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“If you don’t know how many square feet are in an acre, go figure it out, and until then, you have no business being in real estate.”This foundational comment formed the basis of my real estate investing career —a quick 🧵 on what I learned for #retwit . 👇
When I was 16 years old, I decided to learn about real estate investing first hand by buying a house, fixing it, and flipping it (this was before there were an annoying amount of TV shows on the topic).
Fortunately, the most prominent real estate developer in Philadelphia, “B,” a family friend, was gracious enough to spend a Sunday morning with me. His intentions - to 🤯 my ego, show me what I don't know, and teach me business and life lessons that would stick with me.
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@NATO Sc. pres #Niinistö has not had a #mandate to sign laws.
THREAD 13 Finland #ElectionsCrimes
FROM: #Finland's #PresidentialElections 2018.
TO: The #IPU. In 2015 #ParliamentaryElections their votes were #RESET in the #ElectionNight.
@NATO cc:@ janus_putkonen
An illegal #NATO #coup to the end, and such systematic #fraud is certainly not thoughtless. Any other #NATO member country can use the harsh truth to throw #Finland out of NATO or leave it to its own... Image
@NATO #Niinistö took #Finland to the #Euro zone with #treason (a crime that does not expire), and now we are going to #NATO even though the #Paris #PeaceTreaty is still #valid with #Russia and #prevents Finland from becoming a NATO member.
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@kajakallas #Niinistö took #Finland to the #Euroz one with #treason (a crime that does not expire), and now we are going to #NATO even though the #Paris #PeaceTreaty is still #valid with #Russia and #prevents Finland from becoming a NATO member.
@kajakallas #Treason.
cc:@ janus_putkonen
An illegal #NATO #coup to the end, and such systematic #fraud is certainly not thoughtless. Any other NATO member country can use the harsh truth to throw #Finland out of NATO or leave it to its own... Image
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@TPKanslia @niinisto #Niinistö took #Finland to the Eurozone with #treason (a crime that does not expire), and now we are going to NATO even though the #Paris #PeaceTreaty is still #valid with #Russia and #prevents Finland from becoming a NATO member.
@TPKanslia @niinisto The Ministry of #ForeignAffairs organized an official opinion poll on joining #NATO, which ended on Nov 23. The #Finnish people (92%) #REJECTED joining NATO. The MFA, in #violation of the #PublicityAct, refuses to hand over copies of stats free of charge.
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1 marca 1951 wykonano wyrok śmierci na 7 członkach Zarządu organizacji "#WolnośćiNiezawisłość" (#WiN). WiN została powołana we wrześniu 1945 i jej celem była początkowo walka polityczna z nowym reżimem. Organizacja posiadała również oddziały zbrojne. WiN nie zgadzała się z
ustaleniami konferencji jałtańskiej i chciała opuszczenia Polski przez Armię Czerwoną (od 1946 Armię Radziecką). Oddziały WiN prowadziły walkę zbrojną, atakując siły milicji i służb bezpieczeństwa. Organizacja została niestety zinfiltrowana i rozbita przez Urząd Bezpieczeństwa.
WiN była tylko jedną z organizacji niepodległościowych zwalczających nowy system i wojska okupacyjne w Polsce po wojnie. Partyzantów, walczących zbrojnie, nazywamy dzisiaj "Żołnierzami Wyklętymi/Niezłomnymi" a od 2011 obchodzimy 1 marca jako Narodowy Dzień Pamięci
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Many people with mental health conditions rely on medications to manage their symptoms, but these medications often come with metabolic side effects like weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and sexual side effects. (1/8)
Many people complain of feeling less "bad" but also emotionally flat. As someone who does couples therapy, I can tell you these side effects come into the session with the couple.
There are costs to these side effects. (2/8)
In addition to the financial cost of medications, these side effects can come at a high quality-of-life cost, which is why many people don't stay on them, even when they're helpful. (3/8)
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Annual Reviews are incredibly powerful tools

And NOW is the time to build the systems to enable the perfect review at the end of 2023

Here's how to set it up in @tana_inc:
First, you'll want to record your wins!

Create a supertag #win – and on your daily node, simply write down any wins you have and tag them with it.

This supertag has two fields set up, "Life Theme" and "Year":
The "Life Theme" lets you record where your win happened:
I have set up these themes:

🌞 Health (Physical, Mental, Spiritual)
💸 Wealth (Investing, Spending, Earning)
❤️ Relationships (Friends, Family, Romantic)
🥳 Experiences (Travel, Leisure, Hobbies)
🏗️ Business
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Find the latest New Zealand pokies with our new NZ pokies guide. Our pokies experts have searched far and wide to bring you the best new pokies and casino sites offering bonuses, new player promotions, free spins, and more.
Browse the latest online pokies welcoming players living in New Zealand. Read our casino reviews and pokies bonus guides to find the best pokies to play with the most up to date promotions and bonus codes.
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Good morning twitter! I'm @mariarostrublee Associate Prof at @MonashUni @MonashPolsIR in International Relations, where I teach & do research on international security -- especially related to #nuclear I look forward to sharing my day with you for @nuclearsciweek #WiNTakeOver22
@mariarostrublee @MonashUni @MonashPolsIR @nuclearsciweek I'm working from home today in the gorgeous city of Melbourne, so I started off with a walk with my amazing dog Champ, who is now enjoying a bit of a nap. Dog sitting outdoorsDog sleeping on couch
@mariarostrublee @MonashUni @MonashPolsIR @nuclearsciweek I'm an expert in #nuclear politics, rather than #nuclearscience -- and I'm delighted to share how the field needs fantastic women in nuclear policy and analysis
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Here's what happens when you get involved in @BeckyLynchWWE's business on #WWERaw!
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reel playfield that can have between 2 and 7 rows and generate from 64 to 117,649 ways to #win . Players can start spinning at $0.20 per round, trying to reach the maximum prize of 25,000x total bet and get their share of the 96.04% of all staked #Money , which is a payout… percentage set for this title. The Christmas tree is one of the central elements in the whole story because it’s adorned with baubles that grant access to the free spins feature. First, Magic Baubles appear on the reels to activate up to three… decorations on the tree, and when their number reaches at least eight, the party can begin. Up to 13 free spins can be awarded but the best part is that starting from 10 baubles, punters also get a multiplier of 2x for 10 and 11 spins and 3x for 12
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The #Crumbling #Empire & its #EU #Vassals are #Locked in an #Economic #War of #Attrition with #Russia, which it did NOT #Expect & against which it has NO #Plan on how to #Win it.
The #Increase of ever #More #Sanctions on #Russia are #Hurting both the #US & even more>>
the #EU-part of the #Empire more than #Russia,
in a steady #Rising way, creating more & more #Resistance against it, both in the #US as in #Europe.
In the #Battlefield- #War-#Theatre however, its clear that the #Russian #Allies are slowly, but #Decisively & #Grindingly>>
#Destroying the #Ukraine #Army & its #Infrastructure, that was #Constructed, #Armed & #Trained by the #NATO-allies in the 8 years since the #Maidan #Coup & #Start of the #Ukraine #Civil #War in 2014.
When the #Policy of #Fighting instead of #Diplomacy continues,
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It is also very affordable, given a minimum stake of $0.20. On the other side, high-rollers can take advantage of a pretty extensive betting range that ends at $100 a spin – the #maximum #win of $5,000 is worth a shot. As for incentives and rewards, you will come across random wilds, free spins, and multipliers. The game is also enhanced with a gamble feature, so you will be able to flip a golden coin and hopefully double your win.… Halloween Jack doesn’t need a special introduction. Released by NetEnt in 2018, it has withstood the test of time and millions of punters, enjoying its fourth season as one of the hottest spinning-n- screaming stories. Naturally, it’s not only the theme
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Needless to say, this list of Halloween slots wouldn’t be complete without a game enhanced with legendary Megaways™. Finally, thanks to Inspired, players can enjoy a frightening yet boo-tiful #adventure , spinning the 6 reels and taking advantage of 117,649 ways to #win .… Launched in September 2021 and based on the brand’s smash hit Reel King Megaways™, the spooky edition comes with an eerie background and immersive ghostly soundtrack. With a little help of lady luck, players can win up to 25 free spins boosted by an unlimited multiplier and sticky lit reels. The Reel Spooky King feature itself has 3 levels of entry and a pretty complex pattern of work but it’s capable of delivering nice bunches of sought-after free rounds.

The Spooky King bonus round is enriched with
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What is Swix DAO? an introduction to crypto natives.
A 🧵

1/21 The #crypto markets are a great place for people and teams to innovate, to push the boundaries of previously accepted limits.
2/21 That is why I love this space and have committed my time and effort to learn more & more each day, both to find #money making opportunities, and to just see the satisfying growth of this community full of over achievers, idealists, geniuses, & curious people.
3/ That's why today I want to share with all of you the interesting project that we are building at Swix DAO, because I think that if you are anything like me, you would #love to find about this project.
Swix DAO is, as stated in its name, a Decentralized autonomous organization,
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to enhance player experience by creating additional chances to land a win and increasing average hit rates in the base game.

When a player strikes a #win , this innovative feature literally “pops” to expand the reels, adding more symbols and boosting #Chances for hitting more… lucky combinations. Everything starts with a standard 5x3 playfield but every two random icons that appear for each popped symbol will add more rows to the grid, which can grow for up to 7 rows at maximum.… on a particular title, the initial number of ways to win can be 243 or 486 and grow up to a tremendous 33,614 triumphant sequences able to deliver staggering payouts. By the way, when we say staggering we really mean it – for instance, fruity CherryPop
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I Win = #WE ALL #WIN ! …

All For A Buck .✍️

Bradley Center


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If you #win a lot of cash in a land based casino you might have to ask for a personal escort to stay safe. #onlinebusiness you can win huge amounts and stay as anonymous as you wish. You just have to make sure that the casino you choose is a recognized and licensed and licensed establishment with open access to their finance.

You can pick your company exclusively

What if you wish to share that drink with another human being while rolling the dice? Playing online you can never reach the same social level as in… a land based casino. This is just a matter of reality. However, it doesn’t mean that playing online must make you into an eremite. Just ask you wife to dress up a bit and flank you by the screen with an impressed expression on her face. For many it
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To make things even more exciting, during the feature, the central column on the grid will consist of identical icons, delivering a guaranteed #win . Multipliers are building by 1 and for the last free round, they can reach 10x, making the eventual prize truly #EpicGames .… While the max payout of 161x total bet does not sound tremendous, the max bet of $100 still can make it an imposing $16,100.

Stay FrostyBetsoft invites all players to celebrate this year's holiday season with an aromatic… cup of hot chocolate and Stay Frosty, one of the brand’s latest action-packed casino slots enriched with 100 pay lines. With an RTP of 96.21% and a maximum win of $92,248, this 5-reel title is likely to be in high demand in the upcoming period,
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Nuevo #HiloInstintoFinanciero 36

📅 | 27/04/2021 | #MundoCrypto

🔸@echave_nicolas = $ADA
🔸@AgusMartinezBH = $OCEAN
🔸@JuanAranguez1 = $MATIC
🔸@LibertarianLoki = $BNB
🔸@flmealla = $MITH
🔸@gabisantillans = $XRP
🔸@GusiSarich = $ANK
🔸@mxgxe = $LTC
🔸@VdeValentino = $WIN
🚀 | $ADA | Cardano

🔸 Es el rival directo de #Ethereum

¡OJO! a tener cuidado, no es lo mismo Cardano que Ada

🔸 Cardano es una cadena de bloques de código abierto, así como una plataforma para ejecutar contratos inteligentes
🔸 ADA es la criptomoneda de Cardano
Pero, ¿en qué se diferencia #Ethereum de #Cardano?

🔸 El creador de Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, era uno de los creadores de #Ethereum pero su objetivo para el proyecto era que sea rentable, pero a los otros dos creadores no les parecía correcto. Por ende, crea su propio proyecto
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This is now a competitive advantage for #ripple, further their entire management team has been working with #SEC, #banks, and governance teams for years. Another advantage. I'm hard pressed to think they are not comfortable with each other at this point in the game. Not #Libra 6/
We literally supply the world with US dollars. A strong dollar is having bad effects for other countries (World is in a global recession, soon to be a great depression here if we keep printing the world's currency). Why? The dollar is weakening, and that's not good for 2/
us as importers ( weak dollar = paying more for goods imported to USA). How do you solve this issue? When demand for dollars is high, but US production is low, and we import a majority of our goods and you don't want to ruin your economy to benefit another? 3/
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Voter fraud was used in the 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, & 2020 elections. We saw “found” ballots for one candidate in non-approved locations. We saw unexplained data anomalies. Evidence was substantial, but no investigations?! Time to end this... #MerryChristmas #Thread
#Election2020 Massive Voter Fraud & Election Fraud Orchestrated by Democrats & Conspirators, with Cover-Up Co-Conspirators in Media & Social Media platforms. This means #RICO , #Coup , #Sedition , & #Treason.
When you have this many election officials crying foul, data scientists crying foul over voting system data, voter crying foul over votes cast fraudulently in their name, dead voters, senile nursing home residents targeted, & people hiding machines & evidence, it is malevolent.
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