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Visiting #LaReunion allowed for a very special adventure with my 8-month old son. We wanted to see one of the rarest birds in the world before it disappeared: the Reunion Cuckoo-shrike.

This is a thread about #birds, #birding, fatherhood, #biodiversity and #extinction ... 1/13
@Team_eBird @BirdLife_News @BirdWatchingMag @Natures_Voice @WildlifeMag @Britnatureguide @RareBirdAlertUK @extinctsymbol @BirdNoteRadio 2. What does #extinction mean? What does it feel like? How does our species internalise, let alone rationalise, the loss of another?

Perhaps, like the Universe itself, the #anthropocene sixth mass extinction is too big, too abstract, just too *much*, for us to absorb.
@Team_eBird @BirdLife_News @BirdWatchingMag @Natures_Voice @WildlifeMag @Britnatureguide @RareBirdAlertUK @extinctsymbol @BirdNoteRadio 3. So let's focus on just one species: a bird few have heard of, and fewer would likely think or care about. A type of cuckoo-shrike found only on #Reunion, the next-door island to my home in #Madagascar.

A bird from an island where avian extinctions have already occurred.
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Dernièrement, ce graphique a donné des ailes à la frange ultralibérale des #climatosceptiques. En montrant le déclin de la pauvreté globale depuis 1820, il justifie la poursuite inconditionnelle de la croissance et la condamnation des idées écologistes. Vrai? 1/n
Il y a beaucoup de choses à dire sur le graphe. @jasonhickel , par exemple, a beaucoup écrit sur ça en anglais. Je ne mets ici que quelques-uns de ses points, bien mieux développés dans ses papiers et son blog dont j'encourage la lecture: 2/n
Premièrement, le graphe est méthodologiquement faux, car les données sur la pauvreté ne sont collectées que depuis 1981 par la @Banquemondiale. Les données 1820-1970 extrapolent la pauvreté à partir du PIB…)App.B,text.pdf 3/n
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This @PeterBrannen1 piece appears to have been written so the over-privileged have something to talk while the world slides in environmental breakdown. It is also *staggeringly* incorrect. A (slightly grumpy) thread on the #Anthropocene from narrow geological viewpoint:
If you fail to explain what the Geologic Time Scale is, you fail your reader in ever hoping to understand if the Anthropocene is a geological joke or not.
The Geologic Time Scale is a product of the human mind, to break Earth's history into intelligible chunks, to help navigate Earth's history. Investigating the Anthropocene, as a geological discussion, is to ask the question: are human's having impacts on geological timescales.
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#ClimateBreakdown Archi-Reading: in March I am going to suggest a book a day to prep students & clue up practitioners for the #Anthropocene as a therapeutic exercise. No time to sit back.

@RIBA @RIASmembership @stratharch @ArchitectsJrnal @ArcDesSco @ArchiFringe @ScotEcoDesign
Day 1:

Fundamental reading for practising, studying or teaching architecture in 2019 - redefines our relationship not only with carbon but building materials at large. There should be multiple copies of this in every office and university!

For more:…
Day 2:

The few-month-old update of what should be the definitive companion to anyone working in - or around - the built environment; masterfully covering the essentials of sustainable design whilst compiling more precedents than your clients, staff or students could hope for.
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Petit thread tardif qui revient sur la table-ronde de ce soir «Vers une nouvelle #terre ? Comment agir pour refonder notre rapport à l'#environnement ?», en présence du philosophe @bourg_d, de @delphinebatho et la géographe @univ_lyon2 Isabelle Lefort #aea2019 @EcoleUrbaine
Pour Dominique Bourg, l'#Anthropocène est cette séquence écologique de la Terre qui débuterait dans les #50s, moment où la croissance démographiq mondiale et les activités humaines dégradent irrémédiablement les écosystèmes, réduisant progressivement notre capacité à agir.
L'#Anthropocène met à mal notre fantasme de maîtrise technique de la « nature ». Les logiciels se sont par ex montrés incapables de modéliser la présence du cyclone Ophelia, en octobre 2017, car pas on ne pensait pas qu'un cyclone pouvait monter aussi au nord du globe.
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We are just about to begin our first open research seminar of the year with world-renowned expert on fantasy fiction with professor Brian Attebury - first important matter is deciding how we're going to be pronouncing #anthropocene...
#Fantasy is more than just escapist nostalgia - Brian Attebury takes us back to Gilgamesh to explore how fantasy helps us convey the realities of our current reality
"Civilized man says I am self, I am master, all the rest is other": Brian Attebery employs #UrsulaKLeGuin to explore the myths of the anthropocene and the single story
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mountains, snow, avalanches and climate at #ISSW2018
Now sitting in on a session with @oeav on excessive ski area development in Tirol.
Lots of ski areas in Tirol, more lifts planned as resorts try to outrace #globalwarming. But it’s too much, says @oeav -
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If @realDonaldTrump really thinks that nothing can be done against global warming, maybe he could understand this: "nine top scientists, the members of @WBGU_Council as comic-book heroes, show us that we can beat the heat - and how to do it!… (free pdf)
... and of course, this is also very helpful to understand and fight the Whitehouse effect: the #Madhouse effect (@MichaelEMann)…
The Great Transformation comic (… #trafocomic ) and the Madhouse effect are both also available in German (and the GT also in French, Korean, and partly, in Spanish): see . German version of Madhouse effect:…
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My own view is that gradualism followed by a final exclamation point is a very likely extinction scenario, both for dinosaurs — and for humans. Indulge me in long thread that ends with meditations on #TransformationOfTheHuman... 1/
Today, we are clearly in the middle of what scientists refer to “The Sixth Great Extinction,” akin in many respects to the Fifth one, that killed the dinosaurs, and whose causes are debated in that @TheAtlantic article. So: when did the SGE begin, and how will it end? 2/
First, a small methodological points: geological eras are generally demarcated by either species die offs and emergences and/or some other geological market. This is the debate over how to date the start of the anthropocene, which I discussed here:… 3/
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Though I am really glad that #arsenic contamination of #groundwater in India, and specially #WestBengal is getting the attention it deserves, there is a major issue that needs wider discussion.
There is a simplistic argument that arsenic naturally occurs in the #Gangetic belt, the author uses the term “#geological curse”. If this is the case, why is heavy #arsenic contamination being reported from #Jharkhand and #Chattisgarh in Central India?
A possible answer to that may be traced to this MIT paper that was published in @NatureGeosci on #anthropogenic influence on #groundwater #arsenic contamination in #Bangladesh…
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