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La méthode #DICE (Décrire, Investiguer, Cocréer, Évaluer)

- Une approche systématique et interdisciplinaire
- Des troubles psycho-comportementaux
- Se surajoutant à une maladie neurocognitive

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#MedTwitter #gériatrie #psychogériatrie
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La méthode #DICE

Permet d’analyser en profondeur un trouble psycho-comportemental en équipe et de lui apporter une réponse mesurée, partagée et structurée
Elle est la base de tout travail en psychogériatrie

#gériatrie #psychogériatrie

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Today is #Halfearthday2021, a plan to protect 50% of the earth, to stop #biodiversity loss & prevent #climate change. Wow, a plan to #restore the planet: that's hopeful!? Unfortunately, not. There is good science showing this is the wrong direction... 🧵 (1/5) #COP26 #COP15
2/5. Every funder should know that if a Half Earth proposal lands on their desk, there will be social risks. Despite the cosy rhetoric, Fortress Conservation leads to #humanrights abuses. Protecting 50% of the globe could affect >1 billion ppl, per Schleicher et al., 2019
3/5. Ecologists, none the wiser, might consider this a price worth paying if species are protected from #extinction. It's a mistake made by Kim Stanley Robinson. The great myth is that people are bad for biodiversity, as shown by Ellis et al., 2021 👇…
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There are 18 young adults across the Nation who are training to be model citizens. For a month, they have worked with their local governments to uplift the civic standards of their neighborhoods.
They are the Youth vertical of the Solve Movement! Working endlessly with our mentors, this group of leaders is training to build the future of the country. Are you still reading this?
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/06/2021…
The Birth of the Administrative State: Where It Came From and What It Means for Limited Government…

#AdministrativeState #OrganizationDesign #constitution #government
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A thread on #Nonprofits and the #SocialMedia platforms like #TikTok #instagram #Twitter #Facebook etc. 1/6
Getting attention from existing or prospective #nonprofit donors/volunteers on any mainstream Social Media platforms is identical. Sure, there are billions of daily actives. However, the sheer volume of user-generated content also generates enormous digital noise. 2/6
It’s 1000x more challenging than getting the attention of people in a busy marketplace; in addition to the countless storefronts, the ad banners, and the hustling salespersons, people have sensory distractions from the innumerable pictures and videos all around them. 3/6
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Does new study mean #vegans have weak bones? No❌
Does study mean you need meat for healthy bones? No❌

A #thread on #new study:
Vegetarian & vegan diets & risks of total & site-specific fractures: results from the prospective EPIC-Oxford study…
Main Finding:
Data showed 15 more cases of hip fracture in vegans vs meat eaters per 1000 ppl over a 10 year period

⚠️Consider: All enrolled in the study between 1993-2001, last diet assessment 2010
Why it matters:
1. Much #lower knowledge about veganism 10-15-20 y ago vs today
2. Less awareness re protein, RT/muscle & bone health
3. #PlantBased protein options uncommon in marketplace

Reasons for increased fractures in vegans, *important statement: "Fractures at some sites, especially at the hip, may also be more related to osteoporosis than fractures
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Cameroon was under Germany for 31 years.

In the WW1, France & Britain joined allies to defeat Germany.

After there defeat, all former Germany colonists were shared by France & Britain.

1/cont... #EndAnglophoneCrisis
France was given 80% of Cameroon

While Britain was given 20%(because the British already colonised alot of territories in Africa including Nigeria).

France named theirs FRENCH CAMEROUN while British named theirs BRITAIN CAMEROON

French Cameroun (80%) adopted France way of life
(Language, etc)

Due to Britain policy of divide & rule, British Cameroon was further divided to Northern Cameroon & Southern Cameroon.

In 1960, Nigeria & French Cameroun gained Independence.

In 1961, British Cameroons were asked to join with either Nigeria or French Cameroun.
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#Poly_Cystic_Ovary_Syndrome PCOS

PCOS is a HORMONAL DISORDER that affects Women of REPRODUCTIVE AGE (16 - 45 years of age).

1 out of 10 (10%) of ladies are diagnosed with PCOS. 🚺

#PCOS affects woman’s hormonal levels thereby AFFECTING the OVARIES.

A Thread 👇 Image
In HEALTHY WOMEN, the ovaries produce a very small amount of MALE HORMONES called as ANDROGEN.

But In PCOS, due to #INSULIN_RESISTANCE, the ovaries produce EXCESSIVE androgens, RATHER than the female hormones (such as Estrogen & Progesterone). ❌

These Excess #ANDROGENS are
responsible for CAUSING lots of body changes SUCH as : Facial Hair (beards) & No or IRREGULAR menstrual flow.

POLY-CYSTIC means ‘Many Cysts.’

In PCoS, Many CYSTS (Small Fluid-filled Sacs containing IMMATURE EGGS) develops inside the Ovaries.

The EGGS are NEVER fully grown to
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/01/2020…
Reducing transmission of SARS-CoV-2 | Science…

#transmission #COVID19
China censors Thomas Piketty’s book that touches on nation’s growing inequality | South China Morning Post…

#inequality #Piketty #china
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Ok Twitter, We only need to raise $230.00. If anyone can help please DM for more info and/or check out previous tweets! Let’s help this young family!

(If you would like a t-shirt or hoodie contact @BallerGearCA for more info) Image
Etransfers can be sent to:


Or you can contact Jenn @HarvestHillsYYC or by calling: 1-403-608-7224
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/25/2020-2…
The CFO in Crisis Mode: Modern Times Call for New Tools…
#Crisis #cfo
When models are everywhere – O’Reilly…
The science of complexity - Massey University…
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Le mois de Mars est le mois de lutte contre l'Endométriose.
Cette maladie qui touche 1 femme/10 à travers le monde.
Nous allons profiter pour faire un Thread pour mieux informer et éduquer sur cette maladie. ⬇️

L'endométriose, décrite pour la première fois par #KarelRokitansky en 1860, est une maladie gynécologique globalement incomprise.
#Rappel_Anatomique (voir 📷)
L’endomètre est la muqueuse qui tapisse l’intérieur de l’utérus. ⬇️

À la fin du cycle menstruel, s’il n’y a pas eu fécondation, une partie de l’endomètre (qui se renouvelle constamment) est évacuée avec les menstruations (règles).
L’endométriose se caractérise par la formation, en dehors de l’utérus, de tissus formés de cellules endométriales. ⬇️
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And for my #visuallyimpaired folks, I will #type out the #text of that #image, down here. Cuz the data is #important. (one of these days I'll get all my comics done with text properly on the site)

Starts here: Hello, It's Trish Malone, creator of #NKVSSP and slightly hurty -
- artist monkey.
And it's just struck me now, so bear with me.
My forearm, right at the elbow, is needles and fire. It happens. And Overuse is the #1 suspect. Turns out today though, overuse is actually #2.

As a patient with #EhlersDanlosSyndrome, I have to be on top of, -
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