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Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, a prominent rabbi was asked if Baruch Goldstein, a murderous terrorist who opened fire in the Cave of the Patriarchs, killed 29 & wounded 125 people, is a detestable murderer?
His response: Goldstein was wrong but he's a saint.
Full Context & Translation👇
Baruch Goldstein was a member of the Jewish Defense League founded by his acquittance Meir #Kahana which was classified by the FBI in 2001 as a right wing terrorist group.
He immigrated to #Israel in `83 and was third on the now outlawed Kach party in `84.…
He studied medicine in the US & served as a physician in the #IDF. Later, he worked near Hebron (Al-Khalil) as an emergency doctor.
He refused to treat Arabs, even those serving in the IDF because he believed it was against Jewish Halacha laws to treat non-Jews even for payment.
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Thread: #IDF soldier describes his experience during the 2018 #Gaza Border Riots

"Have you ever seen 4,000 people run towards you full of hate yelling "Allah Akhbar"? We have been shot at, saw a bomb explode that was meant for us, saw people run towards us with knives and axes,
(cont) meant to kill us. We know that if they pass us, they are going for our people, family, and friends. Our last resort is to shoot. We send smelly bombs to keep them away. But they keep coming, so we shoot. Every shot you take needs to get approved by 2 different people!"
(cont) "Every shot is written down and checked by officials. We don't regret a shot we took. Every shot we took was to protect the people we love!"
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Israel's @N12News is reporting that #TelAviv's Dan Panorama Hotel, which sits on the city's beach promenade, will become #Israel's #Covid_19 quarantine facility in the country's center
#IDF confirms that #TelAviv's Dan Panorama and #Jerusalem's Hyatt will turn into #Covid_19 quarantine facilities. I'm so down
Correction: Jerusalem’s Dan Hotel
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Israel #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #covid19israel
Quarantines 10's of 1000's of people 14 days

17+cases -w/ 9 Italy related
Tour bus driver of Greek tour w/ 4 positive Greeks

Quarantine: See Thread
#Bethlehem city 7 +cases
#IDF 500-600
150 airline emp'ees…
Israel Bans travel to and from:

Quarantines 10's of 1000's of people 14 days

Literally plane loads of travelers told to self quarantine

#COVIDー19 #COVID19 #covid19israel
#COVIDー19 #COVID19 #covid19israel
Quarantines 10's of 1000's of people 14 days

3,694 high school students and personnel

Closes hotels in West Bank to tourists
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#Breaking: #IDF confirms a major weapons research and development lab belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad located within Syria has been targeted and destroyed. (@Archer83Able)
Israel carried out a similar strike in November targeting a high level Islamic Jihad official, however they missed.. perhaps they went back to tie up loose ends? Guess we'll see.
I'm fairly confident this airstrike purely targeted R&D like the original claim by the IDF stated, just to reiterate.
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A number of explosions were heard, shaking the Syrian capital, #Damascus, moments ago.
#Syria #Israel #IDF #Iran #IRGC #USA
The IDF targets a number of military sites in the vicinity of the Syrian capital, #Damascus.
#Syria #Israel #IDF #Iran #IRGC #USA
The Assad regime's Sana agency claims intercepting a number of hostile missiles in the vicinity of the Syrian capital, #Damascus.
#Syria #Israel #IDF #Iran #IRGC #USA
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1/6 Disgusted by both the timing and the extent of the coverage given to POTUS's 'peace' plan for the middle east on #r4today this morning at 8.49 (six mins). Important points were raised. The UK government has backed it; POTUS has no real interest in the issues. The betrayal
2/6 plays well amongst his base of evangelical christians who believe that handing Palestine (the 'holy' lands) to the Jews is an indication of the second coming of Christ (it's in the Bible). 85% of US evangelical christians are therefore Zionists (they don't like jews
3/6 necessarily, antisemitism is as much of a problem there as it is across the world) whereas only 45% of US jews are understood to be Zionists.
It's believed #Netanyahu will annex the Jordan Valley on Sunday, he has no time to waste because of his indictment on fraud etc.
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Just as we have been arguing all along, the #Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, what some call the #WestBank, are not illegal nor do they violate #InternationalLaw. For a territory to be deemed ‘occupied’, it needs to be seized from a rightful owner.
Neither #Jordan nor the #PalestinianAuthority had any lawful title to the land when they launched the June ‘67 war against us. It was, in fact, Jordan that illegally annexed the territory in 1948, occupied it for 19 years and no one besides Jordan recognized this seizure.
Accordingly, when #IDF soldiers retook the territories in ‘67, they entered the land which no other entity had any lawful title to.
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#BREAKING: Incoming rocket siren activated in Latrun and surrounding communities outside #Jerusalem
incoming rocket sirens activated in #Gaza border communities
More sirens. Seems like a large barrage by PIJ after a quiet night.
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#IsraelUnderAttack 10 Rockets fired from #Gaza at Israeli civilians last night. Most shot down by Iron Dome.
- Hamas says wasn't us. Who then? Islamic Jihad, #Iran's proxy?
- Hamas is ALSO Iran's agent, receiving arms, $, training.
- 10 rockets in 2 barrages is no rogue op.
2/ #IsraelUnderAttack
- A volley of rockets from #Gaza requires coordination, civil defense, anti-aircraft crews. #Hamas leaders need time to get into their rat holes.
- Hamas coordinates with PIJihad. Here's PIJ leader Ziad Al-Nakhaleh w his Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani.
3/ #IsraelUnderAttack
- #Hamas has added high-flying UAVs to its arsenal. #Israeli Air Force shot one down last week at 10K ft. - certainly for recon. That's not the standard Iranian-supplied Ababil.
See Hamas monument to drone in #Gaza (& father offering baby to Moloch).
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4. Did Jeffrey #Epstein commit suicide, was murdered, or was "helped & taken elsewhere"so that he could not expose his dear friends?
We must not forget that Epstein could implicate very important people in this case of pedophilia.
#EpsteinGate #EpsteinSuicide #pedophilia
1. Did Jeffrey Epstein commit suicide, was murdered, or was "helped & taken elsewhere"so that he could not expose his dear friends?
We must not forget that Epstein could implicate very important people in this case of pedophilia.🤨👇🏼…
2. Did Jeffrey Epstein commit suicide, was murdered, or was "helped & taken elsewhere"so that he could not expose his dear friends?
We must not forget that Epstein could implicate very important people in this case of pedophilia.🤨👇🏼…
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The other Ukraine scandal: US support for neo-Nazis fuels far-right terror at home
Zionists from the USA/Israel are sponsors of neo-nazi's😈
The FBI has arrested a far-right US soldier for plotting domestic bomb attacks in the USA. "Jewish supremacy?"😁
Chief Rabbi Azman of Ukraine, born in Russia and member of Chabad Lubavitch, served in the IDF starting 1990 and has been present to care for soldiers during every war in Israel since then.
Chrystia Freeland’s Family Record for Nazi War Profiteering, and Murder of the Cracow Jews
Canada these day's does train/support Ukrainian neo-nazi's 🤤
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Tweet thread on #Kashmir #Article370 #Constitutional changes.
I fear the travails and tribulations of the people of #JammuAndKashmir will continue for a very long time before they get better. The changes wrought on 5 August 2019 by #ModiSarkar2 are driven by ideology and politics
They are not driven by pragmatic considerations of what is good for the people of that troubled region of India. #ModiSarkar2 argues that with the special status gone development beckons and a new dawn starts. What they don't explain is what about the previous regime prevented it
Much will depend on how the changes are implemented but the very manner in which they were pushed through Parliament, the various sleights of hand and specious legal tricks, and the deployment of troops to #lockdown Kashmir - all these bode ill for the future
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Few days ago, I published a thread about the Iranian regime's intention to activate the #Golan front as a next step after the attacks in the #UAE, Saudi Arabia and the US Embassy in #Baghdad.1/8
#Israel #Iran #USA #KSA #IDF #IRGC
In a dangerous move, two heavy artillery shells were fired from inside #Syria towards #Hermon mountain in north Israel.2/8
#Israel #Iran #USA #KSA #IDF #IRGC
In response to this escalation, #IAF warplanes and #IDF artillery targeted five sites belonging to the #Assad regime and its Iranian allies.3/8
#Israel #Iran #USA #KSA #IDF #IRGC #Syria
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Today I went to the border between #Israel & #Lebanon to visit the largest #Hezbollah cross-border attack tunnel. Dug from the village of Ramiyeh towards the communities of Zarit and Shetula,this tunnel went down the equivalent of 22 stories & stretched over a km. It was insane.
I’m claustrophobic as hell, but this tunnel was a lot more “comfortable” than the Palestinian Islamic Jihad tunnel I visited last year. It took #Hezbollah several years of digging & they had air conditioning & lighting for those working deep under ground.
Another video of the cross-border attack tunnel built by #Hezbollah. The #IDF will be destroying it over the coming days to prevent militants from ever using it against #Israel.
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Rockets are NOT missiles! Dissecting #IDF propaganda👇😡
Fatalities from rocket attacks in #Israel from the #GazaStrip, 2001–present: 23
Which came 1st? Palestinian rockets or Israeli violence⁉️
Before ANY #Rocket was EVER fired into #Israel:
From Sep to Dec 2000: 91 Children🇵🇸
*The Largest Single Cause of these Children's Deaths was Gunfire to the Head‼️…👈
#Hamas calling for the destruction of #Israel⁉️
Don't be fooled 👇😡
The Hateful Likud Charter Calls For Destruction of Any Palestinian State‼️
Bibi’s Party Charter 'flatly rejects’ #Palestine as a State:…👈LINK
Hamas Charter:…👈LINK
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#journaal Waarom wordt ISR waarschuwing voor uitbreiding van luchtaanvallen, sluiting van grensovergangen met Gaza en de visserijzone en ontdekking van PIJ tunnel naar Israel niet genoemd?
#journaal Waarom wordt gesproken over 'PAL militanten' terwijl PAL organisaties in een verklaring gezamenlijk de verantwoordelijkheid hebben genomen voor de aanvallen met projectielen en dreigen met hardere en meer grootschalige aanvallen in reactie op ISR vergeldingsaanvallen.
#journaal Waarom wordt niet gesproken over de waarschuwingen om de nucleaire faciliteit in Dimona en de luchthaven Ben Gurion aan te vallen:…
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👇😡@realDonaldTrump's "DEAL OF THE CENTURY"‼️
#Palestine - Plan to make #Apartheid & Settler Colonialism Official
Special #US Envoy/#Israel 1ster #JasonGreenblatt said to Sky News Arabic that a 'two states' solution means different things to diff. people.…
Zionist Puppet,@realDonaldTrump is a con-artist
#RussiaGate⁉️It's always been #IsraelGate😡Doh!

Birthright American Jewish youth visiting #Israel were given maps that COMPLETELY ERASED #Palestine, inc the #WestBank — one traveller called it into question
"Two-State Solution"👇😡It's always been a farce to enable Israel to claim #Democracy while keeping #Palestinians in Ghettos, denying even their basic #HumanRights‼️
Settlements thread: 1/21 From the very beginning #Israel planned to usurp #Palestine.
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#Kolomoisky #Gaza #MH17 #Kiev #onderstesteenboven #Israeli oligarch…
Billionaire Ukrainian Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky Under Investigation by FBI
#Kolomoisky #Ukraine #AZOV…
In Kiev, an Israeli army vet led a street-fighting unit
Delta, a Ukraine-born former IDF soldier, explained how he came to use combat skills he acquired in the Shu’alei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the Givati infantry brigade.…
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When will the Syrian people be able to live in peace? Syria 8 years of invasion, suffering, torture, deaths, biggest refugee crisis, destruction, wasn’t enough for you, US-led Coalition?

#Síria #USLedCoalition #USWarCrimes #WarCrimes #USCrimesAgainstHumanity
#USTerrorism #Terror
Explosions heard around #Aleppo international airport

Breaking: Several 'enemy airstrikes' target the Syrian military in northern Aleppo
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