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We have now reported over 100,000 confirmed #COVID19 cases in Nigeria

This is a stark reminder of the reality we live in now - a virus that has affected over 100,000 lives and led to over 1,300 deaths within 11 months in Nigeria...with millions more globally

In the last 4 weeks, we‘ve recorded a spike in the number of new #COVID19 cases

The virus is spreading fast, causing mild symptoms in some & severe illness/death in others. Many people
continue to experience fatigue & other symptoms even after recovery

We can not be too careful
The silent face of #COVID19

You can’t tell whether someone has the virus or not (so take protective measures at all times)

Health care workers need to now maintain a HIGHER index of suspicion for #COVID19

To the public, if unwell rule out COVID-19 before treating for malaria
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There is an urgent need for us to be more circumspect in the way we live, interact and socialize with our friends and family. Many people are ignoring #COVID19 warnings and guidelines, thereby exposing themselves and others to the virus.
We are well into the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Yesterday, Lagos scarily recorded its highest number of infection in one day (712. We have already recorded a frightening spike in infection cases.
This spike brings positive cases to a total of 32,720 in Lagos alone.
This second wave comes with severe symptoms, and the higher number of positive cases we detect, the higher number of casualties we’re bound to record. We do not want this, but for this to be avoided, we must be intentional and cautious.
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Well said Hun.

To many are turning their backs.

What is worse than #csaqt to know #TwitterCensorship is not a safe haven for destroyed soul's to turn to even on social media platforms no matter what people lead you to believe, there is no such olive branch
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PTF COVID19 BRIEFING(03/09/2020)

As Nigeria advances to the third phase of eased restriction, President @MBuhari has approved the following:
- Transition into the third Phase of the National Response to COVID-19 for a period of 4 weeks with effect from 12.01am on Friday 4th September, 2020 in line with amendments to address economic, socio-political and health considerations reflected in the implementation guidelines;
- Continued engagement with States and Local Governments to improve community sensitisation on the response;
- Maintaining the current non-pharmaceutical interventions nationwide;

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With utmost sense of responsibility, I am obliged to make it known to the general public that I have tested positive to #COVID19.

Consequently, I have proceeded on a 14 days self- isolation and treatment at home.
Nevertheless, I remain committed to continue to discharge my duties as the Commissioner for Health and Deputy Incident Commander for #COVID19 responses in Lagos State.

I am extremely enthusiastic and hopeful of overcoming this phase of our collective fight against #COVID19.
I have the full support of the Incident Commander and Governor of Lagos State @jidesanwoolu, the entire Cabinet of the Government of Lagos State as well as my team @LSMOH to put this behind as soon as possible.
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Travelling this season could put you and your loved ones at risk of contracting #COVID19

#Staysafe, let’s celebrate Sallah safely #TakeResponsibility. Image
#COVID19 is real and not yet over

#Staysafe, let’s celebrate Sallah safely #TakeResponsibility. Image
Stop the spread of #COVID19 by always wearing your facemasks, practicing proper hand hygiene and maintaining physical distance of at least 2metres.

#Staysafe, let’s celebrate Sallah safely

#TakeResponsibility. #PTFCOVID19 Image
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“My name is @GovernorIkpeazu, the Executive Governor of Abia State and I’m happy to say I’m a #covid19survivor. The critical thing is to diagnose it as early as possible and get medical attention”

#COVID19 Survivor Testimony from Governor Ikpeazu:

If you experience any symptom of #COVID19, avoid self medication, call @NCDCgov toll free no 080097000010 or click here to get your state contact:

#COVID19Survivor Testimony from Governor Ikpeazu:

“God blessed us with a great team from @NCDCgov, very very experienced and caring team.”

#COVID19 is real, #TakeResponsibility
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#COVID19Lagos update as at 3rd of July, 2020

📍748 #COVID19 tests were conducted on 3rd July, 2020 out of which 87 new cases were confirmed at 11.63% positivity rate.

📍42,348 #COVID19 were conducted in Lagos till date out of which 10,926 turned out positive.
📍Out of the confirmed cases 1,695 patients have since been discharged from #COVID19Lagos care centres following full recovery.

📍6, 259 of the cases monitored in communities by #COVID19Lagos response team have either fully recovered or positively responding to treatments
📍365 of the cases are currently under isolation in public and private care centres.

📍However, 2,430 active cases in the communities are yet to turn up for admission in care centres either due to fear of stigmatisation or preference for home care treatments.
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#COVID19Lagos Update as at 27th of June, 2020

📢4,891 COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Lagos State between June 2 and June 27, 2020 bringing total of confirmed cases in the State to 10,042.

📢Out of the confirmed cases, 1,533 patients have since been discharged Image
from #COVID19Lagos care centres following full recovery.

📢5, 226 of the cases monitored in communities by #COVID19Lagos response team have either fully recovered or responded positively to treatments at home.
📢454 of the cases are currently under isolation in public and private care centres across Lagos.

📢However, 2,683 active cases in the communities are yet to turn up for admission in care centres either due to ignorance / fear of stigmatisation or preference for home care.
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Today is #WorldSickleCellDay & we want you to know more about #SickleCellDisease.

It is an inherited blood disease, that causes the red blood cells to have sickle shape thereby, disrupting the free flow of blood & oxygen in the body. #KnowYourGenotype
People living with #SickleCellDisease, may often experience serious pains, weakness of the body, delayed growth & development.

They may also look pale due to shortage of blood
as a result of the sudden breakdown of red blood cells in the body .
Factors such as cold weather, too much exercise, tobacco smoke, lack of fluid, plane flights & high altitudes can contribute to the painful attacks (crisis), experienced by those living with #sicklecelldisease.
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Dear Lagos,

Due to the continuous increase of #COVID19 cases in our state, we have rescinded till further notice our earlier decision to open churches and mosques for worship.

We are now fully in the phase of personal responsibility regarding this pandemic. ImageImage
We must continue to #TakeResponsibility with the mandatory use of face masks in public places, avoiding non-essential movements, staying at home when we have no business outside, and washing or sanitizing our hands regularly. Image
These are the simple but necessary steps that will save and protect us. We cannot afford to be lax and lethargic about safety precautions at this time.

We will, as always, continue to keep you informed and updated on the decisions that are taken for our health and safety. Image
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A thread about Establishment wealth, reparations, & why the Tories will *always* defend the statues of slavers & Empire racists… 🤨✊🌹🇪🇺 #Colston #reparations #ColonialViolence #resist #slavery #BlackLivesMatter
This chap is Richard Drax, Tory MP for South Dorset since 2010. His full name is Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, and he comes from a long line of Tory MPs and other assorted Establishment figures over the centuries. 😋✊🌹🇪🇺 #Drax #ScroogeMcDuck
He owns c14,000 acres of Dorset, making him the largest private landowner in the county. Pic shows his country seat, Charborough House. 🧐 #NiceGaff #Dorset #CountryLife
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NLRC Directs Immediate Payment of Winners …Slams N10M Fine on Erring Operator

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission has directed a promotional lottery operator; Sponge Nigeria Limited to pay, without further delay, all lucky winners in its concluded promotional lottery
captioned “Better Life Billionaire Promo”. The Commission also slammed a fine of Ten Million Naira on the company for violating the Operational Terms & Conditions of its promo permit.
This was contained in a correspondence to Sponge Nigeria Limited, dated 27th of May 2020 in which reasons for the fine were conveyed.
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Around the world, we are seeing examples of how we can live and thrive even as we work towards a cure or vaccine for #COVID19.

Today, we take further steps in easing some restrictions on public gatherings, and other decisions as we adjust to this reality. Image
Religion is a source of hope and light for many and we recognise its role in shaping our society.

Today, we announce the resumption of religious activities at 40% capacity for mosques and churches from June 19 and June 21 respectively with face masks and other precautions. Image
Our religious leaders must lead by example and put the safety of lives first.

The reopening is limited to only obligatory services and with a 'No face mask, No entry' policy throughout the duration of the services. Vigils and other extra-religious activities remain prohibited. Image
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As the commercial centre of the country, we are offering incentives to businesses that employ large number of people to avoid job loss.

In our plan to re-open the economy, businesses will follow our Register-to-Open guidelines with protocols that workplaces must put in place.
This and more are some of the things I spoke about earlier today as a panelist in a webinar discussion organised by @FSDHAssetMgt where I gave a frontline account of how Lagos has worked to combat the #COVID19 pandemic and how we are now working to open up the economy.
We are caught between managing hunger & sustaining an economy that is not only dependent on commercial activities in Lagos alone but also in other states.

We are at the stage where we have to balance public health safety & the economy that affects the wellbeing of the people.
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We have developed a document to address Frequently Asked Questions about testing for #COVID19

Please follow this thread:


What is the method of testing for #COVID19Nigeria?

RT-PCR is the only approved method for #COVID19Nigeria. This is done in a molecular laboratory

Why is a molecular test used to diagnose #COVID19?

A molecular test (PCR) is currently the most reliable method that can tell us whether the virus is present in the body
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Dear Lagosians,

As we prepare to open more businesses and other sectors of our economy, I will like to announce the soon to be launched Register-to-Open initiative.
The Register-to-Open initiative will be monitored by @safety_lasg and @LasepaInfo to assess the readiness of businesses in the identified sectors for supervised operations.
We are at a level where we are reviewing other arms of the economy. We want these businesses to begin to tune themselves to the realities of #COVID19 with respect to how their spaces need to look to reopen with a strict process for monitoring and space management.
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And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence toward God, and toward men. Acts24v16

I have an amazing life.😁

Two consecutive administrations and their numerous allies ever finding a common ground against one woman because she demands Public Accountability from those that govern.

Couldn’t wish for a more Purposeful Life!

Will never stop praising God for this!
There shall come a time in this Land, when many more Citizens will rise up and stare down at those that poorly govern our country.

When that time comes, all we bear today would be so well-worth it, because no society can have Good Governance without “paying a price for Liberty”.
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@NOA_Nigeria sensitization on Market day in one of the Local Governments in Kebbi state.

#TakeResponsibility to stop the spread of #COVID19
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We are at a critical point in the management of the #COVID19 pandemic in our state and every resident needs to #TakeResponsibility for their health and wellbeing.
As citizens, we have a great burden upon us, to behave responsibly. These times demand a lot from us, in terms of actions and behaviours that may not be comfortable. It is difficult to adjust to the changes, but adjust, we must.
As a government elected to uphold the security of its citizens, which includes health security, we will not hesitate to review the terms of #EasingTheLockdown if we do not see an improvement in the adherence to our public health guidelines over the next couple of days.
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So i think a great deal of Nigerians still don't get the essence of the facemask and social distancing measures prescribed for COVID-19 fight.

I was in a shuttle bus and i was quietly observing how people pull up their facial masks and then remove...
..remove it right before and after a police checkpoint. Some were even complaining about how the @PoliceNG officers are disturbing their peace 😪

Oh i was not happy to see the trend. So i have decided henceforth to do my bit in enforcing the use of facemask

So once i enter a public place i will quietly announce....please wear a face mask, I am a health worker!!! 😂🤣

The effect it had on the first trial was hilarious. In silence, everyone will #TakeResponsibility

@dimeji81, @a_flirx, @yobolus, @ibilolatiwo What line will you use?
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I am glad to announce that six of our patients, all health workers, have twice tested negative and are ready for discharge today. We give glory to God Almighty for this feat and we sincerely commend our frontline workers who made this possible.
Our remaining patients are all stable and in high spirits, and we pray God Almighty to grant us success in the management of the cases.

It’s important to note that infection rate is still very high across the country and, as such, we can’t afford to let down our guards.
For this reason, effective from tomorrow, Monday May 4, there will be statewide curfew between 6p.m. and 6.a.m. until further notice. This is part of the agreements of the Northern Governors Forum to prevent non-essential and unauthorised movement that could spike infection rate.
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His Excellency, President @MBuhari is currently addressing Nigerians on the COVID-19 pandemic and response activities

This is a thread with key highlights in his speech, for the health sector response
"The health systems of many nations continue to struggle as a result of the #COVID19 pandemic. Nigeria continues to adapt to these new global realities on a daily basis

Measures we have put in place thus far have yielded positive outcomes against the projections"

-HE @MBuhari
"Today, NCDC has accredited 15 laboratories across the country for a total capacity to test 2,500 daily

Lagos State & FCT, with support from NCDC, have established several sample collection centers & national testing strategy is being reviewed to maximize testing"

-HE @MBuhari
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No nation is sufficiently prepared for this pandemic but we all have to do what we can to fight it while we continue to improve on what we have everyday. This is exactly what we are doing in Kwara. We have successfully converted our hajj camp into a 600-bed isolation centre... ImageImageImage
That is apart from the 10-bed ultra modern, fully-equipped Intensive Care Unit of the Kwara State Infectious Disease Centre (IDC) that our administration had recently built to manage patients in advanced stage of COVID-19 and...
another 60-bed extension of our isolation centre at the Sobi Specialist Hospital, Alagbado, Ilorin. We have also started the erection of such facility in Offa local government. #TakeResponsibility #CollectiveHealth
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