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Do I really want to continue to support a party which is peddling the kind of conspiracy theory rubbish, as shared by Piers Corbyn, Lawrence Fox, and others of their ilk?

There is so much nonsense to address, in this three minute clip.

#VaccinePassports #NHSCovidPass #LibDems
Davey: "If you show your, er, ID, your Covid ID under *this* scheme. And you haven't got - been vaccinated... They would have to have people *effectively*, um, taking you away."

1. There is no "scheme" yet in place.
2. "Taking you away"? To where? The lizard people's mothership?
Davey: "It looks like The Government, in order to tackle that problem, are going to force people to be vaccinated to go to a nightclub."

3. Should vaccine passports become mandatory to enter a nightclub, those whom refuse to be vaccinated will have CHOSEN to forego entry.
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I have some thoughts on The @LibDems' opposition to #VaccinePassports.
Firstly, it's important to note that any public safety measure won't eradicate the #Covid19 virus immediately (or if ever).

The best we can do is to attempt to minimise risk of serious harm and death.

Masks aren't totally infallible, but they were better than doing nothing.
Many do not seem to understand, that the issue with unvaccinated people being in close proximity to the vaccinated *doesn't* just risk the lives of the unvaccinated.

Those whom have chosen to refuse vaccination may think its their own risk they're willing to take.

It isn't.
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It's great that finally Matt Hancock has #resigned and now only gets £81,932 of YOUR money every year for doing nothing

Oh and £16,000 for resigning

And expenses

Retweet and Like this tweet if you think we should just give him 1% of his salary and...

.."clap" at him

#NHS 💙
We spent all this time in #Lockdown while Tory MPs like Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson are having affairs

Michael Gove has OBVIOUSLY taken cocaine. Jacob Rees-Mogg avoids tax that would actually save lives in the #NHS while we work hard

..and they lie and cheat
Normal people who aren't high don't clap like Michael Gove claps.

Normal people don't vote against #FreeSchoolMeals.

Normal people don't use hate and lies to trick people into voting leave

Normal people don't become members of a party that does

The #ToryDictatorship aren't us
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Meet Ryan Stephenson,

* Tory contesting #BatleyAndSpenByelection
* Missed 2 OUT OF 3 Leeds Council Meetings while YOU paid him

* AGAINST #FreeSchoolMeals
* AGAINST #HumanRights
* FOR Privatising the #NHS
* FOR #ToryCorruption
* LET 150,000 die

#VoteLabour 👈 Ryan Stephenson - Conservative Party
I'm not a Labour supporter or voter or member. But this isn't about Labour. It's about a #ProgressiveAlliance

This is about the #ToryDictatorship

We need very seat

To stop the UKIP Conservatives that have been taken over by #VoteLeave

In #CheshamAndAmersham it was #LibDems Progressive Alliance
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Kim Leadbeater is running against George Galloway in #BatleyAndSpen on 1st July.

He is friends with Nigel Farage, who is close friends with Katie Hopkins.

HER friends who hate LGBTQI+ people just chased and harassed Kim Leadbeater in the street in #BatleyAndSpen 😡

#VoteLabour George Galloway and Nigel F...Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins
Katie Hopkins is friends with Milo Yiannopoulos who worked for Steve Bannon at Breitbart.

Here is George Galloway with Bannon who was Chaiman of Breitbart, hugging & celebrating May's ouster.

They're ALL #VL #ToryDictatorship👈

#KimLeadbeater was harassed just miles away from where her sister #JoCox was murdered by a white supremacist 5 years ago

It was a planned verbal assault by a pro-Tory gang on 'Labour' that didn't mention the Vote Leave #Islamaphobia that caused Jo's death
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Why did the voters of True Blue Tory #CheshamAndAmersham go #LibDems this time? Here’s my take (tldr - much more than nimbyism)
First, obvs, it’s a by-election, the message that “this won’t change the Gov’t but can change how they see us” resonated, and the Libdems had a brilliant candidate, good recent local elections and a ton of helpers piling in. Tories seemed complacent, voters like to be wooed.
NIMBY issues were part of the campaign - impossible to ignore HS2 locally and it affects the Tory villages more than the towns. Planning concerns showed here - as across SE in May’s elections - but far from the whole story.
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Do you agree with the #liberalSpring's 10 political pledges? (See below)
Please read, comment, dont forget to retweet & vote!
1) Accept that lockdowns and most other non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI’s) have no cost-benefit relationship and should never be used again to suppress a coronavirus.
#liberalSpring #endlockdowns
2) Accept that such NPI’s such as masks and mass testing are deeply harmful to mental health, the economy and liberty.
#liberalSpring #endlockdowns
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#Covid19UK – my statement on economic reponse of govt

We face an unprecedented threat, and we must utilise every available resource to protect people's livelihoods and support business at this extraordinary time.

Detailed thread (1/6)…
#Covid19UK – economic statement

The level of financial interventions proposed by govt may prove commensurate with the gravity of the current crisis, but must be kept under review.

#Covid19UK – economic statement

For now, we urge government to act rapidly to implement the measures outlined by the Chancellor to provide immediate relief to businesses already struggling, and to provide certainty for the coming weeks and months.

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"EU producers and authorities don't issue VI1 documents within the EU and there is not enough infrastructure (labs, inspectors) to do so, certainly not by January 1, 2021. VI1 documents are .... a protectionist measure to make life more difficult for non-EU suppliers of wine".
This is *one example* of a Non-Tariff Barrier (NTB) to trade.

They are MUCH more problematic than tariffs.

So when the Government claims victory on a zero-tariff Trade Agreement - look at the Large print on #RulesofOrigin and other docs required.
These NTBs are what will cause many UK importers and exporters to go bust.

#LiarJohnson doesn't do detail or small print.

#IDS has said we don't have qualified negotiators to do it, either.


#BrexitOwnIt Day25
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Holy Moses.

It is also incredible - knowing all this evidence and having reports from the Information Commissioner and a Judgment on illegal coordination between the Vote.Leave and Be.Leave campaigns, as well as overspend- that both UK and EU continued Brexit negotiations.

Article 50 (1) states "Any Member State may decide to Withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements".

The result of the 2016 Referendum was cited by Mrs May in her Article 50 letter of 29 March 2017 as the basis of her Decision to start

withdrawal negotiations. A period to last two years, or longer by joint agreement.

The illegal breaches of Electoral Law, by both the Vote.Leave and Be.Leave campaigns, would have seen the result declared 'Null and Void' - EXCEPT for the fact that the Referendum

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For what it's worth, as wounds from #Brexit and #GE2019 are licked, this is what I think needs to happen (and not happen) next (THREAD).
1. It's crystal clear that you can't win an election in modern Britain if you're to the left of where Blair & Brown were. The argument #Corbyn wasn't Brexity or left wing enough is barely worth dignifying with a retort. Look at history post 1979, and the new electoral map.
2. It's also clear that the #LibDems will only ever, at best, be in a position to hold the balance of power, like a DUP. Our flawed electoral system means they will never break through beyond that.
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We’re deeply disappointed with the results from last night. Congratulations to all those #LibDems who won or kept those seats and commiserations to those who didn’t especially @joswinson 1/4 #GeneralElection
We should now prepare ourselves for 5 more years of Tory government. The NHS is under threat, education is on its knees and Johnson’s Brexit deal threatens to break apart our union. But there is hope... 2/4
Like we’ve said since the referendum, democracy didn’t die on 23rd June 2016. Likewise it hasn’t died on 12th December 2019. We will continue to fight for Britain’s place and relationship with the EU and our vision of an inclusive, liberal society that we’ll get to someday.
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More reminders.

#Kensington. Vote Labour tomorrow. Here's why.

I see the appeal of lib dems. I want to vote for Sam.

But he has shifted remain votes from lab to lib not con.

That's the sort of outcome we don't need.

Vote #labour and @emmadentcoad tomorrow in #Kensington.
The recriminations between #labour and #libdems on splitting votes go way back before #GE19 - but check my timeline - I've been constructive advocting cooperation.

I don't care who has done what to the other.

I care if we all lose. I'm objective.

Not least because I'm prepared to change my view as we get new data.

At the start of the campaign, I advocated for Lib Dems in #Kensington. @emmadentcoad
Is a good MP, but data said libs had a better chance.

Now, on the most credible data we have, voting LD = tory win here.
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@jeremycorbyn @joswinson #Labour #LibDems @NicolaSturgeon #SNP

A last chance.
Latest Poll.
Progressives 54%
Regressives 46%

You've won folks!
And yet lost.

Few options are left but there is still one. It's not inconsistent for anyone snd it unites.

Press Weds?

Care Diem⏬
So many people want to see friends come together.

And you've tried.

@joswinson 2nd ref statements yesterday has much more appeal than #revoke.

@NicolaSturgeon reasonable moderated language on #IndyRef2 helps

Now @jeremycorbyn it's your turn

Cynical? In denial? Could we have predicted this?
We tried.

Chaos ahead

Tories don't win, progressives lose.

The danger of a fight. The opportunity for unity
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There's some war weariness creeping into this #GE19. That's understandable after 3 years.

Let me inject you with some virtual strength #FBPE. 5 tweets and 1 long view. Anyone can share that eh?

Injection 1
#GetBrexitDone was a brilliant nefarious lie. But people have woken up.
Injection 2.
And Tory Reseach shows them this is a problem which is why they're undermining their own brilliantly devious position.

It's broken. The question is, how quickly does it unravel.

For Theresa May, it was less time than we still have.

Injection 3.
And yes, it's disappointing some leaders in #Labour and #LibDems are playing a game of Mutual Self Destruction.

But YOU don't need to play.

Look to the grass roots. Do the same in your constituency, or join an existing initiative.

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It's here! Our new report on what the various manifestos have to say about Brexit #GeneralElection2019, #GeneralElection, #Election2019, #Brexit, #ConservativeManifesto, #LabourManifesto, #LibDems, #SNP, #PlaidCymru, #Greens, #BrexitParty 1/25
It tells you everything you need to know about the party positions on the Brexit process, the future relationship and much more. We hope this report sets out in a clear and straightforward way what they’re all pledging to do. 2/25
First, let me thank all of those who have contributed: @CSBarnard24, @matt_bevington, @CharlieBEU, @hayward_katy, @McEwen_Nicola, @jdportes, @jillongovt, @DanielWinc, @DrAlanWager, @salterjp 3/25
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Hey. We’re new to Twitter. To open our account, we’ve analysed what MPs earned - in addition to their salaries - in the last Parliament. MPs declare such earnings, but in a super unstructured way. So, we’ve written some code to create a neat dataset of all their declarations.
Since the last #GeneralElection, MPs have earned £8.4 million in addition to their parliamentary salary (an average of £12,900 per MP).
Over half of this £8.4million was earned by just 15 MPs.
#BorisJohnson earned the most, nearly £800,000. That’s equivalent to an additional £27,440 a month. The other 14 top-earners were all men too…
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My #GE2019 poll tracker is now up to date on my blog here

As before, I've compared latest polls to election results from GE74 to #GE17 & broken the data down by region, #GE2017, #Brexit & class.

Full details in the blog but here are the key pts. /1
#ConservativeParty are back to #GE2017 levels in all regions. Votes are being redistributed from remainers to leavers and the key to a majority is the efficiency of this transfer. /2
#Labour are around 10 pts behind where they were in #GE2017. Can they repeat the comeback of GE17 again? The key is reclaiming the defectors to the #LibDems and they have been doing that but they are leaking to the #Tories as well. /3
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Here are 25 @LibDems target seats currently held by the Tories. If you're a voter in any of these constituencies, you should certainly consider voting #LibDems to kick the Tory out. #TacticalVoting #DitchTheTories #DitchJohnson #StopBrexit
@LibDems Vote for the @LibDems candidate Daisy Cooper @libdemdaisy in the St Albans constituency. #DitchJohnson #StopBrexit
@LibDems @libdemdaisy Vote for the @LibDems candidate Sarah Olney @sarahjolney1 in the Richmond Park constituency. #DitchJohnson #StopBrexit
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#GE2019 #GeneralElection2019

Are you still #undecided?
Are you thinking of voting #LibDem? Think very hard: your vote may get you a very bad #Brexit.
You want to #Remain & that's why you're voting #LibDem?
But the #LibDems can't #RevokeArticle50 unless they win the election. In 2017 they won 12 seats. They need 326 MPs to win. How many do they need to claim a mandate to #Revoke?
Maybe the #LibDems can form a minority government?
Could a minority government #RevokeArticle50? Even for that the #LibDems would need at least 200 seats. And what other parties would they then need for success? The #SNP might vote to #RevokeArticle50, but would they be enough?
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Some other ways to see #libdems £50B #RemainBonus
For #NoDeal the bonus would 🚀 to £170B over 5 years.

Brexit currency is Hospitals. Vote leave est⏬

#remainBonus is 143 Hospitals vs. #Borisdeal 6

Leave said £350m a week to NHS.
In fact they're Taking £200m a week from NHS
Then there's a "little bit" of a mandate problem since Cummings chalked up the entire Leave 2016 win to this reverse truth NHS Promise (verbatim below).

If you don't deliver what you promise the public to leave, does it look like you respect the result?

Do other promises from 2016 offset NHS "miscalculation"?

Sorry. None of the 2016 promises under #BorisDeal. ZERO

You can't really even call it #Brexit.

#BorisDeal sells you a car and hands over to you a banana skin.

Press down hard to Accelerate.

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#TacticalVoting is a good plan, and it was promoted heavily it before the 2017 GE. Here are two seats that the #Conservatives still won. In #RichmondPark, where #Labour are never going to win, they took 5773 votes. Zac Goldsmith won with a majority of 45.
In Hastings and Rye, The LibDems, who were never going to win, took 1885 votes. Amber Rudd won by 346 votes. Had the #LibDems and #Labour stood aside appropriately in these two seats, and told its supporters who to support, there would have probably been more favourable results.
My concern is that, like in 2017, the #TacticalVoting message won't reach everybody. It is a shame that at least one of these parties won't entertain any concept of not standing in some constituencies.
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Today we joined other groups from Berkshire & the rest of Britain (as well as some from further afield) for the #FinalSayForAll march.
It was brilliant - the weather was good, the atmosphere was amazing, the speeches at the end were memorable.
#StopBrexitMarch #PeoplesVoteMarch
Assembling at the start of the march.
A lot of time must have gone into making this pub sign placard.
#borisjohnson #PeoplesVoteMarch #lyingcock #stopbrexit
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Ok, so. As many followers will be aware, I'm on the #LibDems Federal Policy Committee - the body that writes in depth policy papers (& ultimately the Manifesto)

So I decided to look at Labour's newly announced Ofsted policy.

Now for a start off, it's a bit tricky to find out exactly what Labour's policy actually *is*.

They don't publish detailed plans of what they'll do, so I'm running on statements from official spokespeople.
The Liberal Democrat plans for education, by contrast, as set out in the published Policy Paper 128 "Every Child Empowered: Education for a Changing World", which can be found here:…
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