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#PierrePolyester is fake...
@ElectionsCan_E don't ya know eh
That hosier & his anti-canadian values isn't doin' this on his on own eh.


Why so many fake accts?
#NevrePoilievre @csiscanada
#PierreKushner @Policy
This is the fastest way to lose 40% of your followers
it doesnt matter who he hired to manage his growth.

After elimination of the "botflies"... he's left w/ 77,974

But we're not done, his wife's acct has enjoyed significant bot growth as well. If any1 wants to do the honours
🐝 never piss on a hornet's nest...
Good sir, @TheoMoudakis ✍️⤴️ ... inspiration for next cartoon mon ami ☕️

Looks like poilievre has been enlisting the help of some bootleg "wen mao" & the rest of the decepticons. Its aboot time... policy on maligned use be reviewed @Policy
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#TheAlliance #Elxn44
#StephenHarper is a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, part of Alliance World Fellowship based in Brazil. C&MA is a cult of Keswickianism - Christian Perfection

Michele Austin, Head of Gov & Public Policy for Twitter, was part of #HarperPAC
#TheAlliance #Elxn44 #HarperPAC
Austin worked for Kate Harrison at Summa Strategies

Michele Austin was chief of staff to ministers Rona Ambrose and Maxime Bernier

Kate Harrison asked the costing question of O'Toole that Austin labeled "Manipulated".
#TheAlliance #Elxn44 #HarperPAC
Michele Austin does not believe there is major manipulation of Twitter regarding the election
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This needs to be restated again & again. If an MP is on this list, it is because they were helped into power by far right radicals, “Campaign Life Coalition”. #CLC supports Christian candidates who oppose abortion in ALL circumstances, including rape & incest. #cdnpoli #CPC
More on this here: . This list includes #PierrePoilievre #MichaelBarrett, #MichaelCooper, deputy CPC leader, #CandiceBergen, conversion “therapy” cheerleader, #GarnettGenuis, anti-refugee zealot, Kelly Block, among others. #cdnpoli #NeverVoteConservative
There’s another little talked about subset of these RW religious cults. It’s called “Christian Domestic Discipline”, where the wife must submit or face routine spankings (JFC!). Here’s one of their websites. … CDD Is part of Dominionist ideology. #cdnpoli
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At least 1/2 (or more) of the #CPC is made up of extremists. Christo-fascist Dominionists, #ClimateCrisis deniers, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim bigots, white nationalist sympathizers, anti-choice. This is not where the majority of 🇨🇦 is. But the Right wants power by any means #cdnpoli
The number of anti-choice far-right “Christian” coalition members in the #CPC increased sharply during & after #StephenHarper’s reign.

That influence has increased, not decreased. The #CPC has moved sharply to the right in lockstep with the #GOP. #cdnpoli #NeverVoteConservative
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Since #Harper is trending, let me take this opportunity to remind everyone that 🇨🇦 is still paying a heavy price for the decade of darkness from his #CPC.

#Conservatives self-servingly claim he’s long gone from office & it’s ridiculous to invoke him. Wrong. #cdnpoli
There are too many acts of corruption, malice, subterfuge, fraud & blind ideology to possibly list in a Twitter thread. So I’ll just bring up some highlights.

1st. Harper’s secret #FIPA with China, where he sold 🇨🇦 out & tied the hands of all future Cdn governments for 31 years.
Then there was Harper & #CPC selling 🇨🇦’s Wheat Board to a conglomerate controlled by the Saudis. #cdnpoli
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Be on the lookout for accounts like these & accounts using this symbol. Report & block. They are toxic. #cdnpoli
What does it say that #CPC is peddling identical messaging as an openly fascist group? #cdnpoli
There are multiple accounts that have sprung up in the past year or so using “Canada First” &/or “Groyper”. (Goypers usually use some version of Pepe the Frog in the profile). These are far right extremists profiles, peddling RW propaganda & disinformation. #cdnpoli
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I have to confess that in my early days, I was a "conservative voter".

In the first election in which I ever voted, I cast mine for @AKimCampbell.

I found her to be refreshingly honest.

2. Then, when the very first edition of the Reform Party surfaced, I liked a lot of its basic entry-level populist plans (boy, did that party ever lose its way quickly, but I digress).

In the second election in which I ever voted, that party got my vote.

3. By the early 2000s, the duo of Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin impressed me enough that I would consider voting Liberal.

Then the 2004 election came around and suddenly IT HAPPENED.

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#WECharity “scandal” is a political takedown. Stephen Harper gets up to $50K for his speeches, including to Iranian cultists, #MEK. But #cdnmedia isn’t covering ANY of the speaking fees #Conservatives have gotten. Like Joe Oliver’s to O&G groups while a cabinet minister. #cdnpoli
Take note of the 2008 date in previous frame, then see attached thread. PM Harper used taxpayer funded PMO to launch a partisan political attack on Trudeau over paid speeches, all while conveniently ignoring paid speeches by #CPC members. Sound familiar?
#cdnmedia is joining in like a chorus. There’s no deconstruction of this story, just amplification & a pile on. People expecting publication like @TorontoStar to report in a reasonable fact-based manner, will likely be disappointed: #cdnpoli #PostMedia
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On Election night, October 21, 2019 @FarahNasser asked me about my come to the centre moment.Despite feeling asphyxiated from the grapefruit growing in my throat, I managed to offer a long suppressed personal truth. It was in the dying days of the 2015 #StephenHarper campaign.
#Conservatives announced the creation of the "Barbaric Cultural Practices Hotline" I am not a Muslim. But when I saw the government I voted for launching this assault on Canada's Muslim community, it felt personal.These were my neighbors, my Canadian brothers & sisters.
7 decades earlier the JEWS of Hungary, the land of my birth were on the receiving end of gov't generated racial venom. So I did not have to be a Muslim in the fall of 2015 to smell stench & feel fear. I also felt betrayed by political family, the Conservative Party of Canada.
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(THREAD) There are ties between former PM @stephenharper and @HouseGOP mega-donor #SheldonAdelson. 1/9
#SheldonAdelson was a driving force behind Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and the decision to withdraw from the #IranNuclearDeal. @kenvogel says Adelson is very close to Trump2/9…
The billionaire Casino magnate is a top donor to the Republicans. He pledged an additional $30 million to the GOP last week, just as the embassy was being moved and Trump bailed on the Iran Nuclear deal. 3/9…
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