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in 2017 there was an effort in Ukraine to require NGOs to file statements of finances.
"Civil Society" went into panic mode over this.
With the ousting of Poroshenko the law was overturned as unconstitutional!
What? well...
Soros is basically in charge of the Constitutional Court
The Deputy Chairman of Ukraine's Constitutional Court (which was an invention of Soros/Freeland/Holovaty's law reform in 1992) is Serhiy Holovaty.
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When Everything Is Illuminated, it will show #Putin Firtash Parnas Giuliani & #Trump wanted #Yovanovitch gone b/c her success in helping #Ukraine create independent ANTI-#corruption institutions make corrupt gas deals & fake investigations a thing of the past
#Holmes #Impeachment
#Holmes: #Yovanovitch helped #Ukraine achieve hard-fought establishment of independent anti-#corruption court. This strained relations w prosecutor Lutsenko who resisted fully empowering truly indep anti-c institutions that would help ensure nobody was above the law. #Impeachment
🔥Stunning #Holmes, p2: In March 2019, US policy of supporting Ukraine's democratic reform & resistance to Russia "became overshadowed by a political agenda being promoted by Rudy Giuliani and a cadre of officials operating with a direct channel to the White House." #Impeachment
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1) What is...the FOREIGN CORRUPT PRACTICES ACT of 1977? #ukraine #ukrainegate #whistleblower #stopthecoup
2) FCPA "as enacted for the purpose of making it unlawful for certain classes of persons and entities to make payments to foreign government officials to assist in obtaining or retaining business."…

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The Corporate Dems "#Ukrainegate" #ImpeachmentHearings are a classic example of PROJECTION.

This is the go to strategy when Neocons or Neoliberal Fascist Hillary Bots get caught in a lie or corruption

Top Dems want to deflect from Joe Biden's MASSIVE corruption

The ENTIRE #Russiagate Hoax was initiated by the Clinton Campaign in mid 2015 to DEFLECT from Hillary's MASSIVE corruption taking $m's in bribes for approving the Uranium One Sale.

The Russiagate Hoax and Uranium One…

Your Comprehensive Guide To, And History Of, The Russiagate Hoax…

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House Rules 660.
#SchiffForBrains said Russia invaded #Ukraine in 2014.

Than he said @realDonaldTrump is inviting #Ukrainegate to invade the 2020 Campaigns 😂😂😂
Adam #SchiffsShamHearings
Just called in #JohnBolton as innocent. 😂😂 #DarkToLight
#ShittySchiff opening statement #SchiffShow #SchiffForBrains #SchiffMustResign
On @realDonaldTrump
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🚨BREAKING: At an April ‘18 donor dinner, @RudyGiulian’s #Ukrainegate henchman Lev Parnas said he & Igor Fruman told @realDonaldTrump that Marie Yovanovitch was “unfriendly to Trump & his interests.” Trump immediately suggested Yovanovitch should be fired.…
Trump falsely claimed he doesn’t know Parnas and Fruman—who were bankrolled by mobligarch Dmitryo Firtash and partnered with Rudy to shakedown #Ukraine for dirt about Democrats.🤬

Parnas and Fruman are under federal #indictment for funneling foreign money into @GOP coffers.
🔥According to a former senior administration official, Trump was updated regularly by Rudy on what he was learning about Parnas and Fruman’s efforts in #Ukraine.

“It’s just not true that he had no idea who these guys were. He knew Lev particularly.”🛎

#Ukrainegate #TrumpBribed
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<THREAD> I'll have a live feed and analysis of tomorrow's #ImpeachmentInquiry hearing from 10am. Here's what I'm expecting. @NarativLive
1. The elephant in the room: Is #Trump and agent of Russia? That's because you can't talk about #Ukraine without talking about #Russia and #Putin. Watch "Ukraine In A Minute" below to find out why. @NarativLive
2. The Dems want to focus narrowly on the recent events involving Ukraine but Trump has attempted to meddle in Ukraine since before taking office. Here's a look at the first #Ukrainegate
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🔥@RudyGiuliani’s henchman Lev Parnas says *in May* he gave #Ukraine an ultimatum: publicly announce a probe of Biden, or else @VP Pence wouldn’t attend Zelensky’s swearing-in and aid would be frozen.

Rudy: “I never told him to say that.”🙄

🚨Lev Parnas’ #extortion meeting in #Ukraine in May occurred AFTER Rudy (with Parnas’s help) had planned a trip there to urge Zelensky to pursue investigations to help @realDonaldTrump.🤬

#RICO #corruption #TrumpBribed @HouseDemocrats @RepAdamSchiff…
After reports of Rudy’s #extortion trip to #Ukraine surfaced in May, Rudy suddenly cancelled his trip, claiming he was “set up” by Ukrainians, and blamed Democrats for trying to “spin” his trip.

“They say I was meddling in the election.”🙄

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The House GOP issued a fairly short list of witnesses it wants to testify in the #Ukrainegate story.

The most interesting one is something I've predicted: the name Alexandra Chalupa will soon be all over the media.

But you deserve the truth, not the lies and spin.

For nearly three years, I've been explaining and exploring the role Alexandra Chalupa played the #RussiaGate hoax, her connections a convicted bomber, the DNC, the CIA and more on the radio show I cohost with @GarlandNixon, @FaultLinesRadio.
@GarlandNixon @FaultLinesRadio But the truth about this story has been so deeply buried that everyone from @MSNBC & @FoxNews to @washingtonpost to @BreitbartNews have hidden from you even though it's been hiding in plain site.

And you're about to learn the truth everyone else is still afraid to tell you.
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Wheres the Original Video??
Why you hiding #Romania huh MSM? John "Robert" Bolton...
#UraniumOne Q drop 3 #TickTock
#DarkToLight #QuidProQuoJoe
#impeachment 😂😂😂
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q Why is Trump doing the Evil Grin? #KFC you F'ked!!
Spotlight on #KFC
Popoviciu had other firsts in the business world and still is the owner of the KFC franchise, has brought and sold the local IKEA franchise, owned the land tand isthe second largest hotel chain owner in Romania
Giuliani says firm defending corrupt Romanian-American is paying him
This article is more than 1 year old
Trump’s attorney said he wrote to the Romanian president under a retainer paid by Freeh Group, who represent Gabriel Popoviciu
Giuliani Cleared!…
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💥#Vindman transcript out! He testified Trump's demand for public announcement of politically-motivated investigation into Biden by Ukraine undermines US national security. And detailed the pressure campaign waged by Trump & allies ahead of the call.…
😃GOP Ratcliffe disputed Vindman using the word 'demand' & got better language! Now there's sworn testimony that Trump's demand was a "prerequisite"—"in return for"—for a WH meeting: "This was about getting a White House meeting… a demand to fulfill his particular prerequisite."
#Vindman testimony makes a key point: Trump's demand for investigations, if carried out, wouldn't be credible & likely result in #disinformation. He notes that pressuring a foreign govt desperate for aid to fight for its very survival would do whatever it has to get that aid.
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Charles & Cliff Kupchan

This is what it's like when worlds collide.

You may have read that Charles Kupchan was the whistle-leaker Eric Cinderella's boss under Susan Rice. He is very critical of @realDonaldTrump and the "alt-right" trolls who hurt Eric's feelings.…
You probably also saw that he attended the same meeting with Andrea Chalupa and Eric Cinderella.…
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VP #Pence’s role in extorting Ukraine is now firmly in the #ImpeachmentInquiry >> Pence aide testified that Trump’s July 25th call with Ukraine was political, NOT a normal diplomatic call. #Impeachment #UkraineGate
NO way #Pence was outside the extortion loop. Recall Trump bailed on Warsaw Poland trip. Hurricane Dorian was a pretext. He played golf! And sent Pence as more pressure, reminding Zelensky that NO Trump meeting or aid unless Ukraine acquiesced on investigations. #UkraineGate
#Pence has been all in on Trump's disinformation campaign against Biden. He couches it as "corruption," but explicitly names Biden & 2016 election as the only corruption Ukraine should investigate. If he's saying this on Sept 25, he likely said it to Zelensky on Sept 1 in Warsaw.
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😬Trump wanted Barr to hold news conference saying the president broke no laws in call with Ukraine leader. (If only he had military aid to hold over his head, amirite??)…
“Barr’s allies had previously confided to reporters that the attorney general was unhappy with Giuliani, particularly over his going outside of normal channels to pursue investigations of interest to the president.” (Because that’s Barr’s job??) #UkraineGate
Wanting Barr to make a public declaration for Trump is so Trump. He's obsessed with media, and knows the persuasive power of a slick TV performance. He wanted Comey to do it & turned on him when he wouldn't. Same with Sessions. And Zelensky of course. I wonder who else?? #Maddow
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#BREAKING House #Impeachment Panels Release Transcript of Top Diplomat to #Ukraine Bill #Taylor, whose explosive testimony undermined Trump's denial of 'quid pro quo'…
Full transcript of October 22 testimony of top diplomat in #Ukraine, Bill #Taylor, via @NPR Taylor is scheduled to be the first witness in public #impeachment hearings next week.… #UkraineGate
@NPR Mad🐮Nunes out the gate calls impeachment inquiry "lawless."

Trump's desperate GOP propagandists shamelessly massacre language and logic. Read this childish drivel Devin Nunes made part of the historic public record during #Taylor testimony.
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‼️Targets of U.S. Sanctions (& Tariffs) Hire Lobbyists With Trump Ties to Seek Relief

As Trump’s adm has increasingly turned to sanctions, travel restrictions & tariffs to punish foreign gov’ts as well as people & companies from abroad.…
This is an older article, which perhaps didn’t raise an eyebrow when it was first published, but it does now in light of what we know about the unusual way in which TeamTrump has conducted our foreign policy allowing those with close Trump ties to reap massive financial benefits.
Targets of sanctions/tariffs have turned to DC’s K Street law, lobbying & PR firms, especially those people/firms with close ties to TeamTrump.…
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Thanks to @RandPaul, Russian🇷🇺media is outing the #Ukrainegate whistleblower. Standing next to Trump, he ordered the media to unmask the #whistleblower. In a redux of “#Russia, if you’re listening”—Kremlin-run media jumped on it.

#Russian🇷🇺media figures *quote @FOXNews, Glenn Beck, and The Federalist* to argue that an #impeachment case against @realDonaldTrump will ultimately turn into a case against our ally, #Ukraine.

#Russia is AT WAR with Ukraine, and yet, Trump and the RW media are helping RUSSIA🤬
Prominent #Russian🇷🇺state TV media personality: “They say Trump is making #Russia🇷🇺great. That’s basically accurate. The chaos brought by weakening the US...that’s why we love him...The more problems they have, the better it is for us.”🤬

#TrumpRussia #ImpeachTrump
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Sondland corrects testimony & confirms Quid Pro Quo.

He told Ukrainian officials military aid was contingent on their commitment to open inv’ns & public announcement of same, Trump wanted for personal political reasons.

Volker dictated desired announcement.

DOJ, DOD, DHS, DNI, FBI, NSA, and CISA release joint statement on 2020 election security, warning, "Russia, China, Iran, and other foreign malicious actors all will seek to interfere in the voting process or influence voter perceptions."

The Barr JDOJ is trying to finish the (bogus conspiracy theory that UKR hacked/interfered w/ the 2016 election instead of RU) report on Russia probe b/4 Thanksgiving 🙄

Putin’s Top Spy, Russian FSB Chief Alexander Bortnikov:

We’re Teaming Up With DC on Cybersecurity
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🚨BREAKING: after denying a #QuidProQuo while under oath, Gordon Sondland now admits to a #QuidProQuo and details telling #Ukraine officials they wouldn’t get US aid until they PUBLICLY committed to investigations wanted by @realDonaldTrump.

In his “updated” testimony, Sondland admitted to discussing the #QuidProQuo with a top adviser to #Ukraine’s president: “I said that resumption of the US aid would likely not occur until #Ukraine provided the public anticorruption statement that we had been discussing.”🔥
In his “new” testimony, Sondland said he believed that withholding aid—$391 million approved by Congress—was “ill-advised,” although he did not know “when, why or by whom the aid was suspended.”🙄

But he said he came to believe that the aid was tied to the investigations.🛎🛎🛎
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<Thread> When Donald Trump and the GOP say there was no quid pro quo, and the Ukrainian government supported that statement, they are of course lying. According to the transcript, the powerful Ukrainian Interior Minister saw a quid pro quo AND an existential threat. #Ukrainegate
2. Ambassador Yovanovitch also explained the stakes for Ukraine. By luring Ukraine into US domestic politics, Trump would wreck the bipartisan support Ukraine enjoyed which would play directly into Putin's hand. #TuesdayThoughts
3. Yovanovitch detailed the extraordinary campaign against her bu Trump and his associates. It's really striking that a career state department staffer would feel threatened by a US president. #ElectionDay Day
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🚨BREAKING: @HouseDemocrats release #transcripts of former US Ambassador to #Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch and former Senior Advisor to @SecPompeo Ambassador Michael McKinley.

Yovanovitch testified that she felt THREATENED by @realDonaldTrump.🤬

When Yovanovitch sought advice from Gordon Sondland, he advised her to tweet out her praise of Trump.🙄

Yovanovitch said that she couldn’t comply, due to her role as a career foreign service officer — even knowing that she’d likely lose her post as ambassador to #Ukraine.😳
🔥Yovanovitch says that the Ukrainians alerted her in early 2019 to @RudyGiuliani’s efforts to pressure #Ukraine into manufacturing dirt on @JoeBiden, expressing concerns that “getting into US politics” would be a “dangerous place for #Ukraine.”

#Ukrainegate #ImpeachTrump
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Never hurts to know where the money is going since everyone freaked out that it was placed on hold for a review.
Quick look at Raytheon campaign donations past two cycles. Not DJT fans HA!…
They did donate in 2016, favorite was clearly Clinton.
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Reminder re: impeachment.
2/3rd Senate vote required to impeach POTUS.
Logical thinking.
You are watching D's 'con' liberal base using 'hope' tactics while maintaining 'POTUS obstruction of Justice' FAKE NEWS narrative.
Think 2020.
93 Days Dark
Q Aug 1 "Q" is terrorist fake news propaganda compliments of Yahoo News article. Aug 2 E.C. house almost Robbed
Aug hot month DORA movie released
Hurricane Dorian happened
J.B. talked 17 Trump Dallas 17
Elijah Cummings passed away 2:50 am
August hot month
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The Real Story of the 2014 Coup in Ukraine.

This has become even more important to understand since Joe & Hunter Biden's Corruption has been more widely publicized & the Corporate Dems have launched the "#Ukrainegate" Impeachment to protect Biden
The crimes of Euromaidan Nazis: The pogrom of Korsun on 20/02/2014.
The massacre that led to Crimea rejoining Russia and the separatist movement in Eastern Ukraine.
It is important to understand this in relation to Joe Biden's corruption and #Ukrainegate
The Real Story of the U.S. Coup in Ukraine using Nazi Stormtroopers to Start a Civil War, and turn Crimea into a massive U.S. Military Base on Russia's Doorstep…
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