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“A protestor has alleged that he was thrown down the stairs of Wimbledon Centre Court after attempting to hold up a placard which asked after the whereabouts of Chinese player #PengShuai.”…
Drew Pavlou went on social media to say that he was the person who caused a brief interruption to the final between Novak Djokovic and Nick Krygrios for holding up a sign which said “Where is Peng Shuai?”.
Pavlou alleged that he was threatened with arrest for holding a placard inside the Wimbledon grounds on Friday and now says that his treatment got physical during the men’s singles final.
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Not gonna share the screenshot so I don't get suspended for copyright violations, but NBC's Mike Tirico gushing over the freestyle skiing venue in China as "visually stunning" when it used to be a steel mill in the middle of a dump is pretty pathetic. #Olympics #GenocideGames
Also, Eileen Gu doesn't deserve a scintilla of support in the U.S. Yes, her roots are in China, but she willingly chose to give up her citizenship to represent a genocidal regime in the #GenocideGames, which means she's backing concentration camps. Sorry, I don't make the rules.
Along with Mike Tirico, the freestyle skiing announcers are ready to canonize Gu and how great she is for China and the rest of the world.

What would be great is if she spoke out against the genocide and human rights violations going on in China. #GenocideGames #Olympics
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[THREAD] La joueuse de tennis Peng Shuai, disparue après avoir accusé un ex-dirigeant chinois d'agression sexuelle, a rencontré le président du Comité international olympique (CIO) ce week-end. Elle assure aujourd'hui n'avoir "jamais disparu" ⤵️ 1/7
Début novembre, #PengShuai avait, dans un message sur les réseaux sociaux, accusé un ancien dirigeant chinois de l'avoir contrainte à un rapport sexuel. L'ancienne numéro 1 mondial en double avait rapidement effacé ces messages, puis disparu pendant des mois #AFP 2/7
Les messages de solidarité s'étaient multipliés sur les réseaux sociaux sous le hashtag #WhereIsPengShuai. Novak Djokovic, Naomi Osaka, Stan Wawrinka ou encore Serena Williams: tout le monde du tennis s'était mobilisé pour faire part de ses craintes #AFP 3/7
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🌏 #Pekin2022
Boycott, droits de l’homme, #PengShuai, écologie...

Avant même que ces JO d'Hiver ne débutent, la Chine 🇨🇳 fait face à de nombreuses critiques internationales

Quelles sont-elles ?

Comment le régime de Xi Jinping y répond ?

1er enjeu : les droits de l'Homme

Le 6 dec les Etats-Unis 🇺🇸 annoncent qu'aucune représentation diplomatique/officielle ne sera présente aux JO

Un choix justifié par "le génocide et les crimes contre l'humanité en cours de la RPC 🇨🇳 au Xinjiang"…
En effet, dénoncée par de nombreuses ONG depuis 2018, la Chine met en place une répression particulièrement violente vis à vis de la minorité musulmane ouïghoure, avec notamment la mise en place de camp de "rééducation".…
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Political paparazzi Singapore journalist ambushed Pengshuai in Shanghai. Peng was found in the company of other sports celebrties. It was a surprise interview. The questions of the reporter with the assumption that Peng is a prisoner
under surveillance clearly made Pengshuai uncomfortable. She emphasized she never alleged sexual assault from near or from afar and she has always been safe and free. She said the matter is her personal privacy. She most probably deleted the Weibo post herself feeling uneasy.
Interesting thing is that she put a stop to the endless questions of the reporter on her personal life and said these would be reserved for later revelations.

I think Pengshuai should play a little bit with western media. Let the bullets fly a while.
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I'll be back in the seat tonight, hosting the @MehdiHasanShow on @MSNBC live from 8pm ET.

Join me! Much to discuss and debate.
On the @MehdiHasanShow on @MSNBC tonight, I'll be joined by @PeterASinger, Special Advisor to the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO).

What's the latest on the #OmicronVariant?

Live from 8pm ET on @MSNBC. Join us.
On the @MehdiHasanShow on @MSNBC tonight,I'll be joined by Never Trump ex-Republican author and academic @RadioFreeTom to discuss and debate what an anti-Trump, pro-democracy coalition between liberals and conservatives could and should like.

Live from 8pm ET on @MSNBC. Join us.
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2014: Peng Shuai #彭帅 28, atop @WTA, training at Tianjin Tennis Center #天津网球中心—Zhang Gaoli #张高丽 68, a top 7 🇨🇳 PSC leader—when their sex began.

FFWD 7yrs: Abuse claims, WTA suspends play—China impacts TBD at #Beijing2022 #冬奥会 & 20th PC #二十大. #MeToo #米兔 #我也是
For a line-by-line, Chinese-to-English translation of Peng Shuai’s #彭帅 2 Nov Weibo post discussing her relationship w/fmr Politburo Standing Committee, Vice Premier #副总理, Zhang Gaoli #张高丽 see ⬇️:

#MeToo #米兔 #我也是 #WhereIsPengShuai #PengShuai #Tennis #WTA #Beijing2022
Coincidentally, from 2016 Zhang Gaoli #张高丽 headed the Chinese govt’s steering committee @OlympicsCN set-up to “guide, support & supervise the 2022 Beijing Winter Games bid”—his role put him in contact w/high ranking Olympic officials, incl Pres Thomas Bach @IOCThomasBach.
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Thoughts on what will happen to #PengShuai, drawing from my experience as a long-time Chinese human rights advocate.…
@WTA @ChrissieEvert @naomiosaka @DjokerNole @Tennis @tingdc @SophieHRW @TheDragonFeeder
For China, Peng Shuai’s revelation, the timing of it, and the overwhelming reaction from outside of China is an unexpected political disaster. The 2022 Winter Olympics has been met w/ persistent calls for boycott, the Peng Shuai incident could not have come at a worse time. 2/
By now, there must have been scores of govt officials, sports officials, coaches, friends, relatives, and perhaps even national security agents, who have spoken to her, convincing her of what a terrible mistake she has made to the detriment of China. 3/
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On @iocmedia's call with #PengShuai: @tengbiao said the IOC has become "#Beijing's helper" as they try to "put on a show in coordination with the Chinese government, claiming that Peng is free and she just wants her privacy to be respected." My latest for @dw_chinese:
"The role of the IOC is not neutral, because they are completely on the side of the Chinese government," Teng told me.
"The IOC has been almost indifferent to human rights issues. I and other human rights defenders have repeatedly negotiated with IOC officials, and human rights organizations have proposed boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics over the deterioration of human rights in China,...
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🧵: Let's dive into China's bogus "proof of life" propaganda around #PengShuai.

First, an email to @WTA's Steve Simon on the 17th.

Question 1: how would CGTN acquire a private email correspondence? Then why would it be reformatted into the perfect Twitter graphic format?
And then you can see the cursor on the tweeted graphic.

Then there's the WeChat photos of Peng Shuai allegedly from the 18th. They don't stand up to much scrutiny as we'll see...

First, none of them have any identifying information like photos you take on your phone, which means they've been stripped of it to ensure you can't see how took it or when.
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#Pengshuai has turned up at a junior tennis event in #China this morning. Chinese officials now going to great lengths to show that she’s OK after being censored for accusing senior Party leader #ZhangGaoli of sexual assault. Has there been a deal done to secure her cooperation?
The photos of this event have popped up on the Party’s media outlets today but mostly not mentioning her by name. For foreign consumption it’s look #PengShuai is not in detention! For #China’s audience it’s Peng who? What? Look over there!
One potential solution for the Party could be to throw #ZhangGaoli under the bus politically? Party members have been dismissed/disciplined on grounds of morality. However, he’s been amongst the most senior members of government here and to take him down like this would be huge.
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In #China the Party’s media has now released videos purportedly showing #PengShuai at a restaurant. Again many questions being asked: Was this staged? Who gave the video to the Global Times? Who took it?
A question regarding the second clip released by the Party’s media said to be of #Pengshui and friends at a restaurant: If a friend took this video why would they film a notice on the door showing the month ‘proof of life’ style? If a friend didn’t film it who did? #China
Why is none of this being posted on #Weibo? Why are #PengShuai’s original claims regarding sexual assault and #ZhangGaoli being censored in #China? Why is Global Times Editor @HuXijin_GT posting this stuff on Twitter but not having any of it reported in his newspaper?
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I'm sure the since deleted Weibo post by #PengShuai has been translated into En by ppl, but I haven't seen a properly translated version, & sounds like many others havn't read her post yet. Here's an attempt by myself, content in square brackets were added by myself... #WTA
1. I know I can’t explain it clearly, & it won’t help anyway. But I still want to say it. I’m so hypocritical. I admit I’m not a good girl. I’m a v v bad girl. About 3 yrs ago, [former] Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, u had retired & contacted me via Dr Liu of Tianjin Tennis Centre. U
2. invited me to play tennis at Beijing Kangming Hotel. After we finished playing tennis in the morning, u & ur wife Kang Jie took me to your home.
Then u took me to ur room, & just like 10+ yrs ago, u wanted to hv sex w/ me. That arvo I was v afraid, bc I never thought it would
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Senior IOC member Dick Pound told @Reuters that the growing concern about Chinese tennis star #PengShuai’s safety could push the @iocmedia into taking a hardline against #Beijing, who is scheduled to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in weeks.…
Such is the global outcry over Peng's safety and whereabouts, Pound said the situation could force the IOC to confront China over its human rights record.
Although the outrage is unlikely to stop the Beijing Winter Games going ahead in February, Pound would not completely rule it out.
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#BREAKING US 'deeply concerned' about case of missing Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai: White House Image
#UPDATE White House press secretary Jen Psaki said President Joe Biden's administration wants China to "provide independent, verifiable proof" of the whereabouts of Peng, who went missing after making sexual assault allegations against a top Communist Party official White House Press Secretary...
#UPDATE The US and the UN are demanding that China provide proof of Peng Shuai's whereabouts and well-being amid rising concern for the Chinese tennis star #AFPSports Chinese tennis player Peng ...
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Why is the cursor visible in this screenshot? Who’s taken that screenshot and when? Who sent it? #China #PengShuai #ZhangGaoli
Also people will be analysing the tone of this language to see if it really sounds like it is being written by someone who is alright. #China #PengShuai #ZhangGaoli
If #PengShuai has written to Steve Simon, the WTA chairman, why does it begin “Hello everyone...”?
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Last week, #China's tennis star #PengShuai made a #MeToo allegation against former vice premier #ZhangGaoli, accusing him of sexual assault. Experts say the accusations revealed the "hypocrisy and corruption" of high-level Chinese officials. My latest:…
Within 20 minutes of making the revelation, Peng’s post disappeared from the popular microblogging site, and relevant keywords and discussion also disappeared.
Experts say the immediate reaction from the Chinese government’s censorship regime shows that Beijing is trying to prevent any information about the scandal from being spread further on the internet.
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