishful thinking and denial.
@maddow ⚠️Kagan:
—Trump will be GOP's 2024 nominee
—He'll have massive campaign money
—Republicans are preparing to ensure his victory—by any means necessary
—Charges of fraud in 2020 are now primarily to establish the predicate to challenge future lost elections
—Other Rs will do it too
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Zimbabwe is facing a constitutional crisis of paralysing proportions as govt and JSC appeals against the High Court judgement blocking Chief Justice Luke Malaba's tenure extension cannot be heard as all the superior courts judges are conflicted respondents.
Government and the Judicial Services Commission yesterday said they would against the High Court ruling, but who will hear that appeal?
All judges of the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court are respondents in the case.
This has left Zim reeling from a constitutional crisis.
Some lawyers say government may appoint retired judges or even some judges from outside Zimbabwe to hear the case, but who will appoint them to deal with the matter as there is no one currently in charge of superior courts who is not an interested party?
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🔥Does everybody see it NOW⁉️How did so many military and intelligence officials miss the slow coup going on for the last decade.. The executive, legislative and judicial coup is complete. There’s just one more step and democracy as we know it is finished.
It wasn’t like they didn’t tell us what their plans were👇
🔥Everyone is wondering why @SenateGOP and @GOP won’t do anything to stop Trump. HELLOOOO - they are COMPLICIT in the plot‼️The @GOP just tweeted they are fully in on the conspiracy to STEAL the election‼️
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🚨 #ConstitutionalCrisis 🚨 September 23rd 2020 @realDonaldTrump PROJECTED what his plan was to STEAL the election: "Get rid of the ballots and we'll have a very peaceful — there won't be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation." WATCH THE VIDEO👇
The day before Trump said that he would NOT accept the results of the election, the @FBI alerted us that “Foreign Actors And Cybercriminals Likely To Spread Disinfo Regarding 2020 Election Results.” The FBI should have said that @realDonaldTrump and the @GOP would thwart results.
🔥Trump’s plan all along was he was NOT leaving... The @SenateGOP and the @GOP are COMPLICIT in the plan. The @USGSA under Trump’s orders is refusing to cooperate with the @JoeBiden transition because their plan is to STEAL the electoral vote on Dec 14th‼️
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Is “intense polarization” the new euphemism for fascism and White supremacy? 🧐
I loathe how folk are so gobsmacked about the GOP willfully jumping head first into treason, nullification of coequal checks/balances, and a Constitutional crisis as if the Confederate States of America and the Civil War never happened.
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If red flag gun laws ever were imposed upon the people of the United States, we have the obligation to exercise our 2nd amendment rights to protect all other rights.

Or else we might as well throw the whole Constitution away.
Red Flag Gun laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and would make our government tyrannical.

They are a danger to not only our 2nd amendment, but our 4th, 5th, and 14th as well.
Our 4th amendment gives us the right to be protected from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Red Flag Gun laws would deny us that right.
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(1) I wonder if American audiences fully grasp the enormity of what #BorisJohnson has done by asking the Queen to suspend #Parliament. This is way more extreme than if #Trump asked #MitchMcConnell to delay the Senate session to avoid an unpopular vote.…
(2) To put this #ConstitutionalCrisis in perspective, you have to remember that the #UK's parliamentary supremacy vests far more power in their legislature than we've ever given to ours. Under the American system, the Constitution is supreme. Under the UK system, Parliament is.
(3) Things have gotten trickier in recent years as #Parliament delegated some power to other institutions: regional assemblies in #Scotland and #NorthernIreland, a Supreme Court (Lords use to be the highest court), and made other structural changes. see:…
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It breaks my heart to realize what constitutes a #ConstitutionalCrisis in the USA.
- That the 13th Amendment doesn't actually abolish slavery is not a Constitutional Crisis.
Thread 1/6
- That the 2nd Amendment is turning our schools into war zones, our children into human shields and our teachers into a government sanctioned armed militia is not a #ConstitutionalCrisis
- That our prisons are filled with people of color is not a Constitutional crisis.
- That our government still cannot account for thousands of children separated from their families at our borders is not a #ConstitutionalCrisis
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John Yoo is the reason I have not given $ to my law school in nearly 20 years. They hired him after his famous “torture memo” gave Bush explicit permission to use tongs to crush the testicles of a child, for purposes of terrifying his mother and possibly extracting information.
Yoo was a monster then. He’s a monster now. Don’t @ me with “I had him for prof and he wasn’t monstery - very quiet.” The quiet monsters are the dangerous ones.


When the monster says “You’re too monstrous.”

That’s a clue.

A big one.
I’ve pressed the view, past few days, that Trump’s categorical obstruction (“fight all the subpoenas”) has de facto dissolved Congress. Nadler and Schiff must forcefully wrest Congress’s power back with decisive action in days, OR IT’S GONE.
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Now that there has been ample time to digest at least the outlines of the #MuellerReport, there are two main takeaways: 1/ The Russian government seriously and systematically attempted to influence the outcome of the 2016 election and are prepared to do so again. (1/5)
2/ But for the refusal of some key staff to carry out his orders, #PresidentTrump would have thrown this country into a #ConstitutionalCrisis. The 1st should be extremely concerning as it seems no effort is being made to prevent interference in 2020. The protection of our (2/5)
electoral system should be one of the first responsibilities of government. To ignore this threat is reckless in the extreme. The 2nd shows us a #President with little or no respect for the law, someone who looks at the office as his personal fiefdom. That is the stuff of (3/5)
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THREAD: We are witnessing the collapse of our Constitutional democracy. Much has been made of the GOP's unwillingness to be a check on Trump. It's a true abdication of their constitutional duty. But Trump's recent interactions w/the Courts bring this to a new disturbing level /1
The decision to pardon Arpaio was a prelude of what was/is to come. Remember that Arpaio was charged w/contempt of court for failing to follow the Court's order that his office cease racial profiling. Trump was signaling that contempt of court was fine for HIS SIDE. /2
With today's #HammondPardon, trump lets right wing militias (& his right wing base) know that they are free to break the law w/out fear of consequence. At the same time, the Trump admin is actively disobeying the Courts on #FamilySeparation. /3
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