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Four years of journalists ignoring the threat of near-term mass extinction and urgent calls for political & economic systems change from a few outspoken scientists which now underpin the scientific community's consensus view. And still nobody echoes Greta's media analysis. Shame.
"We've simply never been informed in a way which puts the crisis in perspective. And this is the very heart of the problem. No change will be possible until media #FaceTheClimateEmergency" ~GretaT

Still true.
Media silent on:
* 2022 emissions deadline for 1.5/2°C
* system change
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In late July, heavy rain in the Başkale district caused floods to destroy private properties and barns, as well as killing many animals.

when some parts were flooded, other were on fire.

Read the thread 🧵 for more information👇
In Duhok, multiple fires have been reported during July. One of the biggest ones being the Zawita fire, burning up thousands of acres of land, many of which were home to over a hundred year old pine trees.

The Amêdî district have also been impacted by fires.
Farmers witness their orchards burn up and get destroyed or left in ashes.

The forests of Mariwan have been burning on and off for a very long time. During July volunteers and locals helped put out the fire that burned down 400 year old oak trees.
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My 123rd week on #ClimateStrike 🌍 Deeply sorrowed by floods in the north and wildfires in the south of Turkey. That's clearly the climate crisis manifesting itself across my country 🌏 #ClimateCrisisIsHere #FaceTheClimateEmergency #MindTheGap #UprootTheSystem #FridaysForFuture +
#İklimGrevi'nde 123. haftam 🌍 Ülkemizin kuzeyinde yaşanan sel felaketlerinde ve güneyinde devam eden orman yangınlarında kaybettiğimiz canlar için iki haftadır içimiz parçalanıyor. +
Sel ve yangınların ortaya çıkış sebepleri ne olursa olsun, sonuçlar iklim krizi yüzünden iyice büyüyüp kötüleşiyor. Bu felaketleri iklim krizinin ülkemizde kendini açıkça gösterişi olarak yorumlamak ve iklim politikamızı buna göre değiştirmek zorundayız. +
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Heavy rainfall, strong winds have been affecting most of Iran since July 14, triggering floods and flash floods and causing a number of severe weather-related incidents. As of July 21 at least eight fatalities, two people are missing and almost 600 people have been affected.
The most affected Provinces include East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Alborz, Isfahan, Bushehr, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Kerman, Fars, Sistan and Baluchestan, Semnan, Mazandaran, Hormozgan, Yazd and Kurdistan.
This isn't normal and this shouldn't be normal. Talk about extreme weather events across the world like it is an emergency! We need to collectively come together, unite, & demand change from world leaders, especially those of the Global North!

More info:…
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To the people across the world suffering from heat-waves and wildfires, we see you
We stand with you.
To the politicians and polluters who refuse to acknowledge the urgency of the climate crisis, we see you
We want to see ACTION that matches the urgency of our current world
FFF Digital is currently working on campaigns that will call for more substantial and concrete action from politicians and polluters, in the meantime please visit and to take tangible actions for climate action.
You can also join our team here to make a greater impact:
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Da jetzt hoffentlich alle Parteien anfangen, ambitioniertere Klimamaßnahmen aufzubieten, möchte ich noch mal daran erinnern, dass selbst die Vorschläge der Grünen nicht für einen 1,5-Grad-Pfad ausreichen. Die restlichen Parteien operieren bisher z.T. massiv mit Magical Thinking.
Magical Thinking ist es auch, darauf zu hoffen, dass Technologien, die heute noch nicht ausgereift & in großem Maßstab einsetzbar sind, die Klimakrise irgendwie abbremsen können (Wasserstoff, CCS, ...).
Klimaschutz bedeutet nicht, die Emissionen zu senken. Es bedeutet, sie zu stoppen. Und das so schnell wir möglich.

Dafür müssen heute verfügbare Lösungen so schnell und großflächig wie möglich ausgebaut werden.
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Hello everyone,
Here to tell you that the climate crisis is not a PR opportunity for governments, but a real threat. Developing countries need funding now to help them cut emissions, before the point of no return
Five years on from the Paris Agreement, people have asked questions like “What has been achieved?” Privilege allows you to to reflect on achievements.

For me, I have not seen any success in the last five years!
In January 2019, I started a protest demanding for Climate Justice. I was driven to act by what I was witnessing around me: people in my country losing their homes, their incomes and their lives to extreme weather.

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Hello everyone,
Here to remind you of the fact that the Global South is not on the front page but it is on the front line of the climate crisis!
Photo credit: @DeLoviePhotos
When I was cropped out of the photograph in Davos, I started to question why I was erased from climate coverage. At that time, there was a lot of agony, a lot of pain. But now I’m on a journey to ensure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.
I am happy to use my voice and use my platform to always demand for the inclusion of marginalised voices and Indigenous voices. A lot needs to change in the media. Because if we do not tell the stories of those affected the most, how will we get justice and solutions for them?
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A Rise of 1.2 Degrees Celsius is Already Hell for many people who are experiencing the impacts of Climate change right now!

We cannot eat COAL and we cannot drink OIL!
#Riseupmovement #FaceTheClimateEmergency
Thread Image
In 2021, I want our world leaders to treat the climate crisis like a crisis. It’s not something that’s going to happen in the future, it’s an issue that’s already affecting millions of lives around the world. We need drastic action now. #Riseupmovement #FaceTheClimateEmergency
The Paris Agreement aims to keep temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius—but I want people to understand that a rise of 1.2 degrees Celsius is already hell for me and other people living in Uganda and on the African continent.  #Riseupmovement #FaceTheClimateEmergency
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This pub-sci… had me hope it's mere doomism so I read the paper… It's true. 20yrs of observational data on biome's carbon flux say, due to rising respiration from˚C ALONE, land carbon sink has shrunk already. -20%by 2040 is inevitable
What they tell us is real life stuff, not guesstimates. They describe how they reduced the observational data on carbon flux to temperature-only impact on photosynthesis and respiration –ruling out factors like drought or nutrient availability from messing up their investigation.
The respiration and photosynthesis sensitivity to temperature shows big differences. That's because of 3 types of plants, distinct in their CO2 uptake in source and in their preference for a C-isotope.
C3 plants dominate in mid-high latitudes while C4 plants grow in the tropics. Image
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Ne, Frau @JuliaKloeckner, ganz ehrlich: Die EU-Landwirtschaft produziert mehr als 400 Mio. t CO2/Jahr, 81% der natürlichen Lebensräume sind gefährdet, die 2020 EU-Biodiversitätsziele werden gerade krachend verfehlt während die Klimakrise in der Landwirtschaft angekommen ist. 1/
Alleine die Vorstellung, für 7 Jahre fast 400 Mrd. Euro mit praktisch keinen verbindlichen Klima- oder Artenschutzzielen zu verplanen, von "Ökoauflagen" zu sprechen, ohne dass es einen Kriterienkatalog gibt, aus dem deutlich wird, wie genau die Auflagen greifen, 2/
und blinde Flächensubventionen für weitere Jahre nicht anzufassen, was vor allem ein Geschenk für Agrarmegakonzernen ist, und kleinere und Familiengeführte Betriebe diskriminiert ist absurd - und Sie sprechen von Systemwechsel?! /3
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Found another factor of why it all went so wrong:
Ofc, Merkel's adherence to neoclassic and her hesitant personality.
AND false trust in her physics PhD not only indoctrinated newly elected intl. politicians: "Tech will solve climate, no worries", it also befuddled Schellnhuber! Image
(In the interview snippet from @DIEZEIT Schellnhuber speaks of a few instances when he got quality time with Merkel and they studied graphs and calculations. He describes her physics PhD as overall very beneficial, something akin to a god-sent gift to mankind)
Precisely bc of Merkel's PhD in physics and her interest in some slides, he thought, she was the right person in the right position.

She wasn't.

If a leader apparently sees urgency but moans they can't act, mimimi,
you better go and warn the public: this leader is incapable.
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As mitigation of climatechange we reduce GHG as fast as possible. For adaption to c-c, measures for higher˚C are being researched and applied, like dams or crop change.

#FaceTheClimateEmergency Bc 0 mitigation is undertaken, EU citizens will have to adapt to fascism, at last 👏 Image
#Moria is only the beginning. What would it be like down the road, in 2030? My guess, they'd avoid antisemitism this time. It's just not as palatable as it was 100 years ago. They'd target refugees, PoC and muslims, this time. And the political opposition, of course, ie us. Yay.
80 years ago, the political opposition landed in concentration camps, first, and comprised the left, ie communists and the social democrats. #SPD
This time, they began with their end target group and left the opposition untouched, so far (if we don't count Carola Rackete).
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With 0 socio-political foresight economists sell climate as discount topic...

But by 2045 at 2˚, 500mio people are vulnerable to multiple climate risks; in Levante and N-Africa an exodus begins at 1.5˚ /2030.
The "cost"? Global destabilisation and fascism.
On #Equity:…
Activists and scientists regard it as optional, negligible charity. But fighting poverty via observing Equity is relevant to national security, to civilisation or collapse. Actions in adherence to it grow a sense of global solidarity and hope.
On #Equity:
Rich nations to "lead the way"is no longer enough for WELL below 2˚and Equity. A growing alliance of states, in a NON-profit system hiatus, on rations for everything to alleviate existential fears, must begin to tackle the 6 global revolutions
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New study on Li in several supply/demand scenarios.

They claim this a 1.5˚-compatible path:
3bn cars in 2050 or 0.3🚗/capita. (EU's density today 0.48 🚗/capita)
of which 49% are assumed EV sales by 2030 or 86% by 2050.

How can it be 1.5˚compatible?!…
1.5˚with 3bn cars on additional global roads?

Repeat – 3-fold, and in 30yrs
our 100yr ecocide in EU and US
in pristine Africa, Asia & S-America?

*🏠sprawl, material and⚡️use
*destruction of biomes, habitat, carbon sinks,
*tyre ruboff
*construction material + machinery
I should expand the list of destruction but
to call that 1.5˚-compatible is ....

TBH, the narrow field of view smacks of the car AND construction industry justifying their existence and growth!
No surprise then that acc to that study, Lithium supply until 2050 for 3bn EV is ✅ Image
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@CharlieJGardner @jes1003 @clairefrwordley You can extrapolate from the past 2 centuries what humans will likely do to each other💣
Put it all in a pot, stir et voilà: civilisation stutters bc production chains can't be regionalised quickly enough. Crops fail in an unpredictable climate w/o reference: ppl starve or kill.
@CharlieJGardner @jes1003 @clairefrwordley History and psychology. They're missing links in the description of climate change impacts.
"It can't happen here"? Yes we can.

The pot luck of impacts will hit much sooner than 2050 or 2100. Hitlers in EU by 2035, if we don't prepare the population:
@CharlieJGardner @jes1003 @clairefrwordley Zivilisationsbruch, how Germans call '33-'45 -breech of civilisation- is already being repeated in the Mediterranean. Out of our sight and consciousness (again), but it's happening. The perpetrators are already numbed against it, and hence, psychologically ready for the next step
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Stahl, Alu braucht Hitze (auch beim recycling oder?). H2 soll die Hitze bringen.
Hoffen wir, dass wir weniger Stahl/Alu verwenden werden. Aber Menge x bleibt nötig auch für P2G im Schwertransport.
Ist EE für normalen Demand + Menge x geeignet/bau-bar?
Oder soll⚛️grünes H machen?
#FaceTheClimateEmergency die Budgets für 1.5C-Nähe sind für >10Gt/a negative emission tech NET. So viel Bäume/Boden als carbon sink bei zunehmendem Klimaschaden allüberall?
Oder besser eine ständige Stromquelle, die ppm senken hilft, wie teuer u regional gefährlich auch immer?
#FaceTheClimateEmergency Bei bei ++˚C wachsen carbon sinks nur solange emittiert wird. Negative Emission Tech muss irgendwie sein, Boden / Bäume schaffen das nicht. Dann wär's doch gut, wenn an CO2-freier Energiequelle⚛️geforscht&praxiserprobt wird? ImageImage
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The historic #CaliforniaFires, the terrible lightning storms, the dangerous air quality, the scorching heat, and the #ClimateCrisis at its worst, are all so unprecedented that one tweet isn’t enough to describe it, so I’ll let this thread do the talking.…
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School strike week 100!
100 weeks ago I never would have believed that I’d still be doing this today...

Since then, a lot has happened. Many millions have taken to the streets to continue the decades-long and never-ending fight for climate- and environmental justice. 1/4 ImageImageImageImage
But since then, the world has also emitted over 80Gt of CO2.
We have lost yet another 2 crucial years to inaction, and the climate- and ecological crisis has still never once been treated as a crisis. The changes and level of awareness needed are still nowhere in sight. 2/4
These are historical times, what we do or don’t do right now will define the rest of our lives as well as the lives of our children and grandchildren. So spend your time wisely. 3/4
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Day Ahead Börsenstrompreis, CO2-Zertifikatspreis & Nettostromerzeugung aus Braunkohle in Deutschland jeweils im ersten Halbjahr von 2015-2020.
Wenn der CO2-Preis so hoch ist wie der Börsenstrompreis, wird die Stromerzeugung aus Braunkohle unwirtschaftlich
#Corona-#Pandemie: Wie verändert sie unsere Gesellschaft?…

#Gefahren und #Chancen Corona, #Kultur und Gesellschaft…

phoenix plus - phoenix
phoenix plus. #CoronaKrise: #Spiegel der #Gesellschaft.…
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