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Today, March 21 (or rather tonight) is the spring equinox 2023. I celebrate end of winter by starting this years count down of the 91 days until the summer solistice, documenting gardening and spring/pre summer progress.
This is what it looks like today …
#sarasspringcount23 ImageImageImageImage
90 days until the summer solstice!
It’s raining & I spend my time sewing a new sweater for my cat before tomorrow’s vet check up
My 1st garden addition arrived: 10 bare rooted sloe (thinking of you @eyebeams) soak in rainwater, waiting for decision on where…
#sarasspringcount23 ImageImage
Thursday March 23 & 89 days until the summer solstice
And it’s raining
+8°, so warm considering
Visit to the vet went well
Medicine prescription for itching/allergy &👍🏻 for overall condition
Here is the cat Alice waiting to see the skin specialist this morning
#sarasspringcount23 Image
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1/9 - This is one of the biggest contradictions I’ve seen. @The_RHS, THE MOST INFLUENTIAL #gardening charity in the UK, whilst promoting Plants For Pollinators, are still endorsing “WEED”KILLERS! 😡 “Inspiring everyone to grow” (except the wildflowers) Don’t believe me?👇🧵
2/9 - Whilst not actively selling this product on their own website, it’s available via @jennychem_. What sickens me more is the detail in which various weed killers are described to eradicate different “weed” species, INCLUDING my favourite #wildflower Bird’s-foot trefoil! 😡
3/9 - Take Bird’s foot trefoil for example. It’s a larval food plant of the Common Blue, Green Hairstreak & Dingy Skipper butterflies and also Six-spot burnet moth. It also provides nectar for many bees and other insects, along with ALL the other plants listed in the next tweet.
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Make #January the funnest month for planning your #growing year - have you decided what to grow? Let us know …
Did you

•See what your household likes to eat?
•Find out what your neighbours are growing?
•Seek out available space at home or in your neighbourhood?
•Plan a community garden with mates?
•Make new friends in the process?
•Start your own local gardening club?
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Lots of people who grow veggies probably use their back garden but what about all of that available space in the front?
A lawn can look lovely but wouldn’t lots of fruits and vegetables look even better? If you only have a small space in the front of your house you can utilize containers for growing veggies.
It can also be a lovely way to cultivate friendships with passers by….it could even be the start of a community growing group where you coordinate who grows what.
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Once you’ve decided what to grow, the next step is where are you going to grow it. If you’re fortunate, you’ll have a lovely garden with space to plant everything but sometimes you might need to get a bit creative and think outside the box. Image
⁃ do you think your garden is too small for a veg patch? It is surprising how much you can grow in a 4 foot square area. Check out the square foot gardening page for lots of information.
⁃ You can utilize the walls of your small garden by growing vertically, using containers and planting pockets. There are so many ingenious ways to maximize space, a quick google search is sure to have something that would work for you.
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As a little thank you to everyone who has decided to hit that “Follow” on my profile, here’s a few tips that you can follow to help attract more #wildlife to your own #garden: 🧵

1. Don’t cut your hedges/bushes at this time of year - birds in particular will eat the berries.
2. Leave some long grass around the edges of your lawn. Many insects/caterpillars in particular will overwinter at the base of this vegetation. You can always cut back in #spring when things warm up.
3. If you feel the need to clear the leaves from your garden, don’t put them in your green bin, make a pile of them in a corner of the garden. Lots of insects again, along with 🦔 will use these piles for cover/shelter.
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In order for #nature to thrive, we need to create a mosaic of habitats nationwide and adopt this principal in our own #gardens. From woodland to scrub, #meadows to short grass and #ponds to wetlands. A variety of habitats is best for species diversity. 🧵
Even in a 50sqm garden, we can have most of the above mentioned habitats but on a smaller scale. Small trees such as Rowan, Crab Apple and Elder can work really well in small areas without getting too big or casting too much shade.
Moving down from this, we can add shrubs such as Hazel, Alder Buckthorn, Guelder Rose, Dog rose, Wild Privet and Holly which will provide so many flowers for insects and nesting potential for birds in the spring. As well as larval food plants for moths and butterflies.
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A big thanks to Sue for using GB Foam Direct to order this custom cut foam cushion for their outdoor seating.

#garden #outdoorseating #foam
"Perfect shape cut from my pattern. Lovely firm, robust foam. Hugely improves some rather tatty, old garden furniture Really grateful".
If you need foam cut to size visit our website today

#cushion #foam #furniture #home #garden
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Divonne-les-Bains : Karin Schneider, l'insolente qui fait du vin ...
Elle réfléchit déjà au vin qu'elle veut faire l'année prochaine, certainement avec du raisin en culture biologique ou en biodynamique.… #biodynamie
Le Hofgut Rengoldshausen célèbre 800 ans de ferme et 90 ans d'agriculture biodynamique. Depuis la fondation au XIIIe siècle, une ferme progressiste s'est développée et les femmes sont toujours influentes. #Biodynamique…
Château d’Estoublon: le jardin provençal du couple Bruni-Sarkozy Depuis longtemps conduite en agriculture biologique, les vignes se voient appliquer les principes de la biodynamie depuis quelques années.… Image
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One of the traditional ways the faithful have venerated the Virgin Mary,was with a family home or parish church Mary Garden.
Bluebells are Marian flowers.
Bluebells were originally called ‘Our Lady’s Thimbles’ to honor Mary’s motherly housework as she made the clothes Jesus wore. ImageImageImage
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I love my garden 🪴. (1/25 😂)
( Thread 🧵) ImageImageImageImage
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Most of the urban area in #Pompeii consisted in private households. Therefore, the city provides an excellent vantage point to learn more about Roman housing and its evolution over time. Image
The upper classes mainly lived in #domus, large houses sometimes covering an area of about 3,000 sq. m. The domus were usually based on the same main structure. The front door led into the #atrium, a large central hall open at the roof. Image
Around the atrium the other rooms of the house were located: the bedrooms (#cubicula), the servants’ quarters, the dining rooms (#triclinia) and living rooms. ImageImage
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#Gardeners are thinking about ordering #tomato varieties now - so I though it might be interesting and fun to do a tomato #thread. Some of you may know I started the #TotallyTerrificTomatoFestival in 2012 - more on the reasons later. Here's some of the 47 cultivars I grew for it>
2.This is my personal take on the best of some of the 100's of varieties I've grown over 40+ yrs of #tomato growing! If a tomato cultivar grows well here - I guarantee it will grow anywhere! Our climate is an average of 10C colder than the UK all summer and damp with poor light!>
3.I'll start with my #No1 bush variety Maskotka - which I proved a few years ago is the earliest variety in the world! Sown in late Feb - it ripens in the 1st week of June! Mouthwatering '#tomato sauce' taste, easy to grow in containers, compact, productive, disease-resistant🍅>
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Onion goodness.
Getting ready to make onion powder today. Thought I would share a thread about onion benefits. Image
Onions are nutrient-dense.
Low calorie but high in vitamins and minerals.
One medium onion has just 44 calories but delivers a considerable dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber
This beautiful veggie is particularly high in vitamin C, a nutrient involved in regulating;
🧅 immune health
🧅 collagen production,
🧅 tissue repair
🧅 iron absorption.
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In a paper published in Foodborne Pathogens and Illness, discusses the hygiene hypothesis, which they say first began being bandied about in the mid-1900s & has increased in credibility among doctors and other experts.
According to these researchers: “This hypothesis states that a lack of exposure of children (as well as adults) to diet, commensalism bacteria, & minor pathogenic insults results in an immune system that does not function normally.
This lack of antibodies to true pathogens in the immune system has resulted in the dramatic increase in allergies and asthma in developed country over the past 20 years.”
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काल मी #राज्यपाल पद,त्याची निवड,कालावधी व विशेषाधिकार ह्याबाबत थ्रेड लिहिला होता..आज मी राज्यपाल ज्या ठिकाणी राहतात त्या '#राजभवन' ची थोडक्यात पण उपयुक्त माहिती द्यायचा प्रयत्न केलाय ज्यामध्ये तिथे कसे जायचे,काय काय पाहायला भेटेल इ..
आवडल्यास नक्की शेअर करा!! #म #मराठी #धागा ImageImage
राजभवनाची सर्व विस्तृत माहिती तुम्हाला वेबसाईट वर मिळुनच जाईल( पण मी वाचकांमध्ये जिज्ञासा व उत्सुकता वाढवण्यासाठी थोडीफार माहिती देतोय🙏.मुंबई राजभवन हे महाराष्ट्राच्या राज्यपालांचे अधिकृत निवासस्थान आहे. मुंबई शहरातील ती एक अतिशय सुंदर वास्तू आहे. Image
राजभवन अंदाजे 50 एकर जमिनीवर वसलेले आहे व त्याच्या तीनही बाजूंना समुद्र आहे. मलबार हिल येथील राजभवन संकुल हे मैलभर लांब असलेली दाट वने, वाळुचे समुद्र किनारे आणि अनेक प्रकारच्या टवटवीत हिरवळीने व्यापले आहे. Image
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Elderberry alert!
I finally picked the elderberries in the garden and made a batch of Pontack!
This little known fruity/spicy sauce if great added to casseroles, soups or pies; it has almost a brown sauce like flavour but fruitier and richer
If your interested, here’s the recipe:
500g elderberries mixed with 250ml cider vinegar, put in an earthen casserole dish with a lid and put in the oven overnight at 100c (no higher)
Next morning strain it into a pan and squeeze all the juice from the berries (I use a masher)
Add 1 blade of mace, 4 all spice berries, 6 cloves, 1 tsp black pepper corns and a thumb size chunk of ginger that’s been bashed to release the flavour and 2 shallots chopped
Put the lid on and simmer for 25, then strain again and boil for 5 mins; finally bottle and store
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"It didn’t matter that no #drugs were found—nothing but a hydroponic #tomato #garden and loose tea leaves. The search and #SWAT raid were reasonable, according to the courts."
by John Whitehead #gardeningtips #WarOnDrugs #DrugWar #TuesdayThoughts
Civil discontent leads to civil unrest, which leads to #protests and #counterprotests, and instead of restoring order, local #police stand down. Tensions rise, violence escalates, and federal armies move in.
by John Whitehead…
The real purpose of qualified immunity is to rig the system.
by John Whitehead… #PoliceBrutality #jakeblake #TuesdayThoughts #KenoshaUprising #KenoshaProtests #JacobBlake
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i manifested a whole farm... sorry not sorry, still not over it. wow
food has always been an important part of my life. my southern grandma taught me how to navigate in a kitchen and my mom has always been on her #plantbased+ herbal medicine wave. i knew my journey wouldn't be complete without space to grow my own food 🌱👩🏾‍🌾
i comitted to #vegetarian in high school, veganism around 24 and now at 31 i've been red meat, poultry and raw dairy free for 15 years.

after experiencing the worst anxiety and depression while working in music business, i left the industry to focus on me -
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Lost Book of Herbal Remedies - Buy It Now!
The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is an award-winning ebook by Claude Davis and Nicole Apelian that offers a comprehensive overview of the many herbs and plants that are used as both medicine and food. #thelostbookofherbalremedies
The book covers everything from the dangerous poison mushrooms to the yummy salads of garlic, to the wonders of nutmeg.

If you are interested in learning about the many medicinal uses of plants and herbs, this book will show you just how useful herbs can be.
The lost book of herbal remedies is a must-have for any herb garden. Its informative tone will teach you more about the many uses of herbs than you ever thought possible. Read More Details Here:…
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#WorldEnvironmentDay2020 we bring you the story of #Mumbai's only #botanicalgarden, one of its most important environmental assets. Read the thread to know more about the founding of this important #green lung which was established together with #BDLMuseum in late 19th century
The Veermata Jijabai Bhonsale Udyan, formerly known as Victoria Gardens, was established with the #BDLMuseum as it's sister institution, enabling each other as "a Hall of Wonder and a Garden of Delight".
#WorldEnvironmentDay2020 @mybmc #botanicalgarden
A group of #Mumbai's eminent citizens- Dr. Bhau Daji Lad, #DavidSassoon, #JamsetjeeJeejeebhoy, and Sir #GeorgeBirdwood, later curator of the #BDLMuseum, decided to establish a botanical garden and a museum to study the #flora, #fauna and #culture of the Bombay Presidency. 
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THREAD. Whether poring over old/modern maps or going for a walk in new/familiar places it’s always fun to wonder what the landscape we see today was like in the past & why/how it became the world we know today. Here are my #Top10Books for beginners in #medieval #landscape history Image
No. 1 is Christopher Taylor’s beautifully written, highly readable history of the English landscape - ahead of its time in 1983, still the best introduction today & quite ridiculously cheap secondhand. It far surpasses Hoskins, wonderful though the latter was in its time. ImageImage
No. 2 is Rackham environmental history of Britain - also still unrivalled after just over 30 years. He showed how much one can tell about the past and present just by looking at trees, hedges, fields, grassland. It’s a stunner. Your world will never be the same (in a good way 😊) ImageImage
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Today our focus for #GoGreenWeek is #wellbeing and #education. 💚

Visit our website to see the range of activities and opportunities taking place today, including a community #garden session and #tree planting 🌳 Image
Did you know our #environment and #ClimateEmergency plan recommends developing an ‘Exeter Student Sustainability Portfolio’ for every #student and #sustainability training for all staff.

Read more 👉
Why not spend some time in #nature today? 🌱🌺

Research by @ExeterMed suggests spending at least two hours a week in nature may be a crucial threshold for promoting #health and #wellbeing. 💚 Image
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For 2020 I'm going to try the one photo a day challenge. I'll reply tip this each day with a photo.
Marble Kaleidoscope.

Sony a7iii
FE 2.8/90 Macro G OSS
ISO 400
1/30 Image
Carew Sconce

Samsung Note 10+
6 mm
1/17 Image
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