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The #Israel’s Defence Min, Benny Gantz, will be in #India today. Israeli media hs bn quiet abt it.

Isreali media gv a HINT last week about the IMP security pact he’s expected to sign with Indian Def Min —that it’s going to be abt AIR & MISSILE defence sys. (Via TOIsrael) Image
Israeli govt is going through a rough patch right now, as rumours of #Netanyahu’s return are also doing rounds. Benny Gantz, the Israeli Def Minister, was the Ex- military chief of Israel. Hence I used his old pic in tweet 1. Image
Israel has sought to tighten defense ties with New Delhi in recent years, especially in the fields of air and missile defense. Toi
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I'm not sure why, but I'm the only person on the English speaking internet covering the #HeavenlyJerusalemProject, and how the Israeli/Ukrainian/Russian/American billionaire Igor Gekko (aka Igor Berkut) has announced the movement of Zionism to #Ukraine, called "#Khazaria Rising" Image
This man is a demon and possibly the antichrist, but I'm already getting too schizo for 99.999% of people, so I'll just post this picture of him discussing the project and let you wonder why he has this satanic image behind him. Image
If you think I'm just making these graphics myself, or making shit up, and not sharing what is in plain sight, you're making a big mistake.

I bet the Palestinians thought Zionism in 1900 was a conspiracy Image
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1. The issue of #Israel spying on its own citizens using #NSO's #Pegasus may well be a national scandal if done illegally but has nothing to do with the allegations about the use of #NSO spyware abroad by various intelligence agencies.…
2. According to the investigation, thee warrantless surveillance was done by some #Netanyahu crony & involved his family members, #Ethiopian protesters, and assorted politicians and businessmen, presumably involved in scandals or suspected of disloyalty.
3. The context for this "revelation" that seems to have come out of the left field suddenly is #Netanyahu's recent efforts to settle various scandals and #corruption charges with the possibility running for offic of the Prime Minister again in the future.
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Bismillah. Important news: we have disrupted an anti-Muslim hate group's effort to spy on Muslim American organizations, including our Ohio chapter. We thank God for exposing this plot to us and we thank God for protecting the community from harm. Details in this thread.... 1/13
Last year, we learned extensive info about the inner workings of the so-called Investigative Project on Terrorism. IPT is an anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian hate group founded by Steven Emerson, who largely faded from public view after a humiliating Fox News interview in 2015. 2/13
The evidence we received showed that Emerson’s hate group was flailing but active. Evidence indicated that IPT was monitoring speeches by Muslims & that Emerson was cursing, threatening and otherwise mistreating his staff for failing to produce enough Islamophobic content. 3/13
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#netanyahu appears in court to face key witness in corruption trial | 1h ago
- bribery, breach of trust and fraud in cases that centre on alleged regulatory favours he awarded to media tycoons in return for positive press coverage and receipt of gifts…
Former close aid takes stand in #Netanyahu #corruption trial | Oct 22
- Netanyahu was heard #giggling often during his former aid's testimony, while his supporters demonstrated outside.…
Prosecution witness in Netanyahu’s corruption trial killed as his plane crashes in Greece | Sep 14
-Former senior Israeli official H. Geron has been killed in a plane crash near island of Samos. Geron was among the witnesses in the ongoing corruption trial…
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#Spies steal secrets. Sometimes, those secrets must be carefully studied and analyzed by experts to turn them into products useful to policymakers.
The spies,talking about, here worked for the #mossad.The expert who painstakingly transformed secrets collected into actionable intelligence is David Albright&the policymaker who should be revising his policies in response to a clearer picture of reality is President Joe Biden.
The story begins on a cold night in January 2018, when Israeli agents stealthily broke into a warehouse in southern #Tehran where Iran’s rulers had stored an archive of their #nuclear weapons program.
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- Encore plus à l'extrême droite que Benyamin Netanyahu -

#Israël #Palestine #Netanyahu #Bennett #BDS Image
Après 12 ans au pouvoir, Benyamin Netanyahu premier ministre d'Israël, nationaliste et pro-colon, perd sa place. Malgré sa politique en faveur de la colonisation largement soutenue en Israël, ses affaires de corruption pour ses intérêts personnels ont eu raison de son poste.
Dimanche 13 juin, c’est donc un autre sioniste extrême qui prends le pouvoir : Naftali #Bennett, pas un inconnu pour les Israéliens.
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This seems to be it. A great moment in Democracy. No idea what is going on but it looks like it’s going according to good order.

#Knesset votes to replace #netanyahu #likud Govt.
@naftalibennett talking to a full house.
Unfortunately it’s clashing with a @BorisJohnson press conference. But I doubt anyone would be carrying it live outside of Israel regardless.
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Em #Israel 🇮🇱, hoje, dez da manhã no horário de Brasília, Benjamin #Netanyahu será substituído como primeiro-ministro depois de doze anos ininterruptos, mais três de passagem anterior. O mais longevo PM da História país, e o primeiro nascido em Israel

Para entender melhor: (...)
(...) É importante ter algumas coisas em mente

Primeiro, Israel enfrentou quatro eleições em dois anos, sem conseguir formar uma coalizão de governo. São 120 assentos no parlamento, o Knesset, e uma coalizão precisava de ao menos 61 assentos

O maior partido é o Likud (...)
(...) de direita, partido liderado por Netanyahu, com 30 assentos. Para conseguir a maioria parlamentar, Netanyahu habitualmente costura alianças com os partidos da direita religiosa ultraortodoxa

Porém, parte da direita secular não quer formar uma coalizão com a (...)
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Mentre Netanyahu temperava le sue ambizioni nazionaliste quando parlava in inglese a un pubblico internazionale ancora concentrato su una soluzione a due stati, lo zelo sfacciato di Bennett a favore dei coloni, ispirato dalla Bibbia, avrebbe portato il paese in una nuova era. ⬇2
Nel 2013 disse che "i terroristi palestinesi dovrebbero essere uccisi, non rilasciati", e nel 2018, lo stesso anno in cui i raduni palestinesi alla frontiera di Gaza sono stati accolti con la forza letale, ⬇3
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Friday, June 4, 2021

#Abaribe: Rounding up Igbo youths, extra-judicial killings won't end South-East attacks
#HURIWA drags Wike to international court over threat to kill, bury IPOB members

Tompolo / Elon / Chioma / The Prophet
#NECO Registrar, Obioma was killed - Ortom reveals
#Insecurity does not make Nigeria a failed state —Lai Mohammed
#Plots to destroy Buhari’s govt’ll fail, says APC
#Osinbajo expresses worry over youth unemployment
#Corps members part of defence, can be mobilised for war – NYSC
#Getting new constitution almost impossible, says N’Assembly
#Reps demand end to Imo extrajudicial killings
#Residents panic as gunmen kill policewoman, man in Imo
#Akpabio visits Tompolo over ex-warlord’s threat against oil facilities
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46.01/ Week Forty-six, May 29-June 4 2021, begins here.

Week 45 below:
46.02/ Attempting the "Not starting every email/tweet with the word 'so' challenge." This is comes after "Not starting every etc with 'well'"

I understand this is common for academics. In my observation: "well" is to state your hypothesis, "so" the next step in analysis.
46.03/ I just spent hours writing a thread and for some reason the screen skipped and I lost everything. It's hard to explain how destructive this is. First time it's happened and now I will know to continuously back up writing in a side document. But I'm mildly perturbed.
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#Israel hat keine echte Strategie und kann diesen Krieg nicht gewinnen, was immer das heißen mag. #Hamas hat militärisch unglaublich viel verloren: Das Tunnelsystem ist zu weiten Teilen zerstört und vor allem: den Israelis offensichtlich komplett bekannt, d.h. dass 1/
die Geheimdienste erfolgreich waren, viele Abschussrampen für Langstreckenraketen (will heißen: nach Tel Aviv) sind zerstört, die Logistik und Infrastruktur der Hamas massiv beschädigt. Aus rein taktisch-militärischer Sicht bringen weitere Tage des Bombardements 2/
nicht mehr viel. Um die #Hamas wirklich "unschädlich" zu machen, müsste die israelische Armee einmarschieren und das wird nicht geschehen. Hinzukommt, dass jeder weitere Tag des Bombardements Israel teuer zu stehen kommen könnte. Immer mehr zivile Opfer auf palästinensicher 3/
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#Israel 🇮🇱 military says it has thwarted an apparent attempt by #Hamas to carry out an attack on Israel from the sea, said a number of operatives from Hamas were spotted today in the north of the Strip with suspected “naval diving weaponry”
#Israel 🇮🇱 Magen David Adom ambulance service says those being treated at the site of a #Gaza 🇵🇸 rocket strike in #Ashdod include 3 people lightly hurt by broken glass and five people who suffered anxiety attacks

Turkish 🇹🇷 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan @RTErdogan urged Pope Francis @Pontifex to help end what he called #Israel’s 🇮🇱 “massacre” of #Palestinians 🇵🇸, which should be punished with sanctions, his office said
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👉 Quelques précisions pour ceux qui ne comprennent rien au conflit israélo-palestinien et qui n’ont jamais mis les pieds dans la région :

1️⃣La guerre oppose l’armée israélienne au #Hamas une organisation terroriste qui contrôle #Gaza de fait depuis 2007👇
2️⃣Même si l’Autorité palestinienne basée à Ramallah, reconnue par la communauté internationale, dénonce officiellement les bombardements israéliens, ses leaders restent en retrait dans une position attentiste.
Pour rappel, une guerre fratricide continue d’opposer les 2 camps 👇
3️⃣Ce qui valide ce qui précède c’est notamment le calme quasi total dans les principales villes palestiniennes.
Outre Ramallah, des villes comme Bethléem, Beit Jala, Jénine, Hébron, pour ne citer qu’elles, ne bougent quasiment pas. Il y a eu des escarmouches dont deux graves👇
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1️⃣- Si la condamnation du #Hamas est une exigence morale, il faut néanmoins pointer la responsabilité du gouvernement israélien et s’interroger sur les raisons qui ont poussé #Netanyahu à privilégier la stratégie de la tension.
Quelques questions s’imposent par honnêteté 👇
2️⃣ - 👉Pourquoi la police israélienne a provoqué les fidèles de manière répétée, dès le premier jour du ramadan, sur l’esplanade des mosquées ?
👉 Pourquoi il y a eu une volonté de créer le pourrissement, par une logique d’arbitraire, autour du quartier de Cheikh Jarrah ?👇
3️⃣ - 👉Pourquoi les forces israéliennes ont-elles excité les fidèles autour d’Al-Aqsa jusqu’au jour de l’Aid ?
👉 Pourquoi des colons extrémistes, protégés par la police, ont été autorisés, alors que la tension était palpable, à narguer les musulmans durant leur fête ?👇
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👉Pardon de décevoir tous ceux abreuvés à la propagande arabo-islamique. Personnellement j’ai des origines algériennes qui ne m’amènent pas à ressentir mécaniquement plus de sympathie pour les Palestiniens que pour les Kurdes.
Tous les peuples ont droit à la dignité cela dit 👇
👉 Quand la « cause » d’un peuple, aussi légitime soit-elle est portée par un groupe islamiste nourri à l’idéologie des Frères musulmans et du djihadisme, soutenu par des pays comme l’#Iran ou la #Qatar j’ai plutôt tendance à porter un regard distancié et froid sur le sujet 👇
👉 En vérité, je ne suis ni Pro-Palestinien ni Pro-Israélien.
Je répète que cette démocratie est désormais abîmée par une politique hasardeuse menée par un gouvernement cynique qui s’accommode lui aussi de la xénophobie, de la haine et du populisme, mais je n’oublie pas 👇
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En ce moment, Netanyahou en live en conf de presse sur la chaîne @AlJazeera dont il vient de bombarder les bureaux à #Gaza Image
Netanyahou: "nous remercions USA et les 25 pays qui ont exprimés leurs soutiens à #Israel.

Nous allons continuer à bombarder, tuer...peu importe le temps qu'il faut
Netanyahou: "tuer des civils et les cibler ne peut pas être autre chose que le terrorisme"

Il vient de désigner en live #Israel comme état terroriste!

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Au 6e jour de la confrontation entre le #Hamas et #Israel, alors qu’on déplore 139 victimes palestiniennes et 10 israéliennes, retour sur les surprises, erreurs de perception & changements tactiques dans les 2 camps.
#Gaza #Palestine
1)La surprise du #Hamas: lors de vives tensions à #Jérusalem (expulsion de Palestiniens à Sheikh Jarrah, parade nationaliste en Vieille Ville) le Hamas a favorisé des troubles sur l’esplanade des Mosquées. Mais il a surpris #Israel en tirant des roquettes sur Jérusalem le 10 juin
2)L’Opération du #Hamas "L’Epée de #Jerusalem" vise à le présenter comme le meilleur défenseur d’al-Aqsa auprès des #Palestiniens avec 1 enjeu religieux & politique: démontrer sa supériorité sur l’AP de Mahmoud Abbas qui, en annulant les élections, l’a privé de victoire
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Het conflict tussen de Palestijnen en Israël had er mogelijk niet hoeven zijn als het pad was bewandeld dat in het Verdrag van Oslo was afgesproken.
Het akkoord bepaalde de oprichting van de Palestijnse Autoriteit en een bepaalde mate van autonomie over de Palestijnse Gebieden.
Het verdrag van Oslo werd in Washington in aanwezigheid van Bill Clinton, president van de Verenigde Staten, Yitzchak Rabin, minister-president van Israël en Yasser Arafat, voorzitter van de PLO september 1993 ondertekend.
Twee jaar later werd Rabin vermoord.
Rabin werd op 4 november 1995 vermoord door Yigal Amir, een extremistische jood, die gekant was tegen de Oslo-akkoorden en de overdracht van de controle over delen van de Westelijke Jordaanoever aan de Palestijnen als onderdeel van het historische vredesakkoord.
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Un'immagine significativa della stato delle cose in #Palestina.

Non son certo a favore dei #razzi di #Hamas diretti sui centri abitati, ma il combusibile di quei razzi è prodotto da questi criminali di militari di #Netanyahu, che puntano le armi contro i bambini.

#FreePalestine Image
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La colonizzazione -illegale- israeliana procede a passo di carica e impunita almeno dall'inizio del secolo.
Da Stati Uniti e Unione solo vaghi moniti.
#Israele ha licenza di fare quel che vuole, ingabbiare la #Palestina,bombardare la #Siria, darsi al terrorismo contro l'#Iran
Il problema non è #SheikhJarrah, il problema è un paese dominato da una destra ultranazionalista, suprematista e razzista che non ha mai smesso di comportarsi come tale e di perseguire la pulizia etnica dei palestinesi e l'espansione territoriale a danno loro e dei paesi vicini.
Le notizie da #Israele cominciano sempre nel momento in cui Israele, POTENZA OCCUPANTE "reagisce" agli attacchi degli occupati.
Che di solito partono dopo che Israele innalza il livello di repressione fino a che qualcuno non decide di tirare qualche inutile razzo da #Gaza.
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Die Kluft zw makropolitischen Planspielen u mikropolitischen Konflikten in #Israel zeigt sich drastisch im Umgang mit den Protesten gg die drohenden Zwangsräumungen in #ScheichDscharrah (Jerusalem). Kühne geopolitische Entwürfe auf der einen Seite, 1/8
Unfähigkeit der Staatsgewalten, einen fairen Interessensausgleich für alle Landesbewohner herbeizuführen, auf der anderen Seite. Die Regierung v MP #Netanyahu lässt radikale rel. Nationalisten um den Kahanisten Ben Gvir gewähren, 2/8
um sich ihre Unterstützung bei der anstehenden Regierungsbildung nicht zu verscherzen. Die Polizei, in der es nicht wenige rechtsradikale Leute gibt, muss die Suppe auslöffeln. Das tut sie wie am Freitagabend, als ihre Leute den Tempelberg stürmten, 3/8
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BREAKING - reports of explosions heard near #Jerusalem, #Beersheeba, #Dimona & multiple other locations amid rocket sirens in #Israel.

Security sources say #IAJ jets have been “scrambled.”
#pt: Some sources say a rocket or missile may have been intercepted near #Dimona, #Israel.

Others say residences near the area shook during the explosion.
Security sources in #Israel seem unanimous that no rockets crossed from #Gaza, so all eyes on the #Syria border.

Claims of a Patriot interception would suggest a larger-than-normal projectile, so suspicion may fall onto #Iran#Dimona is home to #Israel’s nuclear facility.
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