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#Saregama 2021 Annual Report Key Takeways :

A Thread 🧡
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Topics Covered :
1. Music Segment
2. IP Creation
3. IP Monetisation
4. Social Media Platforms
5. Retailing Through Carvaan
6. Carvaan - Product to platform
7. Video Segment
8. Publication Segment
9.Changing media consumption
1. Music Segment
Saregama has India's largest music IP collection with more than 1,30,000 songs.
It has 15% of songs till 1960 contributing 5% of revenue, 27% of songs from 1961-1980 contributing 37% in revenues, 29% of songs from 1981-2000 contributing 28% of revenues Image
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Alert: 1. long 🧡 ahead.

2. This is a study of a financially illeterate person having no finance or stock market background that's me.

Study the companies in details before any investment decision.

Not any recommendations,for educational purposes only. (1/n)
How much companies should one hold in his #Portfolio?
The million dollar question.

Over the years,after making huge losses in #market being a financially illeterate person, I started studying some great authors.
From their teachings, what I have learnt I can share with you.(2/n)
David Einhorn mentioned that as Joel GREENBLATT pointed out,holding minimum 8 #Companies in your #stock #Portfolio reduces D concentration risk more than 80%.

I personally never had a portfolio less than 8 #stocks .

But your study may vary as I am financially illeterate.(3/n)
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Having your own conviction in #investing is important.

Would like to share views of an #opportunistic #investor ,that me.

I bought #divislab when I found a small fish in a big pond: added more #DIVIS after now when they transferred themselves as a big fish in a big ocean (1/n)
Bought #lauruslab when I found #laurusbio a small fish in a big ocean.

Bought #deepaknitrite when #china announced #bluesky policy .

Added more #deepakntr when covid19 #disrupted China dependence and formulation of china+1 policy.

Added more #deepaknitrate when they (2/n)
Transferred themselves into a big ocean proving to be big fish recently.

Bought #saregama when there was a #turnaround story.

Bought #tatamotors when their management changed.

Bought #jubiliantingrevia when #demerger took place.

Added #tatapower when they are transferring (3/
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Today our topic of discussion is #SAREGAMA industries Ltd.

Let's start.

Saregama India Ltd. is an Indian music label and content producer for Indian television.

Its music catalogue consists of more than 117,000 songs in 14 languages built over a period (1/n)
of more than 100 years. It has daily and weekly TV shows currently on air with television networks in India.

#Saregama ’s head office is located in Mumbai, with other offices in Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai.

It is listed on the NSE and BSE.

Pic: original #Kolkata

#SAREGAMA was founded in 1901. It produced the first song recorded in India and later moved into the production of cinema and television content, digital retailing, aggregation, radio programming and events.

#MultiBagger (3/n)
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With seasoned investors like @LuckyInvest_AK sir talking about platform businesses I feel motivated to start a 🧡🧡 on discussing, analyzing & understanding platform businesses. Read on to learn more.
Quick question before we begin. Would you rather :
I hope your answer was the 1st one because I am not a fish seller. Please don't expect my threads to **always** contain investment ideas. My broader goal is to empower each person learn to see reality a little bit clearly. To enable you to learn to fish.
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Generally patent of a song remains with the producer/music director/singer.

Now "Ek ladki ko dekha"from 1942 ,a love story by Sanuda/RDX/Vidhu vinod Chopra will remain under #SAREGAMA patent upto 2054 if no one dies in between.

Now as RD BURMAN died on the same year (1/n)
So, it's patent if kept with RD BURMAN (I don't have),then #SAREGAMA has exclusive right on the song upto 2054.
If it remains with Vidhu vinod Chopra or Kumar Sanu,then the year on which any of these 2 gentleman breathes his Last, patent will be for 60 plus years from the (2/n)
Year of demise of them.
Unique and unbreakable MOAT.

Not a recommendation for educational purposes only.
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Valuation of stocks is a very vast subject.
You have to spare at least a decade to realise that.
A few days ago when I mentioned #deepaknitrite as undervalued,1 oversmart brat trolled me badly.
Today disclosing some more names.
#Larsen and toubro
Now have some funda regarding debt to equity.

A debt free company nowadays are treated by #Robinhood traders as volatile and bad.

Today I conducted a poll where they voted for #unilever as high debt company where the main competitive advantage of HUL is cash cow πŸ„ nature.

Again when I asked about #saregama they answered it highly unreliable,high debt and dangerous with no future!

@NeilBahal !

May be I know nothing.

BUT balance sheet of @saregamaglobal says it's a debt Free company!

Guys,if you wanna stay in market for decades n Don't wanna
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80% - 90% of Content ever recorded by the legendary singers, ghazals artists and music directors belongs to Saregama.

#saregama ImageImage
"Digitisation and low cost of data in India remain the primary growth drivers of content consumption. This is further fuelled by the increase in smartphones, the rising popularity of OTT and social media apps," #saregama
This trend is expected to continue for a long time, and Saregama has aligned its content strategy to ride on this digital wave." and Saregama said it has consistently increased the monetisation of its IP (music, films, TV serials) over the last 13 quarters.
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#tips industries My key takeaways from latest (Q3FY21) concall and investor presentation. If you like the thread, please retweet so that others can also benefit.
1. Management confident of growing topline at 25-30%. Claims industry is growing at 30-40%.
In b/w lines: Personally, I felt some of the numbers were pulled out of thin air. Management seems a bit less professional than #saregama. Having said that, as tips inks more deals with music licencing platforms (…) it can meet its revenue growth guidance
2. If they buy a song for X, they make that money back in 1 year. Maximum of 2 years.
In b/w lines: This is extremely high ROICs. It must be understood why the content they acquire is selling so cheap that they are able to make an ROIC of 50%-100%.
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@NAVofNav this is a very important question and deserves some clarification.
Music producers like #SAREGAMA and #tips acquire 2 types of IP rights/sources of revenue when they acquire the music:
1. Master Recording rights: (the song) which is for 60 years from the time song was released.
2. Publishing rights: These are for 60 years from the time of death of the writer/composer of the song.
The first ones go away, 60 years after the song was released. But the second ones enable #saregama to use the lyrics and re-record the song (60 more years for this song).
The 1st rights going away is definitely a blow, but the blow is softened by the 2nd set of rights.
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#saregama amazing concall. Learnt a lot. My key takeaways:
1. Music licensing industry growing at 11-12%. Saregama growing at 21%. Guidance to grow at 22-25%.
In b/w lines: growth guidance revised up, purchase of 20-25% of all new music in india. Buisness is total cash cow.
2. Carvaan is not just a profitable product they sell at 25% GPM, they want to make it into a platform for audio streaming: podcasts, new songs, and thus generate recurring revenue through ads and subscription.
In b/w lines: reminds me of Google home. The focus should not be in the product But rather strategy of using the product to capture mindspace of the user. Also, enables B2C interactions with customers enabling data analytics. Only music content company in india which also has B2C
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Which of my favourites is also your favourite too?
Stellar performance by saregama Q4 2021
Do you agree with me?
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Companies with old music libraries are becoming gold mines. They are finding new ways to monetise the content. With music streaming gaining traction due to increasing data availability, these companies getting good revenues for their old libraries.

Thread πŸ‘‡@varinder_bansal
As expenses are fixed and very minor, all the increase in revenue flowing down to the bottom line. Huge operating leverage will be played out
An interesting fact : Short vedio apps like Tiktok , josh, moj etc need to pay to these companies even if they use small bit of music from their library
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