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I waited to see if the connections were made.
13 years for an immigrant who exemplified the same behavior that brought this nation Wilmington & Tulsa& thousands more.
still a bottom caste .
assimilation to 'mainstream' is rewarded
Lets be clear it wasn't a lone wolf #stopthelies
what happened to the #RICOact?
Latino gang members firebombed black residents to drive them out of Boyle Heights project, prosecutors allege…
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@breakingbrown discussed #Baltimore as recently as last week when there was a weekend of unexplained violence. What’s happening in #Baltimore is not new to #ADOS.
In America, #ADOS are perpetual outsiders; that stops now. We’re not outsiders. Enslavement created the foundations for the economies of the western world by making cotton “King”. #Reparations is the least America can do for our ancestors’ contribution.
Let’s talk about #ADOS cities like #Atlanta where the data paints a picture of a group that has been continually barred from all means of economic advancement, agency, and autonomy. @Bloomberg
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THREAD-"@SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell was born about 40 miles from his great-great-grandfathers’ Alabama cotton farms, worked by slaves a 100 years before."… via @courierjournal #ReparationsNow
"Like so many long-standing Southern white families, McConnell's forebearers built their wealth with free slave labor and cheap land. Two of his great-great-grandfathers owned more than a dozen slaves, census records reviewed by the USA TODAY Network show.
"The Kentucky Republican has known of his family's slave-owning past since at least 1994, when he wrote a letter to a Limestone County judge requesting information about his great-great-grandfather James McConnell, a slave owner, and the settlement of his ancestor's estate.
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Hi @RodDMartin ,

I noticed that you retweeted this.

I’m no expert on reparations or slavery. But I do have expertise in ethics and political philosophy. And, if I may, I think this comment actually brings more confusion than clarity to the issue. Here’s a much better argument.
(Quick preliminary. I’m not going to say anything about who owes what to whom, how much, or the process of effectuating compensation. I just want you to acknowledge that it’s at least possible that some people in the present day are owed compensation for some past injustices.
Oh yeah, and my argument has nothing to do with slavery. So your answer shouldn’t have anything to do with slavery or details Re who owes what to whom, how much, etc. My only point is that it’s at least possible that some people today are owed compensation for past injustice.)
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As the conversation regarding #ReparationsNow continues to gain national attention, I will not take time to defend the concept to anyone who is not an #ADOS. The righteousness of the move is not up for debate and it has been examined ad nauseam.
It has been discussed since the US first reneged on 30 acres and a mule and instead gave the land to European peasants. Here, Dr. King discusses the economic fallout from that. #ReparationsNow
As recently as 2016, the UN re-examined the issue and recommended that the US issues #ReparationsNow…
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Diamond Dust #AmericanDOS #BreakingBrown - These excerpts will be from "The Jews of Capitol Hill: A Compendium of Jewish Congressional Members"- Kurt Stone- William Mallory Levy - like Biden & 3 strike legislation - Levy authored 1877 Compromise ie the beginning of Jim Crow
Diamond Dust #AmericanDOS #BreakingBrown William Mallory Levy - the author of the 1877 Compromise - IE the massive Reconstruction set back of Black People in the United States - the Joe Biden of the 1870's
We must be able to see historical parallels so as not to repeat - No to Joe Biden in 2020 - he is the William Mallory Levy of our time. #AmericanDos #BreakingBrown
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