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I wonder why it seldom occurs to the general public or the news media to ask themselves WHY previous guidelines involving pain medications which are most effective for saving lives and restoring #QOL contain no provision within them to ensure that pain patients
are neither forced into even deeper crippling chronic, severe pain, killed by complications of under treated severe pain, nor compelled to commit #SuicideDue2Pain?

Since all of those adverse effects have been suffered on a large scale since the #CDCGuidelinesOf2016 a reasonable
individual would expect that law makers and enforcers since they are also human beings at risk of suffering chronic, severe and who have a conscience would be scrambling to amend or abort those guidelines which have crippled and killed thousands since they were published.
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@POTUS @FLOTUS @CDCgov @CDCDirector When will our painful, lonely, and cruel deaths MATTER TO YOU PEOPLE?! I had to take my father off life support the week before his 90th birthday 12-28. This is Danny&Gretchen's story… #Suicidedue2pain
This is Jessica's story, she just died 5 days ago. The @deahq wasted no time in suspending her dr's liscense. Jessica leaves behind her husband Tad and 2 children.…
My father was my best friend and a war hero. He died SCREAMING from a heart attack,because of uncontrolled pain from lack of care from the @DeptVetAffairs and his pain management dr. They were afraid to administer proper pain control bc of the 2016 @CDCgov guidelines. #PainKILLS
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🧵 TW: Suicide #MAiD

I can’t tell if my grief is going to drown me with the 10 ft waves that keep washing over me with the #SuicideDue2Pain of my friend who deserved pain meds and every resource needed to cope but was denied by every govt system she sought help from for months.
Or if grief will swallow me whole & suck me into this pit of quicksand as I struggle to explain to a “friend” why I can no longer be friends w/ someone whose defence of assisted suicide is to tell me, a person in a similar sit as my friend, that I can always end my own life…
Just as long as I don’t stand in the way of others who, from their multiple options, think they *may* someday want to use MAiD. Gone are the arguments about compassion, dignity, autonomy and choice. Which have always been a smokescreen and a lie.
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CW: MAiD Suicide Sexual/Child Abuse

C7 #MAiD drops suicide ideation in minds of disabled ppl who may not have thought abt dying otherwise. Increases suicidality for ppl w mental illness already depressed, suicidal. Why do ableds get suicide prevention but not us? My continuum🧵
C7 #MAiD was passed, and like for every disabled person, I now knew my suicide is acceptable, state sanctioned, welcomed, encouraged. (I don’t care what govt or any “expert” says, that’s the msg.) Then 2 months later my physical pain begins to become more intolerable. Depression.
I now have brand new disabilities and struggle coming to terms with them. Esp in the face of a discriminatory healthcare system that abandons, disbelieves and blames me — even tho withholding care made this worse. Every medical appt is traumatic and dehumanizing. Depression.
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@CanadaPain @aander1987 @CTVW5 I wish I could articulate the differences with #SuicideDue2Pain. For the better part of 30 yrs I’ve struggled with suicidality. For 8 yrs I did not. For the last 2 of untreated pain there’s been times where physical pain + emotional and psych pain could’ve led to suicide. BUT…
@CanadaPain @aander1987 @CTVW5 Even as I wait for possible MAiD. With my pain so bad, so acute. I need relief in the same way humans need air. #SuicideDue2Pain has become almost involuntary. I have to believe that for some CPP in some instances. It’s almost a reflex like breathing and swallowing.
@CanadaPain @aander1987 @CTVW5 You can hold back both for a bit. But eventually the body takes over. You never know when you can no longer hold your breath. Even if you wanna hold it in. Even if you want to live.

There IS a difference btwn #SuicideDue2Pain and mental illness alone. I know bc I’ve lived both.
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🧵So it begins. The time of night my pain meds wear off. When #SuicideDue2Pain is almost all I can think about. Except tonight the pain is joined by an even deeper sense of hopelessness. Bc you see once you are a chronic pain patient, apparently nothing matters about your health.
I have a new set of symptoms. A completely diff and excruciating painful condition. Today I didn’t go to my doc for the opioids SHE is obsessed with. Just standard healthcare. Ya know a physical exam, appropriate tests, a referral if she’s stumped or unequipped. A question or two
But I’ve been trying for a year for a doc to listen, to take me seriously, to do some doctoring. Today was doc #4. Today the resident did listen to all of it. The first doc to listen to details w/o cutting me off. I was received w empathy. I even allowed myself a moment of hope.
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The war against opioid Rxs and pain patients is all about $$$. Nothing can compete with opioid rxs to safely or more effectively treat severe pain short or long term for 40 plus years.

A WWII vet had been on #OpioidRxs for his severe pain for 40+ years. Within months of being
Within months of being force tapered off of #OpioidRxs he died.

The #DEA’S efforts to make #OpioidRxs disappear shift all of that money to alternate treatments which are mostly ineffective or to #Cartels who sell their version of pain meds on the street.
The #WarOnOpioidRxs has nothing to do with saving lives. As the supply of safe pharmaceutical pain meds dries up OD’s skyrocket because the #Cartel’s pain meds are laced with illegal fentanyl.

But those not yet killed by the #Cartels will desperately spend their healthcare
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1)Thanks, but no thanks. @RepJohnCurtis @RepOHalleran @RepMcKinley

Patients have ALWAYS had the option to decline taking Opioids.

This is NOT Empowering Patients.

If you want to Empower Patients focus on a Patients Bill of Rights.
2)Where the focus is based on Individual Patient Needs, not Population Health.

Each Patient should be entitled to an Individualized Treatment plan with all effective treatment options available based on their health history.
3)The treatment plan should be a Joint Decision Making Process between the Patient & their Doctor.

No one else's health issues should a factor in the decision making process.

Policymakers & All of the alphabet soup agencies need to remove themselves from the Dr/Pt Relationship!
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📢 Are you a pain patient, caretaker, or prescriber impacted by current opioid policy? The CDC wants to hear from you and may want to interview you. Deadline to submit: TOMORROW Aug 21st at 5pm EST… #SuicideDue2Pain #SavingUs2Death
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Not sure where to start the discussion on this article. I am very interested in multiple aspects of this paper. First, & this is just related to this paper but the overall current climate of the treatment & care of those with #Chronicpain
#HHS #Chou 1/…
So much energy has gone into research looking to define optimal strategies for opioid tapering where is the energy being given to development of other medications that are as effective as opioids with less risk? I know this paper referenced that many #patients tapered 2/
experienced pain relief & increased functioning yet as an advocate I receive regular calls from inds where pain care has been reduced or cut off entirely w disasterous results. My kids benefit from #opioid #pain meds. I am nor are they opposed to the utilization of other meds 3/
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From #CDC website ‘Improving the ways opioids are prescribed through clinical practice guidelines can ensure patients have access to safer, more effective chronic pain treatment while reducing risk of opioid use disorder’. What I have seen as a parent of children w #chronicpain 1
as well as an advocate for those with #hereditarypancreatitis is increased stigma, lack of access to a medication that has worked for many, malpractice and deaths due to #suicidedue2pain. I find it inane that physicians will prescribe essential oils (lavender) to a child 2
in the midst of a pancreatitis attack for fear of addiction. #Untreatedpain and under treated pain has significant consequences particularly in children. The harm done since the release of the guidelines has been significant YET actions to address these harms and 3
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I am working on #suicidedue2pain list updating so we have a fluid accurate as can b but I need your help. Please let me know names of individuals that u know who have committed suicidedue2their pain or victims of the consequences of untreated or under treatment pain so I can ✔️
This is to help us with legal avenues, proof etc #ALLFORONEANDONEFORALL
Suicide due to pain videos I have 7 more plus I have to make so many more :(

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(1/3) New review for Pain Warriors! @DZonePodcast

This emotionally impactful #chronicpain documentary captures the devastating effects that a lack of access to pain medication has had on patients from all walks of life.

Please RT/like to get the word out 🙏🙏

2/3 The decisions of policymakers have led to another crisis: an epidemic of #untreatedpain leaving many patients unable to function and many to take their own lives. Watching Pain Warriors was a sobering experience; I left feeling deeply saddened by the injustices of our system.
(3/3) If you think you have gained a complete understanding of the #opioidcrisis from mainstream media coverage, watch #PainWarriors and hear the voices that have been silenced.

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Doctors are no longer a driving part of the #OpioidHysteria. They never really were. Why why why are we still getting these stories instead of what’s really going on? Alt facts much? How very Trumpian. News media needs to take a good look in the mirror & start facing the truth.
Define “overprescribing” please. 91 ppl per day die from overdoses: from what exactly? Which meds? Multiple meds or just Opioids? God I’m fucking tired of this whole bs narrative still going on.
How about the painful stories of vulnerable ppl -disabled-Veterans-elderly- being cut off from #opioids & committing suicide b/c their pain is so bad?? #SuicideDue2Pain #PainKills
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1. These are just a few of the people who were betrayed & murdered by the Gov & Doctors b/c they suffered from #ChronicPain.
2. These people were, & millions more are, disabled & being actively & maliciously denied proper medical care b/c of the #OpioidHysteria
3. that has taken over our Government, Insurers, Doctors & Pharmacies. We are, apparently, the acceptable collateral damage in the
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