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The concept of #Crosscheck was simple and, at first glance, quite reasonable: states would share their voter rolls with its chief, #KrisKobach, who would look for voters registered in two states and remove the duplicates. Who could argue with that?…
The press praised #Crosscheck as a brilliant use of computers, and at its peak, 30 states joined the scheme. Almost all were Republican controlled, but some Democratic voting officials joined with enthusiasm. Who can defend fraudulent voters?… Image
But this bothered me: On Kobach’s Crosscheck site, the number of potential double voters, by 2015, totaled 7,264,422. Seven million double voter suspects? (Or, as Kobach would have it it, 3.6 million Americans voting or registering twice.)… Image
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Trump, LYING HIS ASS OFF. In Nov when @JoeBiden whips his ass Trump will pull this BS and say he’s challenging the legitimacy of the election. What he says here is what the GOP does. Trump STEALING and SABOTAGE of election. #Michigan #TrumpDeathToll95K 1/
Trump projects what Republicans do. He mentioned Mike Garcia. Well, this is how Garcia won. This is what GOP will do this November: cheat. Trump’s GOP buddy Devin Nunes admitted to ballot harvesting for Garcia last week... 2/ #TrumpDeathToll95K #Michigan
In the video Devin Nunes from California, says of Mike Garcia: “it’s a traditionally Republican seat”(which it is.) Yet today Trump said it was Democratic. Key: this story is where Trump got his frenzy. But he omits context: #TrumpDeathToll95K #Michigan 3/
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#BrianKemp bleached the rolls whiter than white, removing over half a million voters. 1 in 8 voters in #Georgia was flushed off the voter rolls. But the vote-rigging Kemp was involved in is not limited to Georgia...… #VanishingVoters
#BrianKemp was in a conspiracy, and I use that word very carefully, with #KrisKobach, the white supremacist former Secretary of State of Kansas who's Trump’s Vote-Thief-in-Chief.…
#BrianKemp worked with #KrisKobach not only to purge voters in #Georgia, but using Kobach's Interstate #Crosscheck system they targeted 7 million voters of color in 30 states. #VanishingVoters
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I have the absolute proof that #BrianKemp stole the 2018 election from #StaceyAbrams — America's first major party African-American female gubernatorial nominee — by illegally removing 340,134 voters from #Georgia's rolls.…
We sued #BrianKemp to get his secret #Crosscheck voter purge lists and last week a federal judge agreed that the purge lists we're requesting are subject to the public disclosure provisions of the National Voter Registration Act.…
We want to get our hands on these racially-biased-by-design #Crosscheck purge lists because this story goes way beyond #Georgia and the gubernatorial race.
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BREAKING: In an extraordinary move, Judge Eleanor Ross has declared #BrianKemp the loser in a lawsuit brought by our team to compel the State of #Georgia to open up its complete files on the mass purge of over half a million voters from the rolls.…
#BrianKemp and the new Secretary of State of #Georgia want to keep the lid on their methods for removing literally hundreds of thousands of low-income, young and minority voters on the basis of false information. They cannot hide any more.…
This is a huge win and precedent for reporters trying to pry information from the hands of guilty officials.… #BrianKemp #Georgia #VoterPurge #VanishingVoters
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Trump's going to steal the 2020 election. It doesn't matter how good the Dem's campaign is or how much they spend on ads. Clinton outspent Trump by almost a $1 billion in 2016, but Trump is in the White House because we have an apartheid voting system.…
#Georgia's ground zero for vote theft. You think of it as a Republican state, but it's going to be the first Deep South white minority state. So the Dems can't lose — unless the GOP steals it from them!…
There aren't enough white people to elect Donald Trump in states like Georgia. That's WHY the Republicans have stepped up their vote thieving games, which could absolutely reelect Trump — no matter the will of the people.…
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Great news ➡️ It took us six years of investigating... but, finally, #Kansas, which generates the #Crosscheck scrub lists for other states, has agreed to kill the program. This effectively ends the entire national #VoterPurge operation.… #VanishingVoters
But dangers still lurk:

1. At least a dozen states continue to use the old Crosscheck scrub lists. Astonishingly, this includes #Virginia, which the Democrats just won.… #VanishingVoters
2. The settlement, signed by #KrisKobach’s successor in #Kansas with the @ACLU, only stops #Crosscheck temporarily. The agreement permits it to return if the state installs cyber security protections.… #VanishingVoters
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Stacey Abrams Hires Palast Investigations Team for Massive Federal Suit to Restore Voting Rights… #Crosscheck #PurgeByPostcard #VanishingVotes #StopTheSteal
While we're thrilled with this new alliance, it only covers #Georgia. We need to expose new, massive, illegal #VoterPurges in #Ohio, #Michigan, #NorthCarolina, #Florida, #Kentucky, #Wisconsin, #Nevada and other states.…
We’ve already filed preliminary legal actions in 20 states. Now we move to the expensive process of detailed computer analysis of each purge, voter by voter, more than a quarter million in each of these states.… #Crosscheck #PurgeByPostcard #VanishingVotes
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#AskGregAQuestion: I was purged — how do we fight back? How important are Exit Polls? What about #VoterSuppression in Ohio? Why won’t the Dems go after Crosscheck?…
#AskGregAQuestion: Has #RonDeSantis and his GOP Legislature derailed the #Amendment4 that Floridians enacted?… #Florida
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"Elizabeth Warren’s Big Challenge: Winning Black Voters"…
Jessie Jackson asked #ElizabethWarren and #BernieSanders to meet with us privately to plan an attack on the racist #Crosscheck vote purge system.
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Think you’re registered to vote? Think again. With all this purg’n going on, you could be x’d out and you won’t even know it. But there’s a simple way you can defeat the GOP's vote-thieving tricks: Re-register! #NationalVoterRegistrationDay #NVRD
3 months before an election, EVERYONE needs to check their voter registration to see if they’ve been removed. And if you have been removed — or you've not registered yet, there's no better day to do it than TODAY!… #NationalVoterRegistrationDay #NVRD
Register yourself. Then help register your partner, your family — and your Twitter friends by sharing this.

Friends don't let friends lose their vote!

#NationalVoterRegistrationDay #NVRD
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Democrat #DanMcCready supposedly lost the special election in #NorthCarolina’s 9th Congressional District to Republican #DanBishop by less than 4,000 votes. However, racially biased #VoterSuppression schemes easily account for the GOP "victory" margin.…
Under the violently partisan Elections Board chief Kim Strach, #NorthCarolina targeted 561,693 voters based on the measurably racist and absurdly wrong #Crosscheck list created by the discredited #KrisKobach of Kansas.… #NorthCarolinaSpecialElection
The vote scam, which I exposed for @RollingStone and Al Jazeera, showed that well over 100,000 voters were wrongly purged for supposedly being registered or voting in two states.… #NorthCarolinaSpecialElection
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I don't trust polls, they're not that accurate if they are before an election because the pollsters have to figure out if you're going to vote or not. The polls that really count are the #ExitPolls—and in #Wisconsin, #Pennsylvania & #Michigan, #HillaryClinton won the exit polls.
So what happened in #Wisconsin if you had a 4% victory in the #ExitPolls? How did Trump win? The answer is, you tell an exit pollster how you voted, but you don't know if your vote was counted.…
You don't know if the machine kicked out your vote. You don't know that if you filled out a #ProvisionalBallot and it was disqualified.
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We get asked A LOT about the #Recount in #Michigan. What happened? Why were the DNC's lawyers MIA? Why did Clinton give up without a fight.

This report from 2016, written by a volunteer observer with #RecountMichigan, is well worth a read:…
This account tallies with what we heard from witnesses we interviewed for a report we did for @DemocracyNow:… #Michigan #Detroit #Flint #Election2016 #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #VotingRights #CivilRights #Recount #Recount2016
@democracynow The DNC and Clinton’s lawyers were literally missing in action. They did not protect the Black voters’ ballots of #Michigan. Trump’s lawyers prevented the counting of the 75,355 uncounted ballots that would have unquestionably led to loss of a state he "won" by 10,700 votes.
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BREAKING: Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms Block on Indiana #Crosscheck Voter Purge Law… #InterstateCrosscheck #VoterPurge #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #Election2020 #VotingRights #Indiana
Another bullet in #Crosscheck: Indiana can’t use the list without sending out postcards to victims. As students, people of color, and the poor move more than white suburbanites, this will still mean that nearly 100,000 Indiana voters who've wrongly lost their vote are in trouble.
Learn more about why #PurgeByPostcard is a problem, watch The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, available from — or stream it for FREE on #AmazonPrime!…
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The Russians did not remove 1.1 million voters under this phony, racist system called #Crosscheck. The Russians did not fail to count 75,355 ballots in Detroit, MI, handing that state to #Trump. The Russians did not illegally purge a third of a million voters in Georgia...
Whatever the Russians did... that’s illegal, that’s bad. But that was not what elected Donald Trump. What elected Donald Trump was a massive, racist vote purge system and a system of blocking people from voting with gimmicks like ‘Where’s your Voter ID?’…
And it’s going to be even worse in 2020. Find out how YOU can fight to make YOUR VOTE count, sign up for our newsletter at: #VotingRights #Crosscheck #VoterID #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #Election2016 #Election2020 #DonaldTrump #Russiagate
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Cuomo: "What would you do if the President said, 'I am a racist'"
Kobach: "Then I would not defend him."
Cuomo: "Would you still support him as President?"
Kobach: "I don't know."
Cuomo: "You have to think about whether or not you would support a racist?"
#KrisKobach has a long history of racism. He started out as a lawyer for a white supremacist group called FAIR, which says its purpose is to maintain a European majority America.…
#KrisKobach's the author of SB 1070, which the ACLU calls the Driving While Brown law. And he's very proud of the fact he came up with the idea for Trump's wall — and that Mexico would pay for it.…
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Palast Investigations team member, and photojournalist nonpareil, @ZDRoberts marks the 38th year of his birth and the 13th year of his waiting for a raise. We celebrate his patience and accomplishments. #Journalism #Photography #Media
Besides shooting photos from #Charlottesville to #OccupyWallStreet, hitting front pages around the world, it was @ZDRoberts who first sniffed out the sulfurous vote schemes of the Grand Wizard of #Crosscheck, Kris Kobach. #Journalism #Photography #Kobach
Here is @ZDRoberts shooting selfie of the lump on his head from a cop’s baton at #OccupyWallStreet. Support his work by becoming a @Patreon: #Journalism #Photography #Media
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According to Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross' own experts, the inclusion of the citizenship question will result in a loss of 6.5 million Americans from the census #Census2020
Why is the #Census2020 citizenship question so dangerous? According to a memorandum to Eric Holder from the Justice Department, under Section 215 of the Patriot Act, census information can be used for investigating non-U.S. persons. #Census2020
It goes beyond ICE. #KKKobach has been up front about why he wants the citizenship question on #Census202. In fact, they used it in court... They said, we need this question to enforce the Voting Rights Act and the National Voter Registration Act.
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Kris Kobach’s #Crosscheck voter purge program is inherently racist. Under the guise of catching so-called double voters, it crudely matches the first and last names of voters across states.… #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud
U.S. Census data shows that minorities are overrepresented in 85 of 100 of the most common last names.…
And now #KrisKobach is trying to add a citizenship question to the US #Census2020 that could result in even more legal minority voters being illegally purged from the rolls and/or deterred from voting.… #InterstateCrosscheck #Census #VoterSuppression
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As I said on @JuliannaForlano's radio show a few days ago, there is no way in hell that Kansas Republican senators would vote to confirm #KrisKobach. That’s why Trump wants to name him "Immigration Czar" which does not require senate confirmation.…
It’s time we stop “misunderestimating” Trump. That’s how Bush got reelected in 2004.… #KrisKobach #Crosscheck #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #Immigration
Listen to my full interview with @JuliannaForlano here:…
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Trump may name #KrisKobach as Immigration Czar. Their real agenda: 2020 vote suppression.…
It’s an especially cute move by Trump, as this newly crafted position, unlike an appointment to other cabinet level posts, will not require Senate approval, not even a hearing.…
I’ve been investigating #KKKobach for six years. He's the guy who drafted Arizona’s notorious “SB 1070” law which the ACLU dubbed the, “Driving While Brown law” – found unconstitutional by Federal Courts.…
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After six years of investigating #KrisKobach’s Interstate #Crosscheck voter purge program, the entire racially biased, violently partisan #VoterSuppression tactic is on the verge of collapse…
Ten states in total have now withdrawn from the Interstate #Crosscheck system, including in the past few weeks, Arizona, Colorado, Pennsylvania and in alliance with my co-litigant, @RevJJackson, the state of Illinois…
And Kansas, after #KKKobach lost his race for Governor, has stopped creating the purge list for #Crosscheck states…
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Another one bites the dust, following our lawyers’ notice of federal court action against #Arizona and #Crosscheck with my co-plaintiff Arizona ballot protection expert John Roberts Brakey. It’s state by state, hand to hand combat. 20 left to go!…
"I want to make it absolutely clear that we are not sending information to #Crosscheck. Arizona voters will not be put at risk of having their voter registration wrongly canceled based on inaccurate information.” — @SecretaryHobbs…
State Elections Director, Sambo (Bo) Dul, writes to #Kansas to confirm #Arizona's "formal withdrawal from the Interstates #Crosscheck Program."…
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