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1. Our system of government is based on checks and balances.
Ever since the beginning of the 20th Century, the Executive has, to one degree or another, been the dominant branch of government in large part due to the explosion of the Federal bureaucracy.
2. Hundreds of agencies, departments, programs, task forces, and commissions are an arsenal that in the wrong hands can be used against the very freedom the government is supposed to uphold, "protect and defend."
3. Rest assured, it’s bn in the wrong hands for waaaaaay too long... until now. @realDonaldTrump walked into our lives with a promise "Drain the Swamp" and WE Said YES.
4. We said YES, and we meant it.
NOW (right now) it’s time that the toothless tigers of the GOP, crafted a full-throated strategy to expose; investigate; indict, & prosecute ANY & ALL indvdls complicit in the political/criminal weaponization of govt agencies.
5. Every politician over the last 16yrs knew somthng the Amrcn ppl had yet2 fully grasp & Repblcns/Dems REFUSED to combat
–the govt grew so large, so complex, so involved in every aspect of our lives, that it cld & was bng used as a wpn by a segment of the political ruling class.
6. The weaponization of govt happened & it's time Americans took notice.
For all the folks who screamed & yelled 'the Patriot Act was shredding the Constitution' far more intrusive tactics that had nothing 2do w/NSA or Homlnd Sec were deployed right under our noses in Obama Admn
7.Those tactics reduced every Americans’ personal & economic freedom.
Recall there was a thick stench of dangerous arrogance of power, among the Obama Admn officials and senior-level Democrats that should've concerned every American, and EVERY LAW ABIDING LAWMAKER in the Fed Gov.
8. But only a fraction of conservative government officials took notice and attempted to sound the alarm.

Add in the fact the former MSM (now FAKE NEWS) received nearly ALL their talking points from LIARS & LEAKERS (Comey/Clapper/Brennan) who prov PROPAGANDA 2cover-up crimes
9. I wonder if SEDITION or COMPLICIT or CONSPIRACY to Propagate a FALSE NARRATIVE, thus giving the people, a false sense of security is a punishable crime?

YES, I AM Talking About The Media.
10. Journalism is the only profession explicitly protected by the U.S. Constitution, because journalists are supposed to be
"the check and balance on government. "

Journalists are supposed to be holding those in power accountable....
"providing them 'cover' and 'comfort'
11. In the Obama era, a senior United States Senator gave a speech stating that the IRS should be used to target & punish groups that disagree with the Democratic Party’s political agenda.
12. Sen. Chuck Schumer stated, “…there are many things that can be done administratively by the IRS (Lois Lerner) and other government agencies, (hmm..he means: CIA-Brennan/FBI-Comey/NSA-Clapper/AttyGen-Lynch)
...we must redouble those efforts immediately.”
13. Schumer was also 1 of a # of Democrat Senators who signed a 2012 ltr 2 the Lois Lerner IRS -DEMANDING- they be more aggressive against conservative organizations. (Rembr The TEA Party?)
14. Sure, it was a story in primarily conservative media (FOX) for a few days but no coordinated action btwn Republican elected officials & the conservative grassroots agnst Chuck Schumer was ever even being contemplated.
15. Senate shld'v, at a min, censured him (verbal spank in front of colleagues) 4DEMANDING Lois Lerner use IRS as a political weapon agnst conservative orgs.

Americans, however, were tweeting/calling/ txting/facebking/blogging & doing everything we cld while calling 4his head.
16. Lois Lerner, the IRS’ fmr dir of Tax Exempt Organizations, publicly acknwldgd the "political, predatory & punitive actions" of the agency that led to the harassment & intimidation of conservative groups.
17. Anyone who thinks that these IRS bureaucrats were acting solely in 'response to a Senators’ ltr' or of 'their own volition' is kidding themselves.
18. This strategy was deployed by a cunning WH & the community-organizer-in-chief who deployed Saul Alinksy’s rule number 10

Rule 10-"The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition."
19. However, the IRS was just 1 of dozens of other agencies under the control of the Obama White House, many of which went unnoticed by most of the public & yet were virtually IGNORED by elected officials we entrust to be gatekeepers; protectors & defenders of the Constitution.
20. Want more examples of political weaponization of government agencies?

The Obama Admn intimidating banks to prevent them from doing business with a number of legitimate businesses. (Operation Choke Point)
21. Operation Choke Point administered through the Departments of Justice & Treasury had an impact on the financial industry & other legitimate businesses the Obama Administration targeted.
22. Docs leaked by the Department of the Treasury on Operation Choke Point clearly showed Obama's Admn was looking to significantly impact legal bsns bc it belvd the public needed to be protected fr industries &customers deemed more likely 2engage in criminal activity.
23. Acc to the Admn, those industries interestingly included ammunition sales, gun sales, home-based charities, gambling, pharmaceutical sales, short-term loans, raffles, Amway & Mary Kay-style sales businesses, &credit repair services.
24. Side-Bar:
The Obama Administration refused to answer ANY Congressional inquiries about Operation Choke Point.
25. Then there’s the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CPFB) once headed by Indian Warlord Elizabeth Warren, also a key cog in Obama Admn’s effort to regulate industries & personal decision-making.
26. The CPFB was rapidly becoming, nxt to the Justice Department, the Obama Admn’s agency of choice for extending the reach of government into our daily lives & stretching the limits of the law.
27. Unfortunately for WE THE PEOPLE (the forgotten men & women)
this little-known "agency" is housed, as part of the Federal Reserve,.....
so it exists OUTSIDE the direct pervue of Congress. (NO CHECKS-NO BALANCES)

How convenient for the Any POTUS, esp Obama.
Betchya Didn't Know:
Andrea Mitchell
(MSNBC & Rod Stewart's body-Dbl))
Is Married To
Alan Greenspan
(fmr Head of the Federal Reserve)
28. Wash Exminr’s Richard Pollack rprtd
“they (Obama Admn) assume ALL bsns's are predatory,”
which allegedly gives thm ability 2collect up to 96 separate data pnts from more than 1 billion credit cards.

That’s right – Obama's govt was keeping tabs on how you & I spend our money.
29. When Obama wanted to go around federal immigration law, he instructed the Justice Department to IGNORE the portions of the law he didn’t like.

The same was done w/welfare laws and drug laws.
Rmbr, he looked to unilaterally raise the minimum wage for federal workers?
30. Obama once indicated 'no one shld have to wait more than 30 mins to vote. Sounds like the kind of ambiguous language that could lend itself to loosening voting reqrmnts or at least another innocuously-named government agency to “investigate” voter behavior.
31. Then there was the 'Bank On USA' program & its network of non-profit lenders which could soon be the vehicle for taxpayer funding of high-risk loans.

This list goes on & on.
32. While the runaway DOJ usually gets headlines for abuse of power like Operation Fast&Furious, or suggesting to schl principals their disciplinary actions will b scrutinized for potential racist overtones, the EPA is still playing politics at the expns of the envrnmnt &economy.
33. EPA emails showed a coordinated effort btwn Obama Admn policy-makers
& environmental grps over stalling the Keystone XL Pipeline.
Rembr this beauty?
The Agency’s ridiculous regulatory announcement actually banned production & sale of 80% of the country’s wood-burning stoves.
34. Obama’s Exec Order on Climate Change, couched in terms of “storm readiness” cld enable the govt to withhold money to communities unless they met new Federal environmental standards. It cld also b used 2effectuate massive changes to land use regs,
34. ....while enabling the Admn to leverage its Climate Change data to influence a range of policies and private activities.
The Republican response, you might ask?
Well, just playing to the camera & 1/2 hearted investigations while the WH pulled the strings of an Exec Branch.
35. Republicans needed to open their eyes to the broader range of tactics being used by the Obama Executive Branch to stretch the limits of the law, attack the free market & pervert the Constitution.
36. Conservatives & Republicans continued to hack at ea other while the Obama Administration’s programs rolled along in the executive bureaucracy

– much of it without fanfare.
37. Our system of government is based on checks & balances
Ever since the beginning of the 20th Century, the Executive has, to one degree or another, been the dominant branch of government in large part due to the explosion of the Federal bureaucracy.
38. Hundreds of agencies, departments, programs, task forces, and commissions are an ARSENAL that, in the wrong hands, can be AND WAS used against the very freedom the government was supposed to uphold, protect and defend.
39. Rest assured, it was in the wrong hands
15mins aftr @realDonaldTrump was sworn in as 45th @POTUS Susan Rice, who had just become former National Security Adviser sent out her last email using her official WH email account. (Note: TOP SECRET)
40. It was strange email, memorializing a mtg which took place 15 days earlier!

re: Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election
Attendees: (drum-roll)
~Susan Rice
~POTUS Obama
~VP Joe Biden
~FBI Dir James Comey
~Fmr Dep Atty General Sally Yates

41. The purpose seemed 2be 'get on record' Obama admn did nothing wrong in the Russia investigation.

Rice notes (repeatedly) how
"Obama emphasized during the mtg on Russian that he wanted EVERY ASPECT of the issue handled “by the book.”

Now.. what book is he talking abt?
42. Rice:
“President Obama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the Intelligence & law enforcement communities ‘by the book’. ...
43. Rice Cont.
"The President stressed that he is NOT asking about, initiating or instructing ANYTHING from a law enforcement perspective. He reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book.”

(as it normally would?)
PS. they went rogue
44. After a section that is redacted Rice wrote:
"Obama discussed sharing info w/incoming @realDonaldTrump admn.“The president (Obama) asked Comey 2inform him if anything changes in nxt few wks tht shld affect how we share classifd info w/incoming team.

"Comey said he would.”
45. One could see Rice doing an exaggerated "wink-wink"😉 while sending this email...15 days AFTER the actual meeting ever took place!

Comey admits he wrote his memos
"sometime around midnight after having awakened with an 'epiphany."

There Seems To Be a PATTERN Happening.
46. Why would Susan Rice write an email about a Jan 5th mtg on Jan 20th, 2017 on @realDonaldTrump 's Inauguration Day, during her very last 15 mins as a federal employee?

And here's a few more questions:...
47. Why the emphasis on “by the book?”

To quote Hamlet
“The lady doth protest too much.”
Why was Obama concerned there might be reasons why certain classified info would need to be withheld from Team @realDonaldTrump ?
48. It seems as if Rice was trying to rewrite history & that maybe something happened during those 15 days that "moved" Rice to write that email to herself.
49. And Comey was "moved" to write a memo to himself too.
The Bombshell fr NYT titled
"Comey Memo Says @realDonaldTrump Asked Him 2End Flynn Investigation"

-based ENTIRELY on a memo that Comey wrote to himself,
then “leaked” to NYT.

Can one weaponize the gov?
"Yes He Can"
50. Then, Obama moved from the WH
Not 2Chicago
Not Hawaii
Not New York
or even
Kenya (where his family live in huts) w/dirt floors.

Nope Obama "moved" into a Washington DC Mansion
w/Valerie Jarrett (LITERALLY as roommates)…
51. There's hard evidence of a conspiracy btwn Obama WH/CIA/NSA/IRS/FBI/DOJ/Attorney General/DNC/MSM espc NYTimes &Washington Post (owned by Amazon's Jeff Bezos) both beneficiaries of illegal leaks

— felonies punishable by up to 10 years in prison.
52. If, in its 🧙‍♀️investigation of Russian Hacking & a @realDonaldTrump connection, the FBI did receive the fruits of some electronic surveillance of the Trump campgn.

Was AG Loretta Lynch, WH aides or Obama made aware of any such surveillance?
53. Who gave the actual "go-ahead" to illegally surveil @realDonaldTrump assoc? Comey wld nthr confirm nor deny he did.
Rice NOT talking
Valerie & Obama busy @ new Deep State hdqrtrs
Clapper is w/CNN
Brennan at MSNBC
McCabe disgruntled fired fmr FBI guy
54. Comey's the embodiment of Deep State.
He conspired Loretta Lynch & the anti-Republican cabal in FBI & DOJ to simply smash/bleachbit & whitewash Crooked H & allow her many felonies to go un-prosecuted.

Because they are all "Family'
a Crime Family
55. When Comey "re-opened" his investigation a few wks b4 the election, it was bc he did not want to be caught, NOT having investigated the highly classified Crooked H docs (not destroyed or bleached) on Carlos Danger's computer&he was POSITIVE Crooked H was going to win.
56. Is the FBI investigating "the intel sources" who committed FELONIES by ILLEGALLY LEAKING CLASSIFIED info abt the @realDonaldTrump campaign?


Comey/McCabe/Clapper/Brennan/ Strzok/Lisa Page/Robert Mueller/Crooked H Obama/Rice & Others) wld Have to be LOCKED UP!
57. AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from ANY role in the Witch Hunt.

But ask yourself why isn't the Justice Dept demanding the highest priority be placed on investigating the deep state & its journalistic collaborators in the sabotage of the @realDonaldTrump presidency?
Lying about intelligence in order to spy on a Presidential Campaign For POLITICAL REASONS
Intentionally botching the probe into Crooked H’s CRIMINAL mishandling of classified data via an ILLEGAL UNSECURED PRIVATE server.
59. A group of conservatives who care abt rule of law & want to see justice delivered to American ppl wrote a ltr to FBIDir Wray &AG Sessions asking both2 open criminal investigations into Comey, Lynch, Crooked H, FBI officials Peter Strzok & Lisa Page, & Andrew McCabe...
60. ...for their role in:

a) Lying abt intelligence in order to spy on the 2016 @realDonaldTrump campaign

b) Intentionally botching the probe into Crooked H’s criminal mishandling classified data via an unsecured private server.…
61. The letter, which was posted online
by Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla.,
requests that Wray & Sessions
use their respective authority to investigate
“potential violation(s) of federal statutes.…
62. “Those in positions of high authority
should be treated the same as every other American”
and because of that, the members want to be sure that
ANY “potential violations of law” be “vetted appropriately,”

the group of lawmakers wrote.
In addition to DeSantis,Reps. Dave Brat of Virginia, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Claudia Tenney of New York, & several others signed the letter.
63. “In doing so, we are especially mindful of the dissimilar degree of zealousness that has marked the investigations into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton &the presidential campaign of @realDonaldTrump, respectively,”

they added.
64. Comey
“Motivated by a Political Agenda”

~Deliberately mishandled the Clinton email investigation
~Deliberately leaked classified FBI property to the Press
~Deliberately used a fake dossier to enable an illegal spy operation

18 U.S. Code § 793
65. Back to the question:
Did Obama WEAPONIZE his Admn & Agencies for Political Purposes?

I Could Ask Nellie Ohr
The Wife of a Former DOJ Deputy (a FusionGPS Employee & CIA Research Aide, who Applied for HAM Radio License 1 Month Aftr Contracting MI6Agent Christopher Steele)
66. Her Husband?
Bruce Ohr, the DOJ official who delivered opposition research on @POTUS @realDonaldTrump to FBI, did NOT disclose that FusionGPS, which performed that resrch at the DNC’s behest, WAS PAYING HIS WIFE, & he did not obtain a conflict of interest waiver from his Boss
67. DOJ Assoc Deputy Atty Gen Bruce Ohr was demoted bc he had WORKING RELATIONSHIPS w/dossier author Christopher Steele & Fusion; &more imprtntly perhaps conveniently, Bruce did NOTreveal his Oct 16 contcts wSteele or Glenn Simpson (FusionGPS) 2DOJ ldshp.…
68. According to Chuck Ross reporting:
“Congress recently got a trove of Bruce Ohr emails which include exchanges with Chris Steele and others.

Source says emails show Ohr is significant player in dossier component of FBI/DOJ investigation.”
69. Additionally, John Soloman has an article at The Hill detailing some of the released communication –…

Solomon is also saying he will post the leaked documents shortly.
70. (The Hill)
'They show Bruce Ohr had contact w/Steele in the days just BEFORE the FBI opened its @realDonaldTrump -Russia probe in summer 2016, and then engaged Steele as a “confidential human source” (CHS) assisting in that probe.
71. (The Hill)
They confirm Ohr became A CRITICAL CONDUIT of continuing info from Steele AFTER the FBI ended the Brit’s role as an informant.
“B, doubtless a sad & crazy day for u re-SY”
Steele txtd Ohr on Jan 31 2017
ref @POTUS Trump’s firing of Sally Yates for insubordination.
72. Steele’s FBI relationship had been TERMINATED about 3 months EARLIER.
The FBI concluded on Nov 1 2016, that he leaked info to the news media & was “not suitable for use” as a confidential source, memos show.
73. The FBI "specifically instructed Steele" that he could "no longer operate to obtain any intelligence whatsoever on behalf of the FBI,” those memos show.
74. Yet, Steele asked Ohr in Jan 31 txt if he could continue to help feed info 2FBI:

“Just want 2chck u r OK, still in the situ &able 2help locally as discussed along w/ur Bureau colleagues.”
“I’m still here & able 2help as discussed,I’ll let u know if that changes.”
Ohr txd
75. Steele repld
“If u end up out though, I really need another (bureau?) contact point/# who is briefed. We can’t allow our guy to be forced to go back home. It wld be disastrous.”
Investigators are trying to determine who Steele was referring to.…
76. NEW emails obtained by Congress show Chris Steele was SECRETLY funneling information to the FBI in 2017 through senior DOJ official, Bruce Ohr, even after the FBI claimed Steele was 'terminated' for leaking to the media in November 2016
77. I'm very interested in Ohr comm, for several reasons.
1 of the things to do is overlay post-election comm btwn Sen Mark Warner & Lobbyist Adam Waldman (lobbying for Oleg Deripaska) while Waldman was trying 2work out comm btwn Warner & Chris Steele.…
78. Secondly, CHT listed suspicions of the comm network of Chris Steele, Fusion GPS (Nellie Ohr) & her husband at the the DOJ (Bruce Ohr) back in March of this year.…
Interestingly, ALL current indications are those March suspicions are being confirmed.
79. Senator Chuck Grassley ltr to Rod Rosenstein (Page 5, footnote #5) outlines the FBI interviews of twice demoted DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr:
Ohr FD-302 12/19/16 (intervw 11/22/16)
Ohr FD-302 12/19/16 (interview 12/05/16)
Ohr FD-302 12/19/16 (intervw 12/12/16)..
Ohr FD-302 12/27/16 (intrvw 12/20/16)
Ohr FD-302 01/27/17 (intrvw 01/27/17)
Ohr FD-302 01/31/17 (intrvw 01/23/17)
Ohr FD-302 01/27/17 (intrview 01/25/17)
Ohr FD-302 02/08/17 (intrvw 02/06/17)
Ohr FD-302 02/15/17 (intrvw 02/14/17)
Ohr FD-302 05/10/17 (intrvw 05/08/17)
Ohr FD-302 05/12/17 (intrvw 05/12/17)
Ohr FD-302 05/16/17 (intrvw 05/15/17)
80. DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr was interviewed AFTER the election 4 times [Nov 22nd, Dec 5th, 12th, 20th, 2016] by the Obama FBI.
81. During the 4 interviews
Andrew McCabe (FBI)
Lynch (DOJ)
Yates (DOJ)
James Baker (FBI)
Strzok (FBI)
Lisa Page (FBI)
Jim Rybicki (FBI)
Mary McCord (DOJ)
Mike Kortan (FBI)
Bill Priestap (FBI) &
David Laufman (DOJ)

...were all still in place.
82. The Inspector's General (IG) investigation had not yet begun.

Quick Questions:

~Why was the FBI interviewing Bruce Ohr in 2016?
~Who was interviewing Bruce Ohr in 2016?
83. Theory:
After candidate @realDonaldTrump won the election the “small group” knew Bruce & Nellie Ohr were BOTH big risks, & weak links.

Additionally, DOJ needed a back-door conduit to cont access to Steele after the FBI discontinued "formal" communication. ..
84. Fusion GPS’s Nellie Ohr wld be
👤"the hub"
& her husband Bruce Ohr would likely be
🗣️"the carrier"

Bruce Ohr & Nellie Ohr were the two key participants at the heart of the raw FBI/NSA database intel surveillance ‘gathering‘ & intelligence ‘laundering‘ operation.
85. When Adml Mike Rogers shut down contractor access to NSA/FBI database (Apr 18th, 2016) the outside group needed "a workaround."🤫…
That’s where
Bruce Ohr
& wife
🕵️‍♀️FusionGPS & Fmr CIA employee👰
Nellie Ohr
come into play.
86. The DOJ side of the operation was conducted within the National Security Division (John P Carlin head). {…}

The DOJ-NSD via Bruce Ohr, used the NSA/FBI database to pass information to, & receive info from...... HIS WIFE Nellie Ohr.
87. Nellie was hired by Fusion GPS IMMEDIATELY AFTER Adm Rogers shut down the FBI ‘contractor’ use of the system.

~Nellie became the go-between~
Nellie, working 4Fusion GPS
took the raw intel from Bruce (DOJ)
& passed it along to Christopher Steele…
88. 🕵️‍♀️Steele washed the UNLAWFUL Ohr raw intel putting it into his “dossier” & fed it back to FBI.🤫

DOJ/FBI used UNLAWFUL laundered intel to enhance FISA Title-1 Surveillance warrant agnst Carter Page to gain access to the monitor @realDonaldTrump campaign, legally.🤬
89. 🕵️‍♀️Christopher Steele would NEVER have found anything about Carter Page on his own.

Page was a nothing-burger however,
the FBI previously used Page in a Russian operation. 🇷🇺…
89. Part of the raw intel the FBI fed to Chris Steele through Nellie Ohr was their intel on Page.…
When Steele returned the dossier to the FBI the DOJ/FBI could present Steele’s construct of Carter Page to the FISA court as ‘collaborating evidence’.
90. The goal of ALL this activity was ALWAYS
👁️👁️the surveillance on @realDonaldTrump 👁️👁️

They obtained the FISA-Title1 warrant on October 21st, 2016.
All retroactive surveillance was immediately lawful.
91. Bruce & Nellie Ohr connect the activity from the DOJ (national security division) and FBI (counterintelligence division) together with Fusion GPS (Nellie’s 2016 employer, Glenn Simpson) and Christopher Steele (the recipient of the unwashed intelligence product).
92. Remember, the Clinton-Steele Dossier was
used to get the FISA-Title-1 (near unlimited scope)
Surveillance Warrant, on October 21st, 2016.…
93. First Read This:
94. And Secondly, Look At This:
95. Think about this:

~Oct 2016 “corroboration was in its infancy.”
Bill Priestap (FBI)
~Jan 2017 “IC has not made any judgment that info in this doc is reliable”
James Clapper

…Yet somehow on
Oct 21st, 2016 the dossier was valid engh for a FISA warrant?

Doesn’t add up.
96. Following "the FBI exoneration of Clinton"
the next phase, the “Trump Operation” was the need for the DOJ/FBI “small group” to have access to surveillance of The Democrat Nominee Hillary Clinton’s political opposition, @realDonaldTrump.
97. This was the Obama Administration's US government conducting
what they call: Oppo Research" But In Reality They Were SPYING & CONSPIRING With a Now WEAPONIZED Intelligence Apparatus
(FBI/NSA/CIA/DOJ) w/a little help by the wife of a DOJ official & An Employee of FusionGPS
98. So Back To Where I Started:
We The Forgotten Men & Women Who Gave The Power MUST Take It Back
The Govt Is TOO Big
Since 1990's Gov Quickly & Quietly Became a Club...With a Weapon🔨
Politicians -Above The Law
Obama's Weaponized His Agencies
The Media Provides Them w"Cover"
99. There IS Light.
@realDonaldTrump IS DELIVERING on His Promise
BUT NEEDS OUR HELP (2018 Primaries-VOTE!)
Devin Nunez/Tom Fitton/CTH/Sarah Carter/Hannity/And ALL of YOU Who Dare To Retweet Conservative Principles Among The Screams & Violence of The Liberal Mobs.

And Finally..
100. I'm a Preacher's Kid
Man of Faith & Marine
I'll NEVER be afraid to say it OUT LOUD

WE THE PPL w/GOD In Our Lives
Will Take Our Govt Back!

We Do Cling To Our Bibles&Gunz
We Do Cling To Our Guns
We Pray w/&4 Our @POTUS
We Pray For, & LOVE EVERYONE& Hate SIN

Yes, We Can
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