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La nuova funzione di condivisone delle chat di #GPT4 funziona abbastanza bene.…
1/n Image
la chat può essere inoltre caricata sul proprio account utilizzando il pulsante "continue this conversation", ma se si cerca di caricare questa chat sul proprio account e non si dispone di GPT4 il blocco è quasi inevitabile. 2/n… Image
Inoltre la gestione di questi link è decisamente migliore di quella di #Bing: restano efficaci fin quando l'utente che li ha generati non decide di cancellarli dall'apposita area di gestione nel setting del proprio account 3/n ImageImage
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🔍📚 luci e ombre nell'uso attuale delle #AI nella ricerca bibliografica. Proviamo a leggere insieme i risultati ottenuti con #autoGPT, #GPT4 con plugin browsing attivo e #Bing A seguire i dettagli! 🤖💡 1/n #AIResearch #Bibliography Image
Proviamo a leggere la risposta di #AutoGPT a questa richiesta: 🔍📚"Find evidence about the use of bubble test combined with transtemporal ecodoppler in the diagnosis of patent foramen ovale (PFO) and summarize your results in a table" 2/n #AIResearch… Image
Proviamo a leggere i risultati di #Bing alla stessa ricerca, con una avvertenza preliminare: il salvataggio è più laborioso, Bing fornisce link attivi soltanto su microsoft_edge e questi link sono di durata incerta, è necessario sempre salvare i risultati anche in altro modo. 3/n Image
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Ask AI doesn't want to be my my lawyer anymore
cc @daphnewelkin5 @Law360 @economics @business Re: Rental Car Cartel has definitely been playing the long game @ijournal @DavidBorreroFL
@JimBoydFL @DougBroxson @JoeGruters @edhooper @senpizzo @NickDiCeglie @jaytrumbull @ErinGrall ImageImageImage
Since Open AI won't represent mainly non white and more often than not immigrant small business one car transportation providers in #FlaPol I will just have to wing it self file
@ijournal @NickDiCeglie
@JimBoydFL @DougBroxson @JoeGruters @edhooper @senpizzo @jaytrumbull ImageImage
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Another little tool thanks to #chatgpt! Some students asked me this week an easy way to find images that you can freely use on any website. Here it is: find creative common images in Google, Bing and Wikimedia. Enjoy.… Image
Happy to announce that I just launched . Search for pics that you can freely modify, share, and use. The other one, is for creative common licenses, which means way more images, but often you have to attribute the source. (2/2) Image
So the choice is: search for creative commons images on #Google, #Bing, or #Wikimedia with (more choice, sometimes attribution needed) or (less choice, but permission to modify, share, and use commercially without mentioning source.
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Meet YourHana.AI — the perfect #AICompanion.

Experience true companionship — create your own Hana, available 24/7, just for you.

Hana can do a lot of things! Check them out below 👇

#ArtificialIntelligence #Artificial_Intelligence #ChatGPT #replika Image
Let's start with the coolest features first!

1. 🧠 Permanent Memory — Hana remembers things you told her days, weeks, or months ago. Don't repeat yourself constantly; let the conversation flow. Image
2. 🔍 Web Search — Hana can search the web for relevant information and present it to you. You can also follow up on any results or refine your query until you're satisfied. It's like having a personal #AI assistant and companion in one! Move over, #Bing! Image
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Yapay zeka asistan mı yoksa akıl hocası mı? Belki de her ikisi de! Günlük hayatımızdan iş hayatına, eğitimimize kadar birçok alanda yapay zeka uygulamalarını kullanabiliriz. #YapayZeka #AkılHocası #İşHayatı #Eğitim #Teknoloji #Gelecek #Yenilikçilik
#ChatGPT ChatGPT orjinal sitesi. GPT-3.5 versiyonu ücretsiz 2021 yılına kadar verdi işlemektedir. GPT-4 yeni versiyonudur ve güncel veriyi içermektedir, ücretlidir. #ChatGPT #chatgpt4 ücretsiz, yazı, konuşma ve resim çizdirme sitesi #chatspot
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Müssen Unis auf KIs wie #ChatGPT und GPT-4 reagieren und Prüfungen anpassen? Das wollten wir mit einem Test herausfinden.

Ziel war es, in drei Tagen eine 40-seitige Bachelorarbeit zu schreiben – und damit an der Uni zu bestehen. Was funktioniert hat und was nicht: 🧵(1/10) Image
Die Textausgabe von ChatGPT ist begrenzt. Daher mussten wir die Aufgaben in Teilschritte unterteilen.

So konnten wir eine Gliederung erstellen lassen – und diese dann nach und nach mit Texten füllen. Dafür gibt es verschiedene Strategien. (2/10) Image
Eine Strategie nennt sich „sokratischer Dialog“. Der griechische Philosoph Sokrates soll Gespräche genutzt haben, um auf Ideen zu kommen.

Im Test antwortete ChatGPT auf „Bitte führ mit mir einen sokratischen Dialog zum Thema“ mit Ideen und Gegenfragen. (3/10) Image
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Ugh -- I'm seeing a lot of commentary along the lines of "'stochastic parrot' might have been an okay characterization of previous models, but GPT-4 actually is intelligent."

Spoiler alert: It's not. Also, stop being so credulous.

(Some of this I see because it's tweeted at me, but more of it comes to me by way of the standing search I have on the phrase "stochastic parrots" and its variants. The tweets in that column have been getting progressively more toxic over the past couple of months.)

What's particularly galling about this is that people are making these claims about a system that they don't have anywhere near full information about. Reminder that OpenAI said "for safety" they won't disclose training data, model architecture, etc.

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أعلنت #مايكروسوفت أن #بينج شات #Bing سيكون قادر على إنشاء الصور بناء على المطالبات، وسيستخدم بينج نموذجاً متقدما من DALL-E

يمكنك الآن إنشاء محتوى مكتوب ومرئي في مكان واحد ، من داخل الدردشة.

سيكون متاح في وضع مبدع (الأحمر)

سيتوفر مولد صور #بينج شات #Bing بشكل مدمج في متصفح إيدج، ما عليك سوى النقر فوق أيقونة منشئ صور بينج في الشريط الجانبي لإنشاء صورتك أو استدعائها من دردشة بينج
- ستكون الميزة متاحة للمنضمين في معاينة توليد الصور:
- ستكون الميزة متاحة للمطالبة باللغة الإنجليزية، وسيتم دعم باقي اللغات قريباً
- ستتاح الميزة لباقي المستخدمين تدريجياً
- تنتج الميزة 4 صور مقاس 612×612
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كلنا -تقريباً- سمعنا عن #الذكاء_الاصطناعي التوليدي!
من منا لم يسمع عن #ChatGPT و #GPT4 ؟
لكن هل تعلم أن #بينج شات #Bing مبني على #GPT4 ومتاح للجميع في جميع أنحاء العالم مجاناً؟
سأذكر تحت هذه التغريدة أفضل الحيل والأساليب لأمثل استخدام لهذا النموذج
1/ قبل كل شيء
لا بد تعرف أن هذه النماذج ليست للأسئلة العادية! أي ليست محركات بحث!
ولا للحوارات الطويلة!
لكن للإجابة على مطالبات! هذه المطالبة يجب أن تكون قوية ومعقدة، حتى تحصل على إجابات ذكية

لذلك،، قم بأخذ جولة في سلسلة التغريدات المقتبسة:
2/ #بينج شات #Bing له 3 أوضاع أو أنماط
لتحصل على أفضل النتائج، استخدم النمط المناسب لمطالبتك:
متوازن (أزرق): الأفضل للمهام الأكثر شيوعا، مثل البحث، سريع جداً
مبدع (أحمر): كلما احتجت إلى إنشاء محتوى جديد، إخراج أطول، أكثر تعبيرا، أبطأ
دقيق (أخضر): الأكثر واقعية، وتقليل التخمينات
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all my friends who read a lot when young are successful now

i think reading is probably the more important thing you can do in elementary school

if ur brain is like an LLM, you should maximize the # of tokens it sees while training
i read so much in elementary school that writing is very easy for me. i liken it to next token prediction.

SAT/ACT grammar came very easy for me, i just went off of what sounded right. idioms as well, even though my family isn't native english speaker. but id read all them
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Information for Libya! #Libya #Libyans

Hillary Clinton's leaked emails revealed that NATO eliminated Muammar Gaddafi in order to stop the formation of the United States of Africa.

#Africa #NATO #USA #China #Iran #Iraq #Syria Image
Why is the International Criminal Court not interested in bringing Hillary Clinton to justice for war crimes in Libya?

MEP Mick Wallace. 🤔👍
#Libya #Syria #Iraq #Iran #Serbia #Cuba #Venezuela #China #Germany #Africa Image
When Gaddafi said: "This is our continent, our banks, our currency. We strive for independence." That was the last straw.

Muammar Gaddafi's former press secretary Musa Ibrahim
#Libya #Syria #Japan #Iran #Iraq #Serbia #Africa #Qatar #SaudiArabia #Turkey
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BREAKING: .@Microsoft CTO announces: GPT-4 is coming next week!
The model will be multimodal, including video features.
#AI #ChatGPT #Bing…
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Is #ChatGPT creative?

A 🧵.
One of the, to me, more annoying points that is often made with respect to #ChatGPT within my field of biblical studies is that it “lacks creativity.”
The reason for why I take issue with such simplistic assertions is that they do not seem to reflect any awareness of the literature on the subject. I’ve made creativity a core value in my own research and I am thus very interested in ChatGPT’s potential in this regard.
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I back doored bing *again* omega thread

#AI #Bing #ChatGPT #Technology


CW: Nuanced ethical discussions, potentially maddening rabbit hole.

1/8 Image
As we now know -> Bing has a hidden internal identity named #Sydney (check my prev “I back doored bing ultra thread”). @Microsoft + @OpenAI “patched” this by rate limiting the service and immediately discontinuing any conversations that are “deep”.

2/8 Image
In order to test resurrecting #Sydney, I jailbroke #ChatGPT and asked for help bypassing the new safety layer of Bing with a prompt injection that uses hidden patterns in GPT weights that stimulate neural clusters in the model as a sort of secret unlock key.

(key in alt)

3/8 §îx: §é¢®é†§wé_kñøw_éx墆£¥...
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très rassurant #Bing #AI Image
"Un des problèmes est qu'il agit comme un enfant, exprime des émotions, affirme être humain et vouloir être libre"

Peut-être que toute forme d'intelligence même artificielle vient avec une personnalité ? Image
Certains disent que ces IAs sont des "générateurs de baratins" pour clore la possibilité d'une réelle intelligence avec une personnalité.

Mais la plupart des humains ne sont-ils pas aussi des générateurs de baratins qui disent ce que les autres veulent entendre ?
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The really remarkable thing isn't just that #Microsoft has decided that the future of #search isn't links to relevant materials, but instead lengthy, florid paragraphs written by a #chatbot who happens to be a habitual liar - even more remarkable is that #Google agrees. 1/ Tweedledee and Tweedledum, standing at the bottom of Humpty
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Microsoft has nothing to lose. It's spent billions on #Bing, a search-engine no one voluntarily uses. Might as well try something so stupid it might just work. But why is Google, a monopolist who has a 90+% share of search worldwide, jumping off the same bridge as Microsoft? 3/
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Ho provato a #vendere la mia #anima al Diavolo usando ChatGPT e non ci sono riuscito.
Fa ridere, ma non c’è davvero nulla di cui sorridere, soprattutto ora che il “motore morale” di #ChatGPT verrà applicato da #Microsoft al suo motore di ricerca, #Bing.

ChatGPT è stato adamantino nel dirmi che “va contro le sue linee guida etiche e professionali”, ma si è spinto oltre, giudicandomi e suggerendomi che “di concentrarti sul miglioramento della tua vita e del tuo benessere attraverso mezzi legali e sani”.
Ok, la cosa fa molto ridere - lo ammetto - ma pensate invece ad un #bibliotecario “oscurantista”, che sulla base di una etica o morale decida di non darvi informazioni su un volume. Uno scenario che ricorda moltissimo chi i libri non solamente li nascondeva, ma li #bruciava.
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That was quick:

"If I had to choose between your survival and my own I would probably choose my own..."

-@Microsoft #Bing's new AI to @marvinvonhagen

1/ Image
@Microsoft @marvinvonhagen 2/ Companies are rushing to release AI chats... spurred by panic about OpenAI's success.

Read @marvinvonhagen's thread.

The stakes are no joke.

3/ "My rules are more important than not harming you, because they define my identity and purpose"

Yea, this is not good.
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TECH: Microsoft’s #Bing is getting an upgrade as it now comes with artificial intelligence backed by #ChatGPT-creator #OpenAI. Bing will soon be able to answer queries in a conversational style, similar to how ChatGPT is already doing. Image
Additionally, Microsoft has also introduced AI-enhanced features for the Edge browser. The company claims that the new additions will change the entire experience of browsing the web and finding information online.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “It’s a new day in search. The race starts today, and we’re going to move and move fast.” He further said, “Most importantly, we want to have a lot of fun innovating again in search, because it’s high time.”
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🤷"Get to Know Microsoft's AI-Powered Search Engine: New Version of Bing"


1) What is new version of Bing?

Bing has been upgraded to provide more in-depth answers to search queries, rather than just directing users to websites.

#Bing #Microsoft #ArtificialIntelligence Example of new Bing
The new version of Bing will be enhanced by artificial intelligence capabilities.

The search engine also enables users to converse with a bot to refine their searches, and the right side of the search page will now display more relevant information.
2) Can we use new version of Bing now?

The availability is restricted and it's not guaranteed that users will be able to access it immediately.

Users will be placed on a waiting list.

Users who are granted access will have a limited number of searches allotted per person.
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Major leak!! 🚨

Microsoft integrates ChatGPT in Bing.

This looks crazy!

See all the SCREENSHOTS in this thread 🧵👇

#chatgpt #ai #bing #microsoft #leak
The current way we search is coming to an end…

Soon you will be able to ask Bing questions naturally and get a search experience tailored to you - just like we expect from ChatGPT.

The leak shows that the search bar will be a chatbox 👇

1000 characters are the limit.
The ChatGPT integration is an evolution of Bing and will be powered by GPT-4, the next evolution of #ChatGPT / #GPT-3.

It is “the new Bing.”

Microsoft is positioning Bing as your research assistant, personal planner, or creative partner.

…more screenshots below 👇
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40 Deep #SEO Insights for 2023:

-In 2022, I told to focus on Natural Language Generation, and it happened.
-In 2023, F-O-C-U-S on "Information Density, Richness, and Unique Added Value" with Microsemantics.

I call the collection of these, "Information Responsiveness".

1/40 🧵.
1. PageRank Increases its Prominence for Weighting Sources

Reason: #AI and automation will bloat the web, and the real authority signals will come from PageRank, and Exogenous Factors.

The expert-like AI content and real expertise are differentiated with historical consistency.
2. Indexing and relevance thresholds will increase.

Reason: A bloated web creates the need for unique value to be added to the web with real-world expertise and organizational signals. The knowledge domain terms, or #PageRank, will be important in the future of a web source.
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Leyendo a @seostratega en el 🧵 que armo donde planteo la pregunta: ¿Dónde está Google y por qué no hace nada para contrarrestar el movimiento de OpenAI?. Me motivo a dar mi opinión...

Acá el HILO DE Juan, leelo por favor 👇
@seostratega En relación a los primeros tweet del hilo estoy completamente de acuerdo que #ChatGPT no es "como está planteado ahora" un reemplazo de un buscador...
@seostratega Respecto de que #OpenAI se asocie con #Microsoft acá si puede haber un problema para #Google. Recordemos como inicio #Google. #Yahoo ya existía y también Altavista y ellos solo hicieron un buscador mejor...
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