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#BREAKING: Incoming rocket siren activated in Latrun and surrounding communities outside #Jerusalem
incoming rocket sirens activated in #Gaza border communities
More sirens. Seems like a large barrage by PIJ after a quiet night.
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#Update: Image of a rocket impact in the city of #Sderot in Southern #Israel right now.
#Breaking: Some people suggest that Palestinian islamic Jihad terrorist may use long range rockets soon to target #TelAviv later today, after their leader has been killed this early morning by a #IDF airstrike at his home in #Gaza.
#Update: IDF confirms over 150 rockets launched from #Gaza into #Israel today, and around 60 rockets had been intercepted by the "Iron Dome" air defence system.
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#Breaking: Over 50 rockets launched from #Gaza into #Israel this early morning, after reports came that a Palestinian islamic Jihad Gaza terrorist leader had been killed.
#Update: Here is a video of a near miss at a highway in Southern #Israel of a rocket impacting at the road and missing a vehicle from rockets launched from #Gaza.
#Update: The barrage of rocket attacks from #Gaza into #Israel, caused major disruptions in the country causing millions of peoples life to come at a halt. Planes cancelled trains stopped working schools closed and stores closed. Even in #TelAviv the capital was disrupted.
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#Breaking: Just in - At least 8 rockets intercepted by the Israeli iron dome missile defence system, above the city of #Sderot in Southern #Israel, launched from within #Gaza.
#Update: Just in - Video showing a barrage of multiple anti-rockets missiles being launched, by the Israeli iron dome missile defence system, above the city of #Sderot in Southern #Israel, from 8 to 10 rockets being launched from #Gaza.
#Update: Just in - Reports that 2 missiles managed to land in the city of #Sderot in Southern #Israel, but no reports of that people were injured during the impact. #Gaza
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#Breaking: Just in - Rocket alert in southern #Israel launched from #Gaza.
#Update: Just in - Video claiming one rocket being destroyed by the iron dome over #Israel launched from #Gaza.
#Update: In the video you see two rockets exploding over the sky in #Israel.
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I am devoting this THREAD to #WorldChildrensDay / #UniversalChildrensDay, which is today.

My key message is that ALL children - #Israeli & #Palestinian - deserve better future, but Hamas & PA is preventing this. This is #NoWayToTreatAChild!

cc. @UNICEF @nmladenov @hrw @amnesty
@UNICEF @nmladenov @hrw @amnesty @UN_HRC @UNHumanRights @UNRWA @nadplo @Palestine_UN @KenRoth @IntlCrimCourt @EUpalestinians @ICRC_ilot @IsraelinUN The #UniversalChildrensDay marks the adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child by @UN General Assembly in 1959, marked annually to promote, improve and strengthen children’s rights and welfare. 1/
@UNICEF @nmladenov @hrw @amnesty @UN_HRC @UNHumanRights @UNRWA @nadplo @Palestine_UN @KenRoth @IntlCrimCourt @EUpalestinians @ICRC_ilot @IsraelinUN @UN Yet, when the int'l community talks about children’s rights, one group of children that tends to be perennially neglected, is that of #Israeli children to live in peace and free from terror, a right that must be unequivocally and unquestionably afforded to every child. 2/
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#BREAKING: #Palestinian reports #IDF shelling of a #Hamas post in northern #Gaza
Update: Report of one person in severe condition after a bus in the southern community of Kfar Aza was hit by a mortar
BREAKING: Incoming rocket sirens activated in southern #Israeli communities bordering the #GazaStrip
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This is what a #Hamas ceasefire looks like 👇🏼
#BREAKING: In response to over 36 rockets launched from #Hamas-controlled #Gaza, #Israel responded with air strikes. This press release describes what happened. 👇🏼
#BREAKING: At this point some 70 projectiles have been fired from #Hamas-controlled #Gaza today.
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1st of thread. Warning to those in shelters in #Sderot: don't bother to look at these comments which are on Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party Forum this evening. Be safe. But if you're in the UK, do look. This is Labour.
2nd of thread. Now I'm going to watch Unforgotten. Or is it called Forgotten? I forget.
Now something much more light-hearted: Corbynist pedagogy.
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#IDF officer moderately wounded after #Palestinians threw a grenade towards troops near in northern #GazaStrip during violent riots. IDF troops responded by firing towards Palestinians who threw the grenade. Local media say 15yr old Othman Rami Halas was killed by IDF fire
Unconfirmed reports of #Israel(i) airstrikes near al-Bureij refugee camp in the central #GazaStrip
#BREAKING: Incoming rocket sirens activated in southern #Israel communities surrounding the #GazaStrip
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