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Dear @WSJ,

Sorry, Mr. Rove, but #StaceyAbrams’ claim that the 2018 gubernatorial election was corrupted is hardly "unsupported." Our team found a half million-plus Georgians were purged from voter rolls by #BrianKemp in the year before the election.…
They lost their vote on the ostensible grounds they’d left the state or voting county. We found 340,136 of those voters had never moved from where they originally registered. But Kemp took away their right to vote — while he was running for Governor.…
Mr. Rove is correct in stating these citizens were purged in accordance with #Georgia’s "Use It or Lose It" law. But that law only acts as an "alternative means" recognized by the National Voter Registration Act for determining if a voter has moved.…
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Ho ho ho! Now that #BrianKemp is no longer #Georgia's Secretary of State, his office has informed the Palast Investigative Fund attorneys that they are throwing in the towel in the Palast & Butler v. Kemp suit we filed in Atlanta Federal Court in October.…
This opens up the remainder of #BrianKemp’s infamous, racially-poisonous voter purge files. Specifically, #Georgia will produce the hidden #Crosscheck purge files given to Kemp by #KrisKobach of Kansas — files Kemp’s flunkies told us had been “lost.”…
This data, which we will be analyzing is, as one of #StaceyAbrams attorney told me, “a gold mine” which can be critical in the law suit brought by her organization #FairFightGeorgia and in the fight to beat back New #JimCrow vote suppression.…
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#Georgia: The mystery of the 100,000 missing votes for Lieutenant Governor — Greg Palast talks to @Thom_Hartmann
Just look at the numbers, they speak for themselves:…
People said, 'Oh, I'm so excited about changing administration, but I’m not going to vote for #StaceyAbrams running mate?!?’ That’s like voting for President, and not voting for Vice President. [See drop off rate from Governor to Lt Governor and how it recovers down the ticket.]
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Today there are two absolutely vital elections in #Georgia. The runoff for Secretary of State and the runoff for the public service commission, one of those offices you don't think much about. Both of them are incredibly important…
Whoever controls the Secretary of State's office, controls who gets to vote, how you get to vote, whose ballots get counted, etc., which #BrianKemp used to great effect against #StaceyAbrams to make himself #Georgia's governor.…
What #BrianKemp and the GOP have been doing is blocking registrants who found that they were wrongly purged so that they can't vote today in the runoff. Everyone who was shafted out of their vote on Nov. 6 will be shafted out of their vote again today.…
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BREAKING: #StaceyAbrams’ new voting rights org, #FairFightGeorgia, files suit, charges #BrianKemp "grossly mismanaged" election and "unconstitutionally purged" #Georgia's voter rolls.…
The suit states #BrianKemp: “grossly mismanaged an election that deprived #Georgia citizens, and particularly citizens of color, of their fundamental right to vote.”…
The #FairFightGeorgia complaint charges that #BrianKemp: “unconstitutionally purged the rolls of nearly ten percent of #Georgia’s registered voters.”…
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Why did #StaceyAbrams have to end the fight over the #Georgia count? Because #BrianKemp not only planned his crime carefully — and make no mistake, knowingly preventing citizens from voting is a crime — #Kemp also had a brilliant “getaway” scheme...…
I saw it firsthand in DeKalb County, #Georgia on #ElectionDay. I knew that some portion of the 340,134 voters our team revealed had been wrongly purged would attempt to vote anyway — as is their right under federal law.…
Any American that signs a statement that he or she is a citizen and provides a local address has the right to vote “provisionally.”
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What We Must Do Now: #StaceyAbrams, #Georgia, and Something Extraordinary…
Days ago, I received a call from #StaceyAbrams’ lead attorneys. Our investigative team had “gold,” as they put it, for litigating the #Georgia election.…
But I’m a journalist, not a campaign operative. I could only offer my reports and my affidavit filed in federal court in support of @CommonCauseGA's litigation against #BrianKemp.…
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BREAKING: #StaceyAbrams says 'democracy failed' #Georgia as she ends bid for governor…
Two days ago, #StaceyAbrams' legal team contacted us for our investigative reports and expertise. Because she was still a candidate at the time, I could only give her my public affidavit:…
And we are proud she mentioned the heart-breaking case of 92-year-old Christine Jordan, purged from the rolls.… #StaceyAbrams #Georgia
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A white man STOLE an election from a black woman.

In plain sight.

#StaceyAbrams #BrianKemp
To everyone on the right questioning my assertion, it is outlandish that Kemp oversaw the election he was a candidate in, particularly with a series of voter suppression tactics targeting minorities.
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#Georgia Voter Purge Victim: “This Was a Strategy From Kemp” — my latest for @truthout… #BrianKemp #Midterms2018 #StaceyAbrams #ElectionDay #VoterSuppression
Yasmin Bakhtiari was told she'd been purged by #BrianKemp because she hadn't voted in two election cycles. But the National Voter Registration Act is crystal clear: You cannot lose your vote for not voting.… #Georgia #ElectionDay #VotingRights
This is why we’re suing #BrianKemp. Learn more about our lawsuit:… #Georgia #VoterSuppression #ElectionDay #VotingRights #Midterms2018 #ElectionFraud
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1. #BrianKemp should have resigned as Secretary of State before he purged half a million Georgians, before he told the counties not to even hand out provisional ballots to people he had wrongly purged.… #Georgia #ElectionDay #StaceyAbrams #Midterms2018
2. #BrianKemp should have resigned before he started enforcing a system of #ExactMatch and other gimmicks that have basically suppressed the votes by literally the hundreds of thousands.… #Georgia #StaceyAbrams #StopTheSteal
To now to just come up with a gimmick like putting one of his flunkies in charge, a political hack in charge to replace him, is hardly blessing the #Georgia election as fair and democratic.…
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"I'm Yasmin and I was blocked from voting for #StaceyAbrams.”

Yasmin Bakhtiari is just one of thousands of #Georgia voters who were purged by GOP Secretary of State #BrianKemp, without notice.… #ElectionDay #Midterms2018 #ElectionFraud
#Georgia voter Yasmin Bakhtiari was even blocked from casting a provisional ballot, despite waiting for over two hours in line and asking three times. In the end, she filed a complaint and left. #ElectionDay #Midterms2018 #ElectionFraud
This is why we’re suing #BrianKemp. As Secretary of State, he decided who was allowed to vote and which votes got counted—a clear conflict of interest while running against Abrams.

Learn more about our lawsuit:…

Support our work:
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#MartinLutherKing’s Cousin Blocked by #BrianKemp from Casting a Ballot in #Georgia — Despite Voting in every Election for 50 Years… #ElectionDay #Midterms2018 #VoterSuppression
92-year-old Christine Jordan, who was blocked from voting in #Georgia by #BrianKemp, hangs with her granddaughter Jessica. Miss Christine, #MartinLutherKing’s cousin, talked about the family reunions with the Kings at her house.…
#Georgia's GOP Secretary of State, #BrianKemp, took away her right to vote exactly 50 years to the day since she cast her first ballot in Atlanta. To get back her vote, she is ready to sue #Kemp in federal court, "If someone will help me walk to the courthouse." Any volunteers?
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This 92-year old #Georgia voter went to the polls only to find she’s one of #BrianKemp’s victims, purged from the voter rolls. This is why we’re suing Kemp:… #ElectionDay #Midterms2018
“She held civil rights meeting in her home... And today, to come out and not be able to vote, and no one can give you an expiation, it’s extremely emotional. And it bothers me, it bothers me to my core." #BrianKemp #ElectionDay #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud
92-year old Christine Jordan is just one of more than 340,134 Georgians #BrianKemp has purged from the voter rolls based on dead-wrong evidence they’d moved from the state or from their home county… #ElectionDay #Midterms2018
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Purged Voters’ “Provisional” Ballots Could Decide Georgia Governor Race — my latest report for @truthout… #ElectionDay #BrianKemp #StaceyAbrams #Georgia #Midterms2018 #MidtermsMatter
You took one vote away, but #StaceyAbrams is going to get 10 more because I’m going to bring 10 more people out to vote.” — Rahiem Shabazz, an Atlanta filmmaker who found he'd been purged from #Georgia's voter rolls after finding his name on the purge list we published last month
Find out how the provisional "placebo” ballots given to purged #Georgia voters like Rahiem Shabazz could cost #StaceyAbrams the GA governor's race:… #ElectionDay #Midterms2018
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📢#RETWEET to Expose @staceyabrams 📢

Georgians do NOT condone a Governor like #StaceyAbrahams who actively supports domestic Terrorists like Linda Sarsour

Vote @BrianKempGA for Georgia's next Governor, He Supports #AmericaFirst & will hold Domestic Terrorists Accountable 🇺🇸
This is why ALL U.S. Citizens need to Vote on #Electionday

Anti-Semite Domestic Terrorist Linda Sarsour actively campaigning for candidate Stacey Abrams in Georgia. Same Linda Sarsour who is paid by Cair-Hamas terrorist group & a outspoken Anti-America attempting to destroy USA
Stacey Abrams met Linda Sarsour at Women’s March in Georgia, Abrams spokeswoman Priyanka Mantha. “To my knowledge, this is 1 time they have met. Abrams & Sarsour disagree on many issues but share commitment to advance women’s rights”
#ElectionDay Vote @BrianKempGA
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Oprah Winfrey stumping for #StaceyAbrams: I have earned the right to do exactly what I want to do when I want to do it. To vote for myself and that's why I'm a registered independent. I paid for myself and I approve this message.
Oprah on #StaceyAbrams: "'ve been watching you and seeing how you handle yourself. I've been watching you in the midst of the onslaught of haters and vitriol being thrown at you. You keep standing strong for the values that matter to me and Georgians."
Oprah Winfrey on #StaceyAbrams: "I have voted Republican and I have voted Democrat. Each time I voted for people who represent my values. The foundation of our democracy is to live a life of service to others."

Stacey Abrams will serve the underserved in the state of GA.
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#BrianKemp is the 3rd Secretary of State in #Georgia’s recent history to run for governor and the only one who has not resigned from office. He’s determining who gets to vote and where, who gets provisional ballots, and which ballots get counted.…
The previous two Secretaries of State who ran for governor resigned when they ran for the office — not #BrianKemp, because he knows he’s running against #StaceyAbrams who could be the first female African-American governor in U.S. history, and he’s losing.
It’s close, but #BrianKemp's losing, and the only way he can win is to make sure #StaceyAbrams' voters don’t get to cast their ballots.

Are you one of the 591,000 #Georgia voters Kemp purged in just one year? Find out here:…

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1/#StaceyAbrams is now calling for #BrianKemp to step down as Sec'ty of State of GA. There must be a way to force him to do so. This Gov't is 'of the people, by the people, FOR the people' (NOT person who wants to run for office & abuse the system). Sadly another of the painful
2/ lessons that we've learned since 11/16 is that there absolutely have to be new systems of oversight put in place, on the Fed'l & State levels, to control those who've found the loopholes. Interesting that we've had people of enough character to NOT do that for over 200 yrs.
3/ No system is perfect, but generally when imperfections are found, they're fixed. We cannot be so bogged down by bureaucracy that this level of #racism & abuse is permitted. #BrianKempMustGo . #SaturdayMorning #VoteBlue
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I’m suing Trump’s “Purge’n General” #KrisKobach.

@RevJJackson is joining me. Will you?

Support this action and help put an end to this vote thievery once and for all:…
With the pro bono help of the firm of Mirer Mazzocchi & Julien, we are filing under the National Voter Registration Act to get the names of every one of the million voters purged from voter rolls using #KrisKobach’s infamous #Crosscheck program.…
We’ve sent legal notices to all 27 states in #KrisKobach’s #Crosscheck program to turn over their lists. While #Kobach has stonewalled us, a number of states including #Michigan and #Oklahoma, have turned over their hit lists rather than face us in court.…
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Yesterday, the GOP’s #BrianKemp won the #Georgia gubernatorial primary. It is not coincidental that, as Secretary of State, he removed 591,548 names from the state’s voter rolls in 2017. We expect another big purge in the next few weeks.… #StopTheSteal
We've given #Georgia's Secretary of State, #BrianKemp, 40 days to provide every name of those purged—or he will face a federal lawsuit. Our initial investigation indicates the list is overloaded with voters of color and young voters, i.e. Democrats.…
#BrianKemp will face #StaceyAbrams in November for the governor’s seat. Abrams told me she fears this ethnic cleansing of voter rolls especially because it is partly directed by #KrisKobach of Kansas.… #Georgia #StopTheSteal
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