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Experts warn the efforts need more time and will pose a #PublicHealth challenge, claiming they could “be even worse than the problems with #testing & #PPE.”
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo… #CovidVaccine #vaccine #covidbriefing #COVID19 #Covid_19 #coronavirus
Special Report
An experimental new vaccine developed jointly with the US government claims to be able to change human DNA and could be deployed as early as next year through a DARPA-funded, injectable biochip.
by Raul Diego… #covidbriefing #COVID19vaccine
Recently-appointed #HHS spokesperson, #MichaelCaputo, went on a wild rant over social media to plant a number of bizarre ideas in Americans’ minds as the partisan #Coronavirus messaging wars intensify.
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo… #covidbriefing #COVID19
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#RogerStone, today on conservative radio, told #Trump to "Call on the Insurrection Act if he loses; use it to arrest #Biden, #Obama, #Clinton & anyone else you think might've committed something illegal" and said, "It's come down to this, unfortunately. Force meets force."
#Trump's friend, #MichaelCaputo, (who was involved w/Trump's 2016 campaign w/#RogerStone & has connections to #Russia) is now the #HHS communication spokesperson bc HHS oversees the #CDC. He took control of what the CDC wrote about #COVID19,
to make it go along w/#Trump's lies, including editing &/or delaying the #CDC from publishing info, like that of CHILDREN who catch #COVID19... bc Trump was saying children were practically immune at the time.
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Not sure where to start the discussion on this article. I am very interested in multiple aspects of this paper. First, & this is just related to this paper but the overall current climate of the treatment & care of those with #Chronicpain
#HHS #Chou 1/…
So much energy has gone into research looking to define optimal strategies for opioid tapering where is the energy being given to development of other medications that are as effective as opioids with less risk? I know this paper referenced that many #patients tapered 2/
experienced pain relief & increased functioning yet as an advocate I receive regular calls from inds where pain care has been reduced or cut off entirely w disasterous results. My kids benefit from #opioid #pain meds. I am nor are they opposed to the utilization of other meds 3/
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1. News: TODAY Sen Ted Cruz Chairs Hearing to Investigate Groups like #ANTIFA


Speakers: Ken Cuccinelli, Andy Ngo & Jonathan Turley-Thread 8.4.20… #Riots #Hearing #BLM
2. News: Portland Antifa Cries Out For Police Assistance After Woman Stabs Her:

.… #Riots #violent #Antifa #BLM
3. News: Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best Implores Council to do What is Right After "Aggressive" Protesters visit her Home

The crowd wasn't able to trespass or engage in illegal behavior, Best said, despite their ATTEMPTS to do so… #Riots #Antifa #BLM
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1/ Action Item for relief funds: As ⁦@AmerMedicalAssn⁩ reported, #HHS announced that providers need to take action by June 3, 2020 regarding CARES Act Provider Relief Fund distribution of the first $50 billion referred to as the General Distribution:
2/ Specifically, @HHSGov indicated that by June 3, those who had received funds need to accept the #HHS Terms and Conditions and submit revenue information to be considered for an additional General Allocation payment.
3/ Subsequently, HHS announced that it had extended the attestation deadline for an additional 45 days, but the June 3 deadline has remained on the Provider Relief Fund website:
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Retweet 🕵️‍♀️ DIGG: "Project JumpStart" "RaPid USA"👇

A super experimental Vaccine PLUS #RFID #Microchip coming to a shoulder near YOU. 💉

Could a vaccine contain nanotech that would not only act as a transmitter for contact tracing but could also act as a receiver?

500 million vaccines ready to go in late fall

#RFID chip

A #microneedle patch vaccine against the #SARSCoV2 that causes #COVID19
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RT: Revisiting #Anthrax '01 Scare W/ Fresh 👀

What justifies investing in #smallpox #vaccines & #antibiotics against #Anthrax (a bacteria), asks @Dennis_Kucinich

"We're preparing 4 something much more dramatic," responds #HHS Thompson


#FauciTheFraud on the 👉
By 2002, the criminal FBI investigation into the #anthrax scare fizzled.

"It's time for Americans to think the unthinkable: that the FBI has never been keen to identify the perpetrator because that perpetrator may, in fact, be the U.S. Govt itself"…
The #anthrax scare screamed of fuckery & the Hegalian Dialectic.

It was arguably used to pass the Patriot Act. To justify germ warfare research.

👀@ #Fauci & listen to #Thomspon when @Dennis_Kucinich asks about #FtDetrick, biological agents & public health

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Hospice docs, NPs, nurses, aides and caregivers NEED YOUR HELP
With #COVID, in person Face to face visits are NOT SAFE.
#HPM #PalliativeCare #ACHPN @AAHPM #NoFTF

Your caregivers hope is to get waivers to eliminate FTF or make telemedicine visits an alternative ASAP:
1)Will save hospice patient lives (and minimize spread to families visiting them from across the country)
2)Will save physician/nurse practitioner lives
3)Will allow physicians/nurse practitioners to focus more time on medical needs (Most hospice docs/NPs are #PCP docs/NPs)
4)Will reduce waste of scarce personal protective gear
5)Will have NO impact on CMS finances (no evidence these regulatory requirements save money)
Here is the letter our groups sent:
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I’m going to start an official “I did not have __________ on my 2020 bingo card from hell” thread.

First up is the apparent plot to assassinate a US ambassador because she had the courage to try to stop foreign interference in the 2020 election process. Image
OMG! Penguin overlords! 🥰

#2020BingoCard Image
Totally late to the death panel party for this particular WTF / JFC bingo card addition. I was teaching online all day in an attempt to practice social distancing and not infect / be infected by anyone.

But, you do you Boo.
#2020bingocard Image
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#COVID19: Wanted Healthy Humans Okay With An Experimental Vaccine Study That May Permanently Ruin Their Life:

A week ago or so, #HHS' #AlexAzar hinted they would soon be looking for 'healthy candidates.'

Well, that was FAST ⏩


....Across The Pond, the U.K is offering £3,500 to guinea pigs who are okay with being infected with the @covid19 "bug" before going into 2-week Quarantine~! Good Lord! Will all survive?


Crazy huh?


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"Even if these allegations proved to be true, there was no spreading of the disease from this," @SecAzar said.

How does he know that?
In the same interview, Azar again claims he's being "radically transparent."…
#COVID19 #coronavirus #FaceTheNation #FTN
@SecAzar A number of members of Congress have said there's no reason why #HHS, #NIH #CDC officials hold those behind-closed-doors #COVID19 briefings on Capitol Hill & they should be open to the public.
@SecAzar keeps insisting he's being "radically transparent." So why close briefings?
@SecAzar .@SecAzar notes don't yet know how WA state man who died contracted #COVID19.
Yet, in same #FaceTheNation interview, Azar insists there was "no spreading of the disease" from ACF employees who may have been unprotected with proper PPE gear.
How does he know?
#coronavirus #FTN
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.@DrTedros is reconvening the @WHO emergency panel on #coronavirus on Jan. 30 to determine if #PHEIC is needed for #2019nCoV / #nCoV2019
@DrTedros @WHO This is a week after @DrTedros & @WHO emergency committee said there was not enough evidence. Back then, there was 800+ cases of #2019nCoV / #nCoV2019 & 25 deaths. Now, there are over 6100 cases & more than 130 deaths…… #coronavirus
@DrTedros @WHO .@WHO's @DrMikeRyan says decision to reconvene emergency committee is based on evidence of human-to-human transmission.
Overwhelming cases reported from China, but 71 in 15 other countries. Majority associated w/ travel to China/#Wuhan.
#coronavirus #2019nCoV #nCoV2019
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#BREAKING: After 8 years and a #SCOTUS victory, nuns are still being bullied in court. The Ninth Circuit just ruled 2-1 against the Little Sisters’ religious exemption from the HHS mandate. (Thread):… Image
This and another decision against the Little Sisters from the Third Circuit in July mean that it is time for #SCOTUS to *once again* step in and rule definitively on the HHS mandate. 2/
The Ninth Circuit agrees at least on that much, saying it would “welcome guidance from the Supreme Court.” 3/
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▪Trump has attacked LGBTQ people in the US
▪Trump's DOJ disallowed discrimination suits brought by LGBTQ based on Title VII & Title IX
▪Trump banned trans people from enlisting in the military and tried to get those already serving out.
▪Trump has restricted #LGBTQ healthcare
And @RichardGrenell, the US funds countries that put gays to death, as I reported here:…
And, @RichardGrenell, Trump had his #HHS attack transgender healthcare access, as I reported here:…
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“Today, we will examine the #TrumpAdmin’s inhumane policy of separating children from their parents at the southern border.”- Chairman @RepCummings
“I use the word inhumane for a reason. Separating children from their mothers and fathers causes lasting damage that may endure for the rest of their lives.”
“The #TrumpAdmin adopted this child separation policy intentionally—purposefully—as a tactic to deter people from coming to the United States and seeking asylum.”
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(1 of 3) Today, @CDCgov's @NCHStats released the latest predicted number of drug overdose deaths. This showed a decrease of 4.0% from the 12 months ending in October 2017 to the 12 months ending in October 2018, from 72,284 to 69,394. Data available:
(2 of 3)@HHSGov has a comprehensive 5-point strategy to combat the #OpioidCrisis. This includes improving our understanding of the crisis by supporting more timely, specific public health data & reporting. Read the 5-points: Image
(3 of 3) While there is still much work to be done, the latest numbers are showing signs that the policies and interventions outlined in the #HHS 5-point strategy are having a positive effect.
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A federal judge ruled the #AffordableCareAct--also known as #ACA & #Obamacare--unconstitutional because #GOPTaxBill removed the mandate.
I've written about ACA since it was devised in 2009 & signed in 2010. Here is a thread📌on what the law does & how it impacts you:
Many Americans are confused about what the #ACA is--and this includes Trump and his #HHS Sect #AlexAzar. A vast array of complex #healthcare statutes are covered under the #AffordableCareAct (also known as #ACA & #Obamacare). So here's a primer to inform you on all points.
The #AffordableCareAct is the comprehensive health care reform law enacted in March 2010 (sometimes known as #ACA or #Obamacare). The #ACA is NOT insurance. It is a LAW that stipulates, in part, what insurance companies provide in their #healthcare plans.
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While you're focused on a holiday surprise from #Mueller, the president of the United States and his lame duck Speaker have officially been working toward eviscerating the #ACA before #NancyPelosi steps in to save everyone's #healthcare.

Please call your reps & tell them NO.
I'm seriously ill--17M of us have #cancer; 131M have other chronic illnesses. This concerns me & you & people you love.
Like everything else, it's underhanded and under-the-radar.

New insurance guidelines would undermine rules of the #AffordableCareAct…
"The Trump administration is urging states to tear down pillars of #AffordableCareAct, demolishing a basic rule that federal insurance subsidies can be used only by people buying health plans in marketplaces created under the law."

They want to take the #healthcare you need.
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Michigan Health Chief facing 15 yrs in jail over Flint water crisis… Can #Minnesota get the same scruitiny 4 their #HHS #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking #MedicalKidnap #ElderAbuse #EstateFraud epidemic & #GovMarkDayton's strategic appointments #CoverUps
Obama was part of the conspiracy & also a master in #coverup appts. Feds from the Obama admin’s EPA engaged in what can only be described as a criminal conspiracy 2 conceal the dire health threat to residents of Flint, Michigan from its toxic water supply.…
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Trump comes out in opposition to breast-feeding which has DECADES of science behind it and is essential to building antibodies in babies. One more corporations-over-people move.

U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials
This is a truly astonishing story. #Breastfeeding is a long-established benefit to babies and also adds to the bonding between mother and child.

Why would Trump and #HHS reject such fundamental science?
What is even more appalling is the Trump administration threatened other countries AND the @WHO on this issue and RUSSIA had to step up and lead on the subject.

Incredible. Truly. The way this administration bends over for corporations over people-- and now babies--is stunning.
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Most of the kids at the #Homestead facility came here as unaccompanied minors and are awaiting placement with sponsors. If you REALLY care, you should stop by the @ccadom. They are actively looking for foster homes for many of these kids and could probably use the publicity.
@SenBillNelson Here's more info for your concerned constituents about the Arch Diocese of Miami's program to find foster homes for the immigrant kids in #HHS custody like the kids in #Homestead.…
@SenBillNelson You could really make a positive impression. Why don't you be the first today to publicly apply to foster one of the immigrant kids in #Homestead?
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Make no mistake, this issue is the results of OBAMA'S policies. HHS has inherited a problem that's been occurring for years. I wrote about it 4 YEARS AGO and NO ONE expressed any outrage during the last administration.
"Over a period of four months in 2014, however, HHS allegedly placed a number of UACs in the hands of a ring of human traffickers who forced them to work on egg farms in and around Marion, Ohio, leading to a federal criminal

2014--- #WhereWereTheLiberals
"Specifically, the files reveal that, from June through September 2014, HHS placed a number with alleged distant relatives or family friends—including one of the defendants in the criminal case—without taking sufficient steps to ensure that the
placements would be safe..."
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