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1/ My starting point for #SupremeCourt jurisprudence since 2000 is a telling quote from Joel Klein's "The Natural" in which a Republican Senator concedes to Clinton that Republicans don't believe in government, but they love power.
2/2000: #BushvGore, the Supreme Court stays the Florida recount with any opinion justifying the stay and then reverses the Fla. Supreme Court recount order as violating the Equal Protection Clause in a per curiam opinion that can't be cited as precedent.
3/2002: President Bush signed the #McCainFeingold campaign finance reform law, which foolishly included a restriction on the use of independent expenditures for commercials 60 days before an election.
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Wacky Wonderwall of What the F_ck
If we haven't already, we really need to put everyone listed here into a spreadsheet so we can make a network map that doesn't look like Lin Wood drew it while Patrick Byrn tickled him & Mike Flynn giggled in the corner recording it.

(*its late)
December 11, 2015
anti-LGBT activist and evangelical “kingmaker” David Lane is reported to be making progress in his operation ahead of the 2016 elections.

David Lane…
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@clearing_fog @davetroy 🧵WV v EPA
"in an unusually muscular assertion of power, [SCOTUS] agreed to review the now-revoked plan"
"the court's 6-justice conservative supermajority has been itching to limit the power of regulatory agencies, & potentially even the power of Congress"…
@clearing_fog @davetroy 2/ NPR Feb 28, 2022⤴️:
"In recent cases, the conservative court majority has begun to outline something it calls the 'major questions doctrine,' which could hamstring the authority of all agencies, from the EPA to the SEC to Federal Reserve Board." (more)…
@clearing_fog @davetroy 3/ "[T]he major questions doctrine requires Congress to specifically authorize new policies or directions, even when the language of a statute gives an agency broad power."
Which means regulatory agencies would be merely paper-pushers, needing Congress to enact rules/policies.
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PARALLELS INT'L is registered in:

~ a Yacht Harbor⛵️ in Malta
~ Switzerland
~ USA, 'incognito'

Patent Attorneys for Parallels/PLESK include:

~ Charles Knobloch
~ Aaron Hendelman Image
Charles Knobloch on 'Social Responsibility'

Make Money or Else Image
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They're doing it again Image
'NotCitizensUnited' but 'found at the same place' Image
'Stop Biden', by 'Citizens United'

Sound familar? Image
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Some worry that making changes to the filibuster (there are more than 160 already) will make the Senate more polarized—more like the House—undermining the stability of federal policy. /1
This concern is driven by how polarized our politics has grown. To prove the point, Mitch McConnell (using comic-villain language) threatened to burn down the Senate if Democrats alter the filibuster to pass critical voting & democracy reforms. /2
Of course, this concern is overblown: the filibuster has not saved the Senate from becoming dysfunctional & polarized or ensured stable federal laws and policies. /3
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The sinister story of Kyrsten Sinema's turn to conservatism and political corruption… A "made woman," like the old mafiosi--Willing to do whatever it takes, compromise whatever principles she had, for the wealthy right-wing PACs unleashed by #CitizensUnited
Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema received the legal maximum of donations from several known GOP donors, new FEC filings show… Donors previously donated to pro-Trump PACs and a PAC to elect Republicans to the Senate.
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If (per the Gospel of St Romney), "corporations are people (my friend)," what kind of people are they? In 2003, Mark Achbar's documentary "The Corporation," made the compelling case that corporations are sociopaths (and hey, look, there's a sequel!).

1/ A Monopoly 'Get out of jail free' card with a Wall Street 'c
If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Ted Chiang says corporations are a procedural version of the genocidal Skynet AI that haunts the Terminator franchise:…

Or, as @cstross calls them, "Slow AIs":…

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This week on my podcast, I read my latest @locusmag column, "Tech Monopolies and the Insufficient Necessity of Interoperability." It presents a theory of change to get us to a world of aggressive, trans-industry, global trustbusting.…

1/ A mousetrap superimposed over the Matrix 'waterfall' effect.
Most industries are monopolized. Whether we're talking about athletic shoes or pharmacy benefit managers, the path to monopolization is the same: companies buy up small competitors, merge with major ones, and use their investors' cash to subsidize anticompetitive attacks.

The reason they're able to get away with it is that for 40 years, the world's been in the grip of a dangerous economic delusion: that the only basis for fighting monopolies is "consumer welfare." That is, monopolies should only be considered harmful if they make prices go up.

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America has a poverty problem. So in 2017, why did Senate leadership vote for a GIGANTIC TAX BREAK for the wealthiest Americans at a time when they LEAST needed it while America’s people suffered as poverty levels rose through the roof? (Stealing from @profwolff on @jimmy_dore.)
When wealth disparity threatened to cause civil unrest, FDR made the bold move of hiring all the unemployed Americans & PAID THEM a fair wage to work.

He demanded the wealthiest Americans give some blood to avoid ruin.
FDR taxed the wealthy to hire Americans who were falling through the cracks. Millions of them. He did it in order to PROTECT big companies from dying (and a potential revolution) once they impoverished their CUSTOMERS/WORKERS with crushing wealth disparity.
It worked.
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There's a lot about #JamesOKeefe you should know.
#ErikPrince #ProjectVeritas #SteveBannon #CitizensUnited #DarkMoney

Reminder: New York Times: Erik Prince recruiting former spies to help with Project Veritas stings (March 7, 2020)…
How #ErikPrince Used the Rise of Trump to Make an Improbable Comeback
(May 3 2019)…
(May 30, 2016)
Sting of Myself
Amateurish spies like #JamesOKeefe attempt to sway the 2016 campaign.
O’Keefe says that the new group “allows us to literally put someone undercover in a campaign.”…
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Yesterday’s #Acquittal of Fmr. President Trump (by senators representing barely 1/3 of the country) underscores the urgent need to repair American democracy, beginning with swift passage of the landmark #ForThePeopleAct (a/k/a #HR1 and #S1)…
#HR1 includes the most ambitious expansion of voting access for eligible voters since the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Automatic + same day voter registration. Restoration of voting rights to the formerly incarcerated. Expanded early + mail voting. A commitment to restore the #VRA
Never forget that the #CapitolInsurrection was spurred by lies about “voter fraud” that have driven increasingly brazen #VoterSuppression efforts, primarily targeting Black and brown Americans. Trump harnessed these lies to try an overturn the election, but he didn’t invent them.
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‼️SCOTUS’ #CitizensUnited ruling allows UNLIMITED, ANONYMOUS money to support political campaigns—aka #corruption—so we don't know all who bankrolled the rally that led to the deadly #TrumpInsurrection.

Just like 2016 Trump’s campaign.

FOLLOW THE MONEY and #EndCitizensUnited.🤬
The really bad part about DARK MONEY: *no one* other than those directly involved with funneling the dirty money into campaigns knows who’s bankrolling.

It could be a US billionaire...or a foreign national. Once the $$ are here in the US, it’s easy to funnel $$ into politics.🤬
Jeb Bush’s Super PAC got nailed with a YUGE $390,000 fine for soliciting >$1 million from #China nationals.

The Citizens United ruling LEGALIZED #corruption, loosening rules to allow hostile foreign powers to launder $$ to support US political campaigns.🤬

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Today marks 11 years since #CitizensUnited—when SCOTUS opened the floodgates for billions in dark money to pour into our elections + corrode our democracy. (1/4)
Our political system is fundamentally broken, and at the core of this deep rot is money. Show me a supposedly “unfixable” problem in Washington and I’ll show you the political corruption standing in its way. (2/4)
When the NRA wants to block changes to our nation’s gun laws, it pours money into elections to ensure members of Congress vote against even the most common sense reforms. The story is the same with polluters. Insurance and drug companies. Oil companies. The list goes on. (3/4)
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Today is the eleventh anniversary of the Supreme Court’s #CitizensUnited v. FEC decision: a thread.
Eleven years after the Supreme Court put a for sale sign on U.S. elections, our democracy has been corrupted to favor those with the biggest checks at the cost of the American people, and as we saw on January 6, it is more fragile than ever.
The voices of everyday families are overpowered by special interests and corporations are funding seditious members of Congress and dark money groups that organized and incited a violent and deadly assault at the United States Capitol Building.
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THREAD: So...Newsom appointed @AlexPadilla4CA to be our next Senator.

We were part of a campaign pushing for a progressive appointment. Part of that campaign was sending prospective candidates questionnaires, and Padilla (well, a surrogate), filled his out

Here's what we got:
Padilla claims to support decisive climate policy such as #GND2030, banning fracking, ending development of the fossil fuel infrastructure, and direct emission regulation. Padilla views climate change as ‘an existential crisis’.
What did @AlexPadilla4CA say on voting rights? Priorities include: a constitutional amendment to overturn #CitizensUnited, reinstating the #VRA, banning photo ID laws as well as dramatically expanding early/vote by mail options.
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Our executive director, Jasmine Banks, was contacted to comment on this piece. Her comment did not make the final edits, and we are sure you can imagine why…
This article is a gaslight to the highest degree. It is not unlike what we've seen Trump do to our nation-- say one thing and attempt to coerce us to believe their words over what we've witnessed and lived.
Maya Angelou taught us that when someone shows us who they are, we should believe them the first time. Koch's investments have material outcomes. Those outcomes demonstrate what he believes. Budgets are moral documents.
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Well I woke up to the realization that the democrats have jumped the shark. They no longer have any compunction even pretending like they want to win the election. The decision to invite a cop onto the November ticket (even a 'black' one) cements their idiocy. #FuckBiden
I was delighted to watch #Tulsi2020 take down @KamalaHarris in the start of primary season. She's done little to defend working people from the banks. Failed to go after @stevenmnuchin1 for his part in the forclosure crisis. She thought the way to address truancy was to attack..
working parents and throw them in jail, rather than addressing the underlying systemic issues. She smoked pot for years while enabling her departments to continue to arrest black and poor people for the same thing. She is so out of touch with what needs to happen to accect..
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This week marks the one year anniversary of the U.S. House passing #HR1 - the #ForThePeople Act. This landmark legislation is the biggest political reform package proposed in Congress since Watergate and would improve our democracy for ALL Americans.
The #ForThePeople Act deals with ethics, campaign finance, voting rights, and gerrymandering.

While Mitch McConnell & the @SenateGOP have refused to even bring the bill up for a hearing or vote, states across the country are already implementing many of the reforms in #HR1.
One of the key reforms in #HR1 is a new small donor-focused public campaign finance system that gives everyday people a bigger voice in politics and limits the power of special interests. These types of programs have passed & worked in states & localities across the country.
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"Bernie doesn't smile enough"

"He's too angry"

Alright @TheDemocrats how about we just gaze on a few gifs (everyone else, feel free to add your favorite gifs and memes). Better?

#NotMeUs #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #BernieIsTheFrontRunner #BerninForYou
We all know how important it is to swag

Well four years later, he's still got it

@TheDemocrats, can't you see the swag levels?

#NotMeUs #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #BernieIsTheFrontRunner #BerninForYou
A wink

He's happy and he knows it

See the joy just jumping off the gif, @TheDemocrats?

#NotMeUs #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders #BernieSanders2020 #BernieIsTheFrontRunner #BerninForYou
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Spending from Super PACs and dark money groups has led to a national decay of trust in government. By allowing corporations, individuals & special interests to give unlimited amounts of money to candidates, anonymously, the Supreme Court put our democracy in a dangerous position.
People can no longer tell the difference between who is running to serve the people and who's running to serve themselves. We need to defeat this corrupting, dangerous influence & put people & community back at the center of our decision making.
That's why I've joined the call for a constitutional amendment, to close the loopholes opened by #CitizensUnited and restore trust in government.

Will you sign our petition and join the fight to #endCitizensUnited?

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Very Good point.

PS #ChiefJusticeRoberts is gaslighting when he says the Supreme Court is impartial. There is a reason Merrick Garland was not given a hearing.

I am suspicious of anyone who is dishonest.

Roberts clearly wants a quiet kind of control.
Never Forget. Media and pundits called Justice Kennedy a 'moderate'.

He gave us #CitizensUnited.…
And look who replaced him
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Quand #Trump narre par le menu à des gros donateurs lors d'1 levée de fonds en Floride l'exécution de #Soleimani, le fait marquant n'est pas tant le flou des motifs. Il est dans 1 président d'1 #démocratie qui rend compte seulement à ceux qui (le) paient.…
2) Et aussi choquant pour certains soit ce mépris de #Trump pour le secret-défense, relatif à sa personnalité, il disparaîtra avec lui. Mais que des présidents en exercice soient contraints pour leur réélection d'aller "faire les beaux" auprès de milliardaires pourrait bien durer
3) Du point de vue du financement politique comme socle de la démocratie US, #Trump n'est qu'1 symptôme- et non la cause- d'1 dérégulation complète depuis 20 ans et la loi McCain/Feingold de 2002, dernier vain essai bipartisan pour limiter l'influence de l'argent en politique…
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