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Oh Oliver. Know your #Shakespeare, especially on his birthday.

The speech continues: “this England… is now leased out …bound in with shame,
With inky blots and rotten parchment bonds:

That England, that was wont to conquer others,
Hath made a shameful conquest of itself.”
This from a former Culture Secretary. Honestly. It’s government by fridge magnet
The full text of John of Gaunt’s great ‘scandal’ speech, from Richard II Act 2 scene 1:
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William #Shakespeare wird (nach einer Annahme) am 23. April 1564 geboren.
Getauft wird er laut Kirchenregister am 26. April 1564.

Nun ein 🧵 zu Goethes Bezug zu Shakespeare 🎭
Bekannt ist Rede „Zum Schäkespears Tag“ des 22-jährigen Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, die er am 14. Oktober 1771 anlässlich des Shakespeare-Tages in Frankfurt am Main in seinem Elternhaus vortrug;
darin ehrt er den englischen Lyriker und Dramatiker William Shakespeare für sein Schaffen und drückt seine ganz persönliche Beziehung zu ihm aus. Sie gilt neben Herders Programmschrift Shakespear als wichtiges Dokument der Shakespeare-Begeisterung der Sturm-und-Drang-Zeit.
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THREAD on #Shakespeare #DAG and the #bees … yes… you read that right… 🙈
1. To #bee or not to be… that is the #question… by Shakespeare
2. #Skakespeare ‘s #love of life was Anne Hathaway…🙈 (forget the current one and that her husband looks like Shakespeare🙈)
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#Fillon : Bonjour à tous ! En ce lundi, nous sommes à la cour d'appel de Paris pour suivre l'ouverture du procès en appel de François et de Penelope Fillon dans l'affaire dite "des emplois fictifs" aka le "#PenelopeGate". On va essayer de LT tout ça à partir de 13h30. cc @BFMTV
#Fillon : Le 29 juin 2020, l'ancien candidat de droite à la présidentielle de 2017 avait été lourdement condamné à cinq ans de prison dont trois avec sursis, 375.000 euros d'amende et 10 ans d'inéligibilité. Il avait immédiatement fait appel du jugement.
#Fillon : Son épouse, Penelope, avait écopé d'une peine de trois ans de prison avec sursis, de 375.000 euros d'amende et deux ans d'inéligibilité.
Retour sur le jugement ⬇️…
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At 9pm tonite we acknowledged #DoctorsDay2021 #NationalPhysiciansDay


@OntariosDoctors @CMA_Docs #ThankYouAll
Our @PEFD_WPFD #Shakespeare Station #ShineALightForThem
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1: It's time to claim my space. I was one of just a few journos who held @AndrewLamingMP to account prior to 2021. I lived in Bowman from 2012-2017 and I reported on him via @margokingston1's @NoFibs. AN EVOLVING THREAD on #Laming #LGBTQ equality #Journalism #Books and more.
2: It began in 2013 when I submitted an article on #MarriageEquality to Margo's #CitizenJournalism news site @NoFibs. Up until then, the site had not really covered that issue, which mattered a lot to me. @MrKRudd had just announced his support for reform:…
3: The image above is of Senator Sue Boyce (@SenatorSue) former LNP Senator for Queensland, crossing the floor to become the first LNP politician in the country to vote for marriage equality. It was a short walk but it gave the #LGBTQ community hope.
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"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,...
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."
#Shakespeare Macbeth

WHEN @JustinTrudeau clasped the hand of @jzarif, ON THAT DAY Canada was (effectively) diplomatically neutered. Full stop.

#PS752Justice #cdnpoli
@OmarAlghabra tweets: "Canada will accept nothing less from the Iranian regime than a FULL and HONEST explanation of the circumstances surrounding this TRAGEDY"

Our choice of words matter. #PS752 - IT IS NOT a "tragedy". IT IS an "atrocity. (Attach)

"FULL and HONEST" [emphasis added] -

“You speak like a green girl / unsifted in such perilous circumstances.” (Shakespeare)

Nothing betrays greater a naivete than these most feeble of words.

@ps752justice @AvidehM @CouncilOfIC @NahidGhani #PS752WarCrime #PS752HumanShield
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Yesterday #AdamSmith outlined the first duty of the sovereign—protecting the nation from attack. The second duty of the sovereign is protecting individuals from each other aka administering justice. (V.i.b.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
Just as defense gets more complicated and expensive as societies develop, so does the process of administering justice. (V.i.b.1) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
In nations of hunters, where there is little private property, there’s little need for complex justice. We may do violence to each other out of anger or other passions, but we really don’t give in to that very often. (V.i.b.2) #WealthOfTweets #SmithTweets
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"Language, character, and thought are all part of Shakespeare's invention of the human, and yet the largest part is the passional. Ben Jonson remained closer to Marlowe's mode than to Shakespeare's


in that Jonson's personages also are cartoons, caricatures without inwardness. That is why there is no intergenerational contest in Jonson's plays, no sense of what Freud called 'family romances'."


"The wheel of fortune, time, and change turns perpetually in Shakespeare, and accurate perception of him must begin by viewing these turnings, upon which Shakespeare's characters are founded. Dante's characters can evolve no further; Shakespeare's,

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THREAD: In 1555, a young Thomas North traveled with a delegation to Rome to reconcile England with the Pope. In a new book, Dennis McCarthy and June Schlueter argue the trip inspired #Shakespeare’s 1611 play #TheWintersTale. (1/11) #NorthByShakespeare #WhoIsThomasNorth @4threvolt
@4threvolt On April 25, 1555, North visited a church outside #Mantua, Italy, filled with polychromatic wax statues. In #TheWintersTale, a statue of Queen Hermione, who has been dead for 16 years, famously comes back to life. In the margin of his journal, North wrote, “miracles.” (2/11)
@4threvolt In #TheWintersTale, the statue is said to have been made by Giulio Romano, the only Renaissance artist #Shakespeare mentions in his plays. Scholars have wondered how Shakespeare knew about Giulio, much less why he called him a sculptor, when he was best known as a painter. (3/11)
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I'm beginning tweeting at the #wintersolstice

As I just explained, we just finished building a new monument, #soultonlongbarrow, which revives a prehistoric practice of building long barrows, not seen for 5,500 years

These are the first images of the new chamber ever shared ImageImageImageImage
Im going 2 explain more about what this is, and how it has been an important resource for our community in surprising ways in this challenging covid year, but for now, I just wanted to share a picture of the monument working with the #wintersolstice #sunset for the 1st time today Image
Now, I realise I need to expand aspects of the context for this happening.

Let's start around 5,500 years go, when the first farmers in the British Isles also found #architecture, which they do by building long barrows... Here's West Kennet in Wiltshire (📸 from resarch trips) Image
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What makes #Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale unique in the cannon? More from the director of the Folger’s Library, Michael Witmore
@MichaelWitmore continues waxing romantic.
Nature is made better by no mean
But nature makes that mean; so over that art
Which you say adds to Nature, is an art
That nature makes;.....this is an art
Which does mend nature, change it rathe, but
The art itself is nature.
#WintersTale #NatureIsAnArt
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The Lekan Salami Stadium in @oyostategovt remodeling to an International standing
1 - Percentage of work done so far is 23-35% in 3 months.
2 - The stadium is accommodating a state wide close circuit camera to capture nooks and crannies of the entire Oyo State. #Ibadan #Gerrard
3 - The stadium is accommodating a free internet service connection to all at the premises
4 - The stadium is having a gigantic fully furnished to international standard Situation Room
5 - The stadium will be accommodating VIP 1-4 stand.
#Drogba #Gerrard #EndSARS #TheManKiddwaya
6 - For anyone to watch any kind of sport on the main pitch, it will not be accessed via a paper ticket/pass, but with a prepaid card to be loaded from any financial Institution before the system can grant you access into the premises.
#Ibadan #grassroots #EndSARS #TheManKiddwaya
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I do like the pithy summaries of the Bard's plays by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (

Here's a few favourites... Image
A Midsummer Night's Dream: "People get lost in the woods. Puck manipulates their romantic affections and (in one case) anatomical head shape. They put on a play." Image
Twelth Night: "Viola thinks her brother is dead. He thinks she is dead. Everybody thinks that she is her brother. Everybody thinks that her brother is her. Shenanigans ensue." Image
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I’m not teaching #Shakespeare’s #Othello this year (wish I was now), but thanks to @INOTEnews I’ve found myself researching/preparing as if I was! Here’s a thread on some of the resources I came across in the hope that some #English teacher will find them useful! #EdChatIE
Part of an intro. to #Othello? In 'Othello: What it means to be a Moor' Dr Islam Issa gives a rundown of events in the 1600s that influenced the character of Othello for @BBCRadio3’s ‘The Shakespeare Sessions’.…
.@Tracy_Chevalier ’s ‘New Boy’ sets #Othello in a 1970s’ American schoolyard. This makes all that happens (age appropriate of course) all the more devastating & may help to crystallise the text’s themes for teachers and students. Image
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I am putting the final touches on a new episode of #Wandering and before it lands here is what is out there so far. For those looking to #VisitDenmark here is a look at my new home #Faaborg.

#VisitFaaborg #VisitFyn #Danmark #scandinavia #fynskaldetvære
On episode 2 of #Wandering we hopped on our bikes and took the ferry from #Faaborg to explore the nearby islands of #Lyø and #Avernakø.

#Danmark #scandinavia #fynskaldetvære #visitdenmark #visitfyn
In episode 3 of #Wandering we visited a castle rich in Danish history, which also happens to be the fabled home of #Shakespeare’s #Hamlet, #KronborgSlot in #Denmark

#Danmark #scandinavia #fynskaldetvære #visitdenmark #visitfyn
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358/ #Alzheimers
Question on my cognitive quiz yesterday
How many animals can you name in one minute?
Test your ability. Have someone time you.
Prep for your cognitive exam.😉
@LukeEdwards504 @Gearoidmuar @reelbryanwilson
My answer below…
359/ #Alzheimers
I am 9 months into writing my 3rd book on my AZ
I am providing a link that will take you to the draft.
The Pursuit of Happiness w AZ…
@LukeEdwards504 @Gearoidmuar @julie_eye @bmaccullough @reelbryanwilson @FatEmperor @ZKForTre @johnzahorik Image
360/ #Alzheimers
I updated my draft today for the complete 9 months of my third year with AZ.
The free draft can be read at:…
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THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages

🔹the Great White Brotherhood

The #NewAtlantis rises … and then falls, after being halted by the epochal wars of the Kali Yuga and Iron Age conflicts… Image
It is the Elizabethan era and the court of Queen Elizabeth I of England which provide the center stage for this essay, as does the American Revolutionary War period in the fledgling Thirteen Colonies.

During these two periods, the #NewAtlantis was conceived and greatly advanced. Image
#Shakespeare’s literature was integral to his plan of establishing The #NewAtlantis in the virgin territories of North America.

Each of his works was coded to disseminate secret information to his many covert collaborators across the realm, as in the entire planetary realm. ImageImageImage
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Remembering #NaMuthukumar - A THREAD

25 songs that best describe the genius of Na Muthukumar

Facing an unenviable task of picking 25 songs from his outstanding work, we have designed five categories and listed five remarkable songs in each category.

Remembering #NaMuthukumar

It is not just romance that is best described by poetry.

What about the bond between parents and their children?

What about the relationships that can't quite be boxed?

Na Muthukumar had the answers

#HBDNaMuthukumar (2/n)
Remembering #NaMuthukumar

Is affection ever unconditional? Can we put a price on love... ever?

'Iru Nenjam saerndhu pesida ulagil baashaigal edhuvum thevayillai...' - Aanandha Yaazhai from #Ram-#YuvanShankarRaja's #Thangameengal

#HBDNaMuthukumar (3/n)
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May Murr (1929–2008) was a #Lebanese #professor, #historian, #writer, #poet, and #political #activist.Before taking up writing, May Murr taught several subjects at several universities and institutions in #Lebanon such as the Lebanese University and the Lebanese Military School.
She began professionally writing and publishing her works in 1967, as well as founding and presiding many cultural and social associations. She was a member of the Société des Gens de Lettres de #France and of the Société Teilhard de Chardin, headquartered in #Belgium.
She was also the President of the Academy of #Lebanese Thought and was a founding member of the political party the Guardians of the #Cedars. She figures among the #woman #poets in the Anthologie de la Poésie Féminine Mondiale. Many international critics have praised her #poetry.
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Come watch our horror film Hermia: Heaven Unto Hell, adapted from A Midsummer Night's Dream!

Think you can survive the forrest?

#Shakespeare #film #zoom #horror #scary #scaryfairies Image
Egeus you alright mate?! U seemed #vexed

You’re damn right I did!
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LONG THREAD, PLEASE READ: re: @stratfest's #inthedressingroom well, rehearsal hall actually, working on Othello in 2013 for Director @chrisjabraham. Was directed (though I was the only other black man in the room) to try to kill @DionJohnstone's Othello for marrying Desdemona.
This would be the first time that I realized how compromised I could be by one of this industry's most insidious practices: the As Cast contract. Any non-theatre people out there curious about what that means? I'll get into it.
@CdnActorsEquity (which is not technically a union) has allowed producers such as @stratfest and @ShawTheatre, other major theatres, to build into *almost* every actor contract what amounts to the forfeiture of all agency for actors who seek to work for them.
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Today we share the story of how the Bodleian received, lost, and regained our very own copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio (which you can view at #DigitalBodleian)

Ready for some outrageous fortune? The game is afoot!…+
We first got our mitts on this copy in 1623 – seven years after the world became bereft of the be-ruffed bard.

Published by #Shakespeare’s pals and peers, the First Folio preserved treasures such as Twelfth Night, The Tempest and Macbeth - which may otherwise have been lost.
Despite the Bodleian Library not accepting plays at the time (fearing that pamphlets and dramas might bring down the reputation of the library) the importance of the First Folio must have been recognized. It was chained up in Duke Humfrey’s Library, and made available to readers.
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¿Cuántas veces has visto a #Ofelia en el #cine, en #televisión, en #fotografía? Me refiero a la Ofelia del #Hamlet de #Shakespeare, en concreto la versión pintada por #Millais!
Muchas más de las que pensáis, por ejemplo en Twink Peaks de David #Lynch.

Abro hilo #TwitterCultural
El director Lars #VonTrier se ha inspirado en la #Ofelia de #Shakespeare y en el cuadro #prerrafaelita de #Millais en varias ocasiones:
- Dogville 2003
- Anticristo 2009
- Melancolía 2011, en concreto en este film el paralelismo visual con el cuadro de #Millais es extraordinario!
¿Y si #Ofelia no es una mujer? La Ofelia de #Hamlet es una mujer enloquecida por una lucha interna entre el amor y la obediencia familiar/social en contra y muere/se suicida, "llevada por la corriente". Un #gay puede identificarse con ella, y Anthony #Gayton lo fotografió.
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