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New thread. Judge Kavanuagh= (K going forward.) on deck. So let's roll.

Grassley explaining he is entering all three witness testimony into the record. Sworn under threat of perjury. Explaining that the Dems are resisting at all levels. Kavanuagh taking oath
K making opening statement. Strong voice. A hint of anger. New statement. No one has seen this before.. All new. must watch.
K is laying out the facts. He is breaking the hammer. Glorious.
He demanded hearing the next day. Upset about the 10 day delay. K is pissed off. Godd. Cold anger. Feel it. 10 day delay unacceptable.
He wanted an investigation he didn't care who did it. He knew any and all would clear him. He has no fear.
Calls the confirmation process a national disgrace. Replaced advice and consent with search and destroy.
Calling out the Dem minority leader, calls out a dem Senator for calling him evil. Calling the dems out bigly. He tells those senators their words have meaning.
Bring the pain K . "You sowed the wind, the whole country will reap the whirlwind."-K
Amazing opening statement. He is calling out the dems so bigly. Now the SC makes perfect sense. Perfect. I thought she was setting up something but this? Amazing.
K calls out the Clintons. Says its revenge on the part of the Clintons.......OMG bring it K bring it down.
optics look good. He is under control. Looks calm but his words OH My God. So powerful
He isn't withdrawing. He will not be intimated. Their effort will not drive him out. He will never quit. They will have to vote against him they they dare.
He denies all allegations. He brought his parents. His mom is a female trailblazer.....
K is in a whole other league than Ford. What we saw this morning was the bush leagues. We are now seeing the majors.
He chokes up talking about his kids. powerful.
Okay he is going over his career. 6 FBI investigations. Got back under control. He cares about his kids deeply that wasn't faked. Very excellent resume.
He is more emotional than Ford was believe it or not. From angry to sadness. This is a truthful testimonial. You can't fake this. Testify K Testify.
I have been more moved in the last 10 minutes than I was in a the last 4 hours and 30 minutes. this statement will be remembered for ages.
Now explaining he didn't know Ford. Says the schools didn't hang out but who knows could have seen her around somewhere. Now he is picking about Ford's allegation
explaining why he keeps calendars. His father taught him. He choked up again talking about his father. Still choked up.
he has 38 years of calendars. OMG. 38 years recorded.
The only weekend he was in DC was to take the SAT and and in Aug 2 weeks where he was with his friends who will all confirm. he couldn't be there on a weekend. He was out of town during the weekdays for 2 weeks. Going to church on Sunday was automatic like brushing teeth
Okay his emotions are getting the best of him. He should take a break. Okay he seems to be better now. You can tell this is hard for him. Who should have to go through this. This is disgusting what they are putting him through.
He had a lot of girls who were friends. not a player. If you are a guy you know the type. Good guy. Person you can trust with your sister.
explains the year book as the editors wanted a mix of animal house, fast times and ridgemont and caddyshack.
now explaining his lack of sexual experience. Dear God how can these people put a person through this. He doesn't deserve this.
I'm a guy and I'm close to tears here. ( I'll deny this later)
He is now explaining how he increased female law clerks because of a NYT article saying there was not enough. He hired more females law clerks than any federal judges.
That is who I am, that is who I was. powerful statement.

*Postmodernism is meeting reality here and reality is beating the hell of postmodernism.
Saying he may never be able to teach again or coach again thanks to the dems and what they have unleashed. K getting some of that anger back... good. Now talking about explaining it too his daughter.
Calling the women in this country to ask what they would do if it was their husband, brother, father son who had to go through this. Ends opening statement. It was powerful. Hold on got something in my eye here.
Oh wow. didn't know this. the SC is asking the questions for the GOP again for Kavanuuagh. I think that's smart. puts them on the same level in a way.
Sc asking about the allegation. Asks about Mark Judge.
Hasn't really talked to Mark in couple years. Some mass emails 9th grade friends. Sees PJ, lives in the area.
Sen Feinstein now up. She is asking him to ask for a FBI investigation. K tells her its been 10 days what the hell is the delay...basically....K says he will agree with whatever the committee decides. She is still calling for the FBI.
K isn't having it. Tells Feinstein she is full of shit. FBI doesn't make conclusions they would just give her 302's
Feinstein is failing bigly.....
K calls the Lastest allegation a farce a joke. Tells Feinstein she is responsible for interviewing people not the FBI.
SC now asking about his drinking. K says he never passed out from drinking but did drink, it was legal at 18 then. did fall asleep when it made him tired. never had memory laspes (i.e blackout)
Sc now asking about Dr Ford. He is denying all of her allegation point by point. .
Sc moves to the calendars. asks if its all Kavanuagh handwriting. he says yes no changes since 1982
calendars are both forward and backward looking. He used them as a kind of journal. His father has calendars since 1972. In his fathers foot steps. 15 min break.
Told 1978 not 1972
Okay twitter is acting up. having trouble seeing comments if thread breaks I'll start a new one but for now going to continue with this one.
Okay back. Sen Leahy is being schooled by K. Leahy is now questioning K about Mark Judge's book.
Sen Leahy just made a major mistake. He tried to bully K. It didn't end well.
Sen. Leahy tried to put K on Trial...wait I thought this wasn't a trial...Amazing how the dems change depending on who they are questioning. all politics...
Dems are trying to push beyond the Ford allegations and make it guilt by association. SC is staying on the Ford Allegations. If I haven't said it before Let me rstate it now. The dems are disgusting here.
Sc is explaining how K has been interviews by the committee several time. Sen Dick is talking now. He wants K to call her a liar.
Sen. dick is now calling for an FBI investigation. Calling on K to stop the hearing now and start an FBI investigation. How much more clear can it be the dems only want delay. Grassley steps in and he is pissed.
Grassley laying down the law.
K is telling Drubin it's Durbin's job to investigate not the FBI. K is pissed now. FBI doesn't reach conclusions just supplies 302's. Durbin is now trying to tie K to Mark Judge's book.
Sen. Dick showing he is a dick.
Sen. Graham bringing the cavalry.
Go Sen. graham. Go. Graham. Amazing. Sen. graham going all rightous fury.
Sen. Graham is great. OMG I can't believe it.
Sen. Graham is calling his GOP Senators. to vote for K to end this farce.
Sen. Whitehouse brings up the yearbook. These people have nothing. now they are saying he has a weak stomach...vomiting really? vomiting? That's what the dems bring up....vomiting? MY God.
now farts....Oh God. The dems are failing so much here....
What do you like to Drink Senator....perfect. Three glass in a God...SCOTUS talking about [playing quarters.. Now talking about the F word....Do these people have no K says you want anymor eon the FFFF he told him to go F himself.nice
Sen. Coryn. now talking looks like the GOP decided to avoid the SC and just bring the righteous fury.
Sen coryn (sp?) now explaining that innocent until proven guilty is our so many words...
Dems aren't looking good so far today. Very bad optics. Sen. Korbatcher. now bringing up the FBI investigation again. Do they have nothing else. Every dem sen has the same talking point.....this is getting stupid. Hey Dems do your job stop trying to farm it out.
Now Dems are trying to call K an alcoholic/binge drinker
Grassley explaining about the FBI. Says any senator can ask for an investigation. Grassley again quoting Biden. on FBI don't reach conclusion. they do not make recommendations.
Let me just say clearly. I've never seen this level of disgusting behavior by our Senators in my life time. the dems have zero shame. vote them out of office. hearing taking a 15 min break.
not sure how much longer the hearing will go on but I should be able to stomach it if not the senate might call me to testify about vomiting....might need several beers after this oh wait...that's bad too I guess.
side note* I notice that Trump has kept out of things today. You know this is upsetting the dems who want to make it about Trump.
Okay back from break. Let's roll.
Sen Hatch speaking now. calling for K to be treated fairly. Hatch raising his voice now. Calling out the dems....
Sen. Hatch explaining there is no beef to these allegations. being immature in high school is normal not a crime.
Hatch showing that the dems/Feinstein planned a political hit.
Sen. Coons now speaking....Let's for FBI? ......
Sen. Coons decides to go with angry drunk....
The dems are disgusting have I mentioned that yet? Coons calling K a sloppy angry drunk.....oh wait there it is calls for the FBI again...knew that was coming...
So the dems basically are down to calling for the FBI and that K liked to drink in high school and college. Notice they aren't asking about any sexual assaults now?
Grassley AGAIN has to explain to the idiot DEMS that the FBI doesn't do anything and that they had all the time they needed...
Grassley reading letter form 65 women vouching for K character puts it in the record. Sen Lee now ? K
Sen. Lee explaining that K has followed every directive, and request of the committee. Also explaining how the dems have kept the information until the last minute.
Gop playing this smart. Started off non political with the SC asking questions....After the dems went totally political, the GOP stepped in to rebuff them. very smart from an optics POV. GOP outplayed the dems here bigly.
Sen. Sasse. speaking now. finishing Lee's time. explaining that a lot of these questions are normally done behind close doors so they don't this disgusting display doesn't happen.
Sen. Stolen Valor is explaining about finding a person false. not trolling. Sen. Stolon Honor just destroyed the entire Ford testimony since she was found false in her lie about fear of flying. not trolling.
K defends a woman's honor.against Sen. Stolon honor.
and...another dem calls for that the only talking point they have......boring...
Sen. Stolen Valor is being a total dick. No other way to say it. Total dick.
Gop Sen speaker...sorry don't know his name. Asking K to define what the FBI does...K explains the FBI just does 302's to give Senate information. Senate then conducts further investigations.
Gop Sen. Explaining this is all a ploy by the dems to delay this.
another break. 5 mins this time. Not sure how much more you all can take but I think I'll be here to the end has to be close I think...can't remember how many senators have asked questions so far. got to be in the high teens.
okay we are back. Sen. Shut up is speaking. I hope she shuts up soon.
I so hope Judge K tells her to shut up. That would be great.
Sen. Shut up is getting ready to go down the angry drunk hole....
and ther eit is angry drunk...knew this is what she was doing... Sen. shut up is going on about his the new yorker article...K already went over this...
Dems FBI, drinking.......notice they AREN'T talking about SEX assaults....Seriously they haven't brought up sexual assaults in the last several hours. It's been FBI and drinking. don't be gaslighted here. they retreated on it becaus eits 4 out 5 denying it. They forgot ford.
Sen. tilis now speaking....Pointing out how disgraceful the dems have been. Needs to revamp the whole process he says. Explains investigation has been ongoing and the dems declined to join in.
GOP only people bringing up Dr. Ford. Dems have abandoned her. not even talking about her. Dems only talking about drinking and FBI investigation. Epic fail by the dems today. epic.
Sen. Tilis is a yea for confirmation.
Sen. Spartacus starts out with his drinking. What the hell.... The kid liked to drink during the summer like every teenage boy in the 80's. Get over it.
Sen Spartacus finally brings up Dr. Ford but in a way to try to make K call Ford a liar.
Sen. Gropacus is trying to downplay that the dems held the information on Ford for weeks. I guess I got to give Sen. gropacus some credit he is actually asking about the reason the hearing is being held.
Gropacus trying to go all SJW but kind of failed there in the end.

Sen. Cruz speaking now. pointing out K mother being upset and about his daughters being upset.
cruz bringing up the last 2 allegations says how the dems won't discuss them because there is zero evidence for them.
Cruz explaining that they have a he said/she said with Ford vs K and says to look at the additional evidence that all her witnesses deny it happened plus his calendars. Any fair minded person would have to side with K.
Cruz calling out Feinstein and/or staff was responsible for leaking the letter. Feinstein now defending herself.
notice that feinstein does explain how the press got the letter that only she and her staff had.
Sen Coryn asks that question. Feinstein says she doesn't know how the press got it. Asks if her staff leaked it. she says no they did not. I guess it was magic.
Damn senators can't even remember this morning's testimony.
Sen. Harris asks if K took a lie detector test...annnnnndddddd she calls for an FBI investigation....So freaking boring....
So Harris just wasted another couple of mins of my lifeby asking the same question every other dem senator asked today....These people have to know they are failing sooo bad. Don't they have any staff. She just placed an answer in K mouth. so sad.
Sen Harris tries to use the Gorsuch vs K hearings are different. She never mentions that K represents a generational change of the SCOTUS tot he right. while Gorsuch didn't
Sen Flake now talking for 1 min. Admits Flake caused the vote to be delayed.
Sen Kennedy now speaking for 4 mins. Apolozies to K and ford for what they put him through. Asks if K believes in God. Asks K to swear to God if Ford's allaegations are true. He says he doesn't know but in regards to him they aren't
asks about Rameriz allegations K swears to God it's not true.

Sweatnicks true? K swear to God it's not true.
no doubt in his mind 100% certain they aren't true. He swears to God. hearing adjoined. Thank you God. I don't know if I'll do a quick recap or not. I need a break. Thanks to all who stuck it out with me today. enjoyed the feedback.
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