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The only thing keeping us from a full blown #TrumpRecession is your consumption. The consumer is strong while all else fails. If you limit your spending until #Election2020 you're helping to get #Trump out of office. RETWEET

#Resistance #DeutscheBankLoans #ResistersUnite #resist
Tariffs have increased prices on large appliances and other big purchases. It's in your best (#resister) interest to hold off on any big purchase until after the election. You'll ensure Trump can't boast about the economy, and you'll save money after #Dems are back in power.
You may think interest rates are low, so it's a good time to spend, however as the #TrumpRecession gathers steam the fed will need to lower rates. New #Dem prez will reduce tariffs. That will increase your buying power in 2021 and help @thedemocrats economy flourish.
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When Obama first took office, the economy was in the gutter.

The $DOW hit a low of 6500.

Within 4 years, Obama doubled that value to roughly 13500.

Now we’re on the brink of a #TrumpRecession, with the $DOW only 5K above its mark when he took office.

#TrumpSlump #IdiotInChief
Obama handed Trump an economy with 94 months of straight growth and a $DOW hovering around 19000.

The $DOW jumped to 27000 on the promise of stock buybacks through a massive corporate tax break.

But those were hollow gains, backed by nothing more than a quick buck.
Once that feeding frenzy died off, the markets swung back and forth—rocked by juvenile tweets and #TradeWar threats.

With no real economic plan, the market hasn’t added any true value since late 2017.

His “strongest economy” tweets mean nothing.

The #TrumpRecession is coming.
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Doing things like building independent aid societies, clothing provision, community defense networks etc. are not only important for day-to-day working class life in and of themselves, they become DOUBLY necessary during things like the #TrumpRecession that's trending rn (1/4)
Not only do such social organizations serve direct and immediate needs, they have the potential to be the scaffolding for ongoing revolutionary praxis. Entering a period of intensified economic distress and social struggle *without* such social structures is not a thought (2/4)
I'd like to entertain. Ultimately, I believe that an independent working class revolutionary party is the structure necessary to suture these social institutions together into a viable vehicle for executing a socialist revolution, led by the vanguard of the working class & (3/4)
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Trump announced that some of his tariffs will be delayed the day before a 2.5% drop in the stock market.

This wasn't a coincidence. There is likely something much more worrisome that is being hidden from the public which they're panicking over.

Trump picked a reason to back down on the tariffs (he doesn't want tariffs to impact Christmas shopping) which directly contradicts one of his main reasons to have the tariffs to begin with (to force more domestic manufacturing).

Something else is happening.
Yes, there was a proximate reason today for the drop in the stock market.

But it's not unreasonable to believe there is something else we don't know about in the economy's "fundamentals" (at least not yet) that actually caused Trump to back down.
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1) Twitter REALLY wants to convince us that #TrumpRecession is trending.

Like, they REALLY REALLY REALLY want to convince people this is an important topic a lot of people are talking about.
2) They want to do this because an economic downturn can often be caused by panics, when enough people all simultaneously shit a brick.

Get enough people to think that a recession is on the horizon, they'll stop spending money, and trigger an economic panic.
3) Even South Park understands and explains this (this is the only place I could find the specific clip I was looking for. Yes it is a Kyle speech. Just roll with it.)…
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2) Quick, let's spread it out to 5 days. OH NO LOOK AT HOW LOW IT IS!
3) QUICK! 1 YEAR! .... Wait.... That's.... that's still higher than it was this time last year.... Well that's not so bad...
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Trump’s Impeachable Offenses:

#76.) Trump is inciting violence against Democratic members of Congress. His rally attendants chanting “SEND HER BACK!” about @IlhanMN is the most racist rhetoric seen by this group and it will lead to death threats.
Trump’s Impeachable Offenses:

#77.) According to two people, Trump told McAleenan to block all asylum seekers from entering the United States. He claimed if McAleenan went to jail for it, he would pardon him. This is the DEFINITION of a high crime.
Trump’s Impeachable Offenses:

#78.) Trump mused about wiping the entire population of Afghanistan off the face of the earth as a potential solution to “win the war there.” Killing 10 million people is not a “win.” Trump is a threat to global security.
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With the Dow Jones down 2% over the past 12 months, thought I'd look back at Trump's tweets about the stock market over time.
Lesson 1: When markets go down it's always connected to who the President is, but only when that President is Obama.
Lesson 2: Back in 2011 he complained about the Fed's low interest rates when he wasn't President, now he berates the Fed to keep rates low.
Lesson 2a: He's not very good at predicting inflation.
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