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Okay, let's do this.

One like = one really bad sign you can get on a date.

All stories are real, a lot are mine, some are from trusted friends.

Let's go!
She shows up for your date with a friend.

This is never a good sign. It can be turned around if you know beforehand and you frame it as "bring a hot friend for my friend". But it's always better to date one on one.
She picks the most expensive restaurant in the city.

That happened to a veteran friend of mine in Kiev who made a rookie mistake and he let her choose the restaurant. Never let her choose.

On the bright side, once he seen the menu, he left before she arrived. Obvious golddigger
She invites her friends to meet you at the second venue.

"I was about to meet with them after our date, so let's all meet for drinks." It's not like she wants you to meet her friends. It means you're fucked.
She walks out to take a phone call... and never comes back.

That actually happened to me once in my lifetime. I laughed so hard because it was pretty standard date that wasn't great but it also wasn't bad.

When that happens, just delete the number.
She tries to make sure you're going to pay.

If I invite, I'm going to pay, regardless if it's a date or a business meeting. But if you ask to make sure I'll pay - fuck off.
She makes you wait more than 15 minutes.

Have some self-respect. Go home or go to the venue and start drinking.
She tells you where you should go, even though you agreed on something else.

Those girls are awful.
She doesn't drink.

I don't have anything against people who don't drink but it's a bad sign.
She tells you upfront how much time she has got for you.

I know that you should learn her logistics but come on...
She talks too much about sex.

If she talks too much about sex, you can be certain that talking is her upper limit.
She tries to lead by doing the good old "walk away and expect you to follow her".

Don't follow her. It's a trap.
She offers to split every single bill.

It's okay if you pay at one venue and she pays at the other. If she wants to split everything, she might consider you only as friend.
She talks too much about her ex.

It's obvious, she's still into him. It can be a good sign if you want to be her rebound guy but nevertheless, it's so annoying...
She agrees to everything.

"Sit here." "Okay."
"Come closer." "Okay."
"Let's go to my place." "Okay."

Beware, the streak is going to end and some point and you won't know how to react. It will be awkward.
She's not dressed to impress.

She's either lazy or not taking you seriously. Cut the date short.
She starts by saying she is an awful mood.

She's going to complain all date. End after first drink if she's no fun. Don't waste time on negative people.
She has her own condoms...

It tells a lot about her and not necessarily good things.
She talks a lot about religion.

It might be okay if you're religious as well but if you're not - run away.
She wants to go party with you.

Going to a club if you're already on a one-on-one date is a bad move. Besides, it's like saying "I need other people, you're not enough".
She can only meet during the day.

It's fine if it's date number one. But if she tries to pull that off for second or third date, she's not thinking about going to bed with you.
She cannot hold a conversation.

For fucks sake, you're supposed to be learning something about each other before you end up in bed.
She only speaks about herself.

If she doesn't ask any questions about you, she's not interested. Period.
She says she's a lesbian.

It can be a shit test but it definitely is a sign she's a cuckoo.
She does not smile.

As with negative girls - just stop wasting your time.
That thread escalated quickly. There goes my evening...

So, let's do one about escalation. If she can't stand your touch you're either moving too fast or you're already done. Touch is important.
She talks about her mental problems. But don't worry, they were all in the past!

"Don't stick your dick in crazy."
You find out she hooked up with your friend.

There goes your lay...
A friend shows up instead of her.

I really would like to see the look on my friend's face when that happened.

I would just walk away, no words.
She calls you from the other side of the city telling you she mixed up the meeting place.

Definitely do not go to her. Either cancel the date or wait for her in the bar.
She's on her phone.

I don't care if it's 2018, leave your phone in your purse.
She tries to make you run errands for her or with her.

I say "tries" because you should know that you are not her shopping assistant.
She doesn't remember your name.

Now that can be okay if you never said it to her (that happens) but if she doesn't remember your name, she doesn't care that much.
She refuses to change the venue.

There goes adventure bubble...

And it is irrelevant that it rains or snows.
She is surprised when you try to kiss her.

It's okay if she turns away her head. "It's my job to try, it's your job to resist."

But if she's surprised that means the vibe is way off and you're probably in the friendzone.
She just walk away when the date ends.

No kiss on the cheek? No "thank you for the evening"? No "see you soon"?

Bad sign.
She doesn't have money for the journey home.

Fuck off, golddigger. My friend actually left her standing on the street.
She's not going to sleep with you but she doesn't want to leave your place.

Crazy. Kick her out and lock the doors.
She wants you to give her a ride home.

This can be a very good sign if it's an invitation but if she's living with her parents, you know you won't get anything.

Walk her to the nearest bus stop where buses go her way.
She's boring and proud of it.

I hope you will never meet a girl who has absolutely nothing going on in her life. I did.
She criticizes your choices.

Taking a posh chick into a dark and murky bar is a fun thing to do. But if she complains, this isn't going to work.
She can't take a joke.

Flirting is in some part making fun of her and putting her in boxes she doesn't want to be in.

If she can't laugh about herself, good luck with that.
She is offended when she has to pay.

I have seen girls who apparently never paid for anything on their dates. "You're late, you're buying first round" was too much for them.
Oh, I remember a really bad sign! You find out she's your brother's ex.
She doesn't know why she's there.

Now, come on! You don't know why are you on a date? Time-waster!
She has her own idea of how she should be courted.

Apparently, you already failed. Don't waste more time on her.
She "needs time" to be romantically involved with anyone.

Translation: "I'm going to waste a lot of your time and then sleep on the first date with a guy I actually fancy."
She is a prude.

Talking too much about sex is bad because it usually leads to nothing. However, if she can't even stand the word "sex", that's a bad sign.
I think I'll go to a hundred of these if I can.

That being said, if she admits that she had over a hundred partners, it's a bad sign.
You learn that she has a boyfriend or a husband "but he's away".

If you're into that, go bananas - it's a good sign. If you're after anything more than sex - it's a red flag.
She doesn't want to sit next to you.

It can happen if it's the first venue on the first date. But if it happens later, bad sign. Think about har far is from sitting next to each other to having sex.
She says "ok, we met, impress me" or acts in that way.

There are a lot of nice, feminine girls out there. Don't waste your time on her.
She calls herself a princess.

Just laugh. LOUD.
She's talking about having babies and starting family.

Too fast. It's too fast. Even if you'd eventually want it, first few dates is not the time for that talk.
She rejects any and all spontaneous ideas.

Hey, it's snowing! But she doesn't want to go ice-skating, she doesn't want to throw snowballs at each other and building a snowman is out of the question. Boooriiiing.
She tells you that she might have a call and then she'll have to go.

She won't focus on you, she'll be staring at her phone whole night. She won't even remember you.
She misinterpreted your invitation to do a fun date and she thinks you just want to go ice-skating or visit a gallery.

Always make sure she knows that after the fun part, you're going for drinks or to your place.
She's genuinely offended that you're meeting in a place near your home.

"Where do you live?" "See that building over there?" "Yes." "There."

It's playful. She should laugh. Any offence should be a fake-pretend one. It's not a big deal.
She's serious about waiting for sex until you're married.

Good for you and goodbye!
She describes herself as a feminist in the modern sense of this word.

It's not going to be a pleasant date.
That actually happened - she criticizes you for not asking her where she would want to go.

I invite - I choose.
She is not happy that you drink alcohol.

If you're not even in a relationship and she's already nagging you, it won't be any better later.
That was a shocker. You learn what her family thinks about you. On the second date.

She mentions "PUA" or "game".

I'm not saying it will definitely go bad but it really can go bad.
Five more likes to a hundred and I'm 32 tweets behind. It can't go well.

Just as it won't go well if she asks you how many followers do you have on Instagram.
A hundred likes! I'm running out of things for today but I'll come back to this thread tomorrow for sure.

That being said, if she "runs out of things to say", she's not a very interesting person and/or you're not a great conversationalist. It won't work.
"This thread is killing me!

That being said, if she brings up thoughts of death & dying, that's a bad sign." - @DaxThoughts
Let's continue. Thank you for all the likes, I'll go for as long as I can.

If she's taking pictures for the Instagram while on a date, then you know what's more important to her. Even if it's not really a bad sign in general, a lot of guys hate those girls.
She looks at her watch. It's a simple thing but it's rude and it shows that she wants or has to go.
She's not playing along with your future projections.

When you joke or tell her about things you're going to do in an unspecified future, she should play along. She shouldn't seriously ask you "why do you think there will be a second date?"
Another simple one - she shows up for a date with a luggage.

Guess who's going to have limited time and on top of that is going somewhere on that very evening.
She talks a lot about how her future husband is going to be like... and you realize he is nothing like you.

It's a "you're not good enough for me" talk and you should either treat it as a shit test or just cut the date short.
She avoids all relationship topics.

She probably wants to friendzone you, therefore she only engages in "safe" and friendly topics. Call her out on that.
For all you online daters - she looks nothing like on her picture.

Just tell her that the most important moment in online dating is meeting in person and you already know you won't hit off. Say goodbye and leave.
She gets a call from her mother and she has to take it and explain what she's doing and where.

Prepare for a challenge. If she wants to hide you from her mother, then it's going to be a logistics nightmare.
That was a sad story - she doesn't want to stay for the night but she insist on you talking her home yourself because apparently taxis aren't safe.

One word: crazy.
She's offended because you eat meat. If she's a raging vegetarian, she's crazy. If she was into you, she wouldn't care.
She walks away because you're going to be late.

She was at the meeting place but went home because you were going to be 10 minutes late? Bulled dodged.
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