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#Solstice #Sunrise at the Barrow - a meditation on time, what litte, we know of #AngloSaxon "#Litha", and on what #livinghistory #history and #archaeology is truly "for". 🧵 Image
Very early yesterday morning members Æd and AlexP travelled to @SoultonHall @SacredStonesLtd Soulton Long Barrow to experience a unique moment in the solar calendar which, though concerned with the reckoning of time, is essentially universal and #timeless. 1/32
The Midsummer Solstice has always been a significant moment in the year, across many cultures, as far back as deep #prehistory. In Britain our landscape is dotted with #stoneage #neolithic and #bronzeage #prehistoric monuments which bear witness to this. 2/32 Image
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Starts 6/12 - Peak 6/14 - End 6-17
The #Priestkings started this cycle off w/ a financial depression sequence on 6/11 when their spiteful #ScorpionMoon opposed the position of Venus🔴Uranus in monetary Taurus.
Here's my thread describing the projected and subsequent effects on global markets and monetary policy of their Scorpion Moon in Opposition to the Venus🔴Uranus position in Monetary Taurus on June 11.
Tuesday June 14th, at the height of the #FullMoon Strawberry #SuperMoon, the #RomanCult #PriestKings will be celebrating #FlagDay
They gave us our flag. The flag is a representative of their corporate system of control over us 14th Amendment American slaves. #T3FullMoonRitual
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Here’s a look at some more of our finds recently featured in the ‘The world of Stonehenge’ exhibition publication, this time from the unusual ‘Boscombe Bowmen’ grave which we excavated 600 metres north of the ‘Amesbury Archer’s’ grave at Amesbury Down, near Stonehenge.
The communal grave contained the remains of nine, possibly ten, individuals including one infant (cremated), two children, one teenager and five adult males.
#wessexarchaeology #wessexarch #stonehenge #stonehengelandscape #flint #flintarrowheads #prehistory #lateneolithic
Much of the bone had been curated and redeposited, placed in bundles within the grave lying around (generally just below) and – in the case of a few random bones – above the in situ (articulated) remains of one of the adult males.
#wessexarchaeology #wessexarch #stonehenge
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I visited #Stonehenge today.

In researching before my visit, I learned that it attracts more than a million visitors a year.

Look at it this way: an adult ticket to Stonehenge is £22. You are encouraged to make a £5 donation as well, but let's stick with the lower figure... Image
By the time we finished the tour you can't leave the #Stonehenge ground without passing through the gift shop.

Unless you are an absolute Philistine, you are going to leave the gift shop probably £30 lighter.

So we're looking at £52.
As you're stepping out of the gift shop to head to the car park, the sweet smells of the kitchen assault your nose and remind you that you have been walking around for the last four hours.

Meal: £10.

So the whole excursion (minus travel and lodging) cost me £62.
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(1/6) Following the disappointing High Court decision for the #A303Stonehenge scheme last week, we’re keen to clarify a few things. Thread to follow: ⬇️
(2/6) This doesn’t mean the #Stonehenge #tunnel is cancelled (as you might have seen on #social media and in the press). The Secretary of State @transportgovuk is currently considering the judgment and the options. #A303Stonehenge #A303
@transportgovuk (3/6) The High Court ruling was not made about the merits of the #Stonehenge #tunnel #scheme itself – but concerned points of law in the way in which the decision was made to grant permission
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I've been doing a bunch of @coursera courses, some of them totally random. For the joy of learning, I thought I'll share them here. #Mooc

*Introduction to Ancient Egypt and its Civilisation*…
*Wonders of Ancient Egypt*
also from UPenn. #coursera…
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A thread on the new Welsh stone circle and #Stonehenge.

What is at Stonehenge today can inform the theory that the original monument in Wiltshire was a “second-hand” Welsh ring.

How does it stand up?
All known stones at Waun Mawn (4 megaliths & 1 flake) are unspotted dolerite. This is rare at Stonehenge: currently 3/30 dolerite megaliths are unspotted – 7.3% of all bluestones. If we infer 35 missing stones, we have a total of 6 unspotted dolerite stones (7.3% of 35 = 2.5)
Actual figure could be lower, as dolerite stones appear to have survived better than non-dolerite (guesstimate 3/4 megaliths are dolerite, but only 1/4 buried fragments) so the current pattern may not be representative of the original monument. But let’s say 6 megaliths
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I’ve just seen the new BBC #Stonehenge film. To those archaeologists upset by The Dig (a movie drama) I say: watch this (a documentary). Some lovely film, & great to see dig sequences (congrats Ian Potts, Fiona Scott & colleagues). And the new stone circle is a great discovery...
Drive of MPP & colleagues to achieve that is v impressive. The discovery feeds into a growing picture of links between the Preseli and Stonehenge areas in prehistory. Sledge experiment was fun. Fascinating stuff, and more could be said. So why all the guff, BBC?
It doesn't make Stonehenge second-hand: c 25 stones (+ 4 left behind) does not make a ring of 56 stones in Wiltshire. That those 25 went to Stonehenge is entirely hypothetical. OSL "perfect" date of c 3300BC? Actual OSL = 3530±330.
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🆕 #archaeology: Some of Stonehenge appears to have originally been part of a Welsh stone circle that was dismantled & moved 280 km to Salisbury Plain ~3000 BC.

Here's an #AntiquityThread on research published today in Antiquity (🆓) 1/🧵
The discovery was made at the Waun Mawn site in the Preseli Hills of Wales, close to the quarries some of Stonehenge's bluestones came from. 2/

📷: Excavations at Waun Mawn
The researchers had previously identified that some of Stonehenge's bluestones came from those nearby quarries.

However, they found the stones were extracted before construction started at Stonehenge. 3/

📷: One of the quarries under excavation
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I'm beginning tweeting at the #wintersolstice

As I just explained, we just finished building a new monument, #soultonlongbarrow, which revives a prehistoric practice of building long barrows, not seen for 5,500 years

These are the first images of the new chamber ever shared ImageImageImageImage
Im going 2 explain more about what this is, and how it has been an important resource for our community in surprising ways in this challenging covid year, but for now, I just wanted to share a picture of the monument working with the #wintersolstice #sunset for the 1st time today Image
Now, I realise I need to expand aspects of the context for this happening.

Let's start around 5,500 years go, when the first farmers in the British Isles also found #architecture, which they do by building long barrows... Here's West Kennet in Wiltshire (📸 from resarch trips) Image
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Here from my quick reading is a summary of some key points from the #Stonehenge tunnel consent (long thread coming up!). Whatever your views it's a momentous decision
…… Image
Examining Authority recommended in Jan 2020 that Secretary of State for Transport withhold consent. If SoS decided otherwise, ExA recommended a form of consent

SoS sees clear need with benefits that weigh significantly in their favour

Can be challenged only by judicial review
• over 30 years of acute congestion problems on part of Strategic Road Network

• existing traffic problem has not been exaggerated

• would help reduce collisions & casualties

• important benefits for communities suffering from rat running
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Il disco del cielo di #Nebra (#Germania) è conosciuto come la più antica rappresentazione umana del #cosmo. La sua datazione è stimata a 3600 anni fa, all'età del bronzo.
Si osservano la falce di luna, un sole o luna piena e 23 stelle in oro ⬇️

#ArteInUnTweet @CasaLettori
Gli studiosi pensano sia una sorta di strumento di calcolo astronomico per determinare i tempi di semina e raccolta. La società dell'età del bronzo era prevalentemente agricola, vitale era conoscere e individuare i periodi dell'anno adatti per piantare/raccogliere ⬇️
In Europa settentrionale sono diversi i monumenti per celebrare i solstizi e le fasi delle stagioni
#Stonehenge in Inghilterra
#Newgrange in Irlanda

E, a pochi km di distanza da #Nebra - dove è stato trovato il disco - esiste uno dei più antichi osservatori solari,⬇️
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There’s much confusion in these comments, and rather than respond to each one I think it’s more helpful if I address it all in a new thread. What’s happening in the #Stonehenge World Heritage Site is complex, has a long history and has no easy solutions. Sorry for the length 🙂
No one who cares about Stonehenge would wish roadworks anywhere near it. Anyone who understands the Stonehenge landscape knows that something has to change. The tunnel proposal is the least damaging option, on the table or in anyone's imaginations. There are real benefits.
An essential rule of thumb is that if someone says there’s a simple answer, they are missing the picture. The Stonehenge Alliance thinks so. They are wrong, & are misleading the public, causing misdirected anger especially from people unable to engage from overseas
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/30/2020…
Evolutionary origins of the SARS-CoV-2 sarbecovirus lineage responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic | Nature Microbiology…

#pandemic #evolutionary #origins #microbiology
Strike 1: Gold; Strike 2: Dollar; Strike 3: Inflation Expectations – Alhambra Investments…

#inflation #gold #expectations #investments
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#Solstice baby
There are cloaks everywhere and one man has come as a pirate which is awesome
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